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As we’ve pointed out, this isn’t your typical election cycle for the Democrats. This time around, there’s not even the thin veneer of lies about their intentions vis-à-vis civilian firearms ownership. Nope, this year, they’re doing everything they can to let you know they’re coming after your guns. This morning, Hillary Clinton told a handpicked town hall crowd that a national “buyback scheme” (i.e., gun confiscation) along the lines of the Australian model is something “worth looking at.” Here’s the NRA’s response . . .

Fairfax, Va.— Hillary Clinton said at a New Hampshire Town Hall today that gun confiscation is something “worth looking at.” Discussing the firearms confiscation program in Australia, Clinton admitted she would consider implementing such a system in America.

A voter asked, “Recently, Australia managed to get away, or take away tens of thousands, millions, of handguns. In one year, they were all gone. Can we do that? If we can’t, why can’t we?”

Mrs. Clinton responded by describing Australia’s program, and then said, “I think it would be worth considering doing it on the national level, if that could be arranged.”

Chris Cox, executive director of The National Rifle Association’s Institute for Legislative Action, said, “This validates what the NRA has said all along. The real goal of gun control supporters is gun confiscation. Hillary Clinton, echoing President Obama’s recent remarks on the same issue, made that very clear.”

Clinton’s call for gun confiscation follows recent comments she made at a private fundraiser late last month. While expressing support for a ban on commonly owned semi-automatic firearms, Clinton stated her belief that the Supreme Court wrongly held that the Second Amendment guarantees an individual right to self-defense.  In her own words: “…the Supreme Court is wrong on the Second Amendment. And I am going to make that case every chance I get.”

“Hillary Clinton just doesn’t get it. The NRA’s strength lies in our five million members and the tens of millions of voters who support the Second Amendment,” Cox said.  “A majority of Americans support this freedom, and the Supreme Court was absolutely right to hold that the Second Amendment guarantees the fundamental, individual right to keep and bear arms.  Hillary Clinton’s extreme views are completely out of touch with the American people.”

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      • ‘Bout damn time they got honest with us. Much appreciated. Until now, the best we had was the slightly-out-of-context quote from Frau Feinstein “Mr. & Mrs. America, turn ’em all in,” but now we have not just ‘some nobody’ talking openly about confiscation, but The Anointed, The Appointed, The Symbol of the modern Democrat party itself, the very picture of the liberal establishment, openly advocating confiscation of one of the most widely possessed valuables available to Americans.

        Unless this development is the beginning of the end of the Democrat Party as it transitions into a plainly Bolshevik movement, there can be no more hiding by them on this issue. Hill’s declared war, and it’ll be knives-out from here on in. And she’s not alone; despite unprecedented dissatisfaction with her incipient candidacy, no one on that side of the aisle is raising a peep of disagreement about these fanatically ridiculous proclamations.

        No more ‘pretending’ there are pro-gun Democrats. Sorry guys, if you vote Dem and like guns, you’ve been had. Your party has moved on, and your support has been deemed disposable. You will eventually be betrayed, as they no longer represent you. At least with Republicans, you can at least get a candidate elected AND stand an increasingly solid chance of protecting your interests on this issue.

      • I’d like to think the likelihood of bullets and public lynchings of the treasonous government agents would dissuade them. Maybe they’d realize the battle of Athens wasn’t an outlier, its the logical outcome when you trample on people’s rights. We literally have no place in the world they want, Constitutionalist is spat out like an insult by the very people charged with defending that document.

    • It would be interesting to see them try a voluntary national buy back program. By interesting, I mean how fast the program would run out of money from hardware store zip guns.

      I like how someone else put it… buy back programs are just upgrade programs.

  1. Here’s hoping that she’s actually dumb enough to try this. We’ll finally get the chance to clean house of these craven, weak-willed politicians.

  2. Anything can be done if you have enough muslim refugees on the payroll.

    Except apparently deport murderers, rapists, drug dealers, gun runners, terrorists…..

    • This hasn’t been our country for a very long time, friend. This country is ruled by a select few–aristocratic politicians and the big banks and corporations that fund them. This is not OUR country. It is THEIR country. We just live here.

    • Amen! What the HildaBeast seems to forget is that Australia is still part of the British Commonwealth, as is Canada (heck, they still have Queen Liz on their money!). While they are independent nations, they, unlike us, did not have to fight for their freedom. They are complacent sheep who are used to doing whatever Parliament tells them to do, with maybe a few grumbles here and there being the extent of their resistance. Very few have any sort of will to actually stand up and fight.

      I would hope that all REAL Americans still have that spark of freedom and fighting spirit that can be fanned into a flame at a moments notice to fight against any and all oppressors, should it come to that, and that there are still enough to make a difference. Shame on my countrymen, if that fails to be true. They then would deserve to lick the boots of the tyrants and wear their slave collars.

  3. The NRA jumped on this one quick, good. Now, I know a lot of people decry their hype machine, but we need the NRA numbers to get the voting percentages up in time for Election day. To the NRA – hype away, hype away…

    • POD You are correct….NOW is the time to be a member of the NRA…. Without them we wouldn’t be having this conversation at this time…. because guns would have already been confiscated. And you people who think a gun “buy back” program isn’t the first step in confiscation, you couldn’t be more wrong! If we don’t take a stand as a group…. we will fall as subjects…. By a group I mean the NRA….I am a life member and bought two annual memberships for two people and I intend to buy at least one more. I do my part. I contribute to the NRA/ILA…. The legislative arm of the NRA as well.So I make this challenge to all of you that support your second amendment rights to buy yourself a membership and buy at least one more for a friend who stands for freedom and the second amendment especially. UNITED WE STAND….DIVIDED WE FALL

  4. It’s important to understand that the main agenda of the anti-gun movement is not to reduce gun ownership but to delegitimize gun ownership. Gun owners are a problem not because they own guns but because they are a political force. If the crime guns stay on the streets, but legal gun owners are silenced and marginalized in the political realm, it’s still “mission accomplished” to them.

    Existing guns won’t be confiscated. Rather, like with the Hughes Amendment, they will be “frozen” and “grandfathered.” Then ownership will be gradually worn down with increasingly onerous restrictions on ammunition. It would be a slow, uneven and imperfect process. Ghost guns and handloaded ammunition would be problems for them. Gains against crime would be non-existent. But that doesn’t matter. The problem they see is not ‘guns’; it’s ‘gun rights.’

  5. This story is spreading like an absolute wildfire. It’s a game changer not only for this election, but potentially for the not so distant possible dissolution of the country.

    • For some unexplainable reason, the Hilldabeast seems to believe that someone turned off the power to that perennial “Third Rail” of political campaigns: presenting one’s self as anti-gun/anti-2nd Amendment/anti-NRA.

      I think she’s gonna get FRIED!

  6. It’s all BS. She’s throwing that out as an extreme unattainable measure . She knows it’s total crap, but by throwing it out, it makes other possibilities less unpalatable.
    The notion is ridiculous. What, they going to come kick doors in and say give me your guns?
    That is a civil war in the making.
    You don’t tell old guys to give up their guns. They will shoot you.

  7. It’s one thing to mention Australia, but you’ll notice she didn’t mention Canada. That’s because up here they had to grandfather all the prohibited firearms (so, yes, there are citizens in Canada who can have full auto), rather than confiscate. Hell, a large portion of guns were hidden during the time the Long Gun Registry was extant and magically appeared immediately after repeal.

    Sure, confiscation happened in Australia, but in Canada they couldn’t even try. Hillary really should think about what that means.

  8. Political suicide? If nothing got through congress after Sandy Hook with a Marxist president and a democrat controlled senate, how does she expect that to happen? Or maybe it’s just primary posturing.

    I really hope I’m right. I’m not lining up at a turn-in, and I’m not burying anything either.

  9. Bookmark this and post it every time an anti makes fun of you, “calm down, no one is coming for your guns.” “We just want background checks, etc”

    • Done.

      Start with the 1700-1800’s mentality of a nation trying to avoid to implode. Add in 200+yrs of bureaucratic bs, several gross infringements overseen and/or institutes by a bureaucratic monster (the ol friendly ATF), and today is such a stark contrast to anything envisioned back in the day.

  10. Maybe someone should explain to her what all those “Molon Labe” bumper stickers mean. She’s been so insulated in leftist politics for her whole life. I’m sure she honestly doesn’t know.

  11. A VERY good reason to vote and not site home to “teach those RINOs a lesson”. You vote for the best candidate, not the perfect candidate.

      • Actually, you vote for the least bad candidate while holding your nose. My philosophical home is the Libertarian party but, until they get serious, I am not going to waste my vote on them.

        • Sad to say, but Kendahl is right. Lesser of two evils. All it takes for evil to win is for good to do nothing. And… um, all those other platitudes along those lines.

  12. I’m concerned for our near and distant future – not just regarding firearms.

    Keep your powders dry, guys.

  13. She cited cash for clunkers, which was a big non event so far as programs go.
    A billion dollars down the tube and poorly thought out with no long term effect on sales.

    I think she plans to go out in a blaze of glory, blame it on the NRA (which is the illuminati, for the left) and make Joe Biden look like the only sensible choice after he’s avoided the initial horse race.

    • Cash for Clunkers–lets get millions of perfectly usable used cars off the market and give billions of dollars to Japanese automakers. Shipping cash out of the economy and simultaneously making it that much harder for poor folk to get a decent vehicle. Nice job.

      • Cash for clunkers hurt used car dealers more than anything. I get people asking “You got anything for around $6-700?” almost everyday. I sure wish I did!

        That program drove wholesale prices up dramatically, in turn, increasing the price of old cars. I miss those days when I could sell a single mother of three a good running minivan for $700, while still making a profit. The days of the sub-$1000 car are damn near over.

    • Hillary seems to have a very short memory WRT taking on the National Rifle Association:

      “The fight for the assault-weapons ban cost 20 members their seats in Congress. The NRA is the reason Republicans control the House.”
      –Bill Clinton, January 1995

      Maybe she should now listen to her hubby on this issue:

      Bill Clinton Warns Democrats Against Overreaching On Gun Debate
      Sunday, January 20, 2013

      So, to Hillary (and all you other LibSoc Democrat POTUS wannabes):

      “Beware the ‘Third Rail’ of gun politics: you WILL get burned!”

    • I have had the same thought.

      Nevertheless, she is on record now exposing the real agenda of the Progressive left. And this is yet another clip that we can trot out when a gun-grabber tells us that “no one is trying to take away your guns … all we want are common sense regulations”. This, along with Diane Feinstein’s “turn ’em all in Mr. and Mrs. America” video clip, provides everything that we need to dispel the notion that gun-grabbers are not coming for our guns and ONLY want “common sense regulations”.

  14. If she doesn’t get indicted then she will be the President. The math is decidedly in her favor. The other candidates, the MSM, and many Americans are in the bag. The democrats have very wisely allowed the village idiot who is wholly unelectable, Bernie Sanders, to pull things way left allowing Hillary to go there too while sounding perfectly reasonable. Remember what she says here because as soon as she wins the primary she will move back to the middle and cool her rhetoric.

    The tone of her public Benghazi hearing next week will be a major tell on the hand the FBI holds. She and her husband screwed over the FBI years ago, let’s hope they repay the favor and indict her.

    • “If she doesn’t get indicted then she will be the President. The math is decidedly in her favor.”

      There’s no love for her except her base.

      There is *strong* animosity for her on our side.

      ObamaCare is starting to implode even without the majority of the country locked into it.

      Premiums will rise this year roughly 20 percent, but the real kick in the teeth is that the deductible is also rising.

      Working families already paying high premiums are gonna get sucker-punched with sky-high deductibles. All they will know is that they will be on the hook for the first 5,000 (depending on the plan) after paying a hefty premium.

      They are gonna start wondering why the hell are paying all that each month in addition to being stuck paying full price for most of their regular health care costs.

      The Dems are about to experience real rage from the people they think worship them.

      The 2016 election will be very much in play, in no way do they have a lock on it.

      My .02 and as usual, worth every penny…

  15. This is just great, now I have to go out and purchase a fire-proof mailbox. The fund-raising mailings from the NRA are going to be hot and heavy.

    Jabba seems to be doing everything she can to throw the election before she even wins the retard party’s nomination.

  16. Buyback, lol. The government never owned any of mine to begin with so I guess it wouldn’t apply to me.

  17. I read all TTAG comments, many good ones. I like TTAG and I’m an average American, e.g. no extreme positions. But I must be dumb, naive or ?

    I do not understand how it can be a person can run for president and be overt to attack the Constitution, the same Clinton must take an oath to protect. Isn’t this well beyond the 1A? I seem to recall times in history when a person taking in power who would take such a position would be defined as a traitor and hung.

    Like Hillary or not like her, this is not the point. The point is there has got to be a line in the sand, I am certain there is.

    • The Constitution is only as good as the people who are willing to defend it. If the average American chooses not to educate themselves on the matter and vote her in due to her gender or whatever, we have no one else to blame.

  18. Those who have seen the video know it’s “Astro-Turf” at it’s worst. Most attendees at political rallies KNOW what question they’re going to ask a candidate and DON’T need sheet of paper OR index card to remind them of their query. Just the way the firearm question to Comrade Diane (her REAL first name) Rodham was worded confirms it was written by the former Secretary of State’s campaign staff themselves and NOT the elderly man who asked it. Remember NO ONE who is NOT a “registered” Democrat is permitted to attend a Hillary event and you MUST present a Photo ID prior to entering any venue AND surrender your cellphone.

    • “Comrade Diane (her REAL first name) Rodham”

      Actually, it’s not.

      It’s Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton (born October 26, 1947)

      Interesting that Clintoon demands a Photo ID to attend her campaign events, but is against a Photo ID for people to go vote DEMOCRAT come Election Day. 😐

  19. Only a Liberal/Leftist/Progressive could contend it’s practically impossible to convince 11 million illegals to self-deport, but perfectly feasible to confiscate 300 million privately-owned firearms.

    • There are fifty million illegals(at least) and 500 million guns. And I believe that the bureaucracy has actually figured out that actual confiscation is going to be more trouble that it’s worth. Bundy Ranch showed DC that there were thousands in the West ready to shoot back, ready to swarm the leos. And if the cops are gonna get quickly overwhelmed what chance do the cubicle workers have?

  20. This is just a passing thought, but I believe that there is a strong possibility that question was staged.
    An old guy that age probably served at least in Korea and maybe Vietnam and as such, no red blooded American who was in a war would actually endorse such a ridiculous idea. I just don’t believe it. I think it was a fake question, set up and staged.

    • Well, I don’t mean to say you’re empirically wrong, I certainly don’t know. But I think you’re looking at those generations through rose-colored glasses. I mean, they were around in 1968 and 1994.

  21. Honestly, gun control is NOT an issue that makes a candidate electable in America. All a republican has to do is say “I support the Second Amendment” without being able to recite any of it and the panderer will get the right-wing vote. It’s not an issue that most people feel strongly about, but it’s also not popular to be a real gun grabber. And that’s why i think that the dems either already know how the electronic voting machines will announce OR they are throwing the election deliberately. If they want to win they have to announce tax cuts and government handouts. Even government make-work projects. But being a very strong gun control advocate only hurts politicians in America, it doesn’t help them.

  22. Politicians usually are evasive because they never want to alienate voters. Hillary is betting that there are more anti-gun than pro-gun voters. She is completely ruthless. When pushing for nationalized medicine 20 years ago, she had no sympathy for the small businesses her plan would have driven into bankruptcy.

    If she is elected and gets her way, I am sure most people will surrender their guns. The logic should be obvious. Why risk keeping a gun that you can’t use even in self defense? Of course, criminals and terrorists won’t comply but Hillary doesn’t care about that. She is a poster girl for the attitude that the average person is, at best, barely competent to obey the orders of his moral and intellectual betters.

  23. Her way of thinking is dangerous. It shows how removed she is from the people she targets as enemies..

  24. Surprise, surprise, surprise . . . not.

    While this will play well in deep blue districts that will go dem no matter what, the real opportunity is swing states and even red states. Every dem candidate, from the local dog catcher race on up, needs to be confronted with and tied to Hillary’s admission.

    Think, for example, the dems could get control of the Colorado legis if they had to run on a platform of “considering” gun confiscation? Heck, they had three senators recalled for supporting a post-Sandy Hook mag capacity law . . . what do you think Colorado voters (outside of the Peoples’ Republics of Boulder, Aspen, Evergreen, etc.) would do to dems who are associated with Hillary’s confiscation pipe dream?

    Or Texas? Heck, their Great Pink Hope had to run on a platform that falsely claimed to be supporting open carry. Tie Dems to Hillary’s position and the GOP shutout of state offices will continue, and with some clever positioning we could pick off a couple more state senate seats, which would essentially give the GOP complete control of state government.

    Methinks she just jumped the shark.


  25. While I am sure she would love to do this, at the same time, I think she is just saying this to be able to keep the nomination. She’ll probably try to moderate her tone as the General election comes around. She’ll throw out that, “My opinions evolve” excuse she just used in the debate to change again on the issue.

  26. If they offer a ‘voluntary’ buyback program, all gun owners should offer $50 over what the the government will pay. If the feds try and stop them sue, if they try to stop by force, we rebel.

  27. Hmmm. Let’s do some math here. They say there is almost a gun for every person, which is about 319,000,000
    So let’s say there is 300,000,000 guns with an average value of $700.00 That’s just picking a number out of the air, but as averages go, that may be close. 300,000,000 X $700 is Uh… a lot. I think that’s 210 billion. Yeah sure. Cough it up. Let’s do that buy back. 210 billion would do a lot of mental health fixing if you asked me.

  28. Fortunately most Americans do not obey laws they do not believe in. We drink and drive. We always exceed the speed limit. Every drug known to man is available if you know the right person. Prohibition and the 55 MPH national speed limit were total failures. We keep reading that 90% of the “assault weapons” were not registered in NY. Without registration there can be no confiscation short of a martial law situation. Outside of the usual geographic suspects there is no registration in most states. But she has stated her true belief and we should all respond accordingly. I expect 30 round magazines and all sorts of ammunition will be in short supply a year from now. I just regret that some of my property was necessarily purchased new through FFL’s. Lightly used private purchases are very comforting in light of open statements like this. And hopefully all owners will vote against her, whoever the opponent will be.

    • I’m not arguing for registration but even if EVERY SINGLE FIREARM were registered, who is going to take on the task of going door to door and take them back when they are not turned in? I don’t think the local police, sheriff, ATF, FBI or US military are going to put themselves in that position. Especially after some are killed in the first few months trying to do so. It would be a bloodbath. Even if 50% are turned in voluntarily, that still a lot to have to come and get.

  29. I know she’d like to try if she could, but the statement doesn’t bother me much. When Trump was in New Hampshire, there were weirdos going on about the VA and foreign parts in nuclear power plants, etc. Trump had to nod in agreement and say those were certainly serious problems the government should look into.

    Lots of kooks out there with real or imagined grievances, and you can’t get their vote by saying they’re crazy.

  30. And so the die is cast, with the looming coronation of a lawless madam president of and for the subjects of the Federal States of America erupted into the Second Civil War, that ended a fading, waning democracy and a return to the United States of America, a great republic for all time for all its citizens.

  31. They can leave the cash for the buy back on my corpse or use it to bury their jack booted buddies who weren’t as quick to cover I won’t need it.

  32. What’s frustrating is that you can still own handguns in Australia. They are highly restricted, of course, and there is no right to self defense in Oz, but handguns may be owned for sporting purposes, even semiautomatic handguns. I.know at least one Australian who legally owns a .44 Magnum Desert Eagle.

    So people talking about an “Australian style handgun ban” are full of used organic bovine fuel.

    The other thing that mystifies me is that the Democratic candidates actually believe this is a viable campaign issue in the general election. I mean, sure, it’s probably a winner in the Democratic primaries, but what happens when they get to the general election and they have to convince the 56% of Americans that want more gun rights that they didn’t really say the things they said.

  33. In prior years the Dems always moved toward the center in most areas. This year they are going full blown, all out for Socialism. They do not call it that, but that is what they want. This includes gun control, spending, taxes, military issues, everything.

    We really need Americans to wake up and smell the Communism that is forming around them.

  34. So did the hildebeast just declare WAR against the 2A and gun owners? With a majority of House members and Senate and holding the majority of state govs? Got it bride of satan-bring it on…

  35. Don’t expect the Second Amendment to protect us from gun confiscation. So far the courts have NOT been overturning bans on the sale and purchase of so-called “assault weapons,” even though they are commonly owned weapons suitable for militia use that the amendment was specifically intended to protect. And if they can legally ban us from buying something, they can also ban us from possessing it.

  36. I do not expect this rich white woman to give up her armed security detail. It was lawyers like her in the late 1970’s that made New York City stop trying to help the homeless mentally ill.

    The ripple effect we all feel today. The mother of Adam Lanza tried but could not get him the mental health care he needed because of the laws inspired by the ACLU. According to them a person has a right to be mentally ill.

  37. I know they are presumably Hillary supporters and Keene is a liberal college town but NH is a hell of a place to make that statement.

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