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15z_CZScorpionEVO3S1Carbine_R_FauxSuppressor_08507_08508 15z_CZScorpionEVO3S1Carbine_R_08505_08506

I just got my hands on the 2016 New Product Guide from CZ-USA, and it looks like they’ve been hard at work. A lot of sweet stuff is on the way — much of it in direct response to consumer demand that I’ve seen in comments on TTAG and elsewhere. The biggest announcement, first released in Colion Noir’s video yesterday, is the arrival of carbine versions of the Scorpion Evo 3 S1. More info on that follows, along with suppressor-ready pistols from CZ and Dan Wesson, new rifles, new shotguns, and more. . .

Although I already have my Scorpion in SBR form, I will be picking up the extended forend seen on these carbine variants as soon as they’re available separately. It’s specifically made to fit over most pistol caliber suppressors for folks looking to go the SBR route!


CZ-USA also responded to the market’s cries for 1/2-28 muzzle threads on all new Scorpions including the pistol versions, which are now available in FDE flavor.


Next up in the land of CZ pistols is the Urban Gray Suppressor-Ready Series. This includes a P-07, P-09, SP-01 Tactical, 75 B Omega, and P-01 Omega, all with threaded barrels, tall sights with tritium lamps front and rear, and extended magazines.


With the +2 baseplate, the Urban Grey Suppressor-Ready P-09 holds 21+1 rounds! And MSRP is just $629.

Judging by how many inquiries I continue to receive through YouTube and elsewhere about how I came by a threaded barrel for my SP-01, I do think this guy is going to be popular. And I finally have suppressor sights I can buy for mine.


There are new Omega variants in the 75 and P-01 lines, a .22 LR Kadet Kit for the P-07, and the CZ 75 Tactical Sport Orange seen below, which I thought was pretty slick looking. It adds a support thumb rest (a la “gas pedal”), SAO trigger, fully adjustable target sights, and the grip geometry and finer checkering of the Czechmate (CZ’s Open Class “race” pistol), and is available in 9mm and .40 S&W.

15z_CZTacticalSportOrange_L_91260_91261_01260_01261 copy

From Dan Wesson there are a few things that caught my eye. First, nearly all of their 1911s are going to be available in 9mm for the sacrilegious. Except for this long-slide Bruin, which is made for 10mm but also available in .45. It’s Dan Wesson’s first long slide, and it sports a 6″ barrel.

15z_DWBruin_L_01880_01882Also available with bronze frame and black slide.


I’ve been twiddling my thumbs and waiting for the right 1911 to come along so I can add one back to my collection. I haven’t owned once since I sold my Springfield Pro (legit FBI HRT one w/ Nowlin barrel, etc) in 2012, and I’ve been waiting for something of high quality like the Valor I reviewed, but with a few more bells and whistles. DW’s Specialist came close, but I was holding out for a threaded barrel and suppressor sights. The Dan Wesson Discretion (it’s the better part of valor, right?) delivers.

15z_DWDiscretion_L_01885_01886 15z_DWDiscretionwithSuppressor_R_01885_01886

I’m not 100% sold on the aesthetics of the slide ports in these photos, but this is my next 1911 regardless. Now I just have to figure out if I’m going with .45 ACP like I should, or ordering one in 9mm because it’s less expensive to shoot and quieter when suppressed (given subsonic ammo). At any rate, a Discretion in one caliber or another is in the review queue for sure.

We saw this coming when the Dan Wesson 715 shipped in a case with reliefs for two more barrels, and for 2016 it’s official. The Dan Wesson “Pistol Pack” is back! In this case it’s the superb 715, in .357 Magnum, with a 4″, 6″, and 8″ barrel.


Jumping over to long guns now, the 805 BREN is hitting our shores in carbine configuration.


But I think it’s this CZ 557 Urban Counter Sniper that’s going to blow the rest of my 2016 firearms budget. It’s a .308 bolt gun with 16″ barrel, Manners carbon fiber composite stock, oversized bolt handle, and detachable magazine.


Over to the shotgun front, I had no shortage of nits to pick with CZ’s 712 Practical. It was billed primarily as an entry-level 3Gun shotty, but I’m not a fan of pistol grips for that and I felt the bolt release and bolt handle were too small. Otherwise it was a simple, reliable, inexpensive shotgun that was a lot of fun to shoot. For 2016, CZ-USA is releasing the 712 3-Gun G2, which resolves all of those gripes. Extended bolt handle, oversized bolt release, and no more pistol grip. Capacity is 9+1.


A few shotguns are now available with green anodized receivers.


And the All-American Trap Combo is pretty slick.


There’s a lot more, but these are the things that caught my eye the most and are likely to impact my wallet the most. I’m still thinking CZ-USA is going to sell a factory SBR version of the Scorpion, but it ain’t in this catalog. Last year they sprang a couple things on us just ahead of SHOT Show, though.

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  1. Man a lot of drool worthy stuff there.

    Jeremy, do you know if that extended handguard will clear a Mystic? If so is it really practical that the threaded coupling is buried inside the handguard? For instance when you’re done and you want to unthread, is there some way that you ensure that the 1/2×28 part unthreads rather than the interanal fine pitch adaper section of the Mystic?

    • I hope to find out if the Mystic fits under it with the factory pistol barrel within a few weeks. In my case I’ll actually want the mount to stay behind and only the rest of the can to come off. It’s the only 18×1 (or whatever these threads are) gun that I own or will own so the mount is solidly on there torqued down plus a dab of blue locktite and the rest of the can will always come off first. In other cases, I usually snug up the baffle collar first, then snug the mount into the suppressor, then tighten the whole thing onto the barrel by holding onto and turning the suppressor body and try to do it just a bit less than the other parts so when I go to unscrew it the entire unit comes off instead of leaving the mount or whatever behind.

  2. Well done CZ, Refreshing to see a company actually respond quickly to customer demand. I think they’ll sell a lot of those Evo carbines. I will be looking for an FDE pistol.

  3. if I am correct and the stock folds for the Bren carbine then it is a very tempting option but that barrels looks a bit thin for my taste.

  4. Is there a company out there that actually has a better all around line up than CZ? I had been eyeing the Scorpion pistol for awhile, but the carbine really does it for me.

  5. As someone who lives in a state where sadly SBR’s are not legal the EVO Carbine is looking like a damn good deal. I had been thinking of getting a cheap 9MM AR, but for the same price I might get one of these.

  6. Wow, I came so close to buying the Evo scorpion 3 pistol over this past weekend, but I’m glad I waited. Definitely getting the carbine with tax returns this year. I was planning on SBR it I got it in pistol form, but would much prefer to skip all the time, hassle, and paperwork associated with getting the pistol legal.

    • As a tax payerrr every year i dont see how anyone gets tax refunds with this govt. We are both ret. military and only she works a second job now at 13 and hour and we were both E 7’s before retiring and we pay 2500 or more a year lol and yes she has 0 deductions all year. So basically to me, if you DO get tax refunds you probably shouldnt be buying guns 😉

  7. I bought an evo not too long ago, and I regret nothing. That just means I have one down and more to go. CZ has seriously been reading my mind lately.

    • I just got my form 1 approved and told by K-VAR that my preordered 922R kit was shipping on the same day. In hindsight, I probably should have bought a lotto ticket then too.
      Swapped the parts and installed the stock and I love it. can’t wait for the rain to stop and get to the range.

    • No, it’s actually missing from the MSRP list in the new product guide. My guess, based on the current rifle line, is like $1,500. Could be +/- a few hundred, but I’m thinking MSRP will be about here. I’ll update if I catch wind of it, which I will as I’m quite serious about wanting to buy one (despite the name, as Carlos mentioned below haha). Actually kind of funny, as I’m keen on the Discretion and the Urban Counter Sniper but not big on the names for either 😉 …I expect I’ll come around on this, though, if they perform to expectations.

      • The guestimate MSRP puts it into Ruger Precision price range. As a card carrying CZ fanboy, I’d have a hard time buying this over the precision … or am I missing something?

        • Well, different stock styles and barrel lengths (RPR in .308 has a 20″ bbl) make them fairly different beasts. Tyler got decent but not stellar accuracy from the RPR — about the same as other reviews (~1 MOA on the good groups). I’ll be hoping for better than that when I get my hands on the CZ eventually. I like how compact it is and I’m a sucker for that stock style.

  8. Not so sure about that Urban Grey–would rather have stainless–until I see it in-person. Disappointed that the safety-equipped SP-01 is not included in the Suppressor-Ready Series, but I could try to order only a slide. That bronze 1911 looks badass.

  9. I’ve been waiting months & months to buy a stock for my scorpion, and would love it if it was suppressed…And now they show off this! god damn it. buyers remorse.

  10. Yay! Lots of cool stuff.
    But how about some non-cracking magazines for the Scorpion?
    Admittedly, mine haven’t cracked yet, but apparently that’s a shockingly common occurrence.

  11. Now that 922r compliance will be baked in, it should make modifications faster and easier. I wonder if they will put the U.S.-made parts in all of the variants?

    • welllllll steve, its easy to see why. go to glocks facebook page and see the “likes”. 1.6mil. now go to cz. 60k. thats alooooooot less. folks are real glocky recently….

  12. I wanted the Evo for a while now, but wasn’t prepared to deal with the hassle of making it an SBR and dealing with the tax stamp. Now you tell me there’s a carbine version on the way.

    They’re determined to take all my money.

    • yep, and no thin pocket 9mms or 380s… i like capacity etc, but i also like gym shorts and being able to carry a light slim gun when i am not going into gangland on chicagos south side… jall feel me?!?!??!

  13. I MUST have the All Black “BRUIN”! (45ACP) I’m a Dan Wesson Fan anyway.
    My Valors and Silverback are Super Accurate, Imagine how accurate a 6″ Barrel will be!

  14. The 805 Bren will be mine!!! And now I have to add another Evo scorpion to my all black one…. CZ just wants to take all of my money!

  15. I want to SBR an Evo with the long handgaurd. Do I buy the pistol + 922 kit and wait for the handguards to be sold separately, or buy the carbine and cut the barrel down? Both after receiving my form 1 of course.

  16. Jeremy,

    Where did you find the suppressor sights for your SP-01? CZ customer service said that they didn’t have any.

  17. I love my Beretta CX4 Storm! Everyone who shoots it runs out and buys one of their own. It uses the same mags as my Beretta 92, including 30 rounders. Plus, since the mags feed through the grip, it has a shorter overall length than the CZ Carbine (5″ shorter or so). So, if I didn’t have my Storm, I’d be all over the CZ Carbine like carbs on rice. But since I do, I just can’t justify it in my budget.

    If I lived in a free-er state that didn’t make getting an SBR almost impossible, I might get one, or the Sig MPX in SBR form. But as I live in Illinois, it’s not worth it.

    They really just need to repeal all the nonsense about SBRs and Suppressors anyway.

  18. I just recently got my hands on that new CZ Scorpion and wow!! I walked out of the gun shop with it. My first trip to the range was the most fun I had in a long time. My son and I put a work out on that carbine and it did not disappoint. Smooth and accurate and like most CZ’s it just feels good in your hands. I do not have a lot of money to spend on guns and this gun is not over the top expensive and not all that cheep but it is worth the $1100 average price they sell for. 9mm ammo is still reasonable in price so in the long run this gun will save you a fortune in ammo ( that’s what I told my wife). This is my second CZ purchase and I am now a major CZ fan. I purchased the P01 to carry and it is also a great quality hand gun. Keep up the good work CZ!!


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