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    ‘the right to keep and bear arms, a nice hot bath, a cigar, and tea’ was later amended in Constitutional Committee.’

  2. “Single-action you’re the one
    You make bath time lots of fun
    Single-action I’m awfully fond of you

    Single-action joy of joys
    When I squeeze you, you make noise
    Single-action you’re my very best friend it’s true”

  3. No mister, I have never seen Brokeback Mountain, and when I said there isn’t room enough for two in this here saloon tub, I meant it.

  4. gawd dammed cock a roaches. Say hello to my little friend.

    I know, wrong movie. But Glenn Ford was shooting at cock roaches in this scene.

  5. What’s a man gotta do to enjoy some peace and quiet anymore? With all these morality laws this is the only place left in California that I can carry a gun or smoke! Next you’ll be telling me I can’t take my Earl Grey outside because the caffeine will rile up the kids!

  6. -You mean to tell me this is a gun free bath house?
    -I was told there would be luffa!
    -My chest is as hairy as senator Feinsteins? Thems fightin words!

  7. “You washed your what with my luffa?”

    ( from the Movie “Cowboy” with Glenn Ford and Jack Lemmon, a great movie)

  8. Put your clothes back on Hilary. It ain’t gonna happen. And for the love of God, who told you a thong was a good idea????

  9. The hardware store guy said these bullets are water-proof, and I’ve been waiting to test them out….. Mind explaining where you’ve been, and why you smell like a cheap beantown gigolo?

  10. No, Mr. Politician….I’m just a law abiding citizen trying to take a bath in peace….Or are you telling me that is unconstitutional also…???

  11. Never leave the bubble jets running while taking a soak…the guy you fleeced at poker could be comin for ya, and you won’t hear the floorboards creak.

  12. “I don’t see why the other boys are so excited about playing with their guns in the bath. All it seems to do for me is rust my gun and ruin my shells.”


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