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Chocolate Ammo 1

Gun guys aren’t really that hard to shop for at Christmas, are we? Nothing says Gut Jul! like a new Ruger 10/22 Takedown under the tree, and nothing fills out a stocking as neatly as a couple of PMAGs and a hundred rounds of 5.56 ammo.┬áBut if you’re still stumped after my expert holiday gift-giving advice, you can always give your gun friends something to feed their faces instead of their rifles. Like a metal gift case full of cartridge-shaped chocolates!

Chocolate Ammo 2

They may look a little more like chocolate lipstick than chocolate .500 S&W rounds but they do ship 20 to the tin, which turns into a handy small ammo case once you’re done wiping off your lips.

Price? $10 plus shipping from Deal Sergeant.

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  1. Stuff’s actually not half bad. When you’re done with it, you can throw some loose .22 in the can.

  2. I love my Take Down so much I’m getting rid of my regular 10/22 (so I can buy another:-) I’d like to buy the chocolate just can to store .22. Have to see if it comes in dark chocolate.

    • I don’t really care that much for the 10/22 But i’m kinda eyeing a take down since i found out that they make underfolding stocks for them.

    • I had to restrain myself. And I couldn’t have dropped that pun without attribution because it’s in the original ad copy. Attributing a pun is just no fun.

  3. The kids got me a chocolate round years and years ago. It’s a half pound shaped like a .38 spcl.
    Even though I’m a chocohaulic, I saved it.

  4. My daughter loved these, and the chocolate 1911 I bought her another year later. May have to do it again this year.

  5. Thanks TTAG.

    I just bought me some of this. Just now.

    …and I’m sure deal sergeant is liking your article as well.

    • So… update. I got my chocolate yesterday.

      It was tasty… milk chocolate… reminded me of those chocolate rabbits during easter. Not bad.

      I was disappointed that there were only 20 pieces (they are small) and more than half of the ammo can is a white cardboard insert! They could have easily packed 50 chocolates in there. Cheapskates.

      On a plus side, the tin is kind of cool. I kept it and put it on the shelf. It’s a good laugh. I just would have liked to have had more chocolate in my mouth while laughing… that’s all.

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