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OK, we’re down with the canary paint job. Who says a gun has to be a utilitarian earth-based tone? And if you want to decorate your gun with a sponsor’s name like a NASCAR racer, far be it from us to cast aspersions. But that’s not a flared magwell. It appears to be a kludgy faux battery hanging off the stock. That can’t make it easy to do a reload. And says, “It’s not a functioning drill that looks like a gun, it’s a functioning Glock Model 21.45 gun that looks like a DeWalt drill. Unfortunately the drill doesn’t work, but why drill a hole when you can just shoot one?” Why indeed.  [h/t Don Natale]

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  1. At a knife forum that I belong to the members go out of their way to buy a certain knife line known for its rugged quality and strong performance. Members often remove the plastic handles and replace them with various sometimes exotic woods or micarta. The knife’s black coating gets removed and patinas are often created on the blade. I guess the same can be done with guns.

        • Yes, it’s Becker. Do you have any Beckers? I have the BK5 & BK2. Next week, I’m going to strip the black coating off my BK5 and put on a patina. Later, I plan on putting either micarta or wood handles on the knife. Lastly, I’m going to either try making a leather sheath or buy one. It is surprising how many men have a small cottage industry going for themselves making and selling leather and plastic sheaths, and custom handles.

      • The Becker line and it is manufactured by Ka-Bar. Ethan Becker is the designer.

        Another knife that I am going to strip the black coating off and put on a patina is the Johnson Adventure Potbelly. I also plan on putting on custom wood handles and making/buying a leather sheath. Steve Johnson is the designer and it is also made by Ka-Bar.

        The Blade Forum has Becker and Ka-Bar sub-forums if you’d like to see some great pictures. There are lots of them.

      • Sorry Angelo, I’m spacing out this morning in not hitting the correct reply button. Please read my other replies. I need more coffee 🙂

    • \”Steve Jobs is quite the innovative arms delaer.\”-Innovative? Yes. But he\’s no Delonte West on a motorcycle. Delonte\’s a real OG.It\’s a bit upsetting to think that there are people who consider themselves to be American when they say \”The question now-is the right to bear arms still relevant?\” -If I had seen this in my school paper, \”Now we do not want to promote any type of violence, but wouldn\’t a Taser do the same thing as a gun?\”, I probably would have pooped a chicken.

  2. I wouldn’t buy it myself, and anyone who bought it for me would demostrate little understanding of my tastes. That being said, for those who want such a thing, there it is. The line would form around the corner to the left, if anyone wanted to get in it.

  3. I know someone did an AR-15 decked out like a Dewalt before. it should come up on pretty much any image search with AR and Dewalt in it.


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