If you’ve visited our Facebook page lately, you know the problem. It’s been sadly neglected. What with gun reviews, IGOTDs, ATF Death Watches and the occasional snarky post, we haven’t had the bandwidth to do it justice. So we’re looking for a volunteer. And since we’re all volunteers, you’ll fit right in. Just think of all the things you can buy with the money you won’t make in this prestigious gig. All you have to do is send us an email at [email protected], tell us your vision for what TTAG’s Facebook page should be and why you’re just the one to do it. Operators are standing by.


  1. I can’t make it since I’m going knife shopping at the gun show. Time to go meet my gun buddy for breakfast.

  2. This is a worthy cause! I will send an e-mail, though in my experience you cannot do much with a facebook page, it lacks some functionality that it used to have, like discussion boards….
    Mostly photo sharing and posts/comments. GREAT way to actually meet people though, as FB is kind of how we all manage our friends now… lol.

  3. Since you are using WP for the blog, its a cinch to integrate that with Facebook, you can add in the Grafiti RSS app to facebook, and be cross posting in no time, also integrating the facebook social plugin will crosspost all discussion on FB and the blog. Lets chat! (we spoke a few months ago regarding the ipad theme…)


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