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  1. Dude, there’s only one problem with Kentucky rifles, when you’re as close as I am, right now, Tomahawks rule, rifles drule! And I’ll smoke one for ya right after I smoke ya.

  2. Feh, too skinny. Ooops, my bad, thought we were talking about the Joan Rivers of tanks, yet another T72 plastic surgery job…Once a three man crew rolling target, always a three man crew rolling target. I think we’ve proved that sufficiently.

    Mamas, don’t let your kids grow up to be Soviet-derived armor crewman.

    • we have yet to face a T72B in combat. The “T72’s” in Iraq werent true T72s but rather export models (which are inferior to even the “A” variant produced in the early 70s) and locally produced downgrades from downgrades.

  3. Looks like the Militia supply store, The right of the people to keep and bear arms, (tanks/cannon/machine guns/bowie knife) shall not be infringed .

  4. LOL.

    It probably is a male whore who passed out last night at the base EM club and is looking for a ride home.

    If you look a little closer at the picture:

    1. dressed like a hooker

    2. ugly enough & flat enough to be a man

    3. the pose is one of the classic “for sale” ways of standing

    4. blonde, therefore just stupid enough to think sticking his thumb out will get him a ride no matter where he is.

    I would title this picture:


  5. Seek immediate medical attention in the unlikely event of a barrel elevation lasting longer than four hours.

  6. “Ulga has sold 4 tanks this week alone! So if you want to bring home 10 potatoes like her, ask her about some of things that she’s doing and you’re not. This sales meeting is over, get out there and sell, sell, sell!”

  7. Did you know that the Swiss can keep at home their Military service rifle and pistol, after their service enlistment they can buy their military service rifle (full auto sector gets removed) and pistol, in fact shooting is the national sport for the Swiss people… and that our founders plan was that the states Militia would have all the same weapons as the regular army Cannons etc, (today that would mean tanks,aircraft etc.) and that the regular standing army and navy was to be SMALL. With all the real power in the hands of the states (states rights caused civil war) and We the people… and they would never have accepted that we should be the worlds police for the NEW WORLD ORDER (Globalist)….ALWAYS AMERICA FIRST! Another sample of the Militia was Teddy Roosevelt and the Rough Riders .

  8. Surprisingly, Svetlana really didn’t draw a crowd into the booth at the illegal Russian arms fair like the organizers planned…

  9. And this week only, you buy a heavy tank and we’ll throw in a armored personal carrier for free.

  10. “Hey you! Come over HERE and say that, you dog faced American pig!”…. Svetlana’s attitude didn’t win her many friends today.

  11. recruiting numbers went up when it was discovered that olga was going to be the new belly to belly combat instructer.

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