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“According to [Delaware] Senate Bill 25, police departments could offer $100 for every gun turned in by a citizen,” reports, “who could do so anonymously and with immunity from concealed carry charges.” The total initial damage to the taxpayers’ collective wallet: $100k for fiscal year 2012. This despite the fact that there are no facts proving that gun buyback programs do anything to reduce violent crime, and the inherent problem of creating an amnesty for people turning in guns that may have been used in violent crimes. Although, really, gun buybacks yield little more than a bunch of broken-ass firearms and a few “SEE! IT’S DANGEROUS!” exceptions to the rule. Even so . . .

John Thompson of the Delaware State Sportsmen’s Association, goes a little OTT re: the provision that gives citizens immunity from concealed deadly weapons charges whilst running guns to [official] buybacks:

“If I’m a police officer and I pull someone over and they have a gun in their pocket that they’re taking to the buy-back, and they take it out to show me, I’m going to shoot them,” he said.

Speaking of mortality, once a government program is established, it’s harder to kill than that fire-breathing bitch in Silent Scope.

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  1. Do you have an address? I’m considering standing outside and offering $110 for a few of them.

  2. “If I’m a police officer and I pull someone over and they have a gun in their pocket that they’re taking to the buy-back, and they take it out to show me, I’m going to shoot them,” he said

    Why would he shoot them?

    • Because they had a gun silly. Remember guns in the states hand GOOD, gun in anyone else hands BAD. Keep this up silly and I will have to send you to be reeducated. :>)

  3. Has anyone else thought about loading up on a bunch of broken-ass Saturday night specials and heading to Delaware to cash in?

    • I would, but the state of CA doesn’t have the on the Roster of Certified Handguns for sale here, so they don’t exist here.

  4. Is there a mailing address, I have a Jennings 22 that I would sell for $100
    That would triple what I paid many moons ago before I knew that generally speaking cheap gun = might go bang 1st shot, click after that

  5. I am thinking about having my own gun buy back. $100 for every working AR or 1911 you turn into me. Get those dangerous weapons off the street and into my safe

  6. I like what Terry4strokes said! That is a GREAT Idea! Mind if I join you in such a Civilian Gun “Buy-Back”? I just wish that Deleware would up the price to say, around $300. Then, if any of you remember when the City of Los Angeles back in the late 1980’s or around 1990 (+/- 1 year), they implemented a Gun Buy-Back program. I think they were paying between $200 to $250 per Firearm, handguns or long-guns. The local news made the National news on CNN Headlines (now HLN) because the Local reporter stopped to speak to a Guy waiting in line, which they had seen previously, and when they approached him, he had a Brand “New In-The-Box” “Cheap name-brand” .22LR. The news reporter being “shocked” seeing a Brand New box containing a .22 rifle, she asked the man, “Is that a New Rifle Sir?” The man replied, “Yes, it is!” Reporter: “I’m a little confused. Can you tell me why you are in line with a Brand New Rifle for the Buy-Back” plan?” Man: “Certainly I will.” “You see, I just purchased this New .22 Rifle at Walmart for just over $100 bucks with tax.” (back when Walmart sold Long-guns) “So, I figured since they (Police Buy-Back) have No limit on how many guns you can turn in for $200+ in Cash, then I would spend all of today going back and forth from Walmart to the Gun Buy-Back and make at least $100 profit per gun, which only takes me about One Hour to go Buy one, then come back and Sell it to the Police.” “So, for an 8 hour day, I just made myself a little over $800, which I don’t even make in a week at my job!” Needless to say, the Lady Reporter was speechless, or said some type of statement of that being “Morally Wrong”. Plus, when other people who saw that on the news, the line for the Gun “Buy-Back” in LAX Quadrupled with others doing the very same thing! So, if the different Government levels of Deleware are that Naive, then I will take their, No I mean the “Property Tax Payer’s Money” from them ALL DAY LONG! Then maybe the citizens of that County/City will Vote-out those Morons in the next election!

      • I’ll grant it sounds a bit folkloric, but not because it’s at all implausible, simply because it’s a bit too embellished. Even if it hasn’t happened yet, it certainly could, with (as suggested below) a couple cases of Mosin Nagants at $70/rifle.

  7. I wish they would do that here. A local gun shop has Mosin-Nagants for $80… I’ll buy a case or 2 (which lowers the cost to $70 each!) and turn them in. Get myself that brand new ugly-ass Rhino!

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