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  1. This is the last handgun in the UK? Good I’ll take it home…uh I mean I’ll dispose of it right away!

    The guy in the rear left says: Do want.

  2. So, this is a gun! Never seen one before though I have sent people to war to use them….Interesting device though, I’m not sure how it works.

  3. Damned dangerous way to light a cigarette. Look what happened to that Dreyfus chap. Shot his own nose off. Silly damn French person.

  4. Once we remove all forms of arms from our Subjects possession nothing can overpower our control!!! They will be at our mercy yet we will be merciless…

  5. this is a dangerous new gun category the “Assault Pistol” ;^) (because pistols didn’t assault anything before we coined this term)

  6. “After many years of Colt not being in production this is the best they can do” garbage! “Never Mind go Find me what they call a Glock”

  7. “Yes I know we agreed on a price beforehand, and you drove 150 miles to meet, but if you look here on the slide you’ll notice a tiny inconsistency on the finish. I’m afraid I can only offer you ten dollars for a weapon in this condition!”

  8. What’s this peculiar lever that exposes a red spot?
    Uh that would be the safety, your excellency.
    Safety? Well then, I fail to see what all the hubbub is about.
    The…hubbub as you so put, is not about safety of the user of this contraption, rather our safety as a governing class from the subjects who would use it to…defend freedom from tyrants.
    Oh! Well! In that case, destroy them. Confiscate and destroy them all.


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