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  1. No, wait! This isn’t war paint! I cry blood. The blood of a thousand souls done in at the hands of evil. Innocent babies and kittens and puppies. You do like puppies? Yes?

  2. If you try to EXPLETIVE DELETED me, I will be forced to shoot! Now my aim is horrible. Pa says I couldn’t hit water if I fell out of a boat. So the chances of me hitting you are not good…not good at all. As a matter of fact, this gun ain’t even loaded. But don’t you dare EXPLETIVE DELETED me!

  3. Dear Penthouse,
    I was harvesting some maize for the banquet last night when the strangest thing happened.
    I’m sorry, Deputy. I can’t pay the horrible Native disguise fine. Can we work something else out? _wink wink_

    – or however else this obvious racial role-play porn scenario would play out.

  4. Whoa there kimosabette!!!! It’s a joke…I say, “do you have any Apache in you?” and when you say “no”, I say “Would you like some?”

  5. The PG version of the Trail of Years. Brought to you by the Democratic Party of 1830.

    “Disarm yourselves and come peacefully…You can trust the government to take care of you now.”

  6. “Stick ‘m up!”

    (British accent)
    “Sorry, can only get me hands up at the moment. I’m shy like that, Katie!”

  7. Only these two could disparage Native Americans, Cowboys, women, gun owners, good taste, fashion sense, and common decency with one photo.

    • It couldn’t be worse than watching Texas Rising on the “History” Channel, you’d have to add Mexicans, Tejanos, Cajuns, …

  8. You are under arrest for looking like an idiot while wearing another culture’s dress like a joke costume.

    (I’m glad by the majority of answers here, that POTG can see how offensive this is to some)

  9. “You mean you have never heard ‘When the red river is flowing, take the Hershey highway’? My bad I thought you would be into it….”

  10. “Not what I was expecting when John Mayer said he’d take me to his ranch to hunt gophers.”

    With that out of the way RF, wth were you doing on that website? The article from the picture is crucifying Katy Perry for not respecting the cultural heritage of others. She even played the Hiroshima card. From “Geishas, Cowboys, Indians, and Skinning People for the Sake of Fashion: Katy Perry’s Racism Knows No Bounds, By Ruth Hopkins”:

    “So what’s the big deal? It’s just a kimono. It’s not like Americans killed Japanese before, right? Cut to 1945- when approximately 100,000-150,000 Japanese citizens were killed instantly when an atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima”

  11. That is nice. Now that you’ve shown me your pink pistol, I’ll show you mine.

    As an aside, I never thought I’d see the day that I could go to TTAG and have the comments make me wonder if I accidentally end up on TMZ. I don’t know if I could pick Katie Perry out of a line up of one.

  12. “No, Bruce, this is Not going to get us our own TV reality show. Why don’t you try the trans-gender angle, and see how they like that.”


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