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Teacher firearm training (Image by J. Schwarm courtesy GSL Defense Training / Guns Save Life)
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By Rob Morse

Lies come in many shapes and sizes. Some are simple exaggerations. Some are absurd falsehoods. Unfortunately, we tend to believe a plain, bold-faced lie if it’s expressed with enough emotion. That’s the same kind thing keeps viewers watching and clicking so the press is often more interested in outrage than in the truth.

A lie doesn’t become the truth no matter how many times it’s repeated, but the lie may help politicians get re-elected if it’s repeated often enough and believed by enough likely voters. We need to call out every lie we see even if that means calling some of our “respected elected officials” liars.

Congressman Jamaal Brown, you are a liar. Representative Jimmy Gomez, you are a liar. You both lie when you say that you want to save lives, and claim that gun-control laws will actually protect our kids. That’s an easily provable falsehood that both of you continue to repeat.

Why do politicians hide the truth behind their emotional outbursts? The simple answer is that it helps them get what they want most…namely press coverage and campaign contributions.

Democrat Congressman Jimmy Gomez of California said that Republicans should resign from office if they are not going to pass more gun-control legislation.

Democrat Representative Jamaal Bowman of New York yelled at reporters that “Republicans won’t do sh!t when it comes to gun violence.”

Implied in both of those statements is the lie that gun-control laws actually save lives, and that anyone who won’t support more gun-control laws is either corrupt or heartless. Both claims are a false. If their-Democrat controlled cities — New York and Los Angeles — weren’t so ideologically corrupt and unwilling to police and prosecute criminals, maybe there would be fewer young men shooting at each other on the streets of the Congressmens’ districts.

Gun-control costs lives and endangers our children in their schools. Before you can believe that you need to know that armed defense by ordinary citizens is common. Americans use a firearm to stop threats of death or bodily harm about 2.8 million times a year. That’s over 7600 times a day.

In addition, ordinary citizens with guns prevent several hundred thousand more crimes every year. These armed good guys stopped untold violent crimes just by virtue of their being armed. That’s good, but our virtue doesn’t stop there.

new gun owner training class teacher school armed
Clark Aposhian, president of Utah Shooting Sport Council, demonstrates with a plastic gun, rear, while Joanna Baginska, a fourth-grade teacher from Odyssey Charted School, in American Fork, Utah, aims a 40 cal. SIG SAUER during concealed-weapons training for the teachers in West Valley City, Utah. (AP Photo/Rick Bowmer, File)

We started to train and arm volunteer school staff a decade ago after the mass-murder at Sandy Hook in Connecticut. We have now accumulated several thousand man-years of experience with these armed volunteers. You might have missed that their efforts have worked in the best possible way. The presence of armed teachers and others has prevented attacks at their school. Let me underline that for you.

We have never had a mass-murder at a school that had a program of trained and armed school staff.

Perspective is everything when we want to understand the truth. Only one criminal out of six uses a firearm in the commission of a violent crime. Criminals use firearms about a quarter million times each year and they violate our “gun-control” laws millions more times. That means that gun control is and has been a failure.

In contrast, we defend ourselves with a firearm about 2.8 million times every year. Mass murderers take about 600 lives a year. We protected hundreds of thousands of our children with armed school volunteers every school day. If you haven’t heard it before then I’m telling you now…armed self-defense is far more common than the criminal use of a firearm.

Politicians who push for more gun control say their laws will disarm criminals. In fact, their 23,000 gun-control regulations — already on the books — disarm far more honest citizens than they do criminals. Mass murderers deliberately attack us in gun-free zones where we are disarmed by law.

Teacher Training Shootings
Cindy Bullock, Timpanogos Academy secretary, participates in shooting drills at the Utah County Sheriff’s Office shooting range during the teacher’s academy training, in Spanish Fork Canyon, Utah. (AP Photo/ Rick Bowmer)

Politicians and the news media don’t tell us everything we need to know to make a reasoned decision. It’s deadly public policy to solve a small problem by creating a larger one. We can’t save hundreds of lives by sacrificing tens-of-thousands. If we really want to save lives, then we’d repeal our gun-control laws rather than passing more of them. That won’t work for gun-control politicians who feel the need to shout to get reelected. If gun-control advocates really wanted to save lives, then they would stop lying.

How many more innocent lives should we sacrifice on the altar of failed gun-control?

I’m giving you facts, but facts don’t matter to gun-control ideologues. For them, the ideal of gun-control is an end in itself rather than an instrumental means to save lives. Mass murders are simply an excuse to disarm more honest citizens.

I am not running for office, but I am trying to influence your opinion. Lies matter when we want to deceive. Facts matter when we want to save lives. Time and again, Democrats and Socialists in the USA have said that only Democrats care about children, and everyone else doesn’t care if kids die. I’m calling that a lie. Lives matter to me and they matter to you.

It is uncomfortable to call someone a liar but it gets easier with practice. I did it this time. I’m asking you to do it the next time you hear them lie about us.


This article originally appeared at Slow Facts Blog and is reprinted here with permission. 


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  1. Why? Calling out liars doesn’t work when we’re all operating from a “my truth” or an “all means to get my ends” perspective.

    Relax and take comfort knowing in 5 billion years or so the sun will engulf the planet killing us all and everything else. If you’re worried we may be living off-world by then thereby escaping extinction just remember that science, like facts, is racist.

    • Correct, the doctrinaire “true believers” likely won’t change their ways. So we need to focus on converting the centrists and inoculating them against the lies.

      • Mark, it’s amazing how many people fall for the propaganda, even in these parts where we’re always calling it out.

        • In my place of employment (a company of 200+ employees), a husband and wife both work in the same area as I do. His desk is on the other side of the office from mine, while hers is only 15 feet from me.

          He’s been increasingly interested in guns since the COVID plandemic and Antifa/BLM riots (often called becoming red-pi!!ed), and has asked me about training courses, since I previously invited two members of our upper management last year…and those men loved it. The husband wants to go next time.

          He reluctantly told me his wife slapped him down and said no to anything gun-related, because she’s woke and believes the lie that guns are evil. She even apologized(!) to another person for her “white privilege” because she believes that lie as well.

          What she doesn’t know is that she’s been sitting only 15 feet away from my own concealed gun for years. And safer for it.

    • Notice how our resident left wingers have zero interest in the truth *unless* the truth happens to make Democrats look good and/or Republicans look bad. That tells us it isn’t really about the truth or falsehoods. All that matters is power/partisanship. The sheep have no power, but they take great pleasure in their side “winning” or taking some kind of make-believe moral high ground that makes them feel better about lacking real virtue in their lives.

    • Hell, you don’t need to look 5 billion years out, in a hundred years NONE of this is going to mean anything to any adult living on this planet today…

    • “Why? Calling out liars doesn’t work when we’re all operating from a “my truth” or an “all means to get my ends” perspective.”

      It sucks, but we have to.

      Every damn time.

      Why, do you ask?

      If we don’t, they can truthfully say “See? They don’t deny it!”

      THAT is why we *must*… 🙁

  2. Rep Bowman is the reason nobody can have a conversation. Shout drown out and completely shut down dialogue. The biggest problem is that bitch will be reelected by the brain dead libtards that put him into office in the first place.

    • Thanks Gadsden,
      I have been a victim of misconstruing posts before. I lashed out at strych9 once and realized he was agreeing with me. Perils of not hearing the intonation of those typing!

  3. Gun Control is good. The Second Amendment is Bad. A boatload of History Proves beyond a shadow of a doubt it is the exact opposite…Gun Control needs to be abolished in America like its sidekick Slavery.

    Sicko Gun Control democRats want you to trust their BS and jump in the defenseless victim pool and submit you and yours to criminals the democRat Party allows to run free, and if that disgrace wasn’t bad enough there are criminals crossing borders, etc.

    Gun Control ratbassturds can go pound sand and if that doesn’t work for them they can go to hell.

  4. “Republicans won’t do sh-t when it comes to gun violence.”

    lots of law abiding people who are Republicans do something about gun violence hundreds of times daily across the country – they use their guns to stop or deter the violent criminal with a gun. You know, those violent criminals with guns that all of the thousands of existing gun control laws/regulation and laws against crime didn’t stop or deter…. yeah, those criminals the democrats won’t do sh-t about.

  5. I just saw this on another site (one that I’m not visiting as much as per personal decision):

    Note that the IRS allegedly says “Jobseekers must meet a number of other requirements, including having U.S. citizenship, being between the age of 21 at the time of completing the training academy, and 37 at the time of appointment.”

    Must be between 21 and 37 years old? Isn’t age discrimination illegal for Federal level positions? A well-trained and more mature 38-yr-old man doesn’t qualify?

    …unless the IRS only wants younger candidates who can be more easily brainwashed…

    • Haz,

      What, you expect these lying Leftist/fascists to actually OBEY THEIR OWN RULES???? To quote the mentally-handicapped, ugly Swedish teenage scold (and for years I thought Swedish women were supposed to be hot!?!?!), “How DARE you?!”.

      Those “rules” are only “rules” for the rest of us; for the elite, they are mere suggestions. Just like Congress specifically exempted itself from insider trading and wage and hour laws, and dozens of others. “Rules for thee, and not for me” is the prevailing attitude of our political class.

      • “…and for years I thought Swedish women were supposed to be hot!?!?!…”

        Bell curve, my friend. For every 11 on the proverbial scale of 1 to 10 for Swedish babe hotness, there will – by definition – be someone somewhere representing the zero.

        Swedes, Brazilians, and Japanese/Polynesians. The three ethnicities that have arguably the hottest of the hottest within their midsts.

        • Haz,

          Statistically true, practically (in my experience) false. I am here to testify that, if they have them, ugly female babies in Australia (as just one example) are apparently drowned at birth. Go to any Australian beach, or walk down any sidewalk in Sydney, and tell me the women aren’t just SMOKIN’ hot. I would say the same about Brazil. Also the Czech Republic (until they hit 40 – they seem to decline quickly after that) and the Ukraine and Russia (ditto on the after 40).

          Statistics only work on a macro level. On the micro level, one outlier skews the entire outcome. My “lived experience” is that there are a few countries I have visited that just seem to breed incredibly attractive women, and the “average” for that country would be exceptional in most countries. Polynesian women, yes – again, until they turn about 40. They don’t tend to age well.

          And, hey, you can’t dispute my “lived experience” with mere picadilloes like facts.

        • Firmly in agreement on Aussie women, 8-day R&R in Sydney in 69, height of the MINI-mini-skirt era, beautiful women, great legs…

    • Looks like law enforcement style age cutoffs…… wonder if they extend the max age if military service is involved like most departments.

    • Why do they need those types of agents for customer service? They just needed all of that funding so they can answer the phone when we call, right? That was their story, and of course we should believe everything they tell us. They must be arming up to finally go after the rich.

  6. If we’re ready to do something about “gun violence” then we must be ready to do something about the ‘usual suspects’?
    Otherwise we’re not serious.

    • Seriously and I mean Seriously…There is no such thing as Gun Violence…Violence is Violence like Bigotry is Bigotry.

      • Debbie,

        THANK YOU for posting something other than your cut-and-paste rant about “all gun control is racist”. I agree, in both history and practice, it is.

        And I’m happy to discuss the relative effectiveness of “gun control” on crime rates.

        The “solution” to crime and violence has to be based on “who are the people committing the crimes, and what do we do about them?”. Until we seriously focus on that, the rest of our discussions about it are just intellectual onanism.

        • no name,

          Well, I can’t exactly bitch at her about her INCESSANT, OFF-TOPIC repetitions of her “gun control is racist!!!” rant, and then not compliment her when she OCCASIONALLY actually addresses the actual topic of the thread. And, I highly doubt that there are more than a couple of commenters on this site that don’t ALREADY AGREE WITH HER. I usually skip over her repetitive, boring rants, but every once in a while, she says something original. Credit where credit is due. Now if we could get MajorLiar to stop his lying, dishonest, stupid partisan propaganda. Yeah, like THAT’S ever going to happen!!

  7. I think the problem we have in the gun community is we believe in being polite and cordial with dealing with the opposition. That needs to change. That doesn’t mean however we need to use curse words. But we need to start describing these people with the results they demand.

    I personally believe the opposition is comfortable with a woman being raped. And that is not just based on my opinion.
    It’s based on statements they have made themselves.
    Just go look up what these politicians in Colorado, said to a woman who had been raped on a college campus near a police station. A politician in Oregon said something similar several years ago.
    They all still wanted to deny her the civil right to having armed self-defense.

    I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that the anti-gunners are pro-rape.
    Or they are at least very comfortable with rapes happening. Because they are certainly against a rape victim shooting and killing her attacker.

    Never forget these anti-gun politicians are all protected by guns. Armed government security paid by the taxpayer. Plus whatever personal Firearms they own.

  8. we tend to believe a plain, bold-faced lie if it’s expressed with enough emotion.

    No WE do not believe ANYTHING just because some teary-eyed shill says it’s true… I don’t fit into anyone’s box of descriptors and UNLIKE Rob Morse, I have absolutely no problem calling someone a liar if I can back it up with facts… It’s a lot easier to do than this guy thinks, all you have to do is do it, if you are a feeeelz kind of person too bad, you won’t do it because you’ll be considering the liars feelings even though they are standing there telling their lies without consideration for yours…

  9. Wouldn’t do any good. The gunm controllers already got their minds made up so itd just be your lieing about them lieing.
    What we need is more We in the We. and request that .gov adhere to the Constitution of The United States of America.

  10. Sorry but attempting to negotiate with the current crop of dems is a waste of time. I am slowly becoming convinced revolution is the only solution. Talking is a waste of time.

    • Slowly BECOMING? If you’re not already there, then you are way behind the curve on this one… THEY have been waging an undeclared war on us since Jimmy Carter first walked into the Oval Office…

      • MAXX,

        While I agree with your evaluation, I do disagree with your conclusion. Knowing something about the INEVITABLE outcome of a civil war, I would stretch myself to avoid it. I want to believe my fellow Americans (other than complete useless idiots like MajorLiar and dacian the demented) CAN see reason. If I am wrong, I am also prepared to draw a line in the sand – and stand behind it, with firearms. But that is not the outcome I desire.

        • No one sensible does. But, where is that line in the sand? At this juncture, it looks every bit of unavoidable. Almost half of the population is forcing the issue, crying aloud for our, our friends, and our families deaths. Smearing our names, cursing the ground we walk. Dehumanizing us for merely possessing a legal object, and attacking us from every other angle whilst daring us to respond.

          In which case, I see no other recourse. Do you?

        • But that is not the outcome I desire.

          No sane, sensible individual wants to see an all-out shooting conflict on American soil, but I’m pretty sure you’ve taken note of the “insanity” prevalent on the other side and to be honest I think THEY think they can win in an all-out fight and intend to try (unless there is a complete upheaval in the Legislative and Executive branches)… Did I mention the obvious insanity that has run rampant through the Progressive Liberal crowd? The two aforementioned “useless idiots” are representative of a much larger group who have been convinced that they MUST hate us, we are a threat to their “Democracy”, a blight upon the planet, a disease, and only our eradication from the world will bring peace back to the Universe… Have you not heard the daily calls to “murder” the evil “radical” Conservatives? I fear that line in the sand won’t be up to us…

        • WWIII, I think it’s more like 10% of the population or less. The other 40% just goes along because Democrats are the nice ones handing out money and “rights” like candy.

          Those same people have no idea BLM is a Marxist organization with a manifesto promising to dismantle the nuclear family. They also believe it’s been Russia instead of the US Security State interfering in our elections. Deposing foreign leaders happens to be a specialty of the See eye A. They’d never do that here. At least that’s what the 40% believe. Is it weird the Security State we built up for the War on Terror suddenly decided to focus their attention on domestic threats?

        • MAXX,
          “I fear that line in the sand won’t be up to us…”
          It never will be. We will never get to decide when the war is over. We said the war in Afghanistan is over and the Taliban said oh yeah? Hold our goats.

        • Dude, I had a better write up much earlier today which was c0ckbl0cked by Cloudflare’s (R U Hooman?) challenge, which deleted my post. They don’t like it when you obfuscate their fingerprinting attempts. Idk if you could push them to a less intrusive DDoS mitigation service, but it would surely be appreciated.

          Spoofing mobile or tablet headers still works tho.

          Being a bit more succinct this time, I hope that’s true, but it appears more frequently online than even bot farms can account for. Pervasive & widespread is a literal minimization of what I see daily from a myriad number of separate accounts.

          Agree. Disgusting how many lemmings can’t be bothered to read those manifesto’s, including pAnti-Fa’s, who may be on the decline, though by no means dead & gone.

          As far as the spewkz; color me surprised? Not. How many times they’ve been caught operating illegally inside the borders in my life time alone? With the best of intentions, of course.

          I predicted this was all coming, to the clamoring claims of tinfoil hats galore. Again back when the first extremely concerning laws were passed post 9ine/e1even. They long planned this power grab out, simply awaiting the tipping point where John & Jane Q. were willing to sacrifice their liberty in the name of the illusion of safety & security.

          Accelerating downhill ever since.

  11. Same old Far Right bold face lies.

    Less than 3% of gun owners ever are involved in a shoot out and even that figure is highly exaggerated as in many shootings the gun owner lies his ass off as to why he opened fire and many times he is the instigator of the confrontation. The George Zimmerman episode is a classic case of a killing that never would have happened had Zimmerman not been emboldened by being armed that night.

    The 5 incidents last week when crazed home owners gunned down innocent people who knocked on the wrong door or accidentally just pulled into their driveway are other examples that are added on to the so called “I feared for my life bullshit”.

    School shootings have “increased” not degreased despite some schools arming teachers. Most teachers have chosen “not” to be armed for a variety of very good reasons.

    Tough gun control laws have proven very effective in foreign countries that have previously had mass shootings. Britain put a stop to it, Germany passed more tough gun laws after they had a mass murder, and despite Far Right Fanatics lying their ass off Australia never again had a 50 person mass killing after they passed tough gun laws. Even when the previous anti-gun administration was voted out because they passed the tough gun laws the succeeding conservative Australian government chose to keep the tough gun laws because history had already shown they were much better off and safer with the new gun laws.

    New Zealand said enough was enough after their 50 person slaughter and pass new tough gun laws and outlawed weapons of mass destruction.

    Asian tough gun laws have also proved far more effective than the total lack of such laws in the U.S. and ditto for European gun laws also being very effective.

    Road rage killings have also gone up and the infamous George Zimmerman came close to being gunned down in a road rage incident. You do not see this in civilized countries as they outlaw concealed carry because they know far more people die because someone lost their temper than the few lives that are saved from a justified shootout.

    The Far Right love to quote the great liar and charlatan John Lock whose rantings and publishing’s have been proven to be a total joke and total farce by independent investigators who burned his ass good and proved his rants the railings of a nut case. Accredited studies by some of our most prestigious Universities like Harvard have shown that the majority of people killed in a robbery were those who resisted with a gun despite John Locks disingenuous statistics and outright total bullshit.

    quote———-In fact, their 23,000 gun-control regulations — already on the books ——quote

    How many times do we have to go over this laughable quote when even a 5th grader can understand that State Laws are totally meaningless when other Hillbilly states who lack the same laws let thousands of second hand guns flood the big cities via the “Iron Pipe Line” as proven by law enforcement tracings and studies. Years ago two separate Chicago studies also proved that thousands of guns were being shipped into Chicago from nearby Hillbilly Red States that have lax gun laws.

    quote————The presence of armed teachers and others has prevented attacks at their school. ——–quote

    Again Right Wing fantasies and propaganda. Even an armed teacher is not a cold blooded killer and would hesitate just a fraction of a second before pulling the trigger while the crazed attacker who knows he is going to die would open fire immediately with a high velocity assault rifle and would have on a bullet proof vest making the teachers pop gun pistol a joke and totally useless. Even in schools that allow teachers to carry a gun the majority of them will still be unarmed and the law of averages dictates the first to die will be the unarmed teachers and students and the armed teacher who by the time he or she realized there is an attack would fail to stop the attacker with their anemic handgun. On the other hand the Swat team would have bullet proof vests and assault rifles giving them at least an even chance to take out the attacker. This why there have been calls to outlaw weapons of war i.e. the assault rifles.

    Every civilized nation on earth has outlawed or severely restricted weapons of mass destruction in the hands of civilians. There is no justification for their ownership as they have no legitimate use in a civilized country. Almost all of the huge slaughters where 50 or more people died was done with assault rifles and high capacity magazines. Steven Paddock would never have killed 62 people and crippled over 400 in seconds if he had not been able to own weapons of mass destruction. Even the Far Right cannot lie their way out of that truth.

    The London Bridge incident several years ago is a good example of British gun laws working very well. When a group of crazed maniacs tried to get shotguns they were denied the purchase so they attacked a British Pub with knives and the pub patrons beat the shit out of them with chairs and broken beer bottles. In the U.S. everyone in the Pub would have been gunned down in seconds with assault rifles. Again the Far Right cannot lie their way out of this one either.

    And last but not least the Far Right scream “more guns make us safer” and so far with 400 million guns in civilian hands the mass murder and carnage has only continued to get worse. At what point of assault rifle saturation will the U.S. become safer (sarcasm)?

    • dacian, the DUNDERHEAD, Same old Leftist anti-gun rhetoric. The fact is that although you CLAIM that the number of times a person has to use a gun in self defense is pulled out of your sky, it is better to have the gun when you need it than to not have it and suffer death or serious physical injury. Have you ever been in a high stress incident? I didn’t think so. A statement given right after the incident is often inaccurate as the victim is traumatized. School shootings have increased by the fact is that none of the schools that have armed teachers has had a shooting incident.
      You lay claim that John Locke’s quote have been discredited? By whom, may I ask? Some Leftist control freak? Investigators? LOL.
      If you are so enthralled by these so called “civilized nations”, why don’t you move to one of them? We will even set up a Go Fund Me page for you on the proviso that you promise to never return to our shores.
      Again, for your edification, there is no such thing as an assault rifle being used in one of these shooting incidents. The AR-s you are referring to are semi-automatic rifles that are no capable of firing in full auto mode or even in the three shot mode that the military rifle is capable of. So again you are lying your arse off.
      That incient you cited in London worked out well? So the perpetrators switched to knives and still managed to kill and wound people, innocent people I might add. Had one of the innocent people been armed that stabbings would have stopped post haste. Of all the guns in American, less than 1% are used in a crime. And most of those incidents are by people who illegally obtained the firearm, or were mentally deficient and thanks to your HIPPA law still were able to purchase a gun,
      So when will you be moving?

        • MADDMAXX, so what if I don’t get the time back. There are neanderthals here that read his nonsense. If that nonsense is NOT countered, there are some of those neanderthals who will think it is “gospel”.
          If you choose not to read or respond, that’s on you. I choose to counter him where I can with logic, reasoning and truth.

        • Your life your time, I was being facetious but apparently your sense of humor is not on the same level… Anyway, it would be a lot more pertinent if clown boy had not posted the exact same bullshit (practically word for word) a dozen times already this month… Anyone who reads that drivel AND believes it is already lost but as you said so what, it’s YOUR time…

        • MADDMAXX, you are damn right it’s my life and time. As to your being “facetious”? Your response makes that doubtful at best. So what if he has posted the same dribble twenty times this month. The problem is if it goes unanswered, there are people here who will accept it as “gospel”. There are hundreds if not thousands of people who sit on the fence on these matters. If you can’t see that, you might want to removed your head from the sand.

        • you are damn right it’s my life and time. As to your being “facetious”? Your response makes that doubtful at best.

          Don’t EVER presume to know what my intent might be… You want to bite on clown boys dick every time It drops that steaming pile of shit that It calls “facts” then you go for it but don’t assume that when someone points out how fucking stupid it looks to keep responding to that dumbass that they actually give a fuck about how you look OR what you think… So go ahead, run your little bullshit last word and then fuck off…

        • MADDMAXX, I will “presume” whatever I want. Your missives don’t scare me in the least. The only dick biting seems to come from you, chomping on your own.
          Your ignoring the Leftist Anti-Gun Radicals is foolish and is like letting the fox in the hen house. Frankly, I don’t give a rat’s behind what you or these anti-gun nuts think. But I will counter them when and where I find their ludicrious comments. Because like you and your kind, there are people who do read their missives and take them as gospel.
          Now you can take your own advice. FUCK OFF and chomp on your own dick.

    • So, the CDC DOCUMENTING that GDUs happen somewhere between 250,000 and 4 million times a year isn’t evidence, you babbling moron???? And remember, this is the CDC – not exactly a 2A friendly organization.

      Every time you “comment”, you prove once again that you are a babbling moron, with the intelligence of a planaria, the knowledge of a brick, and the morals of a crack whore. You are a waste of space, an oxygen thief, and an embarrassment to the human race. Go suck-start a shotgun, you @$$clown.

      • To be fair, with an estimated 150,000,000 plus gun owners (estimates 45-47% of population) running wild amongst the population, clown boys 3% number WOULD be around 4,500,000 a tad higher than CDCs numbers (apparently it feels over 4 million lives saved annually is insignificant), but then again it IS clown boy… Just sayin’…

    • How many times do we have to go over this laughable quote when even a 5th grader can understand that State Laws are totally meaningless when other Hillbilly states who lack the same laws let thousands of second hand guns flood the big cities via the “Iron Pipe Line” as proven by law enforcement tracings and studies.

      So gun control laws do not work because guns can be smuggled in like phentynal?

      • Michael, he thinks that more laws will solve the “problem,” but then acknowledges in the same sentence that the laws don’t work. IL has laws against importing guns — if laws actually worked like he thinks, it wouldn’t matter what the state next door did or did not allow.

        (Bonus points if he mentioned “iron pipeline” — yep, he did!)

    • A quick scan (without my glasses) was really disappointing, only caught TWO “Hillbillys” and NO Capitalvanias”… On the other hand the little one-person clown show actually outdid itself with that screed, very impressive word count indeed… The “Masters” will be proud, unlike anyone who wastes their time actually reading that crap… How many times must you post the same old bullshit lies that have been debunked time and time again. No one takes you seriously (Albert has more credibility than you) and you have nothing new to say… Might be time to toss “dacian” in the dust bin with “Vlad” and do another reinvention or at least get some new material… Just sayin…

    • guy comes through your classroom door wearing body armor…you shoot him high or low…it’s not rocket science…

  12. I’ve been calling out the liars of “gun control” since God was a baby. I could list them here but it would only give the attention, they so fervently desire.

      • yeah,…he’s back on that “hillbilly state” kick…as opposed to what.?..the “jungle”?…something that’s becoming more apparent in the blue state’s cities….

  13. Never forget.

    The same side that, for two years, accused police of habitually hunting down and gunning down unarmed Black men, the same side that accused the criminal justice system of being systemically racist, the same side that called for decarceration and defund the police… the same side that wants stricter gun control laws to be enforced by these very same police in this very same system.

  14. yeah,…he’s back on that “hillbilly state” kick…as opposed to what.?..the “jungle”?…something that’s becoming more apparent in the blue state’s cities….

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