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By Larry Keane

It’s time to click the angry emoticon on Facebook’s most recent foray into becoming the personal banking hub for Americans. If the tech giant’s history of censorship, invasion of privacy and political influencing – combined with their antigun bias – is any indication, this could be a stranglehold on gun and ammunition purchases that would make the engineers of Operation Choke Point green with envy.

Facebook is relaunching their digital wallet app that was formerly known as Calibra, now rebranded as “Novi” and built on blockchain technology. The digital wallet would partner with “Diem,” a group of 26 corporate and non-profit members that is building a blockchain-based payments system that Novi will use.

The technology with deal in crypto-currency called “Diem,” formerly known as “Libra.” Facebook says the value will be tied to the U.S. dollar, but it raises questions about whether the currency will be usable for all transactions, as where the U.S. dollar bill reads, “This note is legal tender for all debts, public and private.”

Trust Issues

Facebook executives are attempting to convince Washington, D.C. lawmakers that they can be trusted.

“If there’s one thing we need, it’s the benefit of the doubt,” Facebook’s David Marcus told Axios. “[W]e’re starting with a trust deficit that we need to compensate.”

There’s a healthy amount of skepticism, though. Alysa James, a spokeswoman for U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio), chair of the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs, told the Washington Post that federal regulators are warning the digital currency could upend worker paychecks and the stability of the financial system.

For the firearm industry and gun buyers, the concerns are a lot closer to home.

Mark Zuckerberg facebook diem crypto
‘Trust me,’ says Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg (Hannah McKay/Pool via AP)

Facebook has a long streak of anti-gun animus. The social media platform banned ads for “accessories such as gun safes, vests and gun holsters in the US,” earlier this year. That followed a ban on the Sportsman’s Shop in East Earl, Pa., for advertising American flags. Facebook said the ads qualified as prohibited content under their ad policies. The ad wasn’t about guns, though. It was about honoring the American flag.

Gun Control at the Switch

If that wasn’t enough, Facebook’s digital wallet, Novi, is being pushed by David Marcus, quoted earlier. He heads up Facebook’s F2, which stands for Facebook Financial. Before that, Marcus was a PayPal executive.

PayPal has its own history of discriminating against the firearm industry. Blair Gladwin, owner of Merced, Calif.-based firearm retailer Gladwin Guns and Ammo, found himself in PayPal’s crosshairs. PayPal, Stripe and Square, all payment processing companies, dropped Gladwin once they learned he was in the lawful business of selling firearms. Gladwin filed a class action lawsuit against the companies.

Marcus is trying to convince lawmakers and regulators that Facebook’s Novi will be free of Facebook’s influence, since it will be steered by the 26-member companies. Those companies include LyftUber and Coinbase. Each of those companies has their own anti-gun policies.

Coinbase has a user agreement that prohibits the use of their bitcoin for “weapons and munitions; gunpowder and other explosives.” Diem advertises that it has a social impact advisory board (SIAB), comprised of members who promote the Association’s social impact initiatives and work to further the Association’s goal of financial inclusion.

That sounds eerily similar to boards of Bank of America, Citigroup, JP Morgan Chase and Wells Fargo, all banking titans that adopted their own anti-gun policies.

Patterns of Abuse

Financial experts have their own concerns about Facebook’s attempted takeover. They’re not exactly the same as those in the firearm industry, but the seeds of doubt over trust issues with the social media giant sprout similarly.

facebook thumb down

“The fundamental risk is that this is Facebook, and Facebook has violated trust and promises repeatedly since its inception, so why should this time be any different?” said Lee Reiners, executive director of the Global Financial Markets Center at Duke University to The Washington Post.

The problem is that Facebook offers no safety rails to their surveillance, interference or prohibition of Novi’s users to use their currency to exercise their Second Amendment rights to purchase firearms and ammunition. Given their history, they almost guarantee Novi would violate not just the free exercise of gun rights, but also of their right to free commerce.


Larry Keane is SVP for Government and Public Affairs, Assistant Secretary and General Counsel of the National Shooting Sports Foundation.


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  1. Don’t worry. I’m sure all the “anti fascist” “anti corporate” lefties in government, media, academia, religion and sports are gearing up to fight the corporatist takeover of our lives.

    Oh, silly me, this is the new left we’re dealing with here.

  2. Who the heck is still shopping for guns on Facebook? They don’t even want people of the gun on their platform so I’ve burned down my social media. Anyone left trying to use FB to purchase a firearm even though it’s 100% legal and legit is a fool.

    • Never had it in the first place.

      Why I wouldn’t be allowed into the USA. No social media account for your customs and immigration people to check at entry.

    • It’s not that people shop for guns on FB (they don’t allow that anyway) it’s that FB is extending their tendrils beyond their current borders into financial services.

      What blows my mind is gun and related manufacturers who use FB and Instagram as their only internet presence.

      “Hey, I’ve got a great idea. Let’s bet our company’s existence on using a service provided by a company that makes it clear they hate us! What could possibly go wrong?”


    • No one in their right mind shops for guns on Facebook. The real problem is, millions of Americans get roped into using Facebook Financial, for whatever silly reason. By ones and twos, they later attempt to purchase “banned” products, and discover that they can’t buy what they want, when they want.

      We don’t need or want Facebook deciding how Americans can spend their money. Not even those Americans we disagree with.

  3. Why would any right minded conservative even think about using any liberal outlet for any reason……I’ve never used facebook or any product offered by them!

  4. Gun owners and dealers should just move into crypto. Permissionless, immutable money. Eliminates the need for these financial services companies that just skim profits and use their power to push their own agenda.

    • And your crypto will disappear at the push of a chinese button. No gunshops I deal with accept fake $…

      • “And your crypto will disappear at the push of a chinese button.”

        As I understand it, that can’t happen, as long as you have what everyone else has, a copy of that particular ‘blockchain’, and your ‘private key’. Each user has 2 de-decryption ‘keys’, a public one (that everyone knows, you can add it as a .sig-file to your email addy, for example), and a private one known only to themselves.

        It’s that ‘2-key’ encryption that makes de-crypting the blockchain by a crook effectively impossible, for the time being.

        If I’m in error on that, someone who knows, please correct me…

    • You should do a few internet searches about crypto money that has simply disappeared. The owner decides to abscond with billions of dollars, and you’re left helpless to do anything about it.

    • Social media is possibly the worst thing to ever happen to this country. Unelected tech oligarchs run the world like emperors, dictating what we’re allowed to think, say, believe, and do, all, supposedly, for our own safety and well-being. What an irony that they make their money by lying, stoking anger, and creating addiction, all in exchange for “engagement,” and advertising dollars. Criminals, all of them.

  5. That would indeed be bad news, IF we didn’t have other options. However, we DO have other options (I never would have considered using Failbook for financial transactions anyway) so I am unsure of the alarmist point of this article.

    • Allow me to point out that whichever credit/debit card is in your wallet, the owners presume to decide whether they will honor your transactions. I have little idea what you think of GAB, but you should wander over to their site, and attempt to purchase anything, or to make a donation. Try to buy a premium membership. Many banks, as well as Visa, will block any such attempts.

      That is precisely why we don’t want or need Facebook handling our money.

      • I’ve never had any issues purchasing firearms, ammo, knives or anything else. If I ever did, I would switch banks.

  6. There’s a certain dark humor in the realization that all of the dystopian cyberpunk novels I read in my youth are slowly becoming reality. Mega-corporations with their own digital currency – what could go wrong?

    • Never have, never will. I haven’t even logged on to Mrs. Haz’s FB to “snoop” since 2020. I now avoid visiting The Great Lizard’s platform in any form.

  7. And yet every other gun club, range, gun shop, gun mfr, ammo mfr, gunsmith, etc has a FB page. Stoopid is as stoopid does.

  8. It’s worse than this article suggests and ultimately I sort of think that the Right cannot win this.

    Not because it’s unwinnable but because it would require the Right to do things it’s not willing to do.

    • “…because it would require the Right to do things it’s not willing to do.”

      Such as?

      Hypothetical generalizations are fine, no particulars necessary, but a hint would be helpful…

      • Giving up your seat at a table full of people who don’t much like you doesn’t make them like you more or stop plotting to screw you.

        It just removes your voice from the table and allows them to plot against you while keeping you entirely oblivious to the actual plans.

        The answer here with “big tech”, at least in the short term, is to mob the systems and overwhelm them, like CB radio licenses did to the FCC, not ignore the problem or create a new system that’s “separate but equal”.

        There are a variety of methods for this.

        For example; With videos on YouTube you can skirt a lot of their moderation by adjusting the audio speed up (faster) or down (slower) by a few percent. This changes things enough that the algo that searches for “banned” content fails because that algo uses audio to compare your video to known “banned” content due to the fact that the audio is smaller and faster to process than the video.

        Doing this forces them to manually search these things out or wait on humans who are *offended* to report them. If loads of people did that there’s no way they could keep up. Cloward & Piven goes both ways.

        But the Right won’t do that. They’re content to just be cordoned off in a lot of regards. Which is exactly how people of a certain religion felt in Germany in the 1930’s. It didn’t work out real well for them.

        Whatever you might think of the lady, Ayn Rand was absolutely right when she said “We can ignore reality but we cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality”. You can test this. Jump off a building screaming “I can fly”. See what happens.

        • I can’t ignore the reality that Facebook exists or that a very large percentage of people get sucked into it. My refusal to use FB should not be confused with ignoring it. That decision is me never entering that building. Meaning I already know I can’t fly from its roof making those kinds of efforts an insane and fruitless waste of time.

          Other sites like gettr become a waste of time because its creates still don’t understand the problem. They have tied it to Googles algorithms which gives it the very same issues. Google will do it the same way Facebook does so we are back to square one. They just don’t get it. TTAG isn’t much different from a technological perspective.

        • “Giving up your seat at a table full of people who don’t much like you doesn’t make them like you more or stop plotting to screw you.

          It just removes your voice from the table and allows them to plot against you while keeping you entirely oblivious to the actual plans.”

          I’m active in that area, and support efforts to force accommodation in a public sphere, the internet. Thankfully, the Leftist scum left us a legal toolset, and the high court has made noises they may be willing to hear a case presented to them.

          It pisses me off, and I’m not just sitting there taking it, I’ve left a few ‘presents’ in areas not known for tolerating dissent but phrased in a way to not tip my hand directly. I’m all for using a metaphorical baseball bat if necessary to be heard…

        • The problem isn’t “you”, it’s “y’all”.

          Generally speaking the Right is perfectly happy to ignore this kind of thing or pretend that moving somewhere else will fix it. This is akin to ignoring cancer and hoping it goes away.

          I’m not joking when I say it’s similar to what happened to the Jews in Germany and elsewhere in Europe under the Nazis. You can go back and read the newspaper articles in Jewish papers saying “Oh, well, it’s OK, they’ll never actually DO anything. We have protection under the law”. Yeah, and they did have those protections until people who literally wanted to exterminate them took control of the political and legal systems.

          This is just a digital version of the same thing. At this point the chances of actually having Congress reign this shit in is about zero. Therefore, the generalized “you” must do something to fight back and do so immediately.

          Google and Facebook openly admit to tampering with elections and there are no consequences. No one is accusing them of being “Russian assets” or the like because the companies backed the “right party” according to the media. And with that party in power, well you can see it. Congress demands a crackdown on “misinformation” under threat of regulation but when you see what they call “misinformation” they really mean “facts we don’t want people to know”.

          This is digital Pravda, at best. Something needs to be done about it by confronting it because Congress will not currently do this and These companies are in a position to help or hinder Congresscritters going forward. The one’s they’re going to help are not your friends and the ones that might be your friends are exactly the ones these companies will go out of their way to screw.

          Elections have consequences and these companies exert a lot of pull on those elections. This should be carefully considered.

          It’s also worth your time to ponder the conflations the current PTB are openly engaged in and why they do this.

          For example: the two major reservoirs of hesitancy towards the current generation of *heavily incentivized medical treatments* are PhD’s, blacks and people <29. This is demonstrable via quite a lot of polling from groups that are NOT fans of the "Right". That is to say, that according polling orgs that lean Left, it's the people who lean left who are most "hesitant" in most cases. But that's not what the D's say or what Social Media promotes. They say it's all "horse paste eating trumptards".

          That's conflation with a purpose and not a purpose meant to benefit you (though you might not care about *that* issue). Kinda like "AWB" and "assault rifle". The goal here is to use terms interchangeably and confusingly so that those can be weaponized selectively against political opposition. No matter who you are or what you think they've got a custom made slander to throw at you.

          Social media plays an ENORMOUS role in "laundering the language" for this purpose. The "Right" in general needs to wise up to this and stop leaving it to the Reddit Libertarians.

      • “No provider or user of any communications service may for their own purposes intercept, collect, store, or transmit to others any data or information from a individual to another without an detailed and specific annual handwritten and signed release from the originator and the reciepient.” Violation will be a felony by each individual and organization participating in the invasion.

  9. So instead of reigning em in, we’re giving them even more power!? What could possibly go wrong!?

  10. And who controls the supply of the blockchain codes? Most cryptocurrencies can be “mined” with appropriate equipment by the users.

    Will Facebook control the the supply by being the only mining operation?

    In this way they have complete vertical integration of the supply, the banks, the vendors, and the customers.

    • Ugh.

      No one controls the supply of blockchain codes unless you’re discussing a Central Bank Digital Currency which is the ultimate nightmare scenario for the entire world, which I’ve discussed before (and again below in a post that’s awaiting moderation).

      Mining is the decentralized way of verifying crypto transactions across the network and adding that data to the block. The miners take a small cut of the transfered value in exchange for the energy they’ve spent to verify your transaction.

      This is called a “gas rate/gas charge/gas fee/miner fee”. It’s a percentage of the transaction which is determined by how busy the network is, ie how many transfers are ongoing, at the time you decide to do yours.

  11. Heck, I don’t know what block chain is, and I cannot imagine that the government will let loose the entire economy to an uncontrolled currency or currencies that will cause chaos to the money supply and to the economy. To me anyway, cryptocurrency is like buying a pig in a poke; it may not be worth anything the day after you dump it in your e-wallet. I think that the dollar will be around for some long time, and commerce in arms will continue.

    • “Heck, I don’t know what block chain is, and I cannot imagine that the government will let loose the entire economy to an uncontrolled currency or currencies that will cause chaos to the money supply and to the economy.”

      The left will, *eagerly*. They are convinced it’s the end all, of end all-s.

      I hope Strych will correct me if my explanation is grossly erroneous, but in a nutshell, a ‘Blockchain’ is an open ledger of data visible to all parties in the transaction. The individual data ‘blocks’ are all numerically-connected (chained) together, so that no one can alter the contents of an individual block of data without the entire ‘blockchain’ being shown to be obviously corrupt, and therefore invalid. Anyone can run a ‘test’ of the individual blockchain *at that point* (they can grow) (a checksum?) to relatively-quickly determine if it’s real or fake.

      How far off was I ?

      The cyber-geeks are collectively hard and wet at the concept, since at the present, the encryption level needed to crack it doesn’t exist in the practical world. And when it does, they just up the encryption a magnitude or 3 and start the race all over again. Lather, rinse, repeat as needed…

      They *love* it, they want it…

      • Comment awaiting moderation. Maybe by tomorrow you’ll get to see it.

        Not that it matters. No one’s listening anyway. But hey, I’m sure we won’t get to be like Australia, right? Total lockdowns and no booze? Damn, you’d think they’d riot. But, apparently, they won’t.

        Funny what fear-porn does. I’ve only been telling you about it in the context of the grabbers for how many years now?

        • There are ways around things without being an asshat about it. The booze was one apartment block with police and health arguing over who was enforcing the lockdown and both are blaming each other about the alcohol limits.

          I can buy what alcohol I want at the liquor store attached to the supermarket. No limits other than self-imposed financial ones. Last week I bought 2 5 liter casks of red wine and drink a few glasses a night. If I want spirits, I can buy them.

        • Oh, so it’s due to incompetence and it’s really just a few people so this somehow makes it better?

          Silly me, here I thought EVERYONE had “rights” that were to be respected. Quaint notion, that. You know, the bit where you don’t lock down an entire apartment building for essentially no reason then deny people access to commerce “by accident”.

    • What is blockchain? IBM gives a decent definition and some explanation here: https://www.ibm.com/topics/what-is-blockchain

      There’s some nuance to how various chains work and what they do but they all fall under that umbrella.

      Long story short, their general definition is sufficient. The concept being that there’s no point in trying to break a blockchain in widespread use because you’d need more computing power than is currently used by the system. Because the system is decentralized there’s no “main” thing to hack, it’s millions of individual computers all contributing to making the chain and verifying its integrity.

      So if, say, 10 million GPUs are “mining” (running the calculations for current transactions and adding them to the chain, taking a small percentage as payment) ETH then you need more than that to beat them at their game. You’d need to “catch up” and then exceed the blockchain. So at this point you’d need something like 100 million equally powered GPUs to break the blockchain in any realistic amount of time. Of course, purchasing that would draw a lot of attention.

      So, by the time you build the system to do it you’ve probably spent more than you could steal. Quantum computing may change this at some point but that just starts an ultimately unwinnable arms race when quantum machines create a decentralized network to build the new blockchain.

      It’s not perfect in terms of security but it’s pretty fucking good.


      As for cryptos, you’re right when you say “…I cannot imagine that the government will let loose the entire economy to an uncontrolled currency or currencies that will cause chaos to the money supply and to the economy.”

      This is spot-the-fuck on. However, it’s a touch myopic. The problem isn’t cryptos it’s government backed cryptos because that opens a world most people can’t imagine in terms of totalitarian control. And it’s a real threat, like it or not.

      The US, China and UK have all openly expressed serious interest (and are currently developing) something called a “Central Bank Digital Currency” (CBDC). AKA, Digidollars. This is a digital “dollar” based on blockchain tech but it is centralized, not decentralized.

      This is, quite literally, the most dystopian idea ever. If it takes hold your “civil and human rights” will mean exactly 0 and your guns… you’ll turn them in or you will starve. I cannot overstate how dangerous this is.

      The openly stated goals of a number of countries and supranational organizations (like the EU) is a standardized digital ID linked to a digital currency and run by a government. These people ALL openly fawn over the Chinese model where the currency is controlled in detail and linked to a “social credit score”. The CCP has already developed blockchain tech with controllable expiration dates on currency, austensibly to control money velocity. The ECB, BOE and Fed and US Treasury LOVE this idea and have stated as such.

      Now your money expires on a set date that they control. Lose a few social credit score points and the date moves closer to now. Screw around more and it moves even closer.

      But what if you piss them off? Maybe you say something next to a cell phone that they don’t like? Oh, well your money ALL just expired. Oops. And that’s the ONLY currency legal to pay bills with? Well, you’re fucked, eh?

      Don’t want to give up your guns? Don’t worry, they’ll use this to turn the screws on your fam and they’ll turn you in. They’re not going to literally lose everything and starve to death over you owning an AR. This can be used, just like China already does, for very fine control down to details like posting the wrong thing on TTAG or even viewing “wrongthink”. Don’t think it can be? It already is.

      Which leads to a lot of questions. BoJo has said many times for months that a “vaxpass” would be a gross violation of human rights but suddenly that “gross violation of human rights” that the UK “wasn’t developing” is ready for release and soon to be mandatory if you want to do anything outside your home. DigiID made real and connected to your health records. Add in a DigiPound and they’ve got you by the bollocks. Your mom will screw you over under this system.

      This shit gives Stalin’s corpse a boner. And it’s coming here too. Biden just told you that if you can read between the lines. What do you think this mandatory vaccination over a virus that kills 0.26% of the unvaccinated is, especially when pretty much everyone who’s at actual risk is already jabbed? If you think it’s about “escape variants” then you 1) aren’t paying attention, 2) have already forgotten the timeline of the last 18 months and 3) missed or failed every biology class after high school.

      Starting to see where this is all going? Blockchain CBDC + vaxpass + mission creep = they control every aspect of your life, so enjoy your mandatory quarterly boosters until you find out about “high zone tolerance”. Until then it’s a high tech totalitarian police state about which you will do nothing because you can do nothing.

      But of course it’s all very safe and this is all “conspiracy theory”. These governments haven’t done these things and never would. (They’ve just actually done them and talk about doing more of them in the future, but ignore that.)

  12. Just wait until the Federal Bank announces it’s own Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

    • Amazing how many people are just lining up and bending over for that.

      They literally cannot imagine how dystopian that’s gonna get in short order. I mean, now people want to emulate the PBoC but it’s not going to be long before they decide to try to outdo the CCP on tyranny.

      “We’re going to use blockchain CBDCs to put an expiration date on your money so that you can never have savings! We’re also going to link this to a social credit score so we can steal your money if you don’t comply, in detail, with every little dictate we have!”

      “I don’t know what blockchain is but it sounds super sciency and great! Sign me up!”

      It’s on par with the Facebook meme that Ivermectin makes 85% of men sterile. Yet these gaslit morons can’t reason through that if that was true there would be no children in Africa for the last 30 years… foLlOW dA sCiEncE!

      • “We’re going to use blockchain CBDCs to put an expiration date on your money so that you can never have savings!”

        Yeah, they could.

        The people of India are using a more secure means to safeguard their wealth, literally gold. Be it gold jewelry for their daughter’s dowry, or bullion. They even make micro-bars of 1 gram each.

        The good-‘ole USA banned private gold ownership in the not-distant past (80-odd years?) and people didn’t bitch that loudly about it, shockingly.

        It was what, the Carter or Reagan administration that opened that back up?

        If they tried that again today, even the Leftist Scum would probably (actually, not metaphorically) riot in the streets. And a whole lot off off-the-deep-end ‘survivalists’ would probably consider that a call to arms.

        Freezing bank accounts (financial assets) might do the same, don’t you think?

      • “Yeah, they could.”

        Could? The PBoC already did. They’ve been beta testing a CBDC with an expiration date for almost a year. It’s not a theory, it’s a reality. The “theory” is that the *purpose* behind such a feature is solely for fine velocity controls so they can control inflation (which is what they claim). This feature is what got the attention of the Fed, Treasury, BoE and ECB in the first place.

        The chances that this isn’t abused is about the same as that BoJo was telling the truth about how the UK would never have a v a x p a s s because it would be a terrible assault on human rights. You know the one they’re gonna make mandatory next month for a lot of things? Yeah, they’d never.

        Yeah, .gov so trustworthy! They prove it all the time. *eyeroll* Kinda like how they play three sides in the WoD and morons still support it because team sports.

        ==FYI: Gold ownership was “banned” in 1933 by FDR and reinstated in 1974 by Ford but only after Nixon closed the gold window in 1971. And remember, the gold window closing was “temporary”. Kinda like two weeks to flatten the… economy. How many jabs can they mandate people get in 50 years, do you think? ==

        As for what I think about bank accounts… what bank accounts? A CBDC does away with banks, credit cards and the rest. That’s kinda the point. There’s no one to run interference for you now. The government and the central bank control everything you do down to a penny in real time. That’s literally the point of this idea.

        Sure, .gov would cause trouble when they turned the screws on a CBDC, that’s a given. But it wouldn’t matter. It would be controllable. They’d already have literally every person in the country by the balls. It would be over except for the whining. This is the kind of power that gives Stalin’s corpse a woody, and they’d have it in place. Like a bear trap, by the time you know it’s on your leg it’s… already on your leg. Your own family would turn you in for your transgressions, just like the USSR only faster.

        Again, I’ve been telling you guys this in bits and pieces, which I’d hoped were digestible, for YEARS. The past 18 months didn’t change much of anything other than the timeline. It’s the same playbook on their part, just bigger because it has to move faster. Never let a crisis go to waste, remember?

        But hey, 95% of what .gov has said in the last 18 months is pure bullshit and that’s demonstrable. How many people realize this? Nearly none. It’s bullshit propaganda lies vs bullshit conspiracy theory nonsense in most cases and 98% of people can’t tell the difference.

        In fact, most of them don’t realize that at this point they effectively have no civil or human rights left. And they actually believe that they’re going to get something back when “Covid goes away”.

        AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh, man, it would be funny if it wasn’t so fucking sad how stupid these people are.

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  14. Facebook has made a few moves into financial services, and that should be a red flag for gun owners.

    Facebook will now ask people who want to buy and sell guns on the site to provide a valid government-issued ID and a background check.

    This is worrisome because they want access to as much information as possible.

    It also means they would be able to track who has guns and how many.

    There are many websites that offer finance homework help to the students. These websites have experts who can provide assistance to students on any topic of financial accounting.

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