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  1. Freakin’ hipsters with the sepia filters on their camera phones. “Look at how ironically I’m holding this gun! I’ve got my hand over the muzzle!”

  2. The last photo of the famous Stage Coach robbers Jane “Muppet-Eyes Hat” Watson and John Emmett “Hooker Boots” Smith.

  3. “Oh Wild Bill, can I try your long gun?”
    “Annie, anything for you, but take your time. Pull that trigger slow and easy.”

  4. And here students we have one of the earliest known examples of camel toe caught in photo…historians have labeled this work moose hunter’s moose knuckle.

  5. You would have figured he would learned a lesson about muzzle awareness after what happened to Jane but, no. He had to tempt fate.

  6. ” And this was the next step in the evolution of the redneck circa 1976. Also note that was the around the height of Kenny Rogers’ career.”


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