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“We have ways how to make this deadly.” – Joerge Sprave

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  1. Didn’t he hurt himself really bad a while back on a ricochet that came back and hit him in the head? I remember seeing the video and it appeared to be an aweful injury.

    • Actually, he was just demonstrating his capabilities with special effects. He was trying to kick start a movie at the time. Don’t worry, you were far from the only person fooled by it, myself included.

  2. The Germanic people are a culture full of people bred to be mad scientist.

    Ever try to work on a German car – you’ll rip your hair out.

    Why do you need 7 sensors on a damn left turn blinker?!?!

    • I’ll never forget when my BMW loving friend was telling me how great BMWs are and how much my subaru sucks. Then we went to change his oil and he told me his oil filter cost him 20 bucks and had to be shipped from Europe and he had to buy a 37mm socket to take off his filter. I never laughed so hard in my life.

      • He must be a horrible internet researcher then. Grant it, the filter is European, but plenty of US distributors stock them.

        Or maybe he was trying to impress you somehow…

      • I just cannot get into the Surbarus – too many dbag hipsters have them around here.

        I know it doesn’t make you dbag, but it does make you drive a dbag’s car.

        • The stereotype when I was growing up was that Subaru was the vehicle of choice for lesbians. I have zero idea why…

      • I have both a BMW and a Subaru. Both are “fun” to work on, but not that difficult.
        The issue with BMWs is all the rubber stuff under the hood needs to be replaced about every 10 years because it rots and leaks vacuum and/or oil and/or coolant. The Subarus have oil flow/consumption problems that causes them to blow turbos if you aren’t careful, which is what I’m dealing with right now.

        But on Mr. Slingshot above.. that guy is nuts, or as Bill Murray’s character said in Stripes “I have to party with you, man, you are a maniac!”

  3. Purchase, investigate, math, modification. Science guy for armaments. Could teach American High schoolers the process for improvement.

  4. It’s useless for self-defense but kids can use these to shoot their friends’ eyes out, so there is that.

    • Seems like not long ago I saw on TTAG an article about a 3D printed revolver based on this Nerf gun design. Better than scalpels, unless you live in Germany (or New Jersey, or New York, or California).

  5. Somewhere on the Left Coast there’s a junior high school student council member scheming to traffic in Nerf guns and Super Soakers, possibly slingshots. That’s serious.

  6. He sounds like Burger Meister Meister Burger from Santa Clause Is Coming to Town… Ban toys for the children!

  7. I just checked, and it appears that yes, Jorg Sprave is STILL awesome. This guy is a genuine mad scientist. Heck, he even weaponized his beard. I love how much fun he has with all of it.

  8. Cool Nerf gun. I’ve haven’t weaponized one of those, but can make a deadly slingshot from stuff found in every home in America.

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