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Weekend Photo Caption Contest



  1. avatar Moonshine7102 says:

    “…as visions of RPG’s danced in their heads”

  2. avatar Mike OFWG says:

    Seven brides for seven Samurai

  3. avatar ready, fire,aim says:

    i am lost for words on this one….

  4. avatar Koop says:

    While concerned that Pedobear had finally pinpointed their location, the girls nonetheless managed to sleep soundly through the night.

  5. avatar GS650G says:

    Kill Bill Volume 3
    In theaters soon.

  6. avatar Silver says:

    Next on the Communist slumber party agenda, a rousing game of Truth or Torture!

  7. avatar Barnaby Jones says:

    This is my rifle. There are many like it, but this one is mine.
    My rifle is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life…

  8. avatar C. Walther says:

    Matthew Vaughn, director of Kick-Ass, has just chosen the cast for his remake of The Magnificent Seven.

  9. avatar Kevin T says:

    Good Night, Sleep tight, Don’t let the bed-South Koreans bite.

  10. avatar tdubb says:

    The children in North Korea are safe from Kim Jong-un’s frequent panty raids. At least for tonight.

  11. avatar Ben Eli says:

    They took my teddy bear. I took their lives.

    They laughed at my finger paintings. I laughed at their chalk outlines.

    They laughed at the gap in my teeth. I laughed at the gap in their skull.

    1. avatar casey1911 says:


    2. avatar Patrick B. says:


  12. avatar Graybeard says:

    Ain’t nobody gonna interrupt our slumber party again!

  13. avatar Brandon says:

    The Seven virgins that Bin Laden was finally able to meet.

  14. avatar Shawn says:

    Hard work and sacrifice, livin in a Muslim paradise

  15. avatar waif says:

    Hey President Hu, screw you AND your one-child policy.

  16. avatar Javier says:

    The Grinch tried once before to steal Christmas let him try now.

  17. avatar Pete says:

    “So what’s the C-Team?

    A bunch of surly midgets.”

    1. avatar JRP says:

      +1 for old(ish) Family Guy reference

  18. avatar sam says:

    Ni Hao America, play you bill or we come get it. Love Bank of China

  19. avatar Aaron says:

    “…while visions of Kalashnakitties danced in their heads.”

  20. avatar Xaq Fixx says:

    there were 8 in the bed and the little one said roll over, roll over – so they all said no.

  21. avatar Pete says:

    Seven little girls were lying in bed
    One rolled over and she said
    “I wanna be an Airborne Ranger hoo, ahoo
    Live a life that’s full of danger hoo, ahoo”

  22. avatar Tom says:

    So I take it this is how they get girls comfortable with guns in Korea and China? What would the Brady Bunch say about this?

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