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Enter the best caption for this photo in the comments before midnight Sunday and you’ll win a box of 9mm frangible ammo from Team Never Quit (sales of TNQ ammo benefit the Lone Survivor Foundation).

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  1. Be in no doubt; the enemy’s women are the enemy of our women, and they want our clothes and especially our shoes!

  2. Agnes, I know they say a man’s heart is through his stomach, but I still think we should aim for center of mass…

  3. “Because your enemy may be armored with Cutting-Board-Plate-Mail, you may want to consider aiming for the head!”

  4. “Due to the violent reaction to the early models of The Automated Gentleman, the manufacturers decided to scrap the brain, voice-box and body. The single vibrating appendage left over was a smash-hit and is still sold today.”

  5. “Yes, Alice, I did say to shoot him in the head, but I didnt mean his di… Well, um, what I meant to say was shoot him in the brain.

    No, ladies, the other br… OK, let’s just start over.”

  6. “Normally you would aim here at center-of-mass, ladies, hoping to hit the heart, but since this is an effigy of your mother-in-law…”

  7. Ladies, I know that this is just our first practice together but if you think of her as your mother in law, it will get much easier.

  8. “Ladies. Since the Modern Male(note I did not say Man) refuses to own or use a gun it’s up to us to protect ourselves and our children.”

  9. “Shooting accurately is all about mindset: For instance, we know that women who think of this target as their husband hit the kill zone 32% more often!”

  10. We will never get the legal satisfaction we want girls, but I promise shooting at this Bill Clinton dummy will ease your pain and help you forget those horrifying advances.

  11. “I strongly recommend a 120 grain bullet for your Martini Cadet .310, but you will need to slug the bore first to ensure a proper fit. These little suckers range from .311 to .319 bore diameter.”

  12. Now ladies, even though some of you may be alone for the holidays. If he’s uninvited, remember, “aim big, miss small”….and dissapear as if a ninja behing the gunsmoke.

  13. “in addition to holding a pint of gin, the archduke ferdinand model is also anatomically correct.”

  14. We aim center mass. Now you ugly girls in the back make sure to take a nice close look. You ugly girls need greater accuracy as the enemy will already think you’ve been shot in the face and will ignore you so you’re our only hope.

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