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Give us your best shot. So to speak. The winner will get our sincere admiration and eternal Intertube fame.

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  1. Under the Taliban he and his conjoined twin would have been shunned. Here, finally, as part of the Afghan security force, was sweet vindication.

  2. Unfortunately for Mohammad the Afghan version of the William Tell story suffered from some significant losses in translation.

  3. Pakistani Army Private Melik Asfanjani shown here with his prize for having the best maintained weapon in the Army for the 2nd consecutive year. Private Asfanjani credits the purchase of a new wife for the wonderful condition: “She carries it inside her dress all year to protect it from the elements, so it is ready for the annual competition”.

  4. I found the locals to be very hospitable. As the photo above shows, I was offered the choice of two melons to shoot, and a complimentary AK 47.

  5. “Me? I’m on my way to the range for our annual qualification. We have to bring our own targets though.”

  6. “We have to carry this around all day as a decoy head for protection against Taliban snipers. Works only on average half the time though.”

  7. I have one more about a lonely soldier but that might not be as appropriate here. Never mind – carry on… |:^}

  8. “OK, Nabibullah! Remember that William Tell thing the American GI told us about — You go first …”

  9. I got the melon in exchange for a broken, Jennings .22 as part of the Bagdad gun buy back program

  10. Anyone want to swap me another banana clip for my melon?

    (P.S. – I know its a magazine, not a clip, but it’s a joke and that’s the lingo.)

  11. I know i got the good looks in the family,says the man with the AK,But my brother here,he got the brains!!!

  12. I buy melon to practice headshot… from traditional Pakistani distance of less than ten feet.

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