Washington Wizards’ Gilbert Arenas Owes $70k for Unclaimed Guns. Allegedly.

Tactical Operations is a Beverly Hills gun store specializing in modified Remington 700 rifles. The bit of their website that hawks Tac-Ops training is suspiciously vague. “Tac-Ops training is conducted by a diverse group of highly experienced instructors with extensive real-world experience. Our instructors are drawn from the elite of the military and law enforcement special operations community — professionals who are currently operational both here and abroad.” And unnamed. “For security purposes, instructors cannot be identified outside of military or law enforcement circles.” The site also mentions, but doesn’t show, Silencers-Suppressors. Which brings us to Washington Wizards’ felonious Gilbert Arenas, recently convicted for bringing a bag o’ guns to the Verizon Center . . .

The Globe and Mail reports that “Tactical Operations sued Arenas last week in Los Angeles County Superior Court in Santa Monica. The firm claims it obtained five Beretta pistols with silencers for Arenas in 2006. The suit says Arenas bought the guns but refused to pick them up and Tactical’s been stuck with them. Attorney Burton Jacobson says the firm is selling the weapons but Arenas owes storage fees and interest.”

Seventy grand for FIVE Berettas? Let’s assume Tactical Operations planned to help Mr. Arenas intimidate teammates by purchasing Beretta’s most expensive pistols on his behalf. That would be the Px4 Storm Special Duty .45ACP at $915 a piece. Presuming the dealer didn’t get a discount, I make that $4575. A nice little suppressor, say, an AWC Abraxas 9MM Titanium, runs $599.99. That’s $2995.95 for five.

Put the two numbers together and you get $7570.95. That leaves $62,429.05 outstanding. Assuming exactly four years have expired since the purchase order, Tactical Operations wants to charge Mr. Arenas $5,202.43 per month for storage fees and interest for five guns. Good luck with that.


  1. avatar Robert Fure says:

    Not that it makes a big difference, but you forgot the $200 fee for purchasing a suppressor, so take on another grand.

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