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Weekend Photo Caption Contest

When all else fails…


  1. avatar Will says:

    “So I added this attachment for when you want to fire accurately”

  2. avatar ready,fire,aim says:

    where’s fred flintstone when you need him….

  3. avatar Ordine Nuovo says:

    Dennis the Menace goes bald and tacticool.

  4. avatar Jason says:

    How not to slingshot a round.

  5. avatar Braden Lynch says:

    The BATFE would like to ask you some questions…

    – What is the “caliber” of that rock you are throwing.
    -Is there a legitimate “sporting purpose” for that weapon.
    -How many “rocks” can you put in that weapon? I live in California, our limit is 10.
    – Is it an AS (Assault Slingshot)? We will need to ban it…for the children.

  6. avatar Samtastic says:

    This original grenade launcher. Is very reliable.

  7. avatar Joe Bush says:

    The Paleolithic Tactical Mammoth Eliminator. Fire the AK to range the target then open up with the rock chucker.

  8. avatar Aharon says:

    The AK2012 Combination Survival Gun
    for when the mission demands absolute silence and the bullets are gone

    Take a look at what’s being taken with the new sling bow: black bear, coyotes, 9′ alligator, 10′ shark, deer, bore, 7′ alligator gar, pig, turkey, and lots of big fish.

    Slingshots/slingbow are a good tool to have for survival.

  9. avatar Aaron says:

    1. Walt prepares to defend his home from Gus’ hitmen

    2. So THAT’s where AKs really got their reputation for reliability

    3. The producers of Top Shot respond to complaints about “too many primitive
    weapons challenges.”

  10. avatar Adam D says:

    FPS Russian here… This is Russian efficient tactical rifle. Silenced Grenade launcher + bipod. Now that’s what the f*** I’m talking about.

  11. avatar GS650G says:

    Now this AK is completely jam proof.

  12. avatar Gabriel says:

    Out of ammunition, and in an effort to have more than a shiny club, Pete decided to turn to his childhood for the solution.

  13. avatar Joe says:

    Here at red jacket firearms we really feel our new top mounted grenade launcher with its revolutionary new design will change the game when it comes to launching explosives in the field.

  14. avatar AZ says:

    Gunbroker headline: L00k! AK w/ ORIGINAL grenade launcher attachment BIN $2000

  15. avatar Wade says:

    Suck on my $10 silenced grenade launcher, Will Hayden!

  16. avatar Dustin says:

    The next gunsmith to get a TV show…

  17. avatar Bob H says:

    NYC Mayor Bloomberg shows reporters pictures of the new scourge which Must Be Banned… Assault slingshots.

  18. avatar Moonshine7102 says:

    This whole “one rifle for every job” thing has gotten completely out of hand.

  19. avatar Corey says:

    When he said he was going to mount a sling to his AK I don’t think anyone had this in mind

  20. avatar UtahLibertarian says:

    1. Nobody was around to throw the clays for me, and it was just too darned easy hittin’ em with the shotgun

    2. Acme’s new target placement device allows you to set up new targets at up to 100 yards without a cease-fire!

  21. avatar Sam Wright says:

    I am helping my son with his cub scout project. I thought an AK would be a great attachment.

  22. avatar BC; MT says:

    Walter White tools up to face the cartel.

  23. avatar Sam Wright says:

    That Sons of Guns show has really gone downhill.

  24. avatar noneamoungus says:

    Just found in harehouse. Only a few ever reported.
    BandOMatic Hairburst Launch & Gas Plug Forearm Mounting & Adjustment Blunder Tool.
    Compliance modification neverlicensed by Autovmat Kalisnivnot
    BATTYFU2 disapproved.
    Note: Sling base attachment sold separately. Some disassembly required.
    Call 1-999-whatnot for select pricing or email [email protected]

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