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  1. “$75 for BOTH at the yard sale! Can you believe it? Blue Book value is over $800 for the pair!”

  2. “Yeee Hah!! There’s nothing quite like the feeling of hanging self-conferred degrees in revolverology on my office wall!”

  3. Ohhhhh yeaaaah!!!!! Something big in one hand and something small in the other just how i like it!

  4. Ummm, I bet one is a .45 Colt and the other is .38 Chief’s Special! Can I open my eyes now?

  5. “Our prices here at Wood Paneling Liquidation World are Crazy!”

    “I told you, ‘No wire hangars’!”

    “And that was the last time Grandpa ever asked for .”

    Also, WTF is with the squirrel picture on the side. I’m going to have nightmares.

  6. I’m the roughinest toughinest rootinest, tootinest bobtailed wildcat north, south east or west of the Pecos! *rapid fires two pistols at the ground with enough force that the recoil lifts you several inches into the air.*

  7. The long guns to the left look like a SxS shotgun and muzzle loading rifle. The revolver pictures on the wall look like cap and ball era guns. She must be into black powder guns.

  8. “I can’t believe it. What a country! I got the house, half of his pension, the kids, AND the guns!!”

  9. “Now fuh round 18: ya godda shoot bowth targeths at the thame time, eyes clothed. Loother takes anudder shot o’ withkey!”

  10. Frankie took aim with her forty-four,
    Five times with a rooty-toot-toot.
    Right through that hardwood door.
    He was her man and he was doing her wrong.

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