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Enter the best caption for this photo in the comments by Sunday at midnight and you’ll win a Strike Industries Fat Comp 01. This item was purchased new and used for testing in Jeremy’s Muzzle Device Shootout. Speaking of photos, check out this sweet pic of the Fat Comp 01 in action.

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  1. The father knew he’d have to run like hell when a hunting photo of his kids with guns and dead animals was taken and put on the internet.

  2. “I’ll just get a box of Roadkill Helper…”


    “Old school child support collectors.”


    “So what’d YOU do today, Pa?”


    Man: That’s my car.
    Kids: Finders keepers!
    Man: Okey dokey…


    “Ma will be demandin’ some action…”

  3. Well boys… you’ve got dinner for tonight, means to get more, and shelter.

    Best I can do for you ’till the land comes back from dust bowl. Bye.

  4. “Remember, boys – tell ma we were out huntin’ all night and don’t say nuthin’ about all the nice ladies at the house with the red light out front!”

  5. Dad said we could play with either ourselves or our guns. After seeing this, dad said we could do both, but mom done like it.

  6. One subtlety: The image, if you click on it, is from a collection in an article by an anti-2A writer who is appalled at the custom in early America for parents to have pictures taken of their sons with guns. As the writer puts it:

    The level of male violence we live with today should not shock a nation where pictures like these are endemic. The archives of American social history provide little comfort for those of us anxious to sever the connection between boys and guns. We may be working against the grain, but it is worth it.

    ==============/ Keith DeHavelle

  7. Boys you really don’t know what you have done! There brother is The Bugs Bunny! Elmer,you and your brother start the fire! I will get the hot sauce and a shovel for after!

  8. Lookie here pards, we done shot our 1st jackalopes when we was 3 years old. If’n you don’t quit messin wit us’n you’d be our 1st jackwagon shot. So skidaddle!

  9. “Hey, those look awfully familiar now that I thi–oh SHIT, those are my neighbor’s pet rabbits, gotta get to that camera right NOW–“

  10. In an effort to save money on special effects the producers of the remake of “Night of the Lepus” hired small actors for the human roles. Really small actors.


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