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According to their devoted followers (including TTAG’s jefe) Glock should be armorer to Marry Poppins. Glock’s striker-fired polymer pistols are practically perfect in every way. Cruising Glock’s new gunfinder widget, an eagle-eyed reader discovered that Gaston’s mob’s now putting perfection into a puny package, following CZ’s lead into the miniature gun market. Quite why Glock skipped the much-anticipated – indeed lusted after – single stack 9mm for a .9mm gun we can’t say. But we can say that it’s best carried by armed self-defenders willing to sacrifice stopping power for concealability. As if you didn’t already know.

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    • “…anyone have any .9mm ammo available?”

      I *did*, but I dropped it on the carpet and can’t find it now. Anybody got a metal detector I can borrow?

  1. Interesting that they think .45 is for men and .40 is for women. Go all the way to the top of the tree, go personal use, defense, home defense. Men = G17, G19, G21. Women = G17, G19, G22.

  2. I’m interested in handloading and was wondering if i can save money making may own .9mm rounds. Are tweezers necessary?

  3. What I like about reloading the .9mm is that a keg of powder lasts a VERY long time. It’s the most economical cartridge to reload for (LOL)

  4. It could be a viable round! …If sped up to approximately 1% of the speed of light. But you get lots of shots in one magazine!

    • Comment not applicable in certain states, where only 10-round magazines can be used, which, for the .9mm, are approximately ½” tall. Then again, have you ever heard of a .9mm drum mag? Most ridiculous thing in the world, if you ask me.

  5. Not to ruin everyone’s fun, but it look like they have fixed it, as I just ckecked and it say “9mm” now. That being said, this is the sort of things I expect from a poorly researched “news” or “journalism” story, not from the actual manufacturer.


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