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Iron Sky: First 4 Minutes Released

For those who don’t know, Iron Sky is an alternate history sci-fi comedy movie being produced by an independent shop somewhere in Europe. The premise is that the Nazis secretly colonized the moon before the end of WWII and now are planning on invading the Earth. Personally, I’ve been eagerly awaiting the release of this thing ever since I first heard about it, and with the release date only around a month away they’ve leaked the first 4 minutes of the film. At the very least it’s guaranteed to be better than the new Ghost Rider movie…

(RF: They use guns in the video, it’s fair game! So there!)


  1. avatar James says:

    Any excuse for Hollywood to wave the Nazis at us again.

    1. avatar Stuart says:

      not Hollywood. The exact opposite. It’s a fan-funded independent production from Finland.

  2. avatar Bobby Hunter says:

    These are the same guys that made Star Wreck: In the Perkinning, one the most hilarious independant films I’ve ever seen. They did the whole thing with volunteers and cheap digital cameras.

  3. avatar Tim McNabb says:

    Reminds me of Rocket Ship Galileo by Robet Heinlein

    1. avatar Lemming says:

      and there darn well better be a rockship called “Gallileo” somewhere, or I’ll be quite put out. Okay, it was his weakest juveniles, but it was still RAH.

      1. avatar Chris Dumm says:


  4. avatar Tim McNabb says:

    I hate Moon Nazis…

  5. avatar "lee n. field" says:

    When will this be coming to the US?

  6. avatar Tommy Knocker says:

    It has a couple of real cutie patootie’s in it…plus the one and only Udo Keir (you will instantly recognize him from a gazillion bad guy roles) !

    1. avatar APBTFan says:

      Udo Kier’s a definite plus.

  7. avatar Van says:

    I love how you can hear explosions in the vacuum of space.

    1. avatar pair-o-dee says:

      And what about RPG’ing the lunar module knocked the astronaut off his feet? 🙂

      1. avatar Van says:

        Yep, that too. Good catch.

        1. avatar Vermont Guy says:

          I wondered about that too. There would be no atmosphere to propagate a shock wave but there would be a great deal of energy released from the explosion. That would be in the form of high speed gases that might lose little energy not having to pass through an atmosphere.

          Someone will have to sneak a block of C4 on the next moon trip. Should be more interesting then a golf shot.

      2. avatar theaton says:

        If an explosion has no effect in space then how did we get to the moon?

    2. avatar Lance says:

      Also, the puttering of an ICE on that motorcycle in the vacuum of space.. not to mention completely missing the giant strip-mine on the way down that they landed within a few hundred yards of.

      This movie looks to be full of derp, but in a good way.. kinda like that Battleship movie that’s on its way. Good brainless entertainment, both of them.

  8. avatar Ralph says:

    It will never top “Mars Needs Women.” Now that was sci-fi at its best.

  9. avatar Lemming says:

    Over on BoingBoing, where you’d think people would know better, folks keep asking “how’d they bring enough food for 70 years”, “how’d they survive low gravity”, etc. etc.

    Folks, it’s a movie about Nazis on the _moon_. To quote a wise man “If you’re wondering how he eats and breathes and other science facts (la-la-la), Just repeat to yourself, “It’s just a show, I should really just relax…”

    That also applies to RPGs and ice and other stuff.

  10. avatar Charlie says:

    I wonder which country has more Hitler on TV, America or Israel? Seriously air something besides WW2 and junk-men! *glares at History Channel executive*

    1. avatar Tim McNabb says:

      Dude – you just cannot watch the Nazis getting their asses kicked often enough.

      1. avatar Jeff O. says:

        “Ah, The Luftwaffe…The Washington Generals Of The History Channel.” ~ Homer Simpson, Philanthropist, Astronaut, Proficient Bowler.

      2. avatar Stuart says:

        where’s that “like” button 😉

  11. avatar Tom says:

    Sky Captain and The World Of Tomorrow?
    Flash Gordon versus the Nazis From Outer Space?
    Spock in an SS Uniform with a Nazi Starship?

  12. avatar sdog says:

    barf, next please.

  13. avatar Joel says:

    moonbase nazis? sweet! I’ll see it right after Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Slayer!

    1. avatar Charlie says:

      Well there was a vampire named Habeus Corpus…

    2. avatar bontai Joe says:

      I just saw the trailer for Abe Lincoln killing vampires. HOLY CRAP! I can’t wait to not see that.

  14. avatar tdiinva says:

    Nazi’s I hate those guys.

  15. Yeah, I’m waiting for it, too. The rule is simple. Don’t take it seriously, take it on it own terms. Have fun.

  16. avatar revjen45 says:

    It’s all just a red herring to divert attention from the REAL secret Nazi base in Antarctica called Neuschwabenland started in 1938 and constructed throughout WW2. Pro-German Argentina and Apartheid South Africa were the staging points. The U-530 and U-977 delivered their last cargoes to Antarctica then were turned over to the Allies completely empty. Contact with the Grays was initiated in 1933 and the Bavarian Satanic cults had/have dealings with the Reptilians from Alpha draconis. I thought you guys already knew all this.

    1. avatar jkp says:

      I’m going to start reading about this as soon as I get done figuring out that Timecube website.

  17. avatar bontai Joe says:

    Looks entertaining to me. I love “out there” sci-fi!

  18. avatar Matt Gregg says:

    Looks a lot better than Ghost Rider 2.

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