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Palmetto State Armory is a very reputable and well respected manufacturer of AR-15 rifles and related parts. Which is why I was slightly surprised to learn via their Facebook page that they are about to start manufacturing something they’re calling a “NOBO12” AR-15 lower…

The “NOBO12” is a not-so-subtle reference to the desire for many to oust Barack Obama in the 2012 election (NO Barack Obama 2012), and the safety markings (“HOPE” for safe and “CHANGE” for fire) are an obvious reference to the president’s campaign slogan. It pretty quickly becomes clear what the political message behind the receiver design is.

I fully admit, I think it’s funny as hell. And I kinda want one just for the comedy value. But this is definitely WAY into “gimmick” territory, not something I usually associate with PSA. I would have expected this from one of the various companies that make those “zombie” lowers or other assorted gimmick markings, but not one of the Big Boys of the AR-15 world.

I have no problem with PSA making these. And I would have no problem if they sent me one to check out (hint hint). But what concerns me is how this is going to play in the mainstream media, whether this will be taken as arming the Republicans against the president or some other conspiracy theory. And what’s worse is that I guarantee some idiot is going to get one of these and start running his mouth about how he’s going to use it to vote Obama out all by himself.

It just seems a little… close to the line of good taste.

No word yet on whether proceeds will be going to the Republican presidential campaign.

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  1. Well if the kids shooting pictures of Zero got arrested/molested/ended up in Gitmo, I can only imagine what words the alphabet soup .gov orgs will have to say to PSA. And any one that buys one…

  2. Remember they are only a drone strike away from going out of business forever. Like in dead.

  3. This is an EPICALLY bad idea. It’s just going to be more fuel the left wants to paint us as a bunch of nuts who are looking for a reason to overthrow the government.

    Mark my words, by next week, this will be in the MSM with false cries about the “violent rhetoric” and “racism” as they usually do.

    • They say that about STANDARD AR-15s. Ya know, those “assault weapons” which no upstanding law abidin’ citizen ever logically needs.

    • Exactly. I mean, think about it: Car parts don’t have NOBAMA stamped on them, so why should rifle parts have them? Keep politics out of products, and you’ll appeal to more markets.

      Palmetto State Armory is sure as hell not going to convince any extreme liberals to partake in recreational shooting with this crap. We need more educated responses from the shooting community than this garbage to truly make grounds in making state legislatures (i.e. California) respect our 2nd amendment rights.

      • You can not make the CA legislature, that laughing stock of the nation, respect any rights– well, except for those here illegally our circling the sewer legislature respects the hell out of rights for them.

        Too many folks here voting for their party like it’s their sports team instead of thinking of them as our employees. It’s led to the progressives hitting full throttle towards the fiscal cliff…

        As others have said, it would be nice if we stopped referring or thinking of ourselves as dems or reps and instead think of ourselves as just shooting enthusiasts or americans. There is actually a lot Tea Party and OWS have in common in terms of realizing that the politicians on both sides are in bed with special interest groups or industry funding sources– often the same ones, especially when it comes to wall street.

      • Sorry relied to wrong post. FourString your right, but it is funny. Bunch of good ole boys just taking a joke to the limit.

  4. Palmetto State Armory makes AR-15s. As far as the gun control crowd is concerned they’re basically considered an agent of Satan anyway.No matter what they mark on their AR15’s they’ll be pilloried as “agents manufacturing death”, so they may as well cut loose and make what they like.

    Personally, I think its a great idea.They should make an NFA version with “Leveling the Playing Field” being Full Auto.

    • I disagree. If you approach Gun Control folks with a logical argument arguing the merits of gun ownership (such as pointing to crime levels in Switzerland), you can either change their mind through educating them or gain support from more reasonable folks who overhear the dialogue. However, if you manufacture AR-15 lowers with anti-Obama crap on it, you write off the many Obama supporters who own firearms (and are unhappy about Fast & Furious) but at the same time do not want an out-of-touch aristocrat like Romney in office, a guy who firmly believes that recent college graduates should borrow money from their parents (which is fiscally irresponsible) rather than the SBA (who require a sound business plan to loan the money) to start their own businesses.

      • Opposition to Obama need not be based on idealogical lines.A liberal is perfectly able to see corrupt BS just as easily as a conservative can-and Fast and Furious is so awful of a situation, that all of us liberal, republican, communist, can all see Obama’s just not the right man for the job. After 4 years in office, he’s failed at nearly every promise he made. Supporting him would be logically foolish regardless of what political affiliation one has.

        • I may disagree with it but I respect your opinion. Obama has done a few things right, and I think he will represent my interests better than Romney. It is logic, but for each man’s interest. And that is just the nature of politics.

          Romney’s last remark about how to fix the economy (borrow money from parents, as if everyone has rich parents) did not win any points with me. If you want to borrow money to start a small business, you go to the Small Business Administration. Everybody knows this, so the comment was off-putting. IMO, the man is too privileged to understand the struggles common Americans go through, just based off of his remarks and he strikes me as a bit two-faced (Obama is not saint either, of course) with his incessant flip-flopping. I also get the feeling that he will not look out for college students (both undergraduate and graduate) and that he has little respect for higher education because of his background. He championed healthcare in Massachussetts but decries it today because it is convenient to do so; he strikes me as irresolute and vague with future plans.

          Of course politics always boils down to choosing the man who will represent YOUR interests, so I say choose whoever you want, not what someone else tells you to. I am voting for Obama, but that is just me. 🙂

          I am a Ph.D. student hoping to retain federal and institutional funding for until I defend my dissertation, and I can breathe easier now that I’m covered by health insurance until 26 (with the recent Supreme Court decision). I’m sure everyone is in their own situation that calls for their own specific vote.

          Let’s keep the subjectivity/complexity out of the objective, pure metal receiver, shall we? That way we can enjoy the purity of the sport.

        • True, Fast & Furious was an awful situation, but the holistic view of the nation should be taken into account. Voters prioritize for their specific needs. Education, the economy, and healthcare probably take precedence over gun rights for certain voters. Gun rights are nice, but putting food on the table is nicer. It’s just a fact of life.

          Also, who you vote for is subjective. For example, a Ph.D. student who benefits from the recent Supreme Court decision on healthcare (being covered under a parent’s plan until 26) would certainly not vote for Romney, whose vague prescription for healthcare is not as concrete as Obama’s. While Obama has made some mistakes, he has done some things right.

          The man has lectured at the University of Chicago Law School (ranked #3 in the nation, right after Harvard/Yale), so I respect him more than Romney.

        • A liberal might have different priorities or opinions and may vote accordingly. A gun manufacturer or store should acknowledge this to appeal to more customers. That is good business sense.

        • As with preference of firearm make or model, politics is subjective, which is why politics and firearms should not be mixed. Why spoil the fun, when you could simply be having a good time? That’s why recreational shooting is so fun. It lets you escape from a moment from your busy life.

          Which is why, again, this lower design is a bad idea. It’s like going to a party to enjoy company only to bring up talk about your dissertation or work. Who wants to do that? Just have fun, and keep the heavy stuff out of it.

          Keep the sport universal, instead of making it appealing to just one type of Politik, and your second amendment rights will flourish. That’s the art of persuasion.

        • @ FourString – Fast & Furious is not just about gun rights. It is another warning of the lengths that the Obama administration will go to to impose its will on the people. F&F shows us that the Obama administration is willing to lie and murder in order to manufacture evidence to support an agenda that a large majority of Americans clearly reject. That should matter to every American no matter what political issues they find most important.

        • “It is another warning of the lengths that the Obama administration will go to to impose its will on the people. F&F shows us that the Obama administration is willing to lie and murder in order to manufacture evidence to support an agenda that a large majority of Americans clearly reject.”

          That is a bit of a stretch, man.

          So I presume that universal healthcare is merely a ploy to control the minds of the American people and to secretly murder them all when they’re sleeping?

          Again, it’s your opinion. Obama has his faults, but on the other hand Romney panders, has a very vague plan, and has blurted out some rather stupid remarks that whittle away at his credibility.

          Sorry, man, but I’m looking at the big picture, rather than drawing a slew of inferences from one event. Maybe if it were McCain or some other, better Republican candidate, I’d reconsider, but the whole circus the GOP has spat out so apathetically this year has just been so awful as to be unchooseable.

  5. Exactly what Jeremy said. Monumentally stupid idea. It’s hard enough to defend Second Amendment rights. You’re just giving the opposition ammunition. This isn’t a political statement…it’s a marketing tactic.

  6. What are you afraid of? The effeminate boys and hirsute dykes in the liberal media? Please. Stop the politically correct bullshit. Insult, intimidate, and humilitate these morally reprehensible scumbags. Beat them down. If it were up to them, we would all be euthanized tomorrow. And they will have their way if we don’t grow some balls.

    • Yep, toning down is exactly what they want out of us. We weren’t vocal enough in the mid-90s and look what that got us.

    • Yep, free speach (including marking a reciever however you want; kind of like wearing T-Shirts with political slogans/Che Gueverra/Mao/Reagan):

      I have the right to offend you, you have the right to be offended.
      This is America, deal with it.

      • You certainly do have the right to be offensive simply because you want to be offensive. But a practical consideration; others also have the right to judge you based on your belligerence, not do business with you, not associate with you, and to marginalize you, and they do. I don’t see any “powerful men” with that stupid Che Gueverra t-shirt or otherwise being proudly belligerent for no purpose other than to offend.

        • Well, I find Pelosi pretty belligerent and arrogant. I find many ‘newscasters’ (hosts really doing opinion shows) belligerent as well. I find ‘powerful men’ throwing around charges of racism particularly offensive. I agree with you completely about it’s not the way I like to go through life. But in a world where I hear/see folks defending religious symbols dipped in urine or created out of animal dung, I defend a company’s decision to make a political statement with their product. Have you seen that Oreo acknowledged gay pride month with a rainbow Oreo on their website? It risks offending some, pleasing others– ultimitaley their company and their call. They have the right to make statements and risk offending others. It seems that for some reason, we’re supposed to be tolerant of an offensive left, but condemn agressive conservative statements. If free speech means anything, it means that we have the right to say things that other will take offense at, reasonably or unreasonably.

        • Being offensive may make you feel better temporarily, but you’re not going to get what you want doing it.

          Example: you want a piece of candy at the candy store. Instead of asking nicely, you spit in the clerk’s face.

          Do you think the clerk will hand over the candy obligingly?

          There is free speech, and there is being an idiot. Know the difference.

    • “effeminate boys and hirsute dykes in the liberal media? Please. Stop the politically correct bullshit. Insult, intimidate, and humilitate these morally reprehensible scumbags. Beat them down.”

      Ding ding ding, this post has been awarded for “Most Asinine Post of the Week”

      See, this kind of talk certainly doesn’t fall into “reaching across the aisle” and contributes to the divisive atmosphere that prevents the country from moving forward, especially with gun laws.

      No one should insult/intimidate/harass his neighbor just because s/he has a different political view. What a juvenile, irresponsible post. Grow the f*ck up. How the hell do you think you can convince people to vote for the same stuff you do if you spew this kind of vitriol?

  7. I own two PSA rifles and buy a ton of ammo from them. This is stupid and is somewhat close to making me want to take my business elsewhere.

    One of the reasons I liked them so much is because they were devoid of obnoxious propaganda. Can’t I just buy things without politics being shoved in my face?

  8. This is an exceptionally stupid idea because there are liberal gun owners, too. There is absolutely no need to alienate customers of a different political opinion. Gun ownership should be universal, beyond party lines. Contrary to popular belief, there ARE liberals who dislike gun control and enjoy firearms.

    The love of the sport should transcend mere politics. What a disappointing and shortsighted move on Palmetto’s part.

    • Exactly! – Gun ownership SHOULD not be a party issue, but just like people getting mad at Muslims for not being vocal enough about crazy ass suicide bombers, you can understand why the “few” gun friendly liberals catch a bunch of crap when they don’t help stop gun restrictions.

    • There are lots of “liberals” spending lots of money on guns. I do not see what being liberal has to do with being anti-gun, other than conservative politicians keep saying we are. They have got a selfish interest in making you believe that, I derive no personal benefit from telling you otherwise. So, eh. If they sell more of this inevitably dated and uninteresting novelty lower than the business they’ll lose from looking silly then I guess it was a good idea, if not oops.

      Though I do like the selector labeling idea.

    • Agreed!

      Anyone who truly advocates 2nd amendment gun rights should understand that it needs to made an issue that transcends political parties. Sorta like how neither party endorses that only men can vote or that we should keep slavery legal.

      Guess I won’t be buying anything from Palmetto.

    • When someone tries to sell products based on an crude emotional appeal to politics, it just makes me think that their product can’t compete on its merits alone. That’s true whether or not I agree with their politics.

  9. “But this is definitely WAY into “gimmick” territory, not something I usually associate with PSA.”

    They did a Joe Wilson “You Lie” lower too.

    • Yeah, not sure why everyone is surprised, this isn’t the first political lower they have done. Hope and Change are funny, but definitely doesn’t help gun owners look less crazy.

  10. The wife and I both own a PSA branded rifle and I just placed an order for the parts to a third. While I would never build an AR around one of these lowers it did make me laugh and for that I’d buy one just to have.

    Building a rifle around this is kinda like having a sticker from two elections ago on your truck. Eventually it’s just dated.

  11. Sure it does James.

    Surpassing the usual or ordinary, particularly in scope or size.

  12. Well I voted for Obama the first time around, sorry guys, I apologize.. 🙂
    This would be one of those things to buy and stick on your safe just because.
    Course I think the secret service could look into this way to much!!!
    But it would be a funny one… Now they show up and want the records of everyone who purchased this lower! Seriously it could happen…
    I am still pondering my first ar build. Being in CA it is a major pain in my ass. Half the companies wont sell to CA, and those that are legal are out of stock!
    I will certainly consider PSA though.

    • Nothing to apologize for.

      Having Sarah Palin be one heart attack away from the presidency was enough to scare me away from voting for Sen. McCain.

    • Yes, I empathize with your pain, directly. I would like an off-roster FNX 9, but it is so hard to obtain one. The cost of firearms here are also marked up quite a bit, and I always have to silently mourn when I think of all the high capacity Mec-Gar magazines I can’t buy.

      However, I hope you realize that the fault of California’s gun control does not lie with the Obama administration but rather the longstanding anti-gun California legislature—they are two entirely separate entities. California gun laws have always been terrible—under George W. Bush and the past several presidents. Regardless of whether Mitt or Obama is voted into office, California gun laws will remain the same. Sorry to break it to you, man.

      If you like California weather though, Oregon or Washington State are good places to settle with slightly more freedoms 😉 I’ve been contemplating moving there myself

      • Oakland, CA born, but Seattle, WA raised!

        WA isn’t perfect either, but I like it up here. Plus, if you ever miss CA (I still have lots of family there), it’s only a road-trip away to drive back down to The Bay.

        • +1

          Coincidentally, I’m actually looking at Seattle and Portland in particular because of a few University postings 🙂

    • Try Turners if you want local, or if yo don’t mind purchasing over the interweb.

  13. as a liberal I just don’t really care

    I would be really tempted to put money down on a black rifle lower stamped “that’s racist!” though.

    • There you go.

      If this sucker’s only good against obama, it’s not NEARLY tactical enough for me. I’d need a few more for zombies, vampires…etc.

    • the fire selector would have to be marked white, brown, black instead of safe, semi, auto.

  14. and the safety markings (“HOPE” for safe and “CHANGE” for fire)

    So, I just scared my dog with my unexpected laugh…

  15. Everyone should own, train with/on, and support firearms and other weapons. As a human it is not only your right, it is also your obligation. I am a free American, as free a human as could possibly be. I have voted ‘democrate’ all my life, because they tend to be on the freedom side of things.

    This PSTA action speaks of paranoia and hyperbol to me. And if you all want to believe that the Republicans have your best interest in mind, and your freedom, think again.

    Stand for freedom always.

    Nous defions

  16. Is that an Islamic crescent? Obama wasn’t on Muhammad’s side at Khaybar, ya dig?

  17. Why must everything and everyone be labelled? Liberal, conservative, Dem, Rep. Everyone needs to just make sure that we support the 2nd. After that vote for the other issues you believe in regardless of party affiliations. That said, I have a question……. can anyone factually tell me how President Obama has hurt our right to bear arms? As far as I can tell he has done nothing in this area…….nor should he. I keep hearing he is bad for gun owners……but he sure seems good for gun sellers that use fear tactics to drum up business. Which is fine. So do insurance companies.
    Let’s keep our eyes on the prize…..- and stick to the facts. Best to all of us.

      • Just seems to me, we should see what we agree on before we start arguing about what we don’t. What can we do together?
        That should be the introductory question. It used to be. Gun ownership and the 2nd could very easily become a common cause not a divisive one. We should work to make that happen. Think about it. It will benefit all of us. Lawful citizens bearing arms is a bridge not a moat. Let’s educate, not brow beat and ridicule our opponents. Include many and enlighten others. This wonderful forum is a start. We are all in this together. Let’s stand as one.

  18. Agree or disagree with policy but you must respect his rank, this is distasteful and trashy, this company will not be getting any more of my business, I don’t care who it was about, you don’t disrespect the President of the greatest country on earth and gain my support.

    • You are right!
      If you disrespect our President, you disrespect all of us. This includes our boys and girls in the armed forces who believe in the concept of The Commander in Chief. Never go there.

    • I sure do remember hearing that sentiment a lot when W was being called out for his varied and numerous cock-ups. Where are all those folks now?

      Too busy alienating people by making AR receivers and “don’t re-nig” stickers to bother thinking about that kind of stuff, I suppose.

  19. I love it. Nobody is forcing you to buy one, unlike health insurance, cough, cough.

    If you don’t like it, don’t buy one. If you are so worried about the “effects” this COULD have upon an unalienable RIGHT, you are a little late to that discussion. Too much erosion of that RIGHT already, from trying to play nice with the libtards.
    I think it is much more appropriate than pasting a “nobama” sticker on the handguards.

  20. I agree with most folks here. If you don’t like this lower, don’t order one!

    However, I ordered an upper from PSA in the middle of October and have been getting the run around and been flat out lied to by several customer service reps (Adam, David, Brian L., Nicole Kone, to name a few) there about where it is and when it will ship. I have been told 4 separate times by several different people that they guaranteed that my order would ship that day, that week, etc. Their web site states very clearly how long it should take and that time frame passed several weeks ago. This is word for word from their site:

    Q: When will my order be shipped?
    A: Orders currently may take up to 5 business days to ship (uppers and rifle kits may take up to 15 business days).

    According to their policy, my order was due to ship AT THE LATEST November 9th. Today is November 26th. As of 15 minutes ago according to David via phone call, they have no idea where my upper is or when it will ship. Even if this upper I ordered is decent and functions well, I don’t think it will be worth this hassle. I would strongly caution anybody building a rifle to look elsewhere when building an AR. I wish I would have.

    • In their defense (and I’ve done precious little business with PSA; a stripped upper, some ammo… that’s about it), their big mistake in your case seems to be promising dates. I’ve been doing some business with a couple other “black rifle shops,” and it seems that pretty much everyone is having trouble meeting their expected dates. The only difference is the shops I’ve been dealing with have effectively stopped giving dates, and PSA doesn’t seem to have learned that yet. Sorry to hear about your trouble, though.

  21. Pretty uncool, really. A little too close to “joking” about assassination. I won’t consider PSA for future purchases.

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