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  1. “Mom, I got you a gun!”

    “Oh, is it the 686 I’ve always … Oh.”

    “You hate it!”

    “No, I don’t.” -hugs- -looks at camera like she’s on The Office-

    • That was the claim. The reality was a bit different. How can she claim to love you and not get the name right? Who the hell was GI and what hold did he have on asian women?

  2. “Honey, I’m sorry Uncle Yee was sent to prison, but be of good cheer. He left us this for our protection.”
    The directions say to insert angry bullets, (A), into happy openings, (B).
    Then as to placing of fingers into ring of guarding, (C), then pressing, not jerking off, the curved maker of bang-bang.

  3. “…ok, we’ve got one shot at this… double creepy asian suicide ghost in 3… 2… 1…”

    Some rich American businessman is fixing to regret denying their love….

  4. Don’t worry honey, I won’t let a racist California assemblyman take away our 2nd amendment rights!

  5. I’m only going to say this once Lotus Flower, don’t try to point this at two people at once, even it it has two barrels!

  6. Man the asian shit talking is real

    This actually was a pretty interesting movie though. “Sympathy for lady vengeance”

    It’s a story about a woman who is falsely imprisoned and how she gets her revenge over the course of a number of years. this takes place in South Korea where firearms are highly prohibited and so she had a friend fabricate a double-barreled smooth-bore pistol for her what she is using it also is understandable that she doesn’t know dick about the four rules of firearms safety as up until this point she was probably never near a firearm in her entire life.

  7. Here’s the laziest idea for a post ever! Brought to you by Damn Zimmerman: intellectual property thief and editor of dead hooker magazine.

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