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The Brady Bunch unintentionally outs Hollywood hypocrites who use guns in their movies, but work to deny others access to self-defense weapons.

Americans are known for our love of many things – personal freedom, humor, guns, and lists. Lots and lots of lists. So when the folks at the Brady Bunch complied their list of how each state ranks one their (bleeding heart) scale of leglislation that is “anti-gun”-friendly (wrap your mind around that one), I had to see it for myself. Of course, there’s nothing new here – nor is there any methodology published on the page that will tell us how they came up with their rankings. So it could be entirely subjective. Or not. We’ll never know. I was surprised to find that perennial whipping-boys Texas and Florida weren’t at the very bottom of the pile. But then, you never can tell, when you can’t get a look at how they scored. Below is an alphabetic, state-by-state list of how they rank the states on gun legislation, for your amusement.

AL 16 IL 28 MT 4 RI 45
AK 2 IN 6 NE 8 SC 10
AZ 2 IA 14 NV 9 SD 4
AR 4 KS 7 NH 9 TN 8
CA 79 KY 2 NJ 73 TX 9
CO 15 LA 2 NM 4 UT 0
CT 53 ME 11 NY 50 VT 8
DE 21 MD 52 NC 19 VA 17
DC N/A MA 54 ND 4 WA 17
FL 6 MI 23 OH 11 WV 4
GA 8 MN 15 OK 2 WI 10
HI 42 MS 6 OR 17 WY 10
ID 2 MO 4 PA 25

After reviewing the data, I’m actually kind of insulted that my adopted state of Texas scored higher than Louisiana, the state of my birth. What in the HELL are they using for critieria? Utah coming in a zero, I get, since they export their conceal carry permits. But ranking New York at just 50, and Illinois at a dismal 28? They wuz robbed! (and probably at gunpoint – states with anti-gun laws have higher crime rates than do those with conceal carry laws.)

Does any of this make sense? Of course not. But it makes for a great press release, and will get the Brady Campaign some ink…and that’s worth more than logic and reason to the Brady Bunch.

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