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It’s been said before, but perhaps never so eloquently. This trailer for an upcoming Bobcat Goldthwait film depicts what the Bradys et al fear most – themselves.

It doesn’t take Dr. Phil to see that this isn’t just a crude depiction of lefty Hollywood’s view of gun owners. No, it’s more than that. Blowing away some of the crudest examples of Americans and their popular culture simultaneously horrifies and thrills them.

Judging by the trailer alone, it’s clear that God Bless America – maybe as sure an Oscar nominee as ever there’s been – is a window into every gun-hater’s dark soul. It’s a VistaVision, Dolby-enhanced depiction of progressives’ deepest fears (and fantasies) of what they might do if they carried a gun.

After all, if educated, intelligent, intellectual sophisticates have this kind of thing in them, God only knows what the Walmart crowd is capable of.

Their obvious, “common sense” solution: no guns for anyone. Because if they can’t even trust themselves, how can they possibly trust the hoi polloi to own firearms?

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  1. I can’t think of a more irresponsible movie ever made, but when the goal is scaring the shit out of America and getting gun control back on the lips of politicians I guess anything goes.

  2. Maybe if Hollywood paid more Taxes like they tell the rest of us we should, they wouldn’t have money left over to make trash like that.

  3. Projection aside, however truthful…I don’t really know how to take this movie. I don’t even know what it’s trying to say. That the superficial, shallow, and idiot-producing pop culture that’s overtaken the country is a bad thing? Ok, I happen to agree. But that by extension is an indictment of liberals, since they are far and away the largest fanbase of such shows and fads.

    And if it’s an anti-gun movie, it’s boringly obvious in its timeliness. Like a cornered cat arching its back and hissing, this reeks of a scared reaction to the ever-growing wave of common sense sweeping the nation in regards to the popularity of firearms. But, like any garbage liberal movie, it won’t change anyone’s mind. They never do. Sociopathic directors will continue to make movies under the guise of “black comedy” or “satire” and equally disturbed liberal viewers will eat it up in full.

    Or maybe it simply is projection, as asserted. I know that’s the single largest factor behind anti-gunners. If there’s two things leftists refuse to admit in their blindness to self-awareness, it’s that A) they’re terrified of their narcissism and potential for violence, and B) they secretly desire to be ruled.

    • “If there’s two things leftists refuse to admit in their blindness to self-awareness, it’s that A) they’re terrified of their narcissism and potential for violence, and B) they secretly desire to be ruled.”

      That’s brilliant and quotable!

    • I have to agree, I thought it was hilarious. Especially the Westboro Baptist part.

      Hopefully everyone will realize that this is just a very dark comedy and it won’t be some indictment of American gun owners. It seems like Bobcat is lashing out at the lowest common denominator of American society and entertainment; stupid “reality” tv shows, American idol, the roper family and their nutty church and other various idiots and jackasses.

    • Exactly. The movie is clearly set up as a comedy of sorts and I found the trailer amusing. Pretty much everyone alive wishes that they could beat the shit out of assholes and give them what they deserve (such as the jerk at the end of the movie), but we don’t because we don’t want to go to jail (yea, like it or not it’s not “morality” that keeps people from killing / assaulting jackasses, it’s fear of being imprisoned). This movie is simply a look at what many people WISH they could do (not necessarily KILLING, but causing physical pain at least to teach them a lesson) but never will.

  4. I can’t say anyone would take this as a serious stab at the 2nd amendment. The problem is that there are probably idiots that would take this seriously and think it is a good idea in some way shape or form.

    It just seems like social commentary on how trashy society and people have become in pop culture.

  5. Westboro baptist church will probably be filing another lawsuit, claiming they were offended by the depiction in the movie of their signs.

    • I still can’t believe that all the veteran families haven’t lashed out violently at these idiots. That alone speaks volumes about their restraint and dignity.

      • The SCOTUS didn’t do them any favors, the Phelps are mostly lawyers and are waiting for someone to assault one of them. There have been incidents where their car windows were smashed, objects thrown, and threats made.
        Hard to believe anyone would hate them I know.

  6. Here is yet another fine example of liberal gun haters wishing for the death of innocents so that they can push their anti-gun agenda on the rest of us who have no such psychoses.


  7. This movie looks hilarious. I think it has more to do with a-holes getting what’s coming to them rather than anti-gun propaganda.
    It’s doubtful anyone watching the movie feels bad for anyone of those people who were shot.

  8. Falling Down, take two. It’s nothing new, and I suspect it won’t be the last.

    When your enemies are scared that you’re winning, the key is to keep winning.

  9. I’m going with hilarious. The lead character’s mind has obviously been affected by the tumor; I mean he even says “I know it’s not normal to want to kill but I am no longer normal.”

    And who hasn’t wanted to shoot some prick taking up 2 spots in a packed parking lot.

  10. Again, comedy is wasted on the ignorant. This movie is supposed to be a dark comedy, like Death to Smoochy. The characters are lashing out at popular American culture and people who offend them. Think Hannibal Lecture but with assault rifles. I think some people see gun grabbers in their sleep and wake up attacking anything they view as anti-gun.

    • I’m of the opposite mind. I think dark comedy is for people too lacking of skill to create a nuanced and subtle “lashing” at whatever they’re going for. Look at this movie for example. No layers, no nuance, just “haha, look at jerks get killed.” Many dark comedies are like that, just sociopathic tantrums with little artistic merit.

      And if the purpose of some dark comedy is to bring “issues” to light through uncomfortable amusement, well…some of us are smart enough to not need patronizing hand-holding through issues we already know and have explored. Thus, not everyone likes dark comedy.

    • Love the insinuation that just because someone may not get your brand of “humor”, that they’re somehow ignorant.

      Were you one of the kids on the playground that couldn’t play nice?

      • It wasn’t an insinuation, it was blatant declarative statement. It is a simple “If-Then” equation, if you don’t see the humor presented by the filmmaker then……, you can fill in the blanks. I think Bobcat said it best when he was talking about this movie:

        [in] stand-up, you have to keep the dumbest person in the room entertained, and with a movie you don’t have to worry about that; they’ll just go to Transformers instead of your movie.

        I don’t think that Bobcat sat down and wrote the movie thinking “I want to write a movie that will cause people to get up and create legislation that will remove guns from the population.” I think it was more like, “Man wouldn’t it be funny if someone just put a bullet in Simon Cowell.” To me this doesn’t scream LIBERAL GUN HATING MOVIE .

  11. This looks like a rather entertaining escapist fantasy movie, especially the part about westboro babtist church.

    Of course there’s the unfortunate possibility that somebody will decide that it’s such a good idea that they will go out and imitate the movie (like the columbine killers were inspired by Natural Born Killers).

    Tin Foil hat: that’s what the liberals want to happen so they can push stricter gun control.

  12. It’s so rediculous that it wont be taken as some sort of attack on constitutional interpretation, but a rediculous movie making fun of a rediculous era, generation, etc

  13. I think I’ll be saving my money for something better.

    As far as the typical gun owner being the target of ridicule, I don’t get that. Frank has a brain tumor, his sidekick is a teenage girl. Neither of these comprise the beating heart of the firearms community, even from the perspective of gun-control advocates. They’re just people who feel license to lash out, Frank is frontally disinhibited by malignant edema, the girl is frontally disinhibited because she’s 15. Therefore, they respond to the slightest provocation in a completely irresponsible, inappropriate and out-of-proportion manner.

    Kind of like gun-control advocates, come to think of it.

  14. The older guy might be nuts because of the brain tumor. (Of course, we might find out at the end of the movie that the records were switched and his headaches were not from a tumor but a sinus infection or eye strain from too much TV.)

    But the girl is another thing… She revels in the carnage. She helps him take casual murder to a much higher level. Psycho child! Sociopath right from the start.

    I will not be going to this film. I may watch it on Hulu someday. If anyone goes and sees it, I will be glad to read the review here on TTAG.

  15. Such confident interpretations and reviews of a movie, based on a two minute trailer! I’ll withhold mine until I actually see it (or not – I never thought Goldthwait was funny). But I very seriously doubt it’s meant as a biting liberal commentary on gun ownership. Also, if the cliched dialogue is any indication, I’ll drink a 16oz bottle of Ballistol if it gets nominated for a single Oscar.

  16. Sad, but not unexpected Another example of “dancing in the blood of innocents” in order to push your agenda on others.

  17. Few movie fans here, apparently (lot of whiners, though). Looks like a cross between Falling Down and Super. From the trailer, it seems like I’ve seen it done before but World’s Greatest Dad was impressive so I’ll definitely be checking this out. Regardless, there’s a reason why I don’t get my gun news the same place as my movie news, and vice versa.

  18. Blowing away some of the crudest examples of Americans and their popular culture simultaneously horrifies and thrills them. . .

    Me, too. Except for the horrified part.

  19. Well, its a paradox: if it were a true depiction of gun owners then there wouldn’t be people like mikb standing around. I’m going with hilarious.
    And it depends on what you define as normal. If by normal you mean watching and liking those reality shows then….most of us non-liberals are not normal.
    Dons flame suit.


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