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Plans for the gun here. They can’t stop the signal…they can never stop the signal.

[h/t Dave T.]

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  1. Hasbro is going to sue, this is just a ripoff of the Maverick revolver!

    Unless it’s an inside job; change the NERF world with the Maverick, change the gun world with the live fire Maverick clone?

    • Well, now I have, and I must applaud his practical sense of how to make a gun with very limited tooling. As soon as I saw the outside frame of the gun with sheet metal sides riveted together, I thought “Oh, this is very, very practical – only a drill press is really needed.”

      • Well it’s interesting I’ll give you that. Unfortunately I’m a bit of a Luddite so I can’t make heads nor tails about the efficacy of Patrick et al…hey guys can make grease guns/shotguns/liberators in a machine shop so have at it!

  2. Soo….. if we send a link to the this video or the printed file to the Australiian legislators do you think they would get arrected under there new laws?

    Very tempting to find out………

  3. He made a point of “detectable metal” several times. I assume that is to stay on the right side of the law? Polymer bullets are coming out. Pretty soon guns will be practically untraceable. OMG, 😮 Antis have to be having absolute convulsions over this kind of stuff.


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