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It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature. Or your trial judge. George Zimmerman’s headed back to the pokey after the prosecution discovered his wife was a little less than forthcoming during his bond hearing about the funds raised for his defense. The trial judge, Kenneth Lester, originally assigned bail of $150,000 based on testimony from his wife that the Zimmermans were indigent. It appears that at the time, she had access to a PayPal account that contained about $130,000. From “In revoking the bond, Judge Lester said Zimmerman, who is currently in hiding, shouldn’t be able to benefit from ‘material falsehoods.’ The judge also immediately placed Zimmerman under a ‘no bond’ status, meaning he’ll likely spend the rest of his time awaiting trial in a Seminole County jail cell.  The judge gave Zimmerman 48 hours to report to jail.”

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  1. I doubt he will spend long there. This is just a move by the judge to show who is in charge and serve as a warning. He will be out by next weekend, but on a much higher bail and probably more conditions (like restrictions on the use of his “defense fund”).

    • The utterly incompetent state is hoping (praying) to get GZ on a spurious technicality, simply so they can document him being “punished” before these absurd charges are thrown out of court.

      These arrogance of these idiots is so obscene, they place more importance on scoring points with race-bating, hate salemen like Al Sharpton, than they do on justice.

      You could tell exactly where this was going the moment that smiling-idiot-‘special prosecutor’ went on TV defending the integrity of the “judicial process”.

      • Yep you’re right – the arrogance of this judge is obscene. How DARE he put Zimmerman in his place for lying about his means, this is AMERICA ffs, where you should be able to lie to your trial judge about having $130k with impunity.

        I hope that the judge is removed from the case, he is obviously racist and biased. He’s probably a fag too. I hate fags.

        • An appropriately dishonest & juvenile response for a race-baiting coward. Even Alan Dershowitz agrees the charges are ridiculous, but it doesn’t matter, does it? If George Zimmerman had been killed that night, you never would have heard about this, because it would have just been another guy murdered in the street. But Travon Martin was black and George Zimmerman is white, so anything goes.

  2. When this story first broke on the killing of a black teen who weighed by a white person , people were outraged. I was one of them. As more information came to light that cast doubt and made me question what actually happened. Now we have a new fast breaking development that is being funneled by the same media that had caused me to feel a certain way befire. I cannot help but wonder if there is more to this or the facts are being spun that way. I even see the tone in Dan Zimmerman’s writing in his post. Will more information come to light to cast doubts on this new development?

    • oops didn’t mean to put “who weighed” in my comments. I had started on the weight discrepancy that was reported initially and deleted it out. I didn’t delete enough. So much for proofing my own writing.

  3. And if Zimmerman had an ounce of intelligence, he’d be using some of that $130,000 to get the hell out of the country and start a new life somewhere else. Innocent or guilty, his ass is going to spend the rest of his life in jail if he stays in the US.

    • Can you ‘splain how will he will be spending the rest of his life in jail if found innocent?

      • He didn’t say “found” guilty or innocent. The implication is even if he is innocent, he’ll be “found” guilty. At least that’s the way I read it.

        • Unfortunatley for GZ, he’ll never get a chance to receive that ” innocent” verdict. These garbage charges will rightly get tossed, leaving him forever with the moniker, “the one that got away with it”.

    • $130,000’s not enough to leave the country and start over. His best shot is to stick around, do his time, and write a book. You biased gun-rights supporters who have adopted him as a martyr poster-boy will make him rich and famous.

      • You’re a jackass, and a joke, and your words carry no weight here. Kindly get the hell out.

      • Little Alan Colmes,

        Raising the quality of the discussion again, I see. If only you ever had something worthwhile to offer, eh?

      • “$130,000′s not enough to leave the country and start over.”

        Sure it is. I didn’t leave the country but I did move and “start over” with a lot less.

        I don’t believe he would do that anyway.

      • “His best shot is to stick around, do his time, and write a book.”

        Do his time? I thought he had to be convicted first.

        • Details, schmetails. Duh, don’t you know, it’s obvious he’ll be convicted of something to aafe face for the DA

        • He’s already doing time, or will be starting tomorrow, am I wrong? In fact being in hiding is a form of “doing time.”

          If the response to his pay-pal support is an indication, he’ll make out like a bandit in the end, even if he ends up convicted and does some years.

          The fact that you guys are so blindly supportive of him, for your own selfish reasons, means you’re the ones who are not waiting for the results of a trial. Some of you are already saying he’ll be convicted just to prove the DA wasn’t wrong.

    • How else would illegal immigrantes be able to vote for democratic canidates and to screw districting?

  4. I think he might be there a bit longer. He lied about a passport he had which he did not turn in per the request form the judge, so needless to say he lied about that too.
    I heard the audio and the judge sounded pissed.

    • That judge should be pissed at the state’s moron special prosecutor. Extra passport notwithstanding, GZ has complied with the direction, spirit & intent of every order given.

      So “congratulations” to the judge for a job well done. You got your man. Now it’s time to dispence some actual justice. Throw these charges out, impeach the prosecutor, and apologize to both the Martin & Zimmerman families for jerking them around like this.

        • To make an arrest, a prosecutor must have Probable Cause to believe that a crime has been committed and that the person being arrested is the one who did it.

          To continue prosecuting a case, a halfway decent prosecutor will make sure that he has proof BEYOND REASONABLE DOUBT that a crime has been committed and the accused is the one guilty. It is, in fact, a prosecutor’s duty to stop prosecuting cases he cannot win on the merits because of the way trials fuck with people’s lives and the fickle nature of juries. The fairness of the system depends, in part, on the just prosecutor.

          There is absolutely no way, with the information currently available to the public, that Zimmerman could EVER be convicted of Murder 2 in ANY Jurisdiction.

          The prosecutor should be disbarred for prosecutorial misconduct.

        • “…don’t we need all the evidence for that?”

          Yes we do, Mike. Am I assuming too much to believe the special state prosecutor actually had access to all the state’s evidence *before* pressing charges?
          Surely she wasn’t just trying to score points & satisfy one of your greivance mongers, was she?

  5. If Zimmerman gets killed in jail everyone’s political problems go away. Just saying.

    • Now, if GZ does get killed in jail, the boys with badges may want to speak with you, just saying 🙂

  6. Well, for his sake, I hope he doesn’t “spend the rest of his time awaiting trial in a Seminole County jail cell,” as the CSMonitor says, because according to today’s post on his case website at

    …we have requested a 30 day window to properly review the materials. …We will then seek additional discovery as we believe may be appropriate and necessary. This will take an additional several weeks to draft the requests… …It is anticipated, though not certain, that this case will not be ready for trial until sometime into 2013.

    He was out on bond in late April, but didn’t waive his right to a speedy trial until May 8. I know that waiving that right is pretty common in big cases like this because of all the paperwork involved, but at the same time, he wasn’t planning on spending the next 6+ months in jail when that motion was filed.

    • “He was out on bond in late April, but didn’t waive his right to a speedy trial until May 8. I know that waiving that right is pretty common in big cases like this because of all the paperwork involved, but at the same time, he wasn’t planning on spending the next 6+ months in jail when that motion was filed.”

      It seems like the prosecution would have been aware of GZ’s defense fund even before his original bond hearing–assuming they have internet. Why didn’t they push to revoke his bond before this? Not until GZ has waived his right to a speedy trial do they move to revoke his bond. Just an unfortunate coincidence for GZ, or something.
      I’ve believed GZ’s version from the beginning, and still do, but bullshitting the same judge who will determine which evidence is allowed and which isn’t, and who will determine GZ’s sentence, if found guilty has really stretched GZ’s unit across the chopping block. Today was a very dark day for George.

  7. What if the prosecution waited to motion the court to revoke his bond until after he waived his right to a speedy trial? What if he gets killed in jail?

    What will any of us do about it other than write pissant comments on a blog?

    • His name would ring out as a martyr for your cause. Zimmerman – santo subito.

      But try as you might, you will never shake the stigma of your three-time poster boy Jared. He personified the right of Constitutional Carry, extended magazines, and no mental health screening.

      • Why can’t we screen your mental health before you take to the interwebs to exercise your First Amendment rights?

      • “His name would ring out as a martyr for your cause.”
        And rightly so, though I doubt a race-baiting, ‘progressive’ FLAME DELETED would prefer seeing an innocent man die for the “crime” of defending his own life against a drug-addled attacker who happens to be black.

        • I’m “a race-baiting, ‘progressive’ FLAME DELETED?”

          I “would prefer seeing an innocent man die for the “crime” of defending his own life against a drug-addled attacker who happens to be black?”

          “Drug addled” because he had smoked pot???

          Man, that is one wild comment.

      • Mikey – What other rights – voting, speech, assembly – do you think government agents ought to pre-screen citizens for mental health issues before they exercise them?

        • This in reply to MikeB above:
          “Drug addled” because he had smoked pot???
          Have you watched the video of Travon at the 7-eleven? Tell us what you see as he repeatedly digs in his pockets for change.

        • Words kill as readily as a gun. You don’t get the 100+ decible report, but the effect is still there. From a bully driving a victim to suicide, a zealot driving a mob into a frenzy, to a politician driving a constituancy to react emotionally. Guns, words, whatever the catalyst…intent is the point. Not the tool that is used.

        • Words have caused a fair bit of killing, including words protected by free speech.
          Legal Assemblies turn into violent mobs all the time (Hidden Criminal Assemblies, in your terms).
          Voting (and the fight over the right to do that) has caused an immense amount of violence.

          Which of these rights don’t get anyone killed? All of these are absolute rights, and I’ll defend anyone’s right to do any of them.

      • Mike, would Loughner have been prevented from carrying concealed by a Law saying he couldn’t?
        Did he have a DOCUMENTED adverse mental health history?
        Finally, do you have ANY evidence that extended magazines are in ANY WAY correlated (look up the damn word before you reply this time; ONE POINT of data does not correlation make) with increased deaths in mass killings?

        Mike, EVERY time I press you for these things, you skip right over them or stop posting in the comment thread in favor of posting the same shit I’ve debunked in new threads.

        At one point you claimed someone was “breaking your balls” for asking you to repeat yourself once. If that was “breaking your balls” what are you doing to me making me jump threads to continue a simple conversation?

        • Asking repetitious questions is not debunking, Dan. And I don’t always skip away.

          If Arizona had not allowed Loughner to legally carry a concealed gun, we don’t know what he would have done. He was a nut, right. Even if he would have done exactly the same thing, that’s doesn’t show that it’s a good policy, it shows that in this case at least it was bad. Plus, you’ve got the other nutjobs and hidden criminals out there who would obey the law. Many of them do that right up until the moment they crack.

          I don’t know what kind of mental health history he had on the record, but I would imagine that the lowest standards of control would have identified him as unfit.

          I’m not sure what you’re asking about the extended magazines. Everyone agrees one of them bad-boys enabled him to kill more people than he probably would have otherwise.

          So, asking me the same questions over and over again, ones I’ve answered plenty, is not debunking anything like you seem to think, it’s just ball breaking.

        • It is when you can’t answer them.

          So now Criminals and Nutjobs follow laws. Why is it then, that Washington D.C. has such a high murder rate when Alexandria, VA (just across the river) has a murder rate many times lower? Either Criminals and Lunatics follow laws right up until they commit a crime or they don’t Mike, you can’t have different answers for different situations.

          Loughner had no documented adverse mental health history. If he had ever been adjudged mentally incompetent, he would have been ineligible to purchase or own a gun.

          No, not everyone agrees on that. I don’t. Last time this came up, I went and grabbed every mass killing that occurred at a school and counted magazine size. There was a small (probably statistically insignificant [don’t want to do the math now]) negative correlation between magazine size and number of victims. In other words, fewer or the same number of people are killed by killers with HiCap mags than normal magazines. If you believe otherwise, Prove it.

          You have not in fact answered all my questions. When you answer them with evidence backed argument, I’ll stop asking them. But you don’t. Instead, you claim that your opinions count as evidence and you need no further corroboration. If you’d like to have an argument based on wild speculation, I can accommodate that, but it’s just going to be a bunch of yelling past each other.

          • Dan, I figure there are a lot of people among your lawful-gun-owner group who are less than upstanding citizens. Some drink too much, some get high, some pick and choose what laws they’ll adhere to. But because they are not convicted felons or wife beaters, many of them would obey the laws about not carrying without a permit or not using super-big magazines.

            “Either Criminals and Lunatics follow laws right up until they commit a crime or they don’t Mike, you can’t have different answers for different situations. ”

            Your problem is you see everything as black and white. It ain’t like that.

        • Ok, Mike, show me evidence that suggests that a significant portion of gun owners *are* irresponsible AND that that irresponsibility leads to a significant amount of injuries or deaths.

          In a different comment thread, I did some numbers based on the assumption that 50% of Gun owners are irresponsible and that an irresponsible Gun Owner will cause injury or death at least once in his life. Since there are 44 million people who own guns in the US and the average lifespan is about 80, we would expect around 500,000 incidents of accidental injury or death. The total number of firearms related injuries or deaths, including intentional ones (assault, suicide, murder) is right at 100,000. Strip out intentional actions, and you get 10,000 deaths and 20,000 injuries.
          A rate Sixteen times lower than we would expect if 50% of gun owners (the number you claimed in the other thread) were irresponsible. In fact, the rate implies that not more than 3% of gun owners are irresponsible enough to hurt someone once in their lives.

          • Dan, the evidence is in the news every day. You read my blog. What you call “significant” may differ from my definition, but my position is it’s too much. And it’s preventable.

        • Per Wikipedia:
          “Anecdotal evidence is considered dubious support of a claim; it is accepted only in lieu of more solid evidence. This is true regardless of the veracity of individual claims.”

          News stories are anecdote. Statistics are much more solid evidence. Statistics are available and I’ve presented them numerous times. Ergo, there is more solid evidence, thus anecdote must be discounted.

        • Dan: You gave it a valiant attempt, but you just can’t argue with, “I said so, that’s why!”

    • That certainly would resolve a lot of “problems” & rescue a lot of professional reputations.

  8. A cheap shot by the prosecution, knowing bond is pretty much the only issue on which they’ll get any traction in this trial.

  9. The lesson here is, if you cannot STFU, then tell the truth. However, truth can be twisted, so it is best to STFU. And ask your kinfolk to STFU. And your friends.

      • From my Miranda card:
        “Anything you say CAN and WILL be used against you in court, or other proceedings.”

        Because of the rules of evidence, anything you say to the Police CANNOT be used in court EXCEPT to be used against you. Perfectly Truthful, Accurate, Honest Evidence you give to the police that would in no way tend to incriminate you will SCREW you at court if the police misremember, mishear, or have a witness with mistaken testimony.

      • And as long as your skin is the wrong color, mikeb302000 and his fascist buddies will ensure you get what you have coming.

        Won’t you, Mike?

    • I see MikeB is now an expert on how I ought to practice my faith. Thanks, Mike, but I screw up enough without any help.

      It is wrong to prosecute a person who defends their life and limb, but that happens. I presume a person is not guilty until proven otherwise – how about you, Mike?

        • Not true, I think most of you who comment here are fine. You guys are passionate and for the most part responsible, as far as I can see.

          But what’s out there in the general gun-owning public is another story.

        • Got any evidence that that is true, Mike?

          And the plural of anecdote is not data, so yelling about individual events isn’t evidence unless you can describe how likely those events are (i.e. x/100,000 pop, etc).

  10. Are you guys beginning to see the picture yet? The fix is in. George Zimmerman is going to jail, and he will be convicted whether or not he’s actually guilty of anything. The state needs him to go away, so away he goes.

    Lesson learned.

  11. Where was Zimmerman’s attorney during the discussion about bond, assets and net worth? Did he vet the net worth figures that Z and his spouse put before the court? Was anything put in writing for the court? I know in NY State there’s usually a signed document detailing assets / net worth.

    The existence of Z’s defense fund was not a huge secret – didn’t anyone (the court or his lawyer) ask him about the amount? If I were Z’s attorney, I’d be privately furious if he withheld info…

    On the other hand, perhaps there was legal uncertainty regarding ‘ownership’ of the paypal account. Do you ‘own’ an account set up for defending yourself in the same sense that you ‘own’ 1000 shares of stock?

    Anyone know Florida law on this? Needless to say, I don’t have much faith in media or the FL prosecutor to provide any legal nuance or detail.

  12. According to the CSM report, George Z. turned in his passport to the court as ordered. But he filed for a replacement, saying that his original passport was stolen.
    Some questions:
    — Wasn’t such a statement made in a passport application made ‘under penalty of perjury’?
    — Could he have been so stupid as to assume nobody handling that application would recognize his name or face?
    — What did he think would be the surmised purpose of this replacement passport, if not to enable him to flee the jurisdiction of the court?
    It would appear that George Z. was both stupid and panic-stricken in this desparate attempt to find a way out. I think he sees his conviction on SOME charge and SOME prison sentence, a politically motivated certainty, and he would prefer escape.
    Unfortunately, he has given the court every reason needed to revoke bail — his actions indicate his intent to flee the jurisdiction of the court. That’s all the prosecution needs to crush any attempt to restore bail.

    • Thanks for that update Purple. I thought he simply had and extra one. well they puts it in a whole new light then doesn’t it, and certainly speaks of the actions. I guess this is why he is now on a no bond hold. His lawyer could request a bond but I would be willing to bet it would be so high he wouldn’t have enough to get out even if he wanted to.
      Regardless of what you think his guilt is, he has acted really stupid.

      • At first, I thought he might have had a “dual citizen” status, with perhaps an Israeli passport as well as US. That does not seem to be the case. CSM said he “applied for a second passport after the shooting, saying his first one was stolen.”
        We are told recordings of conversations with his wife while he was in jail contain “cryptic” references to a “second passport in his possession”.
        I wonder how long “after the shooting” he applied for a replacement passport, and how soon it was “in his possession”.
        Maybe this is going to turn into another “That depends on what the meaning of ‘is’, is” situations.

    • Your martyr and poster boy will never get to be a saint like that. Shabby shit with the passport as well as with the pay-pal account could make one wonder what kind of guy he really is, that is if you hadn’t already made up your minds.

      • Gee, I wonder what George Z. (or anyone, for that matter) would do to AVOID becoming a “martyr”, to placate the racial agitators crying out “Justice for Trayvon”. Probably a lot of stupid, desperate stuff.

      • FLAME DELETED Go ahead and tell me that if you were in his position, with a large part of the political and media establishment trying to railroad you into prison for the crassest of reasons, and tell me you wouldn’t be looking at that passport like a starving man would look at a freshly cooked steak.

      • 1st, if GZ tried to game the system, then he’s wrong and ought to face the music. However, given that people have put a price on his head, and the state has not acted to punish those who did, I can kind of see how a man might be tempted to put together a bolt-hole.

        MikeB is creating an awfully high standard of saintliness, one I think he might not want to live by if he were in the same boat.

        • Look at it this way Tim. The bar of saintly gun management should be set high enough to eliminate the worst characters. Let’s say, for argument’s sake, we were able to identify and disarm the worst 50% of present gun owners.

          In that group we would capture most of the ones who go off the deep end at some point and suddenly commit crimes. We’d also include in the disarmament those who are responsible for the negligence we read about every day. Plus, we’d also identify most of the ones responsible for gun flow into the criminal world.

          You don’t think the world would be a better place like that?

        • If the worst half of gun owners are as reckless and irresponsible as you say, wouldn’t it make sense to think they would hurt someone at least once per 80 years (roughly a human lifetime)?

          That’s an incidence of .625% ([1/80]*[1/2]=.00625) or 625/100,000 gun owners. With 44 million gun owners in the US, we would expect 275,000 injuries or deaths caused by firearms negligence or other bad acts per year from that worst half of gun owners. According to Wikipedia, there are 53,000 deliberate non-fatal GSWs, 23,000 accidental non-fatal GSWs, and 32,000 total firearms related deaths, for a total of 108,000 injuries involving firearms from all firearm owners.

          Regardless of that, How, specifically, would you identify the worst half BEFORE they’ve done anything bad?

          • Some of the ways to identify the worst ones are these.

            1. The MAIG program of fixing the background check system.
            2. Change all Shall Issue to May Issue.
            3. Licensing of gun owners requiring psychological testing.

            There are probably others I can’t think of right now.

            As far as your numbers-crunching, I couldn’t follow. In a slightly briefer way, you have the Bruce Krafft style of “baffle ’em with bullshit” down pat.

            You and your arguing style are bogus, Dan. You’re a biased close-minded gun-rights fanatic. This last comment shows that better than most which you usually disguise with a semblance of feigned rationality.

        • 1. The MAIG “fix” is thus:
          a)”Get all of the names of people who should be prohibited from buying guns into the background check system.”
          b)”Require a background check for every gun sale in America.”

          a) is just fine with me. I think it’s fine with everybody here.
          b) is a sticking point, because I don’t see any evidence that the benefits will outweigh the costs of compliance. What evidence do you have to say that significant amounts of criminals would be prevented from acquiring guns if a law said private party sales required background checks. How would you enforce compliance, since it’s illegal to keep a list of gun owners?

          2) How do May Issue laws assist in identifying criminals or dangerous people? Secondly, what evidence do you have that CCW permit holders are more likely than the rest of the population to be involved in crime?

          3) Paid for by whom, Conducted by whom, with what assurances that the shrink is unbiased, and compliance enforced how?

          The math I showed you is based on the assumption that an irresponsible gun owner will cause injury or death on average Once in his lifespan (an average of 80 years) and that half of gun owners are irresponsible. Those assumptions, combined with the known number of gun owners result in an expected 275,000 injuries or deaths caused by negligent gun owners per year. Compare that to the real incidence of ALL gun related injuries/deaths (108,000) or all non-intentional injuried/deaths (40,000) and you see that there is no way that half of gun owners are irresponsible.

          You’re free to disagree with my assumptions; 50% is from you, 80 years is the average lifespan of a female in the US, so all that’s left to disagree with is the irresponsibility results in an average of one GSW per lifetime of irresponsibility. If your definition of irresponsibility differs from mine, in terms of likeliness to actually produce harm, please explain it.

          If you believe that my calculations are in error, please correct them. Math is not bullshit. Lying, and repeating debunked arguments, on the other hand…

          • Dan, have you been reading only my comments? You think it’s fine with everybody here that the MAIG fix of the background system happens and that private sales are outlawed^???!!!

            The folks who make the “May Issue” decisions would have an opportunity to abuse that power, I admit, but they are also in a uniquely qualified position to identify the juvenile offenders who have come of age and deny them a carry permit. They also know the wife-beaters who haven’t picked up that conviction yet, etc.

            Paying for everything is another issue, but I couldn’t read anymore. As soon as you start putting numbers in parenthesis, I have to stop. Sorry.

        • “As soon as you start putting numbers in parenthesis, I have to stop.”

          Yeah, because we certainly wouldn’t want to read and understand anything that would upset our carefully constructed delusional worldview, now would we? He put it in terms that a ten year old could understand, so if you can’t get it, you’re either being intentionally obtuse, or FLAME DELETED. In either case, you’re in no position to be dictating how others should live their lives.

          • I’m not the one dictating how others should live their lives, you are. You think it’s perfectly all right for me to have to subject myself and my family to yourself and guys like you in public, some of whom have proven to be dangerous. You’re the one who wants minimal or NO restrictions on who can have guns in public, where I may have to go. You’re the one infringing on my rights as a free citizen to be safe in society. You’re the one who has Loughner and Ready and Zimmerman as heroes and poster boys.

        • “I’m not the one dictating how others should live their lives, you are.”

          I have never told you that you must do anything (except provide evidence to prove your points, but that’s just how debate works). You can own a gun or not, associate with people who own guns or not, live in countries with gun control or not. It’s all up to you and your choices in the matter, so long as they don’t hurt anyone, are fine by me.

          “You think it’s perfectly all right for me to have to subject myself and my family to yourself and guys like you in public, some of whom have proven to be dangerous.”

          People who have been proven to be dangerous (convicted of a crime) are forever barred from owning firearms. I don’t know how the Italian legal system works, but in the US there is the presumption of innocence.

          “You’re the one who wants minimal or NO restrictions on who can have guns in public, where I may have to go.”

          You choose to go whereever you like. You can find a work at home job if you decline to live in society, you can move to a country whose laws suit you, you are free to do whatever. Unless someone is threatening physical force on you, you have infinite options to live in a manner which and within a society that suits you.

          “You’re the one infringing on my rights as a free citizen to be safe in society. You’re the one who has Loughner and Ready and Zimmerman as heroes and poster boys.”

          Who here has said Loughner is a poster boy other than you trying to smear us?
          Ditto with Ready (whose bad conduct discharge made him a prohibited possessor anyway).
          I’ve called Zimmerman an idiot many times. Nobody thinks he’s a hero. He’s just not guilty.

          Mike, you accuse me of putting words in your mouth all the time. Why then do you turn around and try to put words in mine?

        • “Dan, have you been reading only my comments? You think it’s fine with everybody here that the MAIG fix of the background system happens and that private sales are outlawed^???!!!”

          Mike, do you even bother reading my entire comments? I do not see anyone arguing that states and local agencies should not be encouraged to report records that they have.

        • Apparently I’m wrong and a bad conduct discharge does not make you a prohibited possessor. I’m willing to grant that that could be added to the prohibited possessor, depending on the nature of the charges that lead to it.

        • Mike, most of the MAIG agenda is objectionable. One aspect* being acceptable does not mean they deserve our support.

          *namely increased funding for NCIC compliance.

        • Yep. If the troll is taking a beating he throws out a distraction. Just change the subject, maybe that will work out better.

    • “I think he sees his conviction on SOME charge and SOME prison sentence, a politically motivated certainty”

      Yeah, either that or he simply knows he’s guilty.

      I am loving the tortured logic that many posters here are trying to apply to make Zimmerman look good in this. Yeah, he just HAD to lie to the judge about how much money he had, and then apply for another passport claiming his was stolen – surely the actions of an honest, innocent man.

      Give it up already – the man is scum. Maybe the person he killed was scummier, maybe he wasn’t, but either way Zimmerman is exactly where he should be right now.

      • Yeah, he’s scum, isn’t he? He’s probably a racist fag, too, isn’t he?

        We all hate fags, don’t we?

      • “I think HE SEES his conviction on [some] charge and [some] prison sentence, a politically motivated certainty, AND HE WOULD PREFER ESCAPE.” (emphasis added)

        As I said, that’s what I THINK George Z’s assessment is of his situation. Who said he “HAD to lie to the judge. . . “? I sure as Hell didn’t. No “tortured logic” here but that which you brought in with you.

        If CSM is accurate, I see it as the actions of a panic-stricken, desperate, and stupid man.

        Guilt or innocence has no more to do with the case than the “flowers that bloom in the Spring”. As Ralph said above:

        ”The fix is in. George Zimmerman is going to jail, and he will be convicted whether or not he’s actually guilty of anything.”

        Ralph gets it. I get it. Looks like George Z. gets it too.

        • I’d really like to see that Form DS-64 George Z. filled out, “under penalty of perjury”. You have to specify that you are reporting either a LOST or STOLEN passport. Then there is the explanation on “How, where and on what date. . . the . . . theft [took] place?”
          If the CSM was correct in saying George Z. reported a STOLEN passport, it seems very strange. If you are going to commit perjury in a scheme to get a second passport while keeping your original, why would you say it was STOLEN?
          If you claimed it was LOST, you could always say that you did not know where it was, thought it was lost, but found the original again by pure chance, after your replacement passport arrived.
          If you reported it as STOLEN, you could not very well explain how it re-appeared. Did the thief who stole it have remorse and return it to you?

          Reporting a STOLEN passport has “Dumb” written all over it.

  13. From

    George Zimmerman has returned to Central Florida, arriving late Saturday evening. On Friday, June 1, the court revoked Mr. Zimmerman’s bond, ordering him to return to custody within 48 hours. The defense team has coordinated with the Sanford Police Department to ensure Mr. Zimmerman’s security when he turns himself in before today’s 2:30 PM deadline.

    While out on bond, Mr. Zimmerman has been living in a secure, undisclosed location as there are significant threats against his life.

    Mr. Zimmerman’s lawyers will request a new bond hearing where they can address the court’s concerns regarding the representation of funds available at the time of the original hearing on April 20. The defense team hopes that Mr. Zimmerman’s voluntary surrender to Sanford police will help demonstrate to the court that he is not a flight risk. Furthermore, the vast majority of the funds in question are in an independently managed trust, and neither Mr. Zimmerman or his attorneys have direct access to the money.

    On May 8, Mr. Zimmerman waived his right to a speedy trial to allow the defense team the time needed to prepare for trial. It is anticipated, though not certain, that the case will not be ready for trial until some time into 2013, and the next bond hearing will determine whether Mr. Zimmerman will wait those many months in jail or not.

  14. all the suckers contributing to his lifestyle, oops I mean self defense fund, are getting what they deserve. this guy and his wife were both unemployed at the time of this shooting. now they are raking in $1,000 per day. Manslaughter pays very well obviously. He looks 20-30 lbs heavier than he did back in April, so I guess he’s enjoying some prime cuts as he “fears for his life”. I hope the attornies for Martins parents have a wrongful death civil suit in the works to get a piece of the pie.

    • “this guy and his wife were both unemployed at the time of this shooting.”

      Source, please. Last I heard, he was employed as an insurance underwriter and in his final semester in Criminal Justice at Seminole State College at the time of the shooting. His wife is a nursing student.

    • “Furthermore, the vast majority of the funds in question are in an independently managed trust, and neither Mr. Zimmerman or his attorneys have direct access to the money.”

      I think we can be safe in assuming no lawyer would let his client deplete, and certainly not abscond with, a fund which is designated to pay that lawyer for his defense work, even if that client could somehow get access to it.
      Any question of inaccurate financial accounting to the court is secondary. The real problem George Z. has, is to explain how and why he managed to have a passport in spite of the court’s implicit order than he NOT have one.

  15. We can’t have anyone that has been involved in murder and such dubious dealings running loose now, can we?

    Then again, there is Hillary Clinton.

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