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By Jeff Hulbert

Once upon a time in Virginia, a little emperor named Michael Bloomberg threw a gun control party, but gun rights advocates crashed it…bigly. And what a party it was.

Unfortunately, we neglected to RSVP.

Spoiler Alert: this story has a happy ending with Michael Bloomberg’s presidential campaign bus veering off into a political ditch at its final stop in Virginia on Sunday night.

That’s because members of my Patriot Picket crew joined forces with the Virginia Citizens Defense League and others to give the arriving Bloomberg team a Second Amendment welcome—one that absolutely undercut the boisterous gun-control festivities that they had planned for the evening.


Spoiler Alert #2: The media came to cover the Bloomberg event, but our Second Amendment crowd hijacked the coverage and flipped the media narrative to be a story about Bloomberg opposition.


That’s a win, but more about that in a moment.

Almost 200 Second Amendment supporters massed on the sidewalk outside Bloomberg’s brand new campaign office with signs and bullhorns to greet the Bloomberg ”Gun Violence Prevention Tour” when it pulled up in the overwhelmingly liberal Northern Virginia enclave of Arlington for an Second Amendment infringement gala.

The, uh, fly in the anti-gun punchbowl, however, was that our impromptu gun rights rally attendance was two to three times the number of the Bloomberg minions gathered inside.

Bloomberg arlington gun control
Courtesy Jeff Hulbert

In addition to the VCDL members that mixed in with our Patriot Picket squad, we were also supplemented by the ArfCom Regulars, who made their own entrance.

With a drummer at the front, they marched up the sidewalk in formation with banners held high—and bullhorn blaring—to rendezvous with us.

Bloomberg arlington gun control
Courtesy Jeff Hulbert

That meant fans of the authoritarian New Yorker had to run a gauntlet of chants, criticism, freedom messages and liberty placards to scurry inside a hastily-rented storefront that was slavishly and garishly plastered with hundreds of “We Like Mike” posters.

Bloomberg Arlington campaign gun control
Courtesy Jeff Hulbert

The Bloomberg campaign’s plans was for several hours of rah-rah festivities including speeches that would lift the drifting Democrats to such dizzying heights of ecstasy about New York-style gun control that a single milk crate wouldn’t nearly be enough for Michael Bloomberg to stand on in order to be seen.

But, for many of the Bloombots attending, the event turned into a surprise party.

Bloomberg arlington gun control
Courtesy Jeff Hulbert

The first surprise: Michael Bloomberg was not on the bus when it arrived. The Little Emperor apparently chose to skip the occasion after the heavy anti-Bloomberg patriot pushback encountered at his stops in the Tidewater Virginia region late last week.

As best we could tell, the lack of a rear entrance to the Bloomberg campaign storefront likely played a role in the decision by the self-funded billionaire to bypass his own campaign event—which would have exposed him to the kind of sidewalk derision he doesn’t want the media to see.

Bloomberg arlington gun control
Courtesy Jeff Hulbert

So, the dizzying heights of gun control passion were never reached, as the Infringement Gala ran out of steam little more than halfway through the allotted time.

For most of their gathering, the surrogates and supporters were simply worn down and drowned out by the 2A cheers and “Go Home Bloomberg!” chants pounding them from just outside their windows by a fired-up patriot gathering that never flagged.


The scene, which took place just around the corner from the Pentagon and right across the Potomac river from our nation’s capitol, was also supposed to be the grand opening of the Bloomberg campaign office there.

The contrasts were stark.

Inside the Bloomberg campaign HQ, not a single American flag could be seen as their paid surrogates blathered endlessly about gun control while distracted with the chants and cheers from the sidewalk. Our 2A gathering just outside the Bloomberg windows had plenty of American flags.

Bloomberg arlington gun control
Courtesy Jeff Hulbert

The Bloombots inside just kept going when we doffed our hats and recited the Pledge of Allegiance, followed by our renditions of the National Anthem and “God Bless America”.

That was followed by everyone on our side taking a knee to honor the sacrifices of our fighting men and women to defend American freedom in combat, along with a huge cheer for our veterans attending.

Bloomberg arlington gun control
Courtesy Jeff Hulbert

After that it was time to let loose. The Bloombots were huddled in the storefront with a crew of private security guys glaring back at us.

Washington, DC Mayor Muriel Bowser was the key political surrogate for Bloomberg at the Arlington event, touting Mayor Mike as a gun violence savior.

As the chief Bloomberg cheerleader, Mayor Bowser had obviously decided at some point to overlook the former New York City’s mayor’s unconstitutional “stop and frisk” program targeting thousands of African-Americans in the Big Apple.

Bowser appeared to struggle for the undivided attention of the minions as our side bombarded the storefront with wave after wave of chants like “We will not comply!” “Bloomberg bribes buy our rights!” and “Guns save lives!”.

Bloomberg Arlington gun control
Courtesy Jeff Hulbert

In fact, the two chief surrogates for Bloomberg were both women, which stood in high contrast to the very visible presence of the wives, girlfriends, sisters, and mothers standing for gun rights just outside the windows—with many holding signs reading “Gun Rights Are Women’s Rights” and “Guns Saves Lives!”.

Bloomberg arlington gun control
Courtesy Jeff Hulbert

The campaign’s gun control bash, which could easily be watched through the glass storefront was—shocked face—devoid of large sugary drinks and only mini-Mike-sized portions of appetizers were offered.

That, along with heaping helpings of scorn dropped on them by our freedom-loving sidewalk truth squad, seemed to explain the sour looks on all the faces of the “We Like Mike” supporters as they tried to listen to the propaganda that was regularly drowned out by our 2A chants.

Bloomberg arlington gun control
Courtesy Jeff Hulbert

To add to the fun, some of our gun rights advocates were able to bamboozle their way past Bloomberg’s bouncers guarding the door to the campaign office grand opening.

Our “gun control” imposters then took to the stage and surprised the Bloombergians by commandeering the microphone to offer speeches—albeit brief ones—on “gun rights as a civil right” before being ushered out of the storefront to the cheers and high-fives from the our 2A crowd.

As gun rights supporters, we were not about to keep all this hilarity to ourselves.

Throughout the time we were there our Patriot Picket Facebook livestream of the event brought 1,800 other folks along for the ride.

With viewers tuning in from across 2A Nation, we asked for shoutouts and got back responses—by our rough count—from more than 40 states.

The president of the Virginia Citizens Defense League was also logged on and watching from his central Virginia home, and was generous in his praise for the turnout .

When it came time to shut it all down, the Bloomberg sycophants dashed away with their heads ducked down, as if they would face the kind of mob action and violence that leftists have made famous.

That didn’t happen.

Bloomberg Arlington campaign gun control
Courtesy Jeff Hulbert

Some though, when verbally poked about how cheaply Bloomberg bought their vote, became so agitated, they had to be escorted away by a few of the Arlington police contingent that was detailed to the event.

Bloomberg arlington gun control
Courtesy Jeff Hulbert

Such sour faces. Such a contrast to the happy warrior vibe that our side brings to these demonstrations. It must be so tiresome for anti-gun rights leftists to be that bitter all the time.

Which brings us to the compliments we got from law enforcement—who told us they were not sure what to expect. For many police officers in the liberal bubble of northern Virginia, many had never dealt with this kind of major gathering of gun rights supporters.

We were thanked heartily for our efforts to keep a path open on the sidewalk for uninvolved pedestrians and for our disciplined approach to avoid even inadvertent physical contact with the agitated Bloombots.

One officer told us our demonstration was the “gold standard” in the use of the First Amendment.

Other officers leaned in to thank us in quiet conversations, identifying themselves as solid 2A supporters who were grateful for our efforts on their behalf.

We parted company in Arlington knowing that Bloomberg had been handed a major defeat in his quest to swoop into Northern Virginia as a gun control conquering hero.

Next to the fawning media coverage he gets in New York, Los Angeles and Miami, Bloomberg expected coverage of a campaign office grand Opening—in a liberal bastion where one can see the Washington Monument on the horizon—to be a major media market cakewalk.

Instead it was a bust for the Little Emperor as virtually all media accounts mentioned the large pro-gun rights presence there.

While expecting fawning news coverage from the major Washington, DC TV stations that are running his advertising blizzards, Bloomberg’s grand opening resulted only in multiple news stories focused on the intense opposition to his gun control mania.

There are just some things money can’t buy.


Jeff Hulbert is the founder of Patriot Picket

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    • Someone in Ben Shapiro’s SOTU coverage said “Mike Bloomberg is so short that he needs a step stool to climb up onto a step stool…. …thought that was pretty funny.

      • I often wonder what mini mike thinks when he walks, surrounded by his bodyguards that are huge compared to him, and if he looks forward he sees butts, and if he looks backwards he sees crotches…..

    • So this whole gun confiscation crap is because little mIKE has small man’s disease? Should he be nicknamed mIKE “Bantam rooster” Bloomturd?

    • I don’t care about his size. I care that he did not even have the guts to show up at his own campaign rally. Hey, Bloomidiot, save your money, and stay out of Virginia.

        • Little mIKE better stay out of Texas Because he is so small he would disappear here bodyguards and all. This gun/people control crap is getting old. The criminal democrats have been pushing this since the 1980’s when Reagan was shot and Brady got shot in the head. It is time for them to give it a rest.This might have started as some type of gun control issue but now it is quite obvious the democrats are out to disarm all law abiding Americans. This would leave the criminals and the police with weapons. Now where would this leave all of us? We all would be left at the mercy of the criminals and for the unarmed the criminals would be all that were armed. Let me explain. Once the law abiding Americans were disarmed the government could do to all of us anything they wanted to. Just like the criminals that did not disarm. We would be stuck between criminals and criminals and would not stand a chance. History has recorded this time and again in many different countries at many different times. I think the killing fields were one of the last really big kill off of people. Where the communist killed millions in Vietnam after the U.S.pulled out. This has happened before in Germany with the Jews. As Germany progressed it’s way through Europe disarming the people and eliminating all that did not agree with the German way of thinking.,and that was .to kill all the Jews,drug addicts.Homosexuals. Anyone that was different was subject to extermination. Then you have communist China where the people’s only right is to keep the Government going and in power. The many millions have no God given right that is recognized by the Government. I could go on with this explanation and why the push to turn our Government into a socialist/communist Hell hole can never be allowed. Once you allow yourself to be disarmed you No longer have any say about the direction of your life. If that ever happens you will find the Government takes all it needs for itself and then some. A Government that does not fear its populace is dangerous to its populace. Remember that!!

  1. This gives me some measure of hope in my state. Unfortunately the democrat traitors in our legislature ignored us and passed the gun ban last week. When we objected we were thrown out of the committee room on pain of arrest for trespass.

    • Mike Crognale,

      I question whether the Virginia Legislature’s action (ejecting you) violated your First Amendment right to petition government for redress of grievances.

      Of course it should come as no surprise that a government which is all-too-happy to violate our inalienable, Natural, God-given right to self-defense is also quite content to violate our other rights, such as our right to petition government for a redress of grievances.

  2. Gotta show that weasel our “love” everywhere he goes! The real irony about Doomberg is, years ago he was doing what we’ve been talkin about for years. He actually took guns away from CRIMINALS, problem is, most of em were the wrong demographic group so that came to a screeching halt. Then he decided nobody should have em, there, that’ll fix it!

  3. Well done Patriot Picket and VCDL!

    Well done.

    You all get the “Gun Heroes of the Day” designation!

    Don’t you love it when gun control leaders refuse to show up for their own event because of gun rights patriots in attendance?!?!


  4. At the risk of being “Debbie Downer”, I want to caution People-of-the-Gun to avoid the same failing as gun-grabbers. And that failing would be “doing something” that “feels good” and yet is ineffective.

    Was this rally effective at advancing our cause for the unimpeded exercise of our Natural, God-given rights? I have no idea. And I cannot begin to think of any way to determine if it was. If anyone has any insights, please share.

    • It changed the narrative of the tv news reports which exposed ignorant credulous rubes at home to the pro 2a talking points and exposed Bloomberg for the turd he is. Anyone selling “I hate Mike” tshirts yet?

    • I think it will help to embolden other regional gun rights groups and gun owners to organize and speak out more when they see these event take place. That alone will the attention of politicians. That might be worth more than votes in some areas.

    • “Was this rally effective at advancing our cause for the unimpeded exercise of our Natural, God-given rights?”

      Even preaching to the choir has its value. Every pie-in-the-face to gun grabbers encourages the team.

    • Would you rather the issue become a real physical fight? Otherwise then yes, this is the way to fight the liberals. I see this as a civil way to go about it.

    • “…Was this rally effective… I cannot begin to think of any way to determine if it was…”

      Exposing the ‘Little’ emperor has no clothes.

      Exposing the poster-child of an elitist plutocrat looking to buy people votes, rather than earn their admiration.

      Exposing an astro-terf event vs. a true grass roots movement of real people fighting for their rights.

      It’s a story as old as human history, and instinctively people understand the difference at a gut-level.

      Little mikey’s (he uses a small ‘m’) organization only exists when he feeds the “establishment’ considerable amounts of cash. Contrast that with Bernie, who is merely the current figurehead in a group that will continue after he is gone. Or to Trump, who earned the trust, and as important, the gratitude of the people for a job well done. Trump looks to empower the people, little mikey looks to control the people.

      • This is interesting, very much of what I said above about an astro-turf candidacy,

        From Dictionary: PLUTOCRAT
        A plutocrat is someone who uses their wealth to buy political power. It’s not a compliment, yet plutocrats rule the world. Just ask them.

        The terms plutocrat and plutocracy are almost always used in a critical or derogatory way. Plutocrats are a small, rich group of people within a larger society that rule or exert control (sometimes indirectly or secretly) using their money. Wealthy groups and people can do this by making large donations to political campaigns, with the expectation of favors in return. The Greek root of plutocrat is ploutos, “wealth.”

        From Collins:
        Word forms: plutocrats
        If you describe someone as a plutocrat, you disapprove of them because you believe they are powerful ONLY because they are rich.
        [formal, disapproval]
        Synonyms: rich man, millionaire, capitalist, tycoon

    • It worked out good for 5he cause. They did it peacefully not violence and without any problems. That alone sent a message.that we protest peacefully . The left is 5hevones that cause violence . And provoke the right to were they defend them selves. I mean some right wing3rs are fools and start violence and those are the ones I have no use for no matter if there fighting for the right cause or not. But I do believe in self defence.the left like antifa has gotten away way with to much shit. And we as 4ightbwing America living constatution loving Americans need to be above all that bs unless forced to defend our self’s

  5. Y’all ain’t seen nothin’ yet. Check this out:

    9 States Could Form The Interstate Compact on 2nd Amendment Sanctuary.

    MS HB 753.

  6. “the lack of a rear entrance to Bloomberg”…..
    What? Did he sew it all up? Roofing tar, Super Glue, staples, welding?
    “Say it ain’t so, Joe” err…Mike.
    Doesn’t he care about his identity?
    A complete A*****E.

    • “So Midget Mike punked out?”

      What’s with all the “little” shade thrown on Bloomberg? Read he is 5’8”. Is that now “little”?

      • He’s at least a foot shorter than 6’4″ Trump, and that’s wearing big Beatle-boots in all his public appearances. Guy requires special podiums at events and is filmed with his feet in frame. He’s around 5’4″, maybe a bit less as he ages.

      • Sam – I don’t know for sure how short er um tall he is but don’t forget that ‘little’ can easily refer to one’s character – or in his case lack thereof.

  7. Make no mistake, he’ll be ready for this next time
    So keep it up but change up on the tactics too to stay ahead of his counter .
    Also I bet his private security’s firearms if they had them carried more than 3 or 10 rounds and more than one magazine. And you know the local police were well armed. The hipocracy of it. Also there should be a way to expose this hypocrisy. Show the people that he’s so afraid of the every day population. That his private security is a small private army.
    Keep it up. Stand strong. Keep fighting the constitutions murders, wanna be communistic ditators.

  8. On the mini mike front. He has asked for a step stool when he participates in upcoming debates. This no bullshit. This campaign season is going to be hilarious. Trump is going to eat these fools alive.

    • All Trump has to do to win vs. Mike is whistle to stop the debate, and have someone bring him a step stool. The liberal media will try to bury it but if will go viral too quickly.

      Not that I’m a fan of attacking a man based on his stature or lack there of, but Mike is a lil b**** that deserves a spoonful of humility for once in his privileged life.

      • I understand Trump is considering simply refusing debates, why not have campaign rallies instead, see if anyone even listens to the Dems without him there. This is going to be a rout.

  9. Moniker Vlad Crappes said: Way to go TTAG for giving us advance notice of this so that more could participate.

    Operational political organizing is not TTAG’s job.

    Go to the VCDL website (.org) and sign up for their ALERT email. And connect with us at The Patriot Picket on FB where we publicize our political operations so you can join in.


  10. I’ve been getting sick to my stomach with Bloomingturds newest TV ad “Small Town” I don’t know, but he has me fooled into thinking he’s just a small town loving grandfather type! F—-ING NOT!
    They are SO desperately trying alter his image. It’s not going to work tiny MIKE. PEOPLE DON’T LIKE YOU!

  11. Bloomberg’s armed security people are used to being the only people in the zone (besides the cops) toting firearms.

    So it was entertaining to see the Little Emperor’s Security Squad giving us the stink eye when they saw me and many of my Patriot Picket crew open carrying sidearms. We even wore the more visible drop-down holsters but when embedded in such a large 2A crowd they were hard to see, LOL.

    Two of our guys were carrying THREE pistols each, as a salute to the New York Reload….

  12. There is no “Around the corner” from the Pentagon. There is, however, a whole lot of “Across the street.” 😉

    Wished I’d known of the rally. I’m not too far from the area.

      • “I’d say Crystal City could be considered around the corner…”

        Spent seven weeks TDY to Crystal City. Determined that if I had to live in DC (and could afford it) I would live in the Crystal City Shops Complex, in one of the apartments there. Avoid most of DC, and zippy access to/from Regan Airport. Having a Marriott in the middle of the shops made things most convenient.

  13. Bloomberg made a lot of money, literally millions, perhaps more, seemingly honestly, minding his own affairs. Perhaps he needs to give that another try, or at the very least, he aught to try quitting ordering others about. He is entitled to his own opinions, however people do get annoyed at endless lectures.

  14. Stop and Frisk should be a nation wide defense against gang violence and should be used by every police department nation wide, those that claim it targets only minorities is 100% wrong it targets CRIMINALS of all nationalities each is as vicious as the other gangs don’t care what nationality their victims are they will rob rape and kill anyone that’s why Stop and Frisk will target ONLY CRIMINALS this needs to be done now.

  15. Bloomburg is a bad joke, all his money cant buy him a national election, like he did in NY. He regulated what size soft drink kids could have, he thinks he knows whats best for people, his way and he would force it on our country, fortunately all his money wont buy him the Presidency, we already have a great President, Trump and we are going to keep him. Take your money and go home bloomy we don’t want you.!!!!!!!!

  16. Bloomberg should go back to his mansion and count his money again. None of us live in his world which is protected by walls and armed bodyguards.

  17. I watched the livestream from PA. It was awesome!! Thanks to everyone who was there in person. My wife and I also went to the rally in Richmond the other week.

  18. I’m into the mainstream media websites on a daily basis — pretty much all of them. There was no coverage for this on any of them. This article here is the first I’m hearing of it. So, maybe it got local coverage, but it didn’t, as far as I can tell, get any national coverage at all. Which is no surprise.

  19. Bloomsberg like all cowards would not face the freedom loving americans that can make him look so small. He is a loser in the making. I love the approach be respectful and orderly in your perfectly timed 2A gathering. This should be done in every state against every democrat or republican that stands for gun control.

  20. IF a man tries to “CONTROL” what you drink as in the sugary drinks, what make people think he will stop right there? This man, because he is rich, thinks he is smarter than all of us or anyone! he thinks we need him to make decisions for us! I am here to tell you that I don’t NEED Mike Bloomberg at all! And If he were never here, I would never miss the man! The impact this man has on what he thinks I need, has as much effect on me as a fly on a rhino’s butt!

  21. Congratulations to those who came out and fought the enemy using the 1st amendment. As our founders intended. To quote a congresswoman. “Make them feel uncomfortable.” “Let them know they are not wanted here.” “Get in their face.”

  22. Isn’t it amazing that you never see a gun display like this at a trump rally, or an official republican party event, or an NRA convention? No 2nd Amendment show of solidarity?? Do you wonder why? 😆

    • I’m pretty sure the Secret Service puts restrictions on firearms around POTUS, whether he likes it or not. And there are normally a lot of guns around NRA conventions, aren’t there? You might be hallucinating.


  23. Jeff Hulbert is more about getting his pic in either the newspaper, on TV or posted somewhere online than he is about preserving 2A rights. His and the Patriot Picket’s antics have not produced one change in Maryland gun laws for the better and if anything has had only a detrimental effect on the public’s perception of residents who support the right to own firearms. Again, all of the Patriot Picket’s name-calling and picketing hasn’t prevented the further erosion of gun owner’s rights in Maryland and I defy anyone to prove that it has. Instead of supporting pro-2A candidates and getting pro-2A people registered to vote, they’d rather wave signs and call people names than actually get their asses out and do the work that needs to be done to preserve 2A rights. I guess pissing and moaning is more gratifying than actually doing something.

    • Brian, is that you? Fabs? Seriously, why the personal attack on someone who is obviously fighting the antis on their home turf? Jealous of the results? From what I can tell reading his articles these last few weeks, he doesnt just talk the talk, he walks the walk. Too many people just pound their keyboards and think that they are making a difference. Meanwhile, Jeff really is.

      • Is that you, Jeff? Paul? Exactly what difference is Hulbert making? Show me ONE gun law in Maryland that has been either changed or prevented from being passed by the General Assembly as a result of the Patriot Picket’s activities? You can’t because there hasn’t been any whatsoever. Raising awareness? How do you suppose all the trolling and name-calling, intentionally getting yourself arrested and filing frivolous, BS lawsuits are perceived by ‘regular’ folks who either may or may not support the right to keep and bear arms in MD? The only thing the Patriot Picket has accomplished is to turn even more MD-residents into ‘antis’ and side with the gun-grabbers. Apparently, you think that getting this failed actor’s picture posted online is a way to affect a positive change in MD’s draconian gun laws and I’m telling you that type of delusional thinking is the biggest obstacle to positive change. But go right ahead and keeping whining and waving signs and thinking it’ll help. It won’t.

  24. I so enjoyed this post. We have to stand for ourselves, we have almost waited too late. I love seeing and reading the comments on this post. God bless you all, God bless our President and God bless the U.S.A.

  25. Squitorius: your grumpy old man rant about the Patriot Picket is pretty pathetic don’t you think?

    You are all about proof, so here we go. Please name one gun law that passed in Maryland during the last 4 years of Patriot Picket operations. Go ahead…we’ll wait.

    Here are more bonus proofs: you hiding behind a precious screen name while personally disparaging me is proof of cowardice.

    Labeling our ongoing federal civil rights lawsuit for unlawful arrest “frivolous BS” when the judge has ruled against government motions to dismiss the case show that you are just another Quisling government bootlick.

    Getting triggered by our account of taking on the Bloombergian Little Emperor nonsense last Sunday is proof that you are just another agitated Democrat.

    Run along now, and contemplate which member of your Clown Car Caucus will lose in a landslide in November. I hope it’s Bloomberg, who needs a step box to get to his step stool so he can be seen explaining his racist, elitist attitudes about black and hispanic Americans.

    • OK, how about MD’s Red Flag Law, huh? What about the trouncing of pro-2A candidates during the 2018 mid term election? Where were you? You and the rest of the Patriot Picket morons (all 8 of you) were out in front of the Governor’s mansion on election day, waving signs and calling people names while those candidates took a drubbing from the antis at the polls.

      The truth is, you’re nothing more than a liar, an attention-whore, a loser and all you want to do is BITCH instead of going out and doing the actual work it’ll take to change anything in MD. In other words, you’re worthless and it’s time for people how worthless you really are.

      Now, you’re playing the race card? LOL What a name-calling joke you and the Patriot Picket are.

    • Now, you can run along back to the alternate universe you and the Patriot Picket live in, the one where name-calling, total BS-lawsuits (“He pushed me, he pushed me!”) and pictures of yourself posted online wins the hearts and minds of voters sitting on the fence about 2A rights. I’ll go back to the real world, canvassing and supporting pro-2A political candidates, identifying unregistered pro-2A voters and more importantly, making sure they get registered and get to the polls on election day. I guarantee it’ll be more effective than doing BS, like either banging pots and pans in front of Maxine Water’s apartment building at 10:00pm or trolling an Arts & Crafts fair on Lawyers Mall because someone had the audacity to organize a 2A rally in MD without your blessing.

      The truth is, all the carboard signs and cute slogans in the world won’t change anyone’s position about 2A rights, especially when it’s comes from some silly-ass old white man whose only ploy is playing the race card like a BLM supporter would.

      • “…the hearts and minds of voters sitting on the fence about 2A rights.”

        These are as rare as unicorns, and too few to actually change anything politically. The real deal is converting the advertises 100 million gun owners into active 2A supporters. If we can’t do that (and currently we are not), gathering a few timid souls to be converts is simply a waste of good range time.

        • Respectfully, I disagree. There’s no way to know how many of them currently own firearms or support the rights of those who do. I think it’s better to reach-out than to push-away.

          The Patriot Picket’s trademark is to push-away. Anyone who disagrees with their tactics is instantly labeled either a “coward,” a “liberal,” a “traitor” or Hulbert’s favorite, “a Quisling” (as if anyone born after 1975 even knows what that means). If you don’t agree 100% with the utterly stupid shit they do, you can just go screw yourself and vote Democrat. It’s their way or the highway.

          Well, now, looky here: the Patriot Picket’s bile-spewing BS finally got the attention of TTAG and now they have a whole new platform for expressing their name-calling and old-man rage. Wake-up TTAG! These are the last people you want polluting your pages. They are not friends to the gun-owning community in any way. What they are is dysfunctional, attention-seeking geezers with too much time on their hands and a severe deficit of civility. Their tactics and actions have more in-common with BLM and Antifa than they do with those of us who support 2A rights with our wallets and in the voting booth.

        • “Respectfully, I disagree. There’s no way to know how many of them currently own firearms or support the rights of those who do. I think it’s better to reach-out than to push-away.”

          First, I have no knowledge of Patriot Pickett, and no opinion. Comments about that organization are irrelevant. If the Picketts were formidable (or even notable), the MSM would be featuring them nightly.

          Second, with what do you disagree?

          Third, you are correct, given the population of unicorns, we have no way to ascertain which ones even care a whit about the Second Amendment, thus it is wasteful to throw principles against the wall and hope some unicorns will pay attention. Regardless of the number of unicorns, they do not amount to a number that will result in overwhelming victory for the Second Amendment. As noted, it is the natural market for our ideas that we cannot capture, a market that should be a natural. Looking to fringe elements to carry the day is unproductive on a scale to amount to anything. Refusing to waste time is not “pushing away”.

          Fourth, the civil rights movement of the ’60s was not always civil. Much of it was “in-your-face” “pushing away”. People get tired of having their natural, civil and human rights denied, they get pushy. Gun-grabbers attack, all along the line, all the time. 2A defenders need to push back, all along the line, all the time, in whatever legal way possible.

      • If you’re going to throw shade on Hulbert and the Patriot Picket at least get your facts straight.

        And in a state that has a veto proof liberal democrat majority in both houses what was the result of your actions in support of the 2A? I’ll skip to the chase, Gov Hogan had ZERO coat tails and a net loss of pro 2A legislators and nothing but bread crumbs (repealing the fingerprint requirement for permit renewals which was redundant) have come our way.

        You seem to at least half ass monitor their activities maybe you missed all the boots on the ground support they threw behind Wolf for Attorney General. You remember him, the guy who wanted to unseat one of the biggest gun grabbers in the state Brian Frosh.

        • Exactly which facts do I need to get straight? All the times Hulbert has gone out and intentionally got himself arrested to draw attention to himself? Or, how about the fact that seven years ago, when Hulbert was staging one-man protests in-costume in downtown Annapolis, raging about vaccinations? When it became clear that nobody was really taking him for anything more than an angry loner, he jumped on the pro-2A bandwagon just to get his picture in the newspaper.

          So, how’d that work-out for Wolf? Did he unseat Frosh? Hell no he didn’t. It was one of the Patriot Picket’s biggest nothingburgers in a long history of nothingburgers to come from their little protest rallies.

    • LOL Yep, you never fail to live down to expectations that’s for sure. That’s just the type of non-substantive, dipshit response I’d expect from someone lacking the intelligence to justify their actions…or, in your case, lack of action beyond waving signs and name-calling. You’re a moron, Hulbert. Anyone who thinks you’re making any kind of difference in preserving 2A rights has got their head up their ass almost as far you do.

    • Thanks for, once again, demonstrating the thing you’re best known for in MD: name-calling. It’s even more pathetic because as “leader” of the Patriot Picket you should be able to express yourself as an adult and to justify your (in)actions in a rational way but I realized a long time ago those have never been your strong suits. For that matter, neither are common courtesy, nor working and playing nice with others nor tolerating any opinion that isn’t your own.

  26. Sounds like Squitorious is turning a little green, their livestream had 1,800 viewers and there are more people in the average waiting room than tune in to his dopey podcast.

  27. Quoting Squitward:
    “What they are is dysfunctional, attention-seeking geezers with too much time on their hands and a severe deficit of civility. Their tactics and actions have more in-common with BLM and Antifa than they do with those of us who support 2A rights with our wallets and in the voting booth.”
    I was actually at the un-Welcome Wagon event in Arlington (don’t recall seeing you there.) We received a number of compliments from the police regarding our behavior. One commented that we (VCDL, Patriot Picket and ARFcom) are the “gold standard” of how First Amendment actions should be done. Where BLM and Antifa are violent and destructive, we are organized, attentive, and we clean up after ourselves. If we were the BLM-of-2A as you suggest, where are the arrests, burning police cars, and destroyed businesses? Oh, that’s right, there weren’t any.

    I strongly advocate that folks look at the photos from the event. You’ll see men, women, old, young, and every ethnicity represented in the crowd. Hell, we had one gent (mid-20s) who was out walking his dog ask “What’s going on?” When we explained the blatant attempt by Bloomberg to purchase yet another election, he grabbed his pooch, joined in, and stayed for the duration. Community engagement, FtW!

    • @HeadacheBoy

      I don’t recall seeing you there either but I’ll take your word for it. The Patriot Picket looked downright harmless compared to some of the groups represented but where they really show their asses is right here at home in MD, when the only time they can get more than a handful of angry old farts to protest with them is when the MD General Assembly is in-session.

  28. It’s getting a little creepy. You seem to be keeping Patriot Picket press clippings in something that resembles a Tiger Beat scrapbook, LOL…

    • No creepier than you traveling all the way to FL just to stalk the campus of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland. I swear, if I had caught you snapping pics of my kids with your cell phone that day, without my consent, you’d have skulked back to MD without it but, I never quite exactly understood WTF you were trying to prove with that stunt? It’s still a mystery but here’s your chance to enlighten us.

      • No creepier than the time you trolled some poor schmuck trying to sell his pottery at an arts & crafts fair with a bullhorn. Then, when he tried to push you out of his face, you countered with some pussified “assault” charges that never saw the light of day and created a bunch of childish memes that completely misrepresented the incident. Why? Because someone tried to organize a 2A rally in Baltimore without the Patriot Picket’s blessing. That’s why. Because that group wanted to obtain legal permission to stage the rally on Lawyers Mall in Baltimore and you cried, “Permits? We don’t need no stinkin permits!” and to prove it, you thought it was a good idea to scare-off thousands of dollars in business for local artists because “who-cares-about-a-bunch-of-liberal-hippies-selling-homemade-candles?” You guys are just fucking assholes. At least be a man and admit it.

        • Wow! Just wow Squitorius! (Wth is that anyway?) As a woman of color I am so totally turned off by ur attacks on a group that supports women’s rights. As the sign said “gun rights are women’s rights.” I couldn’t agree more. Ur mum needs to stop doing ur laundry and cut-off ur allowance. Then maybe, just maybe, you’ll grow up enough to respect an individual who is out making a difference while u throw internet tantrums in her basement. It is clear from ur name calling that, no matter what ur age, you have the maturity of a prepubescent male. Jeff posted pics of him in the news. If ur so awesome, post some pics of urself out making a difference. And im attached, but I can still say that I think Jeff is cute! ; ) TY Jeff for doing what you do!!!

    • So what exactly was that trip to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL all about? You never quite explained the purpose of going there just to stalk the campus and take pics of kids on there way to and from class. How exactly do you connect that to 2A rights in your home state of MD?


      What does your race and being “a woman of color” have anything to do with the discussion? You’re welcome to take offense but I don’t see how it’s even relevant.

  29. Ah Squitward, didn’t your daddy teach you that profanity is the linguistic crutch of the inarticulate?

    It seems that you have some anger issues that still haven’t been addressed by your therapist.

    • LOL Ah, HolidayInCambodia, where precisely does name-calling fall on the list of linguistic crutches your daddy, apparently, didn’t teach you?

      • At least you managed to reply without dropping the F bomb, congrats on the therapy. Now step away from the adult table and go back to Severna Park, I’m sure you have a poorly viewed podcast to prepare for.

  30. The Patriot Picket is just an extension of the militia movement. They hide behind the flag and use the word ‘patriot’ as a disguise to conceal their hatred and intolerance of anyone, regardless of either race or religion, who doesn’t 100% agree with their agenda. The blog posts of the past few days should be ample proof of that but, if you’re still not convinced try it for yourself? All you have to do is make a suggestion directly to Hulbert. Say something, like, “Hey, Jeff did you ever consider…[fill n the blank]…” and see what type of response you receive. I promise, you’ll completely understand why more MD-residents oppose the Patriot Picket than support it.

    The whole WWNC thing is total BS. Passive resistance is not going to make anything any better for gun-owners. Passive resistance, like waving little signs and screeching epithets at the gun-grabbers, is the reason why we are where we are now.


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