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  1. ‘Five chicks for dinner tonight. Now, if I can only figure out how to get them to step off the barrel and stay stationary in front of my gun…’

  2. The chick in the far left is saying “see i told you he would be able to shoot us if we perched up here”

  3. Magpul continues to deliver to the tactical and competition shooter with new ADPS System

    Active Dynamic Peep Sights

  4. Using a dime to practice trigger control is for beginners, live birds is what all the operators are using!

  5. I confess to ignorance of the difference between chicks and ducklings … but it could be he’s got his ducks all in a row.

  6. Having endured the scorn of the chicks for years, Lee Harvey vowed he would one day show the world he was not to be mocked.

    Too soon?


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