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  1. Oh great, don’t let the Brady Bunch see this, they will say she only has a gun because shes “compensating”.

  2. I jest caught you with that barmaid from the tavern and you still askin’ me for a chance honey??

    OK…. set ’em to swinging!

  3. “All the neighbors agreed, she was quiet and kept to herself. Until that tragic Black Friday when the WalMart people went on strike.”

  4. Thats a real funny joke, halder, you and obama want to sell my guns to the cartel to pay for your huchymommas.

    • If she shoots she could try using the old Twinkie defense. For those that don’t know it, San Francisco police officer Dan White used it after he shot and killed Mayor Moscone and Supervisor Milk in 1978. Good ole Dan claimed that his depression and narfing down several Twinkies gave him a sugar rush causing him to kill the mayor and Moscone. Dan White got off with manslaughter and was not convicted of murder. After serving two years he got out of prison, returned to San Francisco, and allegedly committed suicide though some say he was assassinated.

  5. “Ah’m jest a gurl who cain’t say no… but in yo’ case ah make an exception. Now git!”

  6. after a few drinks sheila thought she was playing her guitar at talent night at billy bob’s…..she knew something was up when the audience started running for the exits….

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