Washington Wizards’ Gilbert Arenas Owes $70k for Unclaimed Guns. Allegedly.

Tactical Operations is a Beverly Hills gun store specializing in modified Remington 700 rifles. The bit of their website that hawks Tac-Ops training is suspiciously vague. “Tac-Ops training is conducted by a diverse group of highly experienced instructors with extensive real-world experience. Our instructors are drawn from the elite of the military and law enforcement […]

Official Pics of Gilbert Arenas’ Guns

Ahead of future felon Gilbert Arenas’ sentencing for firearms possession, the U.S. Attorney’s Office has released pics of the NBA b-baller’s ballistics. And it’s not pretty. Don’t tell me. Velcro? And yes, that is an X-frame Smith & Wesson .500 revolver turning its back on the golden gun. “The high energy of these rounds make […]

Prosecutors: Jail Gilbert Arenas for 3 Months

Lawyers eh? What you just read in seven words took prosecutors 61 pages to declare. Still, there are some good bits in the sentencing recommendations sent to the judge in the Gilbert Arenas felony firearms case: “The defendant’s conduct since the time of the incident establishes that he has shown little genuine remorse for anything […]

Gilbert Arenas Had 500 Guns

Esquire got the 411 on NBA B-baller Gilbert Arenas’ gun collection. I had a big gun collection. About four to five hundred guns. The guy I bought it from was in his seventies. He’d been collecting them for years. He had First World War guns. I bought his whole collection and added to it. I […]