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Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass. (AP Photo/Ringo H.W. Chiu)
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As we’ve pointed out time and again, (see here, here and here) far-left pseudo indigenous person Elizabeth Warren has a problem with poor people owning firearms and having the ability to defend themselves. She’s patronizingly against Second Amendment rights for anyone below a certain income level and wants to tax guns and ammunition out of their reach.

Not that she’d admit that, of course. Instead, she hides her underclass disarmament policies behind a fig leaf of dealing with a non-existent public health issue.

“You mentioned the gun issue and we got to talk about it on the debate stage Friday night,” [WMUR’s Adam] Sexton said. “You proposed a pretty significant tax increase on ammunition. So many of your plans are about lifting up people of lower incomes and disadvantaged communities, but that tax is probably going to fall disproportionately on their shoulders. Why target them with something like that that’s going to make it harder for them to access Second Amendment rights, and, perhaps, alienate some fo the voters you need to win back from President Trump to win in 2020?”

According to Warren, America has a “gun violence problem.”

“That means it’s about mass shootings. It’s also about shootings that occur on sidewalks and playgrounds. It disproportionately hits communities of color, but never raises a headline,” she explained. “It’s about suicides and lethality of suicides and, it’s about domestic violence and the much-increased odds that a woman will be killed if she’s in a place with an abuser and there’s also a gun in the home. So I approach this as a public health issue.”

– Beth Baumann in Elitism: Warren Wants to Up Ammo Prices to Protect Minority Communities and Women

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    • Orwell has gone from warning to guidebook and Huxley wasn’t far off the mark at the same time.

      • When I read 1984 it was science fiction/social commentary back in the day. Now the younger folks read it as HISTORY, or political function to be implemented.

    • And she still believes the long discredited line of gun control equals crime control. Perhaps criminals should be seen as a public health issue and dealt with like an infection on society.

      • I’m not much for getting stolen from or shot in a robbery. However I believe there must be a certain amount of law breakers and outlaws to keep a country free. Sheep are lead and herded, wolves resist the collar

      • I’d agree SC… AND Doctors deal with infections by KILLING THEM. So let’s STOP DISarming Americans and START making it less problematic for Honest Working Class folks to BE armed, especially IF they use their weapon in defense of “Home and Hearth”, and REFUSE TO PANDER to the pestilence walking our streets like the Coronavirus. Wipe it out. Folks CAN clean-up their neighborhoods IF idiot politicians will LET THEM.

  1. “It’s about suicides and lethality of suicides…”

    In other words, I care not about why people are trying to kill themselves, or in other other words, I’m not interested in admitting our policies kill people.

    • “It’s about suicides and lethality of suicides…”

      I’m having a bit of a time trying to wrap my (admittedly pointed) head around why the Leftists have such a big problem with suicides.

      Aren’t they the ones who are all about “My body, my choice”? I’d say, whether you want to live or not should be entirely the individual’s choice…

    • So the suicidal person will go out to get some ammo to off themselves with, get to the check out line, person rings them up, they see the crazy tax hike and decide “nah, can’t go this way, too spendy for me.” I don’t think the suicidal, domestic abusers, and gang members are high volume shooters. They only need a couple rounds for their purposes, in fact they would probably be totally cool with mag limits as some don’t have enough ammo to fill a 15 to 30 round mag.

      • A friend of mine had a sister-in-law, who after a lifetime of poor life choices regarding men, drugs, etc., went to a pawn shop, filled out the 4473, got the NICS check, and waited for 3 days to pick up the gun, and went to a cheap motel with the gun and a bottle of rot-gut liquor, and blew her brains out. Left a toddler behind..

        She could have saved herself 3 days of misery by purchasing a long gun.. She also could have used drugs, rope, jumped off something high, or taken a bath with a hair dryer, but she made her choice, and wanted to succeed. For people that have reached the decision to end their lives, they just want a quick, relatively painless end.

        Sometimes you can’t save people from themselves.

    • Yeah. Unless someone has recent (like great grandparents or earlier) ancestry or was raised by American Indians claiming ancestry shouldn’t be allowed. Im 1/8 (my father’s father’s mother was Natchez Choctaw) but I still census as white because I am mostly European ancestry and look it (though i frequently mark other and write in American). My dad really shows his ancestry but still doesn’t mark it as such out of respect for actual American Indians.

      Fauxchohontas is a opportunistic, racist monster.

    • How insulting, Fauxahontas and I are of the same tribe (not nation). The Whiterthanrice tribe. Just out of curiosity, how many generations must be born here before you can be considered a Native American? In theory, everybody on this continent came from either Europe or Asia at some point in history. And their ancestors came from somewhere in the Middle East.

    • Poverty keeps them on the Government plantation where the Libs want them. Libs realized there is infinitely more power, control, and wealth in government than cotton. And, they can tax others to pay for the shanty shacks, sow belly and collard greens. And, they still get all of the black vote!! Truly a scam worthy of the Leftys.

  2. So she’s saying it’s mostly poor people commiting the mass shootings and suicides?

    Here’s a fun fact – Fauxcahontas came in 5th in Pocahontas County in the Iowa caucus.

      • I’m seriously thinking about it. But hand loading for a semi-auto I’m sure will have reliablity problems for the gun.

        • From observation of a friend’s experience once you get sizing and charge down it seems about as good as factory for reliability just don’t go for nuclear loads off the bat.

  3. Love her dog, everyone deserves a Golden Retriever like that. Just a good nature’d, instantly makes friends with everyone, gentle hairy beast.

    You know what? I just may write-in “Baily Warren” on the primary ballot this year.

    • John, Using the term ‘squaw’ is really insulting to Native Americans, of course so is considering Ms. Warren a Native American. On the other hand Country Boy’s ‘helluva stupid bitch’, has upset my dog ginger’s feelings. Ginger says leave Ms. Warren in her own category, because the term ‘bitch’ classifies her to close to her.

  4. Warren is one helluva stupid bitch. The criminals doing murders, robberies and mass shootings don’t buy ammo. They steal it just like they do the guns they use.

    Warren has a severe case of rectumuscranium disease

    • …and here I thought she suffered from craniorectal inversion syndrome….figured that was why so many sh**ty statements squeak past her lips.

  5. “It’s about suicides…”

    What an idiot. A real solution would address the underlying problem. How do Koreans and Japanese manage to commit suicide without access to guns? Does she think suicidal Americans are too stupid to figure that out?

    • Isn’t that always the answer?
      Lots of folks in NH think their property taxes are too high.
      The answer?
      Get the poor people to pay their property taxes for them through a wage-slave income tax and levy a sales tax on their trips to Walmart.
      It aint easy being a millionaire with a second home on the big lake dontchakno.

      • Then when you’re REALLY wealthy in high tax state like Nancy Pelosi, you just mortgage your multiple homes so you get a massive tax break and avoid paying so much in state taxes. Then you take the multiple millions in low interest loans and invest it brilliantly for massive returns. How is a humble public servant such a brilliant investor you may ask? Actually, sorry, you can’t ask that. Well, you can try like 60 minutes did years ago, but she will avoid you and not answer.

        • Look up the STOCK Act and how Congress quietly exempted themselves a year after it’s implementation. Congress voted themselves the Right to indulge in insider trading…that kind of knowledge really helps your portfolio…ask Nancy and the rest of the “wage-earner” Congresscritters. Imagine…multi-millionaires after a few years with a stated Congressional pay of $174,000 per annum….apparently Congress uses “fuzzy” math for all their calculations.

  6. “Raise Taxes on Ammunition” Politicians. If I may suggest 110% for Republicans, 130% Democrats, 150% Democratic Socialists, and add 10% for each time any of them vote for or co-sponsor a bill that would restrict any enumerated Constitutional right. Too much to hope for perhaps, but there is no class of people I trust less, and yet they are no less dangerous to your freedom than having a drunken attorney appointed as your public defender should you be charged with a crime.

  7. Warren is just repeating what her campaign handlers and the Bloomburg group tell her to say. Probably hasn’t been an original idea in her brain-housing group for a long time…

  8. Typical big government ass wipe. Loves the idea of using government to punish those who don’t support her politically. Politicians like her are exactly why the founders demanded the 2nd amendment.

    • Progressive Socialist Democrats (this election year’s pool of useful idiots..Warren, Sanders, Biden, Buttigag, Klobutcher, etc) personify the following:

      “Everyone is in favor of free speech. Hardly a day passes without its being extolled, but some people’s idea of it is that they are free to say what they like, but if anyone else says anything back, that is an outrage.”
      ― Winston Churchill

  9. An honest citizen gets hammered by taxes on the 1,000 rounds he takes to a shooting school while a gangbanger needs a fraction of one box to do a drive by on a rival. That’s not going to do anything for minorities, women or children. Putting the gangbangers away until they are too old and feeble to harm anyone would be a huge benefit but Warren and her ilk refuse to do that.

    • Hoe about just hanging the law breaking assholes in the middle of town? Save tax dollars and raise money for the victims by selling tickets to every event.

  10. Imagine…..some idiot married her. Is her alleged “husband” as fake as her pedigree??

    How many beers does it take? Is there enough beer in boston???

    Can you imagine anyone having sex with her (except maybe in exchange for a grade)?

    Sorry for making you conjure that image.

    Just say’n

  11. Sorry, communist Warren, but:

    “A state may not impose a charge for the enjoyment of a right granted by the Federal Constitution.”–U.S. Supreme Court, Murdock v. Pennsylvania, 319 U.S. 105 (1943).

    And, treasonous witch, that includes everything that is necessary in order for that secured right to be exercised as intended. So stick your ideas where the sun don’t shine.

  12. Regarding suicides…..

    Isn’t it THEIR body or does that standard only apply to women who want to kill babies?

    • According to Progressives, your life belongs to the state and suicide is willful destruction of state property. Probably punishable by death. The state decides when or how you die.

  13. Fauxcahontas speak with forked tail er tongue😏 Meanwhile a revolution is brewing…guess who has most of the guns???

  14. Warren is now eligible for entry into the great Parthenon of failed presidential candidates. Unlike Valhalla, entry does not require courage, only dishonesty and ignorance.

    No worries though, the rewards are pretty good, large book deals and guest spots on CNN.

  15. Grey-beaver drinkum fire water, make crazy talk. Chief orange man keepum squaw in teepee; Grey-beaver thinkum squaw can be chief.

  16. Warren is NOT going to be the Democrat Nominee nor will she be President. Once she loses, she will, hopefully shut her lying mouth and leave politics.I know a number of people who will vote her out of office once given the chance. She is nothing but a lying sack of puny bones and deceit wrapped in in a pants suit we have seen way too many times now.

  17. So by her logic, she should have no problem with taxing abortions at say, $10,000 each. If we can’t ban it, we’ll just tax it out of existence.

    Oh and we should restrict these horrible assault phones with HIGH Capacity memory cards. NO one needs more than at most 10 gig storage on their phone. And let’s tax microSD cards, at $50 per gig.

    We can play these games too. Oh, how about a tax for people living in super high density population areas. Democrats love taxes. They should be happy if the Federal Government taxes NYC for having dense population at say 500 billion a year. Failure to pay results in the city mayor being jailed and personally fined.

  18. The People only care about free tampons in mens restrooms.

    Because The People are tired of being oppressed.

  19. Ok, I’ll ask it again, is there anything GOOD that comes out of Massachusetts? I mean Warren is a phony Indian, they screwed Utah with that R I N O Mitten’s Romney, they tax their citizens to death, etc…
    Oh ya, & they are hopelessly mostly Liberal Democrats,
    I know this and can say this for a fact better I was born there & have family in that craphole.

  20. I’m not too worried about Warren, she’s going to prove too radical for the more moderate Democrats, but she’s got less money and less support from the fringe than Bernie has. Klobuchar is the one that concerns me the most. I can see her pulling ahead in the next few months. She’s anti-gun like the rest even though she doesn’t talk about it as much and she’ll pick up the Biden votes when he drops out. That is, if Bloombucks doesn’t buy them first.

  21. Fine. Raise taxes on feminine hygiene products. Raise taxes on weaves. Raise taxes on all major news publications, personal blog operation and usage taxes, and a 20% increase on smart phones, tablets, and laptops/netbooks.

    And since Trump’s name is technically a trademark, I’d like to see an issuance of copyright and trademark royalties every time he’s bogged about, spoken about, and public ally ridiculed.

    Turnabout is fair play, right?

    (For the record, I’m not actually in favor of ANY taxes, especially ones leveled against people’s Bill Of Rights.)

  22. How about taxing people that are *charged* with violent crimes, aggravated crimes, or domestic violence?

    Why am I, a good law abiding citizen, always punished for the actions of the law breaker?

    Warren, answer me that.

  23. Japan has very strong gun control, but they have a high suicide rate. Australia has heavy gun control but they also have a high suicide rate. The facts are that draconian gun control laws do not stop people who want to kill themselves from doing so. Raising taxes on bullets is not going to stop suicides. It won’t reduce criminals from using guns either, but it may hinder low income people from practicing and being better able to defend themselves.

    Better for women? Bull Squat. Longer waiting periods for NICS approval, higher taxes of guns and ammo, limiting what guns are available will not stop a ‘significant other’ from violating a restraining order and causing grave bodily harm to a woman, but it might (has) cause a woman from being able to protect herself.

    Like most Dems, Fauxahontas is a train wreck when it comes to understanding gun control and how to stem the tide of gun violence. But while she takes away your and my rights, why don’t we just let people out of jail early and without posting bail. that should make us all safer.

  24. What about me, Warren? I am a woman and I am a minority – wtf are you doing to me by raising taxes? You claim you want to “save” me but you are raising taxes on the very people that you claim you want to save. What a f-n hypocrite you really are. Go back to your teepee and your tribe, Pocahontas. You are not wanted here.

  25. Elizabeth Warren is the kind of white liberal that President Bush was talking about. A white liberal who has the soft bigotry of low expectations for blacks. And those blacks need to have special care taken of them. Because they can’t take care for themselves. According to the racist thinking of white liberals.

    This kind of soft bigotry has been around for decades now.

  26. Trump needs to have her removed, she is violation the laws of this country and the people picking certain things to up taxes on were as only the wealthy can afford to buy, if that’s not unconstitutional and racist, decriminalization against the poor, me and millions more would like to know what is, she is committing felonys left /right punishable crimes in any court, the people of this nation wants her and any like her removed from any an all political offices, and put behind bars for their crimes of terrorism, for in some countries this type of crime is punishable by death, America needs stricter punishment for criminals, the prisons wouldn’t be so crowded.

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