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Here it is. Ish. The video of the Miami shooting—minus the shooting, wherein more than 100 shots were fired at the perp. This op is so wrong in so many ways that I’ll leave it to our Armed Intelligentsia to comment. Meanwhile, notice that the cop points his weapon at the guy with the cellphone, before he grabs the phone and crushes it—forgetting that the video is on the memory card. Can you say “a law unto themselves”?

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  1. Perhaps if they hadn’t stormed the camera holder, pointing, all shoulders hunched forward, and barking orders like an officer would with a non-compliant suspect, but rather approached the bystander like a normal officer would approach someone he wants to question, they could have gotten their copy of the video with no hassles. That is if they were looking for a COPY 😉

  2. Other then showing police misconduct the guy doing the cellphone documentory was a little short on common sense. I am not now nor ever wanted to ba a combat cameraman. If there is a lot gunfire in my vicinity I am first looking for cover and then a way out.

  3. I can’t really tell what’s going on… though it doesn’t look like the participants can either…


  4. IMHO these officers should be criminally charged and any superior trying to sweet talk this, fired on the spot. This kind of behaviour by public servants should be stopped before they become public oppressors.

    • From a Chicago Tribune story:

      “This is not to say that police who abuse people do not deserve to be punished–they do.
      But when we focus our attention on individuals, it is temptingly easy to believe that the problem is just the result of a few bad apples.
      As psychologist Philip Zambrado has noted, this thinking is dangerous because these forms of abuse are almost never the results of a few bad apples, but rather a bad barrel.
      … until we require moral and political accountability from the people at the top, it is the people at the bottom who will continue to pay the price from our unwillingness to act.”

  5. It brings to mind several questions…

    If Miami has such a shitty economy and so many foreclosures, how in the hell did they have so many officers on site so fast, I live in Sacramento, and if that many cops showed up, there wouldnt be any left anywhere else in the city…

    The film producer here is an idiot, for being so close to the action and for getting into a car while the po po are following him (did he really not see what they did to the last suspect in a car 60 seconds ago?)

    Looked like Mexico, are we sure it was Miami? The film was pretty grainy 🙂

  6. Put down that phone or I’ll shoot? “Cops Gone Wild In Miami,” and not in a good way.

  7. This sort of behavior is not new nor novel, we just have cellphones and youtube now so that it can be documented.

  8. The amount of cops that swormed in and the rounds let loose reminded me alot of the Swat vid a couple weeks back from AZ that left an ex Marine dead.
    With that many cops ready to shot that much, dude w/ the camera is lucky he didn’t get got as well.
    The section where he’s in his car and in the officer’s sites, considering what just happened…..gave me chills.

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