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Ban Idaho

I’m not sure this is incendiary. Not to gun owners. Still, as the Brits say, you gotta laff mate. And hat tip open carry Idaho for its relatively sane gun laws. Esto Perpetua [h/t Aaron]

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    • I’m reminded of a silly rhyme about Freudian psychology, tune of “If you’re happy and you know it”:

      If it’s longer than it’s wide, then it’s phallic,
      If it’s longer than it’s wide, then it’s phallic,
      If it’s shorter than it’s wide, then you tip it on its side,
      Now it’s longer than it’s wide, and it’s phallic.

  1. Mass, MD, and Virginia if you turn it upside down. If you stretch it, you could make a case for Louisiana as a blunderbuss pistol.

  2. We should ban the solar system. It looks like a 10,000fps buck-and-ball pattern fired blindly from Mrs. Biden’s shotgun.

  3. Hay hay with all the progun bills passing and no antigun bills even made in that state I think I want to move there.

    • Our Gov can be wishy washy from time to time, but it appears that our state representatives are putting their collective best feet forward to remove the obstacles that Obummer Lovers keep attempting to throw our way. Our Dept of Health and Welfare just helped put forth legislation that makes silencers/suppressors a health benefit and if not transported across state lines, unnecessary to be regulated by BATFE. Oh, and we may all end up in the state militia soon, so that could work out as a benefit… I hope. 😉

  4. I’m an Idaho resident. I was pretty disappointed when I listened to our state senate strike down being able to carry on state campuses. It all revolved around one senator (a republican) who’s son was shot to death at a college keg party. It was all about emotion. He started crying and accusing anyone who disagreed with him of being heartless. This is why I won’t be in Idaho for too much longer, Utah bound.

    • Good luck to you then, in Utah. The grass must be greener there. I have no reason to run away from fight with a whiney ass crybaby who can’t see beyond the tears on his cheeks. I will continue to contact my legislators on topics like carry everywhere. I don’t just jump ship because I don’t get my way.

      • Yup, as long as you idiots keep electing anyone with an R next to their name and just hope they listen to you after you “continue to contact” them, you aren’t going to see anything.
        If moving to a more gun friendly state makes me a whiny ass crybaby, so be it. The problem isn’t from college students like myself, it’s from you idaho natives who think anyone with an R next to their name loves the constitution. You reap what you sow, and that ruling was from you guys voting for these retards. So excuse me while I cry and carry on campus in Utah.

        • Wasn’t stating that you were a crybaby. Was talking about the Senator and people in general. So many me, me, me people running around claiming to be victimized by the system. I meant what I said though about hoping the grass is greener for you. Like all things personal, what is good for you may not be good for anyone else and vice versa. The benefit to this whole debacle is that we are learning our representatives true colors. And hopefully, everyone remembers come voting time.

    • We are working on that issue this year, and we will continue to work on it until the legislature fixes the law. We used the latest 2010 census redistricting to get rid of a few RINO legislators, and we are planning on continuing the effort. This is a long-haul job, and you don’t give up after one setback.

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