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Allison Barrett Carter (courtesy

“Before we start quoting the Second Amendment,” mommy blogger Allison Barrett Carter warns, “I am not writing an ‘anti-gun’ article. Friends and family are completely free to (legally) get their guns, take the appropriate class, and carry their guns with them, at least until such time as the country collectively decides to change any laws.” How generous. “Just don’t carry the gun into my home,” she adds. Fair enough. But what really flicks Ms. Carter’s Bic . . .

After a lot of digging into this and asking the bright legal minds I have access to about this issue, what I have realized is that the burden is on me to actively ask visitors not to bring guns into my home, not on a visitor having to ask permission to bring a gun onto my property where my children are. This seems backward.

“Want to come over for some Goldfish crackers and crafts? Please, no guns,” I have to ask.

“Come celebrate my son’s 4th Birthday! No presents, please. And no guns, please.” But the visitor does not have to ask, “Is it okay if I bring the licensed gun in my purse into your house?” Legal or not, trained or not, at what point does the carrier of the weapon have to secure my approval before bringing it in?

Since we haven’t collectively addressed this topic, things are admittedly murky. But it seems the law does a great job of protecting Americans who want to have a concealed weapon; it doesn’t seem as concerned with my right to enforce my home as a gun-free zone. It seems as though a permit trumps my decision about my private, personal property where my kids play.

It seems that Ms. Carter couldn’t be bothered to call a lawyer to clarify her legal position. Simply put, she has the right to ban people from her private residence for whatever reason she wants. Oh wait. She does know this. Ms. Carter simply “forgets” this fact to feed her need to be appalled. Until the last paragraph.

As more Americans get their concealed carry permits, the best way I can find to navigate this issue is to ask anyone before entering our house if they have a gun on them. If they refuse to leave it in their car, I can refuse them entry. It won’t make me friends and playdates will now be incredibly more awkward to set up, but at least my home can stay gun-free for my kids. It is a big, ugly conversation that seems worth risking.

If Ms. Carter wants to ban someone from carrying in her home, she should have that conversation. Only I wonder why she thinks it will be big and ugly.

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  1. She must lead a wonderful, coddled, fairy tale life if she has time to be worrying about something like this. Jeez. Get a life, lady.

      • Yep.

        And I should mention that my home state has had more homicides by hands/feet/fists than firearms in several of the last 10-20 years. Good luck getting people to leave THOSE in the car when they enter your house…

        • “And if you make a gun-like gesture with your hand, I’ll have to chop off your hand and toss it in the lawn as an example to others. Or if you go “bang-bang” or “pew pew”, I’ll have to cut out your tongue and toss it into the lawn as well.”

          That’s the mentality of hoplophobes.

          And unfortunately, they breed.

      • That’s why I require all guests to fill out an entry manifest before showing up. Some things preclude entry (e.g. bombs, drugs, Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump buttons). Other things are required for entry (e.g. pants, shirt).

      • I wonder if she has a salt shaker on her dining room table.
        – come on kids, we’re leaving. Little Sufis mom keeps poison on her table!
        For the children.

        I sure wouldn’t want my name and address associated with a gun free zone.

      • A good percentage of Stay at Home Moms struggle for relevance. This is simply this chick’s form of struggle.

      • She was referring to my “gun. Its big to most and ugly to some. She doesnt want that thing in her house. Well she does, but she dont

    • Its her home,we dont have to go in it if we dont like her “house rules”. She has rights too.

    • Just the fact that she used the words “play date” ought to show what a foolish individual s/he is. Anyone with a brain does not set up “dates” for their three year old to “play” in. Kids play whenever and whereever they feel like. If any parent thinks that they can control even their childrens play, as well as every other activitiy, including thought, they are obviously NOT living in reality. More like a childish, control freaks dreamland. Hollywood. Tinseltown. The land of make believe.
      Yeah. That.
      I, for one, would enjoy asking Ms. whatever if she is fully aware that TV is not real. 🙂

      • Yeah, I was going to bring that up, too.

        “It won’t make me friends and playdates will now be incredibly more awkward to set up, but at least my home can stay gun-free for my kids.”

        No, it won’t make you friends when your neighbors and acquaintances realize you are such a control freak, and so illogical. But, the age-old recommendation is still there, simply post a large sign in your yard proclaiming your defenseless home has no weapons in it, maybe measure off how far away the police are while you’re at it. You’re pretty cute, some nice boys will bring you a gun soon enough. Don’t call me.

      • A lot of it depends on where you live and mindset. Years ago, and even my own kids 15-20 years ago were free to roam the neighborhood playing with all the other kids running loose in the neighborhood.

        Nowadays in some locales, that will get Child Protective Services called on you. Hence “play dates” so kids can be in contact with other kids. This woman sounds like one of the ones that would be doing the calling of CPS because some kid was outside unsupervised and having fun.

    • I would be very much surprised if this has ever happened, given where she lives and her likely circle of friends.

  2. She says it will be big and ugly because she wants to throw in an implication that gun owners are unpleasant people. Its anti gun-rights writing 101.

    • The “gun” I conceal is big to most and ugly tp some. I think she was referring to me. She dont want that in the house.

    • Agreed. Her right to control what does or does not enter her house trumps our right to carry a weapon. I think most people would not argue and just lock their weapon in the car or say I’ll be back to pick up little Johnny or Suzy in an hour.

      • You have to be kidding. I’d say “OK, have a nice day”, and walk away. She has every right to refuse me entry, and I have every right to not disarm, and to not leave my child in a house where s/he will not be defended against evil of whatever kind. I would not bother her further, even if her house was on fire.

        • So, you won’t let your kid go to any house that doesn’t have firearms? Ok, whatever floats your boat.

        • If I had kids, I’m not sure I’d want then associating with someone who was so emphatically hoplophobic she felt the need to ask out of the blue if I was going to be carrying a gun into her home.

          Someone who has made the choice not to own one themselves is fine, but to ask everyone before they enter out of sheer paranoia? Think of all the other things she doesn’t want around her kids. Do you think she’s asking everyone if they are registered sex offenders upon entry? If they are addicted to narcotics? Are prone to violent outbursts (far more relevant to child safety)? And yet her focus is a hosted gun that is by definition under the control of someone who, again, by definition knows more about the subject than she does.

          Trying to ensure she does own guns I view similarly.

  3. I’d be more concerned with the little play daters bringing over Whooping Cough or Chicken Pox, or maybe some salmonella sandwiches than guns.

        • WRH,

          I can agree on heart disease not being contagious, as far as I know. Although, insofar as there is a genetic factor involved, it is transmittable at least in a hereditary sense.

          However, viruses can be spread and some viruses are known cancer causing agents. Overall, an estimated 15% of cancer cases are caused by viruses. Epstein-Barr virus, human papilloma virus, hepatitis B virus, and human herpes virus-8 are the four DNA viruses that are capable of causing the development of human cancers.
          Human T lymphotrophic virus type 1 and hepatitis C viruses are the two RNA viruses that contribute to human cancers.

        • The Black Plague was contagious, but wasn’t in our country. I think we had a flu in the early 20th century which killed more people than guns ever have in a full decade, like millions.

    • Sounds like she is one of those moms that have Chicken Pox parties so one child can infect all the others who haven’t been exposed.

    • This of course is the obvious answer. I know everyone who comes into our house, and a few of them I wouldn’t trust around guns – and I know these people do not have guns, and when they are around I keep mine locked up (or on my person), and I keep an eye on what these people do anyway.

      This whole thing is a big non-issue. She is free to manage her home anyway she likes, and frankly I don’t give a FLAME DELETED what or how she does this.

      • Not generally, (insert “mom joke” here), but I think you get my point anyway. Carrying a firearm legally is a sign of responsibility, and is welcome in my home.

    • I mean, it’s private property. She can put a big old NO GUNS sign on the door. Certainly no burglar or molester would bother the nice lady then -lol

    • Compulsory gun ownership and carry sure would sort out the pseudo intellectuals from the true scientists.

  4. Mom runs a horse ranch, and when the subject of OC in Florida came up she told me that she didn’t want me doing it at the ranch.

    She didn’t mind the idea all that much (she and I got our permits together), but she didn’t know what her patrons views of guns were, and didn’t want to risk offending them.

    I told her I’d wait a year, and by then most of her patrons would probably be used to it. She thought about it, and agreed that we would revisit the issue after a year.

    Obviously it became moot when OC died in committee, but…

    That said, Mom doesn’t mind my guns. She’s a little iffy about me having so many, but Dad doesn’t care; he grew up around guns, and she didn’t. But some people we know – my ex-GF for example – aren’t exactly copacetic about them.

    I’ve only ever bothered to ask my aunt about carrying in her house, and she said it was fine, just to keep it covered.

    • What percentage of your clients are Yankee tourists or are they locals? Open carrying a single action wheel gun would make the tourist think “real cowboys” and might add appeal.

      • Not to mention OC on private property is fine. But I would agree with the mom, don’t scare the sheep who come bearing dollars.

        • I got money says anybody who could detect that a nice cowboy rig contained a real, loaded gun, also wouldn’t mind. Just to begin, there are situations where a horse should be shot dead without delay, so somebody there should have that capability, no matter how difficult it is to consider.

    • “Mom runs a horse ranch, and when the subject of OC in Florida came up she told me that she didn’t want me doing it at the ranch.”

      Your mom ought to know (I would *hope*) that here in Florida, while on horseback, water moccasins and rattlesnakes (including those especially vicious little pygmy rattlesnakes) are indeed a thing, and having a gun loaded with snake-shot is a very rational, if not outright prudent course of action to take while riding.

      Like this one, in particular, made for riders on horseback, known as a ‘Snake Charmer’:

      Or a Taurus Judge.

      Just sayin’…

  5. She could put a sign up to let people know she is afraid of her own shadow.

    Bet Sarah Tipton’s weigh in on this would be great.

    • They never seem interested in putting up a sign that their home is a gun free zone, do they?

      • That’s right! She should just put up a huge sign that says “gun free zone” in front of her house. Then she won’t have to ask visitors if they carrying. Something tells me she isn’t going to do that.

  6. “I wonder why she thinks it will be big and ugly”. If she was my friend, I would allow her to ask me that and then ask if she loves her children? If she loves her children why would she not want to protect them from the evil of this world, with the most efficient tool available to do so.

    • You may have it, there. Maybe she is leery about letting people know about her ignorance, for fear they will teach her how to be an adult.

  7. I tell every person who steps into my house to take their shoes off. Never been a problem. Asking someone to disarm isn’t even as intrusive as that.

    Although I would never carry into someone else’s house unless I knew they were okay with that ahead of time

    • As I’m constantly in customers’ homes, that’s the policy I’ve adopted. Doesn’t prevent me from keeping a firearm in the truck though. Most people don’t bat an eye at the karambit on my belt though.

    • Patrick,

      Guests who wear shoes into your home literally damage the carpet and flooring of your home with dirt and wear-and-tear. (Shoe soles tear-up carpet fibers, soft socks and feet do not. And shoe soles carry, press, and/or scratch sand/grit into the floors much worse than socks and bare feet.) Thus it makes perfect sense to tell someone to enter your home in a way that does not damage it (take off their shoes).

      What doesn’t make sense is telling someone to enter your home unarmed because their simple act of being armed would not damage your home. Furthermore, when you tell someone to disarm, you are telling them that they have no right to life in your home. That is seriously messed up.

      • I’ve heard stories about aftermarket sights and couches it getting along. None of those end with the couch winning.

        • Valid point … don’t sit on someone’s furniture if your sights will damage their furniture.

      • Not really, you just leave! No reason to get in a snit either way. You are obviously not going to be pals, just walk away.

    • I’ve never understood why people wear shoes inside the house. I have no problems with guests carrying open or concealed in my home but the moment anyone crosses the doormat without taking their shoes off, I can feel a lump in my throat and my chest constricting.

  8. ain’t she also obliged to tell people not to wear offensive clothing, or no clothing? ain’t she also responsible to tell people not to bring liquor, knives, pot, porno, and whatever else offends her? or does she think it is the responsibility of everyone else to run down a list of things that might, maybe, possibly be offensive to here, before arriving at her front door? why only guns?

  9. Not sure how this could be an issue… as if a mommy blogger in Washington, D.C., actually knows anyone who owns a gun.

    • Just because WaPo published her drivel, doesn’t mean she necessarily lives in DC. Internet, y’know…

  10. Gee, do I really want to bring my purse, with my gun, into a home with a bunch of sugared up four year olds at a birthday party?

    Let me explain, two sugared up small people, older than four, but younger than eight, have already made me quit going to the gun range on Saturday night. It seems the parental unit was on a date, while enjoying a weekend of custody with his kids. It appeared that these two small people were given at least $5.00 a piece for the candy and soda vending machines, and allowed to run amok.

    So, now I go to the range on Sundays, in the afternoon. The parents and their children, eight years and above, are there to shoot,

  11. Hey, all she has to do is show up at the front door with one of those no guns t-shirts on. Or may be she could do a “home sweet no guns home” needle point and hang it over her door, or she could put it down in tile on her front walk, or she could put a sign in her front yard and metal detectors on either side of her front steps!

    I have news for her, there are millions and millions of gun owners that have no interest in visiting her. It is just the criminals who might take her up on her advertisement that no one in her home is able to defend themselves. I do wish her well but, what a whiny little girl!

  12. Yes, you have ask questions and/or vet people who enter into your home – it’s called personal responsibility.

    Maybe you should stop thinking you’re a “stay at home rockstar” and try being a “stay at home adult.”

    • Damn straight–this is exactly what I came to say. guess what, Allison, there isn’t even a Constitutional amendment that specifically enumerates a right to carry drugs, but if you don’t want them in your house it’s still on you to tell potential guests. Likewise beer, sugary sodas, pocket knives, small pets, and any number of things that some people like and other people don’t want to be around. BTW, Allison, do you have a swimming pool? Or a bathtub? You might want to look into that kind of thing.

  13. First, she does not “have” to ask anybody. If she chooses to she can.
    Second, if she things it is awkward to ask if I have a gun, imagine how awkward it would be for me to ask her in front of her bridge club to sign a form accepting liability for my safety and the safety of everybody else.
    Third, I wonder how many of her friends she will find out were armed all along with no warning. Oh the horror! Since birds of a feather flock together I’m guessing probably not many, but more surprising things have happened.

    • Those were my thoughts as well. If you (as a homeowner) insist I disarm before entering, then I can ask what safety/security precautions they have in place to protect me while I am unarmed. Answering that with a statement along the lines of, We’ll just hope it doesn’t happen or that is what the police are for is not an acceptable reply.

    • “I wonder how many of her friends she will find out were armed all along”

      Ain’t that the truth? I am one of very few (I don’t think our kids are included) that realize my bride has been carrying nearly every day for the past 51 years or so. I bought her a .25 Beretta in 1965, replaced it with a .38 Detective Special in 1973, replaced that with a .380 Sig in the early ’90s, and that with a .38 S&W Airweight around 10 years back. She has gone through a half-dozen dedicated carry purses in that time, even ran into another woman with the same purse once, in a different color, and got into a near riotous conversation about where the woman got it, since she wanted one. The “riotous” came from the fact that the two women, and their husbands, all realized the public discussion was not really about fashion, but about concealed carry. You can believe it or not, but she has not shot anyone, ever. And although I knew where her gun was, and often had my own, neither have I! About 35 years of that 51 were against the law, as well. But this airhead thinks it is somehow important to keep my gun out of her house?

  14. Even quite a few of our family members have surprised us by becoming gun hobbyists in the past few years, owning Smith & Wessons they received permits to have on them at all times.

    Haha! Lovin it.

  15. Yeesh, put up a sign if it’s so important. What does she want a law to screen her guests for her? Mandate her idea of etiquette? Must be nice to be the center of the universe.

    Heck, I asked a buddy if he had ammo on him tother day. I don’t care just didn’t want it in the area where I’m cleaning. Do what you got to do

    • What does she want a law to screen her guests for her?

      Why, yes, yes she does. She wants government to take care of everything for her.

  16. I feel like having that second amendment right to carry concealed that I can lie or not answer to civilians about whether or not I am armed. I mean it’s not concealed if you know it’s there – and therefore an infringement of my right. And if she found out I was carrying she can ask me to leave.

    In Utah it’s a trespassing charge if a ‘no guns’ sign is posted, you carry anyway, somehow someone finds out you are carrying, someone asks you to leave, and you don’t. Do I value her sort of friendship? Hmm, let me tell you about how at large dinner parties at my own I whip out my rifle, without announcing first, to show off the latest modifications. This keeps the hippies away…

  17. Why doesn’t she just post a “Guns Free Zone” sign on her front door so everyone knows she does not want guns in her house? Oh, maybe criminals might see that sign???

  18. My mother seems to have feelings similar to this woman’s. She told me a story about a family friend coming to visit once, along with her husband, an off-duty cop.
    The husband made the mistake of removing his IWB holster with pistol inside and setting it briefly on the coffee table, before making his adjustments and then putting the holstered pistol back in its place. This caused my mom to have harsh words with her friend, and my mother still feels as if this was a disrespect towards her even 30 years later.
    I believe it just shows that her friend and the husband simply felt comfortable in our home.
    My mother is still highly uncomfortable in the presence of a firearm (!) to this day.

  19. Any mother that obsessive – about guns or anything else – is simply a serial killer factory waiting to be exposed.

    The only hope for her kids is Child Protective Services.

    • I don’t fault this person for caring about her family, it’s her methodology and mindset.

      She needs to join the world of us adults.

      It’s her house, if she wants to ask people not to carry then that’s her business.

      Why she wants to tell the whole world about it… yea, whatever.

    • Based on my experiences (and I have been on both sides of the table vis-à-vis CPS), if they are a child’s only hope, then that child is pretty much hopeless. I have never heard more absolute drivel in my life than when I sat in on a couple of CPS “status conferences”.

  20. I have to ask visitors not to wear shoes or being pets into my house, does that mean I get to have a hiedi fit about it too?
    No? You mean as a response adult if it is important enough for me to being up the awkward conversation, it must be important to me?
    What a whiny lady.

    • Because guns are dangerous, because guns cannot be trusted, because guns can fire accidentally, because children might be playing near-by when a gun in a pocket loses its safety and goes off all by itself, because guns might come out of a pocket unnoticed by all but the two year old crawling under the table, because guns.

  21. There’s soooo much stuff that we don’t ask people when they come into our home…

    “are you high and/or drunk?”
    “are you pedophile?”
    “did you pay your taxes?”
    “did you have your flu shot?”

    Why is carrying a gun somehow more dangerous to the kiddies? Okokok, yes. Some people are irresponsible but that’s not the gun’s fault. How about just not having irresponsible people around your kids?–that seems like what she should really want.

  22. If you go to her web site, you will see that she is (sigh) yet another journalism and English major, at least from UVA so she has some kind of smarts, comes from a military family, lives in the Raleigh NC area (lovely area), and writes utterly idiotic blabber for others like her to read. She has an entire section on the web site called Beyond the Comfort Zone, where she proposes that once a month she should do something beyond her comfort zone. If you look at what she has done so far, a NYC foodie trip, Bald Head Island in the off season (for those of you who don’t know, these are $1,000 per day rental beach houses), the Bourbon Trail in KY (I might like that one) and other similar high risk adventures, so I would say she really does need to move beyond her comfort zone. She also asks that people connect with her on the social networks that most of us males would rather not be a part of. So PLEASE Sara Tipton, as a young attractive mom, connect to her on a social network and propose that she go out and train with you, more than once. I would personally contribute if TTAG would fly Sara to Raleigh or fly Allison out west to meet Sara, and let Sara give Allison the lessons. With her family’s military background, that would have to include an AR. At best it would make a convert. At worst she could blog about how hard it was for her to handle the stress, but she was so tough that she muscled her way through it, OMG! Sara, G-d bless the NC legislature. Your CC permit is good here.

    • I don’t know. Judging by her hysteria, her appropriate comfort zone should be a padded cell. I think I’d be uncomfortable with her going beyond it.

  23. I wonder if she ask people if they’ve been vaccinated before they enter… seeing as how that’s probably a lot more likely to endanger her kids.

  24. You should also ask guests to remove their shoes if that’s what you want. I suppose you’d rather just stare at them like a b***** until they figure it out themselves.

    I bet you’re one of those **** who tells a guest where the bathroom is then gets pissed when the use the “good” wash clothes because you hid the ugly usable ones where a guest would have to look through all your things.

    When I start taking potshots at your neighbors out of your kids bedroom window I bet you expected me to give the kid ear protection or let him out the room. **** you little miss passive aggressive.

    • Come to think of it, even apart from the TSA check at the door, I bet these parties are a real hoot [/sarc]

  25. Every male past puberty could also be a pedophile and/or rapist. Does that busy body mom ask every male visitor whether or not he is a pedophile/rapist?

  26. I’ve unfortunately had this experience with my daughter, who ironically is a prosecuting attorney. She told me I should never bring guns into her house, even though she grew up in a house with guns, she and I have been shooting together and I have never told her, nor has she witnessed, my bringing a gun into her house, ever. Concealed means concealed.

    I told her that as a prosecutor, she is sworn to uphold the law and I am in compliance with the law. If she wants to put up GFZ signs on her house, I will abide by them, but it will be by not coming to her house. If she does not put up the signs and/or she does not ask all of her guests not to bring guns to her house, then what I have under my clothes that she can’t see is none of her business. Unfortunately, it has created a rift between us, but I feel she is being unreasonable and I will not be bullied by my own daughter.

  27. the stupid it hurts will she also start frisking people and making sure no flasks, drugs, knives, etc come into her home?

  28. Important message to people like this busy body mom: some personal matters are none of your (censored) business.

    Suppose you hate tampons and want to keep tampons away from your children and home. Do you ask all female visitors if they have tampons on them? And then tell them to divest themselves of their tampons before visiting?

    Likewise, other intensely personal matters are none of your business … such as what I may or may not have to defend my life from evil-doers. Also off the table: my right to life … it doesn’t end at your doorway.

  29. What she seems to be saying is that she invites people over to her home (where her kids are, since she had to throw that in) but she doesn’t know these people well enough to know if they carry or not.

    Hey, it’s her house. If she doesn’t want guns there that is up to her. I don’t have to go to her house or I can just lock the gun in the car. That’s my choice.

    Thing is, the folks who’s houses I go to.. Well I know if me carrying is going to bother them and act accordingly. I’m saying that I know them and they know me. Not sure who has stranger come over enough for this to be a problem but that sounds more dangerous than a friend who might be carrying.

    • This. A Thousand Times This.

      Who is she inviting into her home, with her children there, that she does not know well enough that she has to be this uncomfortable having an adult-to-adult conversation with ’em?

      Good grief, lady. Grow up. You are a parent for goodness sake.

  30. What she seems to be saying is that she invites people over to her home (where her kids are, since she had to throw that in) but she doesn’t know these people well enough to know if they carry or not.

    Hey, it’s her house. If she doesn’t want guns there that is up to her. I don’t have to go to her house or I can just lock the gun in the car. That’s my choice.

    Thing is, the folks who’s houses I go to.. Well I know if me carrying is going to bother them and act accordingly. I’m saying that I know them and they know me. Not sure who has stranger come over enough for this to be a problem but that sounds more dangerous than a friend who might be carrying.

  31. What the Hell is the matter with people? What ever happened to mutual respect for life and human dignity and being gracious to each other — both as property owners and guests?

    A person who carries a firearm for defense of life has made a solemn and honorable decision at serious expense to themselves — both in dollars, time, and comfort. What sick, perverted, and twisted mindset drives a property owner to abhor such a solemn, honorable, and serious decision? What sick, perverted, and twisted mindset drives a property owner to demand that a guest give up their right to life as a condition to enter the property?

    The mere act of carrying a concealed handgun onto someone’s property does not cause any harm or damage to that property and does not reflect any disregard for the owner’s property. Forbidding a handgun is an overt act of disregard for a guest’s life. Why people think that overt acts of disregard for someone’s life is okay, under any circumstances (outside of righteous self-defense), is beyond me.

  32. Well…her house ,her rules. Just un-friend me mom. And publicly post your address as a GUN FREE ZONE. How hard would it be to get all that info???

    • Yep, big sign in the front yard. This House is a Gun Free Zone. We don’t have any and respectfully request you leave yours outside.

    • Even better, she doesn’t need a reason, she can just tell me to not come in her home at all. That’s all good, it is her need to build up the completely unimportant moment as if she is somehow being heroic, while being downtrodden and offended all at the same time, that sets my teeth on edge.

  33. Oddly enough, my fiancé (I was invited but I have work this weekend) got invited to a confirmation party for the young daughter of friends of ours. A third party is setting the whole thing up for some reason, and she was told “Don’t bring your guns…”

    It’s not that hard, and not that disturbing if you really think about it. If you know people may have guns and you don’t want them in your home, just ask.

    • And, since they have assured that many people now know a large group of people will be there and unarmed, ripe for the plucking, including all involved with the printing of invitations, preparation of refreshments, etc, you can be sure that my family and I will not be present, nor will our present be present.

  34. “At least until such time as the country collectively decides to change any laws.” Yeah that’s not ominous as shit. It’s funny, that’s how all these anti “mom” types think.. And yet they don’t think that doing so would mean having to send there children off to die, in what would become America’s most brutal war.

  35. Does she ask her guests if they are sex offenders with a preference for children? They are more dangerous than gun owners.

  36. Ahhh the Fakebook generation. Iam WOMAN hear me Blog!!!

    Maybe her “man” is a felon and can’t be around guns cause he’ll VOP. Now that she’s “come out” the thugs know which house to hit. After the home invasion she’ll sing a new song. Unless he cut’s off her head and drives through three states wearing her head as a hat.

  37. So if her house is being broken into, will she tell the 911 dispatcher to tell responding officers that they have to leave their guns in the car? I wonder how that conversation would go?

  38. When I visit a home like this with my kids, and they ask people not to carry (a rarity even here in Chicago) I have a reply. “Good: I am glad we can have this conversation. Now that you know about my gun, I would like to know what prescription medications you and your husband/wife are on and have in the house. Also, is there any pornography or sexual objects in the house? How do you secure the kitchen cabinets? What chemicals are here? Where are they? Are your windows unlockable? Where do you keep your car keys? Have you or anyone who lives here ever been convicted or accused of a crime? You know, FOR THE CHILDREN and all…”

  39. Maybe she asks her guests to leave their guns at home sonshebcsn rob , rape and murder them once they arrive. I think we should not trust this person she sounds dangerous to me!

  40. Ms carter.
    There is a simple solution. Put up a this is a free gun zone sign on your front lawn. And post a 30 whatever sign on your door.
    Then the only visitors you will have are the ones who don’t or cant own a gun legally. They wont knock before coming in too. And want what you have without having to pay for it.
    Its a sure cure for yah.

  41. Would it not be better to ask guests if they’d mind having their pieces locked away somewhere safe but easy get-at-able in the host’s property?

  42. “This seems backward.”
    Said the leading expert on backwardness (and child speak).

  43. The esteemed blogger (along with most of the first world population) needs education in simple legal principles; someone in your home does something you don’t like then you ask them to cease and desist or leave, if they don’t then they’re trespassing and/or vagrant (depending on jurisdiction/circumstances).

    • Are you certain that giant rats don’t have giant rights? Don’t be shootin’ them boys!

  44. Wait… If I want to ban people from bring cranberries, doilies, flip flops, and/or Cosmopolitan magazines into my home, I have to actively tell them so?


  45. Oh hell you know as well as I do, Id gladly leave my firearm outside to get a chance to suck the letters off her t shirt. That momma is hot. Heybaby, call me at. 620 238 3635

    • Remember the wise words: “No matter how good she looks, some guy, somewhere, is tired of putting up with her shit.” Don’t let that guy be you.

      Besides, she’s not that hot. Maybe everyday hot, but she’s not Victoria’s Secret model hot. You need to raise your standards if you’re going to put up with an air-headed anti-gunner.

  46. A bit of Internet searching would reveal her address to criminals who prefer gun free homes. Get ADT installed and buy a dog. Oh and make sure you tell criminals that your not ok with bringing guns in your home

  47. She used the word “collectively” several times, demonstrating the success of the social engineering campaign to condition people to accept giving up their individual rights in the name of the greater good, public health, ie collectivism.

  48. She doesn’t allow presents to be brought to her kids birthday?? What a horrible mom. And there is the whole gun phobia…..

    Lose/lose, I feel bad for her kid(s).

  49. Conversely, before entering someone’s home for non-business purposes, I ask, “Are you an anti-gun imbecile?” If the answer is yes, I refuse to enter their home as they’re obviously an idiot whose company I would find tiresome, if not outright repugnant.

  50. Smug self-entitled liberal arts types, like this lady, make my skin crawl. You always have the sneaking suspicion they’d happily nerve gas you if they thought it would bring their rainbows and unicorns vision for the world to fruition. For the children.

    Of course it would have to be organic poison gas 😉

  51. reckon we are just a tad off base here?

    her house, her rules. now a good chunk of the public knows what one of them rules is.
    she is expectin’ when people come to visit, they ask permission before tottin’ a firestick into her home. is she wrong to think people should nice enough to ask before commin’ in?

    but one thing that seems to keep showin’ up here is people who would take off the guns before walkin’ in to her house. why would you do that? if you need to be armed, you need to be armed. ain’t no bad guys gonna give you a break jes ’cause yur being neighborly-like and honorin’ this woman’s rules about guns in the house. if”n ya need to be armed in order to have a good chance of gettin’ to her house, ya need to be armed in her house soes ya can git back to yur car to leave.

    if ya need to be armed, ya need to be armed. don’t be goin’ places that put you in danger, even family. if ya doan need to be armed all the time, hope you can be really good at figgerin’ out when ya do an’ when ya doan.

  52. It’s too bad a Google image search for “pearl clutcher” doesn’t come up with any really good results.

  53. If I were someone dealing with this woman, I would say, “Have it your way and I will have it mine. I don’t want my child having to deal with persons as irrational as you. Therefore, I will instruct my son/daughter to avoid all dealings with your family. Have an unpleasant day.”

  54. I’m sure:

    “After a lot of digging into this and asking the bright legal minds I have access to about this issue, what I have realized is that the burden is on me to actively ask visitors not to bring guns into my home, not on a visitor having to ask permission to bring a gun onto my property where my children are. This seems backward.”

    If she asked, that she’ll also find that the onus is her to actively ask that people also don’t bring other tools into her home, if she doesn’t want people carrying (open/concealed) watches, cell phones,sunglasses, prescription glasses (these require a permit from a doctor).

    Wonder if she is also concerned about people carrying other life saving rescue devices, like Ventolin Inhalers, heart medications, aspirin, band-aids….

    All these things that she needs to actively ask people “not” to bring into her home….

  55. So. . . I basically need your permission in order to exercise my right as granted by the constitution? And then these people have the gall to say “It’s a free country.”

  56. She says, “it doesn’t seem as concerned with my right to enforce my home as a gun-free zone. ”

    The law doesn’t have to state it. Now if I recall, there are laws to that point, but I don’t feel like looking them up again. However, the law doesn’t have to state it. You can make up whatever rules you want for your own private property that you own. That’s how rights work. You have the right to do (or not do) whatever you want on your property, and those on your property need to obey your wishes, because it’s your sovereign property.

    If she’s really that anti-gun, she can put up “no guns” signs. Last I checked, all states have some sort of provision, ranging from the weak trespassing clauses up to the outright ban clauses (like Texas 30.06/30.07).

    Yeah, she conveniently forgets this.

    But for the record, those who start the whole 2A thing on this are wrong. It’s her property. She can tell you not to bring guns on her property. Don’t like it? Don’t go to her property. She doesn’t need laws or signs.

    • I think the real annoyance is not that she wants people to not bring guns in her home. You’re correct, it’s her right to prevent that. It’s that she seems upset that SHE needs to tell US not to, instead of the other way around. And we simply find this absurd.

  57. There is a very simple solution to this: Ms. Carter should post prominent signage that declares her property to be gun free. Then she doesn’t have to ask her guests to disarm, because anyone who comes to her house will know it is a gun free zone. I’m sure any criminals in the area will politely disarm before breaking and entering.

  58. I wonder if she has a swimming pool, a bathtub, stairs and or cleaning supplies under the kitchen counter? Kitchen knives in the butcher block right out in the OPEN!?


  59. I always ask people if they are pro-choice when they come to my house. I am in constant fear of them deciding to retroactively abort my kids.

  60. How about she just puts a ‘gun free zone’ sign on her front and back doors?

    If I’m reading this right, she’s offended by having to tell someone. I fully support her right to not allow guns on her own property, just like she’s free to disallow smoking, drinking, gambling, dancing, personal displays of affection, or dark-skinned people.

    But, I’m sorry, if you want to disallow something that’s perfectly legal elsewhere, and be sure that nobody unwittingly breaks your house rules, YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE TO SPEAK UP.

    • She needs “gun free zone” signs on her doors, windows and the bumper sticker version on her subaprius.

  61. Can we instead talk about the lunatic belief that a holstered gun in your home possess a threat to your self or your children? After being invited to bring my person into your home should I ask further permission to bring my pocket knife with me? What about my martial arts skill? Body odor? Brands of clothes you dislike?

    Do you not want people bringing weapons into your home or is it just guns? If weapons in general, then your home is loaded with weapons from your kitchen knives fyi the floor and countertop corners. I’d your ok with those other weapons, the ones you leave unlocked around your children, then why the issue with guns? Those other weapons would only be an issue if I deliberately used then for violence. But a gun is no different in this regard when it’s worn in a holster. You may be afraid to have a gun stored in your home for fear of your children finding it, but that is not at issue when it is strapped to someone’s hip and literally under constant supervision along with any children who get close to it.

    And yes, it’s your home, it’s your responsibility to regulate what enters it.

  62. She should just put one of those lovely, informative and perfectly legal signs on her door letting people know that her house is a gun free zone. Simple.

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