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“Colorado Democrats advanced aggressive gun-control proposals after a 12-hour marathon debate Friday in a state wrestling with its history of heartbreaking shootings and Western heritage where gun ownership is treasured by many,” reports with characteristic mischaracterization. “Democrats moved forward with new ammunition magazine limits and universal background checks. But they withdrew two of the most controversial pieces of the package, including a gun ban on college campuses and a measure to hold assault-weapon owners liable for damages caused by their weapons.” So a Coloradan can shoot someone or something with their “assault weapon” and they’re not responsible? JK. You want responsible rhetoric? Not found here . . .

Democratic Senate President John Morse claimed victory in the state’s overall gun-control debate, even as he conceded the battle grew ugly.

“Cleansing a sickness from our souls doesn’t come easy. It’s gruesome,” Morse said in a short speech announcing the withdrawal of his assault-weapon liability measure.

Truer words have never been spoken, even if Morse didn’t mean what he thought he meant. Not to be outdone . . .

“We can make as many laws as we want. Until we change the hearts of man, they’re going to continue to do evil things,” said Sen. Scott Renfroe, R-Greeley.

Yeah good luck with that. The changing hearts thing not the making as many laws as you want deal. Anyway, it’s a done deal. Unless it isn’t.

The Colorado State Senate has a formal vote on the two surviving measures—mag cap limits and universal background checks—on Monday. Should it pass–and looks to be a nail biter of a finish—it’s up to Democratic Governor Hickenlooper to sign or not sign or veto the measures.

The Hickster playing his cards close to his chest.

Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper has said he would sign into law a magazine limit and a background-check expansion.

Talking to a group of high school journalists Thursday, Hickenlooper said he’s keeping his options open.

“I’m not in any way an anti-gun person,” the governor said.

Which is to say he is. If I was a betting man, I’d say The Rocky Mountain State is about to lose Magpul and a lot more. Time to unleash those calls and emails; the fat lady is warming up.

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  1. I think this state is going to lose a lot a revenue with the passing of these bills. So much testimony was given to show the stupidity of these laws and how they can be easily bypassed and are going to be hard to enforce if not impossible.I don’t think the democrats can see how badly these laws are going to effect law abiding citizens and still ignore the main issues. Criminals will ignore any and all guns laws and this could turn law abiding citizens into criminals. These are nothing but feel good laws.

    • You make the assumption that many of the democrates care about something other than following DNC orders. Ramifications? Have you seen the various bills democrates have sponsored across the country? They don’t give a crap about ramifications, the ideal, dogma and party platform are far more important to these people then sensibility and logic.

  2. Yeah…we’re doomed. It won’t be nearly as bad as New York or the rest of the Northeast, granted…but I never thought this sort of thing would come to Colorado.

    We’ve been Californicated.

    The only silver lining is that that magazine ban doesn’t take effect until July 1st, so Coloradans can buy all the normal capacity magazines they like until then (if they can find them). I’ve already spent well over $1K on magazines in the past 2 weeks, mostly for guns I don’t even own…yet.

  3. So are they going to remove the metal detectors from the state capitol building once these laws go into effect?

  4. This is how it begins. No, not the rise of tyranny,but the economic destruction of a state California style. Sure Magpul isn’t General Motors but it sets the precedent that ideology is more important than jobs. Soon the Democrats will pass other laws that drive business from the state, reduce the number of visitors in a state that gains a lot of revenue from tourism and reduces the standard of living of those who choose to remain. I was planning to retire to Larimer County but now the only reason I will go to the State is to visit my son who is in graduate school at CSU. My hunting dollars will go to Wyoming and New Mexico out of protest. At least I can still open carry when I am visiting and hiking in the moutains. I am sure that will eventually be banned.

  5. All Colorado subjects have a duty to state and live by the words “I will not comply.” This is an unconstitutional piece of tyranny, and is thus illegitimate as law.

    Go across the borders to buy standard magazines. Continue unregistered transactions in private amongst communities you trust (just watch out for jackboots attempting a sting).

    To comply is to admit servitude to tyrants. Be an outlaw, as our forefathers were, and wear the badge proudly.

    So laughable that a progressive fascist politician can mention “sickness in a soul” with a straight face. Him and his ilk are such soulless, loathsome, sub-human garbage that it makes me sick that I’m classified within the same species.

  6. The formal vote won’t happen till Monday so there is still time to call/email CO lawmakers. The mag ban is only up by one vote as of yesterday.

  7. As a Colorado resident, I am disappointed but not surprised. The Outdoor Channel has stated they may no longer film in Colorado. In addition, there is the possibility that out-of-state hunters may boycott Colorado. The Outdoor Channel’s “free publicity / advertising” was a nice thing for the state. There can be nothing good for Colorado’s economy with the combined loss of Magpul and visiting hunters. I really hope that the voters remember this during the next election cycle, but the Colorado electorate is so screwed up they may re-elect these people anyway.

    • “In addition, there is the possibility that out-of-state hunters may boycott Colorado.”

      There is no “possibility” about it. Colorado not only lost my out-of-state hunting dollars, they lost my out-of-state tourism because I will never again vacation in Colorado. Even worse for Colorado, my family had definite plans to move to Colorado. We would have brought the professional skills of my wife and I along with our business and personal state income taxes.

      Not any more.

      And this is NOT a “boycott”. I have firearms with magazines which exceed their magazine limits and I will not leave them behind so that I can visit or move to Colorado. I’ll be going to one or more of the surrounding states instead. Utah is looking better and better.

  8. So a Coloradan can shoot someone or something with their “assault weapon” and their not responsible?

    No, their not. But I’ll bet THEY’RE responsible.

  9. The Denver Post (very, very anti-gun) is reporting two democrats are still undecided. A “no” vote by even one more Dem will kill the mag limit bill.

    “What to watch for: Some senators say they are undecided on the measure, including Angela Giron, D-Pueblo; and Linda Newell, D-Littleton. If any of them decide to vote against the bill, it would likely die, as Cheri Jahn, D-Wheat Ridge, and Lois Tochtrop, D-Thorton, say they will vote no.”

    If you live in CO, I’d be lighting up the phone lines.

      • You can always “thank” the undecided and those who want the mag ban for risking re-election by sending good paying CO jobs to your state (Magpul, hunters, etc). You can also bet Bloomberg and Obama’s people are calling to get the bill to pass and they’re not from CO.

  10. The Mag Cap Limit Bill is NOT yet headed to the Governor’s office; they still have to have the formal roll-call vote, probably on Monday. It appears that the measure only advanced Friday night by one vote. Stand and fight, Colorado; this one isn’t over yet.

    (Oh, and it’s “they’re not responsible” not “their.”)

    • I admire your enthusiasm but if this bill was going to die, it would have died last night. These leftists aren’t listening.

  11. “Cleansing a sickness from our souls doesn’t come easy. It’s gruesome…”

    Wow. Can you say “Messiah Complex”? Trying to cleanse our souls… remember the good old days when our betters were just trying to prevent spree killings and drive-bys?

    • John Morse is a reprobate. He only won because some Libertarian took over 1,000 votes away from the Republican. Morse edged out a victory by only 300 votes. He’s by far one of the most obnoxious people on the Senate.

  12. I keep reading about how awful it is in the northeast; that the northeast is “lost”; Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine are very gun friendly. We are nowhere close to lost up here.

    • Speaking from Vermont – We’ve been rubbing up against NY/Mass/CT too long. There have been four anti-gun bills recently introduced as well as Burlington’s attempted city-wide ban. Vermont is not the Pro-gun Bastion it used to be. Slowly but surely, several (mostly urbanized) areas are succumbing to the spreading cancer of anti-gun illogic.

      • I was wondering how long it would take for the “People’s Republic of Burlington” to start their campaign against all this freedom going on – sorry to hear it and good luck.

    • Quite correct but I wonder how long you can hold out electing Socialists and Standard Issue Libs (SIL’s) and still keep the grabbers at bay. This curious combo depends on the area remaining rural I suppose. There are still a lot of ol’ time Yankee “Veemontas” and such and long may they wave. Upstate NY would be exactly the same except for the Metro Area they’re both blessed and saddled with.

  13. As pointed out by your article yesterday, this also affects standard capacity pump action shotguns. Any out of state hunters, should take note or risk becoming a legal test case.

    Personally I bought a spare 12 gauge 870 yesterday, and I am working on getting a lifetime supply of mags.

  14. As a Louisiana resident, I sent the Governor a letter telling him I no longer want to live there, and am offended that his state doesn’t like people like me. I also informed him (well, I guess that’s making some assumptions…) that the laws would impact my ability to compete in the firearm sports, etc., etc.

    Is there more I can do? I don’t want Colorado to die — I always kinda’ wanted to live there.

    • Growing up here, it’s changed. There are way too many far left transplants from NY, Chicago, California, etc who brought there bad voting habits with them. The speaker of the House is a former aid to Bloomberg and he killed Jessica’s Law because he claimed the DEA didn’t support it yet he rammed through Bloomberg’s gun agenda against the will of the DEA. It’s screwed up here. I fear it will never return to the great state it once was.

    • A lot of us that thought so have started the process of leaving. And not just because of recent events.

  15. the “readily convertible” argument puzzled me. If most magazines are “readily convertible” (i dont know how many) than either the bill is unenforceable, bans most magazines (and maybe a whopping smack down in court). why would the dems vote for such a defective bill? either they don’t believe it, which is easily demonstrable, or they dont care (because if it gets smacked down its a strange win-win: they get to vote to save lives without all those messy consequences, and hope the voters wont remember next year). here’s to next year.

  16. All is not lost just yet. 2 Democratic senators are opposed to the high capacity magazine bill and the universal registration bill. All it takes is 1 more Dem to vote against these measures and the bills die. Right now, pressure is being put on 2 Dems, one from a swing district and another from rural district. And both are getting alot of pressure from their constituents. There is still some hope.

  17. Politicians should be required to learn the facts before voting. See

  18. They are democrats. Watch them toe the line. Hickenlooper is a dem. He will sign. At some point, liberal gun owners are going to have to make a choice between their rights and the democratic party. Like they won’t give in just like the politicians.

    • The democrat gun owner is a dying breed. More and more the party is becoming more radicalized against personal freedom and the Bill of Rights.

      • The Democratic party is as long gone as the America I grew up in. It has turned into a subversive force that threatens our existence as free people not just as gun owners. But you can say that about 90% of the political actors nationwide. The John McCains and Lindsey Grahams on the other side might as well be Dems, especially when freedom is at stake.

      • Maybe 2 Dems say NO to mag ban 2-3 more say there on the fence if just one flips to our side the bills dead..

        I do ask you Robert Fargo to correct this posting its not Game Over yet and I want all CO gun owners to keep calling there State Sens and fore one more no vote to possibly kill this ban please!

  19. I’ve been calling and emailing for two months. These democrats aren’t listening. They don’t care one lick what Coloradans think. They’re taking their orders from DC and Bloomberg. Sad, I grew up in Aurora then went to California for college. I moved back here after living in California for six years. Planned to raise my family and retire somewhere in the mountains. Now I will be looking to move to Wyoming or possibly Idaho if these laws are signed and Democrats don’t lose their jobs in 2014 and I’ll be taking my business with me. Magpul isn’t the only business and tax revenue they’ll be losing.

    • I have the same situation with that turn coat Bob Casey Jr. Doesn’t care about representing the population and more interest in governing by fiat and deception (just like those worthless FRNs we tote around). It’s not that the people have lost their voice, the Progressives have lost their ears.

  20. Now they have to have a final vote Monday and there is a few Dems on the fence we still could kill the bill only if Colorado gun owners keep up the heat.

    • Giron has already been bought and paid for. She will probably lose the next election, but somehow find herself with a very cushy job, courtesy of Mayor Bloomberg.

  21. Next election cycle will be brutal for many of the aye voters. This will be reversed in the course of time.

  22. And so a lot of people and businesses will move out of Colorado.


    They want the prime real estate for their own utopia, free from opposing points of views.

  23. Having a limit really sucks, especially in a place like Colorado. And yet, 15 is much better than 10, and surely way better than 7. If we ever see a magazine size limit becoming likely on the federal level, I hope someone will convince the lawmakers that 10 rounds is justs not the right number, especially for handguns.

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