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  1. It’s 1950 Dorris, and all the weapons in the world aint gonna keep you from getting good smack in the f*ckin’ mouth…

  2. Limes should be Likes!!!! Sorry 14 days in a row of 12 hour days seems to have affected my typing!!!!!!

  3. Judging by the looks on their faces, even if they weren’t armed, I’d start apologizing.

    Hell hath no fury, and all that…

  4. Discovering that each was “engaged” to rockabilly star Jerry Lee, the girls banded together for a joint “homecoming.”

  5. Here are the girls!!! Lisa, Joan, Mary, and Martha Sue Lecter!!!! Little Hannibal was sick the day of the photo!!!!!!

    • Excellent job. I was thinking along the lines of “You never pose with a Glock after Labor Day.”


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