Setpoint Custom Ammo: Best Promo Video Ever?

You know, other than Magpul.


  1. avatar Rabbi says:

    I used Setpoint ammo in the 1200 yard class that I took this summer.. They let you choice your own components and they load to your recipe. Results are outstanding

    1. avatar Aaron says:

      1200 yard class? Where was this? I’m increasingly intrigued by long range shooting.

  2. avatar Aharon says:

    That was one very well made promo video.

  3. avatar J Glanton says:

    That was cute.

    I LOVE that picture on the Magpul video: The Art of War ancient Chinese warrior pulling an automatic. That’s good!

  4. avatar HSR47 says:

    So, wait; They only do .308/.338? What good is that?

  5. avatar Rich Keagy says:

    Outstanding promo video.

  6. avatar Another Ken says:

    Amazingly expensive ammo!

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