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h/t DrVino

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  1. In celebration of the glorious revolution, the communist party leaders decided to parade their most magnificent and enviable creation: the Carabinieri 112. The police model is seen above with its roaring 1.25L motor and a recently developed roof-top shooting port. Armor is to in added in later models.

  2. Due to budget cutbacks by the government the Italian Army was forced to remove the turrets from their Armed Personnel Carriers.

    • Absolutely incorrect statement. Iveco LMV armored vehicles “Lince”, exported across the world, will replace their existing turrets with remote control turrets.

      P.S. We are in Afghanistan because our “dear American friends” have asked…and now they deride us as well!

  3. Who ever got the call, they didn’t speak Italian well.
    They asked for an “Armored” Car not “Armed” Car.
    Maybe the same word in Italian?

  4. Lost in Translation: Italian S.W.A.T. responding to disturbance are told it will be a “media circus,” so they crammed the whole 12-man team into one tiny car.

  5. Detroit’s bankruptcy caused small changes throughout their government, including the police department.

  6. Security became tight along the yellow brick road after reports of a lion and tiger and bear! Oh my! They had yet to hear of flying monkeys!.

  7. This may be the only country we are not sending our tax money to. If we were, the cop would be in a hummer…

    • Wrong country,…. Mexihole has the trained Attack Chihuahua’s – 15 for a Dollar or one lame one for a peso.

  8. Luigi misread the prescription and took the whole bottle of viagra. He spent the rest of the day stuck in the moonroof.

  9. The new Italian Tank The “Carabinier 1”!
    Come equipped with a 12 gauge cannon and 360 degree field of fire.

  10. To make room in the budget for the new MRAP, Johnson county was forced to make tough decisions with the rest of their vehicle lineup.

  11. The Chief said we had to either get smaller cars or smaller guns…..priorities are priorities man!

  12. “Okay, I see the skid marks so I know somebody’s been “drifting” and I’m here to do something about it.”

  13. Today, the Italian State Police unveiled their latest SWAT vehicle, the Fiat 500+1, dubbed the “Kicka-Yu-Assa”. A police spokesman appreciated the desire to use a FIAT, bt expressed hope than in a few years they can at least get a four-seater.

  14. Fast, Law Enforcement Assault vehicle (FLEA)
    Weight: 536 Kilos (Dry Weight), 924 Kilos (Fueled, Crew & Weapons)
    Crew: 4 (Driver, Radio Operator, Tactical Member, Moon Roof Gunner)
    Speed: 90 KPH (Max)
    Range: 560 Kilometers

  15. This is an old Fiat 500, never been supplied to the Carabinieri and not even the new one. You can also see pictures of Carabinieri on board the Lotus Evora S, but even this is not a standard car.
    I hope that no one has really believed in this it

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