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Today’s the day Aloha State legislators hear bill HB 1813. The bill empowers the Hawaii po-po to confiscate the guns of residents subject to an ex parte restraining order. In other words, a gun owner accused of domestic violence is guilty until proven innocent and disarmed without due process. Sweet. Even better/worse, HB 1813 further states that . . .

No person who is named on the consolidated Terrorist Screening Database maintained by the Terrorist Screening Center that is administered by the Federal Bureau of Investigation shall own, possess, or control any firearm or ammunition therefor.

In theory the Hawaiian authorities would contact the FBI and ask if a given individual is on the Terrorist Watch List (1 million names and counting). If they are, guns gone. How would a falsely listed gun owner recover his or her rights/guns? There is no official appeals process for citizens on the List. In effect… fuhgeddaboutit (as a New York tourist might say).

This is not a new idea. After gun control advocates failed to create a no-fly ban for citizens on the Terrorist Watch List on the federal level, several states picked up the cudgel.

Back in December, Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy announced his intention to sign an executive order denying gun sales to Americans on the Terrorist Watch List (including a “rigorous appeals process”). After much anti-gun fanfare and appropriate pro-gun teeth gnashing, the plan disappeared with a Trace.

I reckon the FBI told The Constitution State to go sing. The Fibbies weren’t about to tell anyone who is and isnt ‘t their super-secret list. Which kinda makes you wonder about the coordination (or lack thereof) between the federal and state law enforcement re: keeping track of suspected terrorists.

Anyway, let’s hope Hawaii’s “terrorist loophole” gun ban nonsense goes the way of Connecticut’s plan. And not forget that America’s 50th state is yet another state where gun rights go to die.

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  1. And thanks to Hawaii’s mandatory gun registration, you will be expected to hand over every gun on their list.

    “Nobody’s going to take your guns!” they love to say…


    • Same problem Cali faces. People put up with anything, just for the weather. And the tyrants have noticed, and take full advantage.

      Shame the Taliban don’t have a navy capable of reaching Pearl Harbor. Hawaii could use an influx of some sanity right about now.

      • On CA, I know a few people who grumble but put up with it for the sake of lifestyle. However, I think most of the people in the populous coastal areas are genuine useful idiots. I can’t speak to Hawaii.

  2. This is why we need Ted Cruz . He has advocated at the Supreme Court for our other candidate has done anything but talk.

    • Ted Cruz already sold out the second amendment for the “terrorism” card. You do realize that he voted yes on that republican sellout/moral panic bill that would “close the terrorist loophole” back a couple of months ago, right?

      Merely being on the watchlist or no fly list will now see your 2A rights gone without due process, all in the name of “safety”.

      I mean maybe 9/11 would never have happened if the hijackers were on the government no-fly li- oh wait…

    • *Supposedly* making Hawaii a state was to counter Alaska’s statehood politically.

      Alaska was thought to be politically Democrat at the time, and Hawaii was thought to be Republican. Ended up being the opposite.

      And 50 made a nice round number of States and stars on the flag…

    • The Japanese don’t even want Japan anymore. They just want to go extinct. Seppuku in slow motion, without having to go through the hassle of learning how to sharpen a sword. And, being Japanese, they are remarkably good at it, too.

      • Populations expand and contract all the time. When they shrink enough to make overcrowding a non-issue, expect a resurgence in the birthrate. Many of their neuroses will recede as well. As long as the globalists don’t convince them to accept mass immivasion, that is….

        • I hope you’re right, but that change is far off the way things are looking now. It almost looks like Mishima, crazy as he could seem, may well have been right when he accused Hirohito of nonchalantly giving away the soul of Japan along with his own claim to Imperial divinity, at the end of the WW2.

  3. Hawai’i is not America.

    Twice now, the state has tried to disenfranchise white citizens of the state from voting in elections.

    The first time, the race-related restriction was stricken by SCOTUS in Rice v. Cayetano. The second race-related restriction was the subject of a SCOTUS injunction in Akina v. Hawaii.

    Hawai’i is attempting to disenfranchise all white people and create a racial government. There is no way that HB 1813, if passed, will be applied to anyone except whites. Because that’s the way Hawai’i works.

    It’s the most racist state in the Union, from government to private business. The state’s motto is the same as the unofficial motto of ABC Stores: Anybody But Caucasians.

    • For the record Hawaii was seized and forced into being a territory. Reason Hawaii is a state is because the Hawaiians didn’t have enough guns and we’re not willing to defend against tyranny…..

      As an angry Hawaiian I hope we have learned some lessons from the armed takeover of Hawaii……. needless to say Hawaii has gone full retard since then…..

      • For the record, every country on the entire Western Hemisphere was seized and taken over by someone, at one time, and not every long ago.

        Spanish, English, French, and Portuguese are the predominate languages and they’re all European languages.

    • I disagree, Commifornia is way more racist, but hey I’m just a Hawaiian living here. At least in Hawaii the locals are American.

  4. Just curious… how is temporarily removing the guns from someone accused of domestic abuse where there is sufficient evidence to warrant concern any different than a judge denying bail or setting prohibitively high bail for someone accused of a violent crime where releasing that person is considered to be a risk? You wouldn’t want a violent murderer roaming the streets with a gun while awaiting trial, would you? Yes, there are some situations where false allegations of abuse are made. But, if a woman shows up at the hospital with two black eyes and a broken nose and says her husband/boyfriend beat her, is it really wrong to immediately remove his guns? I love guns, and I love freedom. But I think you guys take it too far sometimes. Limits have been placed on due process and upheld by the courts in the interest of protecting the greater good. Innocent until proven guilty, but not free to walk the streets if there’s good reason to believe you’re a danger. And yes, removing the guns from an accused abuser under a restraining order may not save the victim from that person’s rage. I have known two people on opposite sides of fatal stabbings – one who was killed by her boyfriend and one who killed his fiance. There is always a way for someone to kill if they want to kill. But giving a dangerous person an easy button when there is ample cause for concern… that just flies in the face of common sense.

    • Personally I wouldn’t be so opposed to this sort of denial of due process if it weren’t for the fact that anyone, particularly anyone with a vagina can make false allegations with complete immunity from prosecution. Making up stories about your ex-boyfriend should get you serious jail time.

      Also, if you’re accused of a crime that involves being held without bail, the DA is going to have to actually provide evidence that you committed it. I believe they call it a ‘bail hearing’.

      • How it works in Ks,..911 called, police show up, question subjects, one or both parties are arrested depending on evidence. No injurys need to be sustained, a simple he(she) hurt me is probable cause. He(she) is handcuffed and taken to jail. 48hrs later the judge sets bond. You bond out . On the bond terms and conditions your court date and do”s and dont’s is listed. One of the donts is possesion of firearms or dangerous weapons. The State does not require you to turn over your weapons but federal law does. You go to court enter plea, your found guilty, and your firearms are gone for good as is your 2 amendment.5 years later you can ask for pardon from the govener( good luck with that) and this is a first offense class a misdomeanor..due process?

    • At a bail hearing, you’re present, represented by counsel, and can argue against the state’s argument. With these antigun orders, the cops just show up and confiscate. If you ever get those guns back….If…..they’ll be trashed.

      The big problem with these over reaching freedom grabs is that they do sound almost reasonable on the surface. They are intentionally short on specifics and invite people to fill in those gaps with their own sensible scenarios, just as you did with your battered woman at the ER example. In practice, this isn’t how it will work. It never is.

      Liberals always paint a rosy picture up front, but the reality is always some mix of incompetence and nefarious that concentrates more power in government hands. Yet, people keep falling for the same old trick. There’s nothing new under the sun.

    • You are describing situations where someone has committed a crime, the police have investigated to the point where they have probable cause to make an arrest, have made that arrest, and the suspect shows up to his hearing to have bail set or denied. This is part of the due process that is mentioned in the Fourth Amendment.

      All these proposals for guns to be seized after a court order is issued are the complete opposite. Nobody has committed a crime. The police have not investigated, there is no probable cause to arrest anyone. There has been no arrest made, and the subject (not suspect) has not had an opportunity to show up to a hearing. And yet the sentence is carried out, and property seized by the government.

      I’ve been a cop for seven years now, which as these things go is not a lot of time. I am well aware that far too often, victims of domestic violence are not willing to prosecute, are not willing to leave their abuser. There are very real psychological effects of this kind of treatment that make it more difficult than people who haven’t experienced it can really understand.

      Despite all that, it is the responsibility of each individual human being in this country to ensure their own safety. If someone is not willing to do that, it is not the fault of the rest of society, and the rest of society should not be punished on their behalf.

      • Your last paragraph was dead on. Not to be a vaccine troll, but your point was so well stated and it is the perfect response to people trying to push mandatory vaccines On the public to allegedly protect a very small few. It’s an appropriate response to any groupthink, collectivist argument that is trying to weaken individual rights in the name of the greater good.

        • Actually, the “mandatory” vaccines are usually only “mandatory” in order to go to public school. Considering your taking advantage of a public service that puts your children in a large group of other children it makes perfect sense to require some base level of health. You are absolutely open to do your own thing and vaccinate as much or as little as you like you just don’t get to forcefully subject that on everyone else. You can home school for example!

          Sorry but there just isn’t anything comparable between losing your gun rights without any oversight because you *might* have committed a misdemeanor and putting your kids in public school without any vaccinations.

          Obviously some vaccines are stupid and shouldn’t be mandatory (like the whole HPV nonsense) while others are just silly *not* to get, especially considering the safety profile of modern vaccines (their one of the safest medical interventions of modern time!).

      • What many do not realize is that in some states a “victim” only has to say they “felt unsafe” for the “abuser” to be charged and have their guns confiscated. This is patently ridiculous and has been the standard of domestic “violence” here in WI.

    • The problem isn’t the act of taking away guns from people who are the subject of a restraining order. The problem is how easy it is to get a restraining order placed on someone.

      I don’t believe that is a flaw, I believe that is a feature.

        “Not a flaw – it’s a FEATURE” I have never heard a better explanation of the leftist mentality. The success of America’s freedom will be its own undoing. What were the founding fathers thinking? A democratic republic, ruled by law, not majority consent, is still ruled by majority consent when the majority changes the law by majority consent, as is allowed by the constitution (see 18th amendment). I’m starting to wonder how successful this experiment in democracy has been. Just like Rome, we will be the architects of our own demise. Communism equates to utopia if 100% of the populace embraces it. It now appears that the American democratic republic requires no less than the “assumed” (by way of Facebook, Twiiter, etc polling) perception that most citizens favor socialism to change the constitution. What the FU@% happened to CIVICS class in American education ? I was born here, yet I feel like an ALIEN. WHAT HAPPENED TO MY COUNTRY !?…WHAT HAPPENED TO AMERICAN VALUES!? ……I’m an old vet……where am I to go ….?

    • I think you are forgetting a few things…

      1. The woman (or man) is responsible for his/her own safety. Self defense is a great deal more effective than court orders or police, as has been demonstrated endlessly. Of course, making better choices in life will have the best chance of negating the need to shoot someone…

      2. Why in the world does anyone think that guns are the only weapon available in any case? Even if all guns could be effectively removed from their possession, aggressors were born with two very strong weapons at the ends of their arms. More “domestic abuse” is carried out with hands than most anything else. Go look that up if you doubt it. And then there are the thousands of other things that can be used as a weapon, especially against a helpless victim. Stolen guns? How do the police plan to confiscate those ahead of time?

      3. Some people lie, make false reports, and that includes the police. Why would anyone want to give government employees even more power over them? And if you think the government is actually in the least concerned with your safety or wellbeing, I’m sorry. Hope you don’t learn the hard way…

  5. “The Fibbies weren’t about to tell anyone who is and isnt ‘t their super-secret list.”

    Because doing so would give the terrorist planners a very easy way to tell who is flying (for lack of a better term) under the watch list radar…

    Have all the jihadis try to buy guns. Those that are successful know they aren’t being watched… and are on the membership list for the next attack.

    So basically (while we all agree that this whole watch list ban is a bad idea) it’s just more security theater at the state level.

    • Nooooot exactly. You can’t pass a 4473 unless you are a legal resident and can back it up with papers. I would be very surprised if even 5% of the real terrorists in this country have legitimate paperwork.

  6. I do wonder, if passed as law, if such a law would stand if challenged in the courts. Right to due process is pretty clear. I could see a court saying that confiscation of guns is fine so long as there is an appeals process for those wrongly on the list, but there has to be an appeals process is the issue. Otherwise, due process is infringed on.

  7. I think it is one of the 58 states Barry O talked about. Hawaii is overrated. Been there once. They were worse than Mexico with their constantly pushing condo sales. This No Fly List is beyond unconstitutional.

  8. Reading some of these comments makes me wonder if many of the commenters ever made it out to Hawaii… Hot girls, warm weather and very little clothing. Lots of things to love. Oh, and lots of awesome guns. Yes, there are lots of retarded laws here but I will never give up on my home. Reading how many of these readers are so fast to give up on us here in the Aloha State makes me wonder if there is anything you will fight for…
    Anyone? Bueller?…

    • I will never give up on my home.

      If you are Caucasian, your state has given up on you. They tried to disenfranchise you twice, and it’s not going to stop. Ever.

    • I went to Hawaii on my honeymoon (Oahu). It was warm and beautiful, yet expensive, crowded, over-loaded with homeless folk, and felt like a foreign country. Nothing but Japanese tourists running around with selfie sticks. The gun laws there are draconian. Even visitors have to register their guns (and wait in long lines at the police station to do so). Needless to say I did not register my Glock 19 when I was there for the week. I won’t be going back.

    • Lets see… I live in Arizona.

      Warm weather? Check (oh god, summer is coming)
      Hot girls? Ever been to ASU? Check
      Very little clothing? I saw two girls walking down the street in bikinis today. BI FREAKIN KINIS! CHEEEECK!
      Guess what else we have? Guns…. lots of guns.
      No beaches, but I think it’s a reasonable trade. San Diego is only a 5 hour drive if I get really antsy for some ocean.

      And yes, I have been to Hawaii. Nice to visit, would NEVER live there. I like driving faster than 25 mph on occasion.

      BTW, we’re not giving up because the laws are bad, its that they’ve been bad forever and no one is trying to make them better, only worse.

    • Michigan and Indiana has surf, sun. sand, beautiful beaches, hot girls in small bikinis, just that things tend to be a little seasonal. We also have guns.

    • “Hot girls”

      Same thing dudes in California like to claim as some kind exclusive resource……please, I live in michigan and i can’t throw a rock down the street without hitting a pretty girl passing by. Hot girls are a dime a dozen everywhere. Hawaii would have to be exclusively populated by the most beautiful girls on earth for me to even entertain the thought of moving there. As it is, being able to shoot whatever i want and carry everyday almost everywhere trumps sun and surf (and even then, Florida has plenty of both AND respects my rights as an American )

  9. Some nincompoop that parks next to me at work has a “Free Hawai’i” sticker on her car. She doesn’t know how badly that actually needs to be done…in a totally different way than she assumes.

    • There sure has been alot of shootings goin on? WTF is happening to our society? Not enuff religion, parenting? It wasnt like this when I was a kid. Ahha but wait, now I remember, violence got bad n then we had Korean war, er maybe the worlds just getting to crowded? Er maybe theres to much stress in a high speed world? Er all the radio waves from all these gadgets is affecting our brains.. Nope its space aliens, Im going with the space alien theory. I wonder why the space aliens want us to kill ourselves? hmm this needs more research.

  10. We have the same lunacy attempted here in The Formerly Free State:

    HB1000 – Delegate Clippinger – Public Safety – Firearms – Terrorist Watchlist
    Prohibiting the sale, rental, or transfer of a regulated firearm, rifle, or shotgun to a person who is on the Terrorist Watchlist maintained by the Federal Bureau of Investigation; and prohibiting the Secretary of State Police from issuing a permit to carry, wear, or transport a handgun to a person listed on the Terrorist Watchlist.

    2/10/16 – 1st Reading, Assigned House Judiciary Committee
    *** 2/26/16 – Hearing, 1:00 PM ***

  11. This got me thinking of a conversation I had with a police officer friend of mine. We were talking about the debate to legalize MJ/weed and he mentioned that drunks were a significant number of DV cases he saw. Know how many DV cases he saw that involved potheads? Yup, zero..

    Want to stop DV? Legalize pot! Of course it might not actually reduce the incidence of DV, just swap the roles of the people involved (IE, wife abusing her lazy pothead husband!)


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