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Walmart sort of slipped their announcement ending sales of handgun and “short barrel” ammo under the Hurricane Dorian news yesterday, but plenty of folks have heard about it now. The NRA wasted no time rebuking the megacorporation for selling out to the gun grabbers.

In visiting a couple of Walmart stores here in Central Illinois, store staff tells me that bargain hunters have already pounced.

First, the NRA-ILA’s pithy condemnation of the decision by Walmart.

“The strongest defense of freedom has always been our free-market economy. It is shameful to see Walmart succumb to the pressure of the anti-gun elites. Lines at Walmart will soon be replaced by lines at other retailers who are more supportive of America’s fundamental freedoms. The truth is Walmart’s actions today will not make us any safer. Rather than place the blame on the criminal, Walmart has chosen to victimize law-abiding Americans. Our leaders must be willing to approach the problems of crime, violence and mental health with sincerity and honesty.”

No doubt every local gun shop in America and other retailers who sell guns and ammo are rejoicing after hearing  of Walmart’s socially woke announcement to quit selling handguns and ammo to law-abiding Americans.

Wally World has had a plentiful stock of ammo for a couple of years now and prices were always reasonable. Today, Walmart’s prices on ammo are consistently some of the cheapest around.

Small gun shop owners have told me in the past that their wholesale price on ammo is sometimes more than Walmart’s everyday retail prices. Now they won’t have the Bentonville giant competing with them any more, at least on handgun calibers.

Meanwhile, in the heart of flyover country, bargain hunters are out and about at the news of Walmart’s decision.

Photo by John Boch

Employees at both the Normal, Illinois store and the location in Pontiac told me that several “gun people” have come in and each bought a thousand or more rounds. Apparently buying a case of ammo at a time stands as a rarity at Walmart gun counters.

Photo by John Boch.

In fact, in the Normal store, the clerk told me he read the announcement on CNN on his lunch break about an hour before management called him into a meeting to announce the new policy shift. But by then, he’d already had a couple of people who’d made what he characterized as large purchases.

He noted that he didn’t expect further shipments from their distribution hub, either.

Is Dick’s next?

Given Dick’s Sporting Goods CEO Ed Stack’s virtue signaling on guns these past couple of years, smart money would bet on Dick’s mirroring Walmart’s move ending the sales of handgun ammunition. Why?

Ask yourself…Can Ed Stack allow Walmart to out-virtue signal Dick’s? Nevermind how Stack’s post-Parkland wokeness on guns has cost his company $150m.

Maybe Stack will see Walmart’s decision and up them by arbitrarily closing the entire Field & Stream division. In his mind, that might atone for having sold America’s favorite rifle, the AR-15, along with other modern sporting rifles and handguns for all those years before he had his anti-gun epiphany.

Who knows…maybe Stack will go all-in and order that all Field & Stream inventory relating to firearms and ammunition be destroyed rather than returned to the wholesalers and manufacturers.

Kind of like he did with black rifles and magazines a while back. Lest law-abiding Americans seeking a bargain sully Dick’s reputation by buying the last of their handguns and handgun ammo at a discount.

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  1. My god, what will we do if he just closes those Dick’s altogether? I bet I’d notice within a year!

  2. Just out of curiosity, if there is a Normal store, is there an Abnormal store?
    Only buy groceries at wall world and sometimes a box or two of shotgun ir .22 ammo, so no big deal.
    Hope they can make up the loss by selling fat shorts to hispanic woemen and cheap jeans.

    • ‘fat shorts to Hispanic women’

      Do you think there are new fat white women who shop at Walmart? Evidently you’ve never been in Walmart.

      Way to go, confirmed the racist gun owner stereotype.

      Your method of supporting gun rights seems very strange. You take a story about a retailer changing their policy and turn it into an attack on a minority, fascinating.

      • While there certainly were fat white trash women in all our local Wal Marts as of when we stopped shopping there quite a while back, the ratio was a lot more fat black and hispanic women. Most of the fat middle class women, more of whom are white statistically but you can find representatives of all colors, shop elsewhere.

        My wife likes Torrid. They make some hot clothes for big girls. If you like a little cushion for the pushin’ or prefer some voluptuousness to the pop culture anorexia look or the low class BBW look then send your woman to Torrid. Any man with a pair still producing testosterone will appreciate a woman in clothes from Torrid.

  3. I went to the local Walmart yesterday afternoon and bought some Winchester white box 9mm 115 gr. The ammo was not on clearance sale and was their regular price of $17.99 for 100 rounds. Some other shoppers were were also there buying $100+ of pistol ammo, but there was still plenty in stock at that time.

    • Back when I was an AR owner, the Federal 5.56 I bought at Walmart always had significantly more dented cases than the same product bought at the LGS. And the boxes showed no damage, which tells me the damage occurred before boxing. This made me wonder if the ammo makers knowingly sold off ‘special’ batches to Walmart on the cheap to get rid of the damaged inventory.

      I have mixed feelings about this move by Walmart. I’m happy it will benefit all the LGS out there. But politically , this has a real canary-in-the-coal-mine feel to it.

      • Walmart has always “negotiated” with manufacurers for rock-bottom prices, and has always been happy to sacrifice quality in the process. That goes for all products, not just ammo. In some cases, those negotiations have actually insisted that the manufacturer sacrifice quality. Don’t buy any small-engine products from Walmart. Pay the extra $100 at the competition, and the engine will last five times as long, or more.

        Dented ammo in undamaged packaging? Yeah, someone was dumping bad stock on Walmart, and Walmart almost certainly negotiated a lower contract price to allow it.

        • Now that I think about it, every time I have had out of spec. ammunition, it has come from Walmart. I stopped buying ammunition there years ago and I have’t had any problems since.

    • SkorpionFan,

      I went to the Walmart nearest to me this morning and there were no obvious price reductions on any of their ammunition stock. As a result, I did not purchase any.

    • Where? I like to know where something is, when there’s a comment. The Walmart in Downers Grove had a bunch left Wed afternoon. Clerk said there were bulk boxes in the back room.

  4. NE Iowa Dickless has totally removed their gun counter and replaced it with yet more fac chick spandex/Underarmor/Yeti. No loss. I hope they all go bankrupt. Though Dickless does have more bike stuff than anywhere else in the area.

    • The selection of bikes at my local Dick’s is absolutely pathetic low end trash. There are at least three stores in town that sell “real” bikes.

  5. Yep, both Walmart and Kroger now ask that we don’t open carry in their stores also. I haven’t cared much for Walmart since they quit selling the Dukes of Hazard stuff because it was divisive but kept selling Gansta’ Rap promoting killing cops. (They also quit selling the gallon cans of potato stix, what’s with that.) This is just one more reason not to go to Walmart.

    But what do I know. San Francisco just declared the NRA a domestic terrorist group, does that make all of its members domestic terrorist?

    Quite frankly, I think stocking up on ammo and reloading supplies is a good idea, I see a long hard fight over rights coming up and I’m not sure how President Trump will react. He likes to make deals. If he favors the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the NRA, he will be accused of working for domestic terrorist. He has a ‘no win’ job.

    • Gallon cans of potato sticks? I have to buy chips in smaller amounts because I eat them until they are gone. The gallon cans of sticks seems like a dare!

  6. There are some people who rely on WM as their only local source of ammo. Those same folks might only be in a position to buy what they need when they need it…and can afford it.

    Most of us TTAGers have other sources or…inventory…already. This is only going to screw lower income and rural-ish folks. NO additional safety.

    • The only ammo I buy anymore is .22lr or centerfire rifle cartridges with the intent to reload the cases. Eventually I might need to cycle through and buy new SD ammo.

    • “There are some people who rely on WM as their only local source of ammo.”

      Only about 10% of what Wal Mart sells are actual living staples while the other 90% are luxury (junk) items. If A Given region is large enough to support a Wal Mart store then my guess is that it would be large enough to support other suppliers of ammo if the need or demand dictated so. Believe it or not but some Wallys’ don’t have hunting at all because there is no demand for it. They are only going to sell what they can sell.

      • I have a Walmart 5 miles down the road and a really nice gun store that happens to be closing next year 30 miles down the road. After that my next closest shop where I could get ammo is about an hour away.

        If online sales get done away with I’m more or less screwed.

        • If that gun store is owned/managed by someone who can make decisions, you could haggle with them to buy a large quantity of ammo ($500+) if they’d give you a volume discount or throw in some extra boxes’ worth. Most owners would jump at the opportunity to move inventory and make a fat profit for the day’s books. And you’d end up with a per-bullet price of what you had been paying at Walmart, anyway.

          Even Walmart will accept haggling in some cases. I got a $300 BBQ for $200 because it was missing the instruction booklet (which nobody ever reads anyway) and I informed a supervisor, who allowed the price reduction to avoid having to send it back to the manufacturer.

        • FYI: Academy Sports still offers free shipping for small ammo quantities over $25. Most online ammo requires large bulk to get free shipping. Academy’s prices are reasonable, but you really need to compare. I get Hornady soft points cheaper there than anywhere else, but their Remington ammo is higher than average.

          I recently bought 15 rnds of buckshot and a box of cheap 9mm and I am pretty sure it cost them more to ship it than I paid for the ammo. 🤣

    • There’s no grocery store in Ft. Leonard Wood. We were there for boot camp graduation and I wanted to buy snacks. I asked and around and found out the townspeople go to Walmart. Sad.

      • There was a grocery store on base as far as I remember from 19 years ago. Gun shop too.
        Off base was… different.
        That Wal-Mart was horrible back then too.

    • here its walmart or the overpriced local shop. NO MAIL ORDER of ammo to alaska. Just means I will reload more….

  7. Walmart was the sole reason my local gun stores moved off of their outrageous obama-era prices for the most common calibers. I have no doubt these gun stores will be raising prices considerably very soon. One local store has been selling 1000 rd cases of the federal “white box” (RTP I think?) for $180 for quite a while. I just went back to their site today and they’ve already taken that off their list of specials. Hopefully with wal-mart no longer buying the distributors will be begging local shops to take inventory and prices will stay down.

    • Yup, expect every FFL in the country to jack their prices now that the cheapest brick and mortar retailer has exited the market.

  8. In my neighborhood Dick’s already depleted their “Hunting” department to just the basics of long gun offerings years ago. Coupled with the fact that they sell “Marketing Profiles” of their customers to whoever wants to pay for it. The DOJ doesn’t need to have a data base as long as they can buy the information from marketing firms. Of course Dick’s isn’t the only player at this…everything we buy is pinned to us in someway or another.
    Wal Mart. Fire Arms and ancillary products are just a spit in the bucket for Wal Mart even though they may turn a nice little profit from supplying the shooting sports. Decisions like this from large corporations come with much calculating and I’m sure Wal Mart will be hoping for over-all gains from an increase in positive public relations.

    • People didn’t go to Wal Mart just for the ammo. You could buy ammo and sporting goods while you shopped for groceries, hardware items, automotive stuff, entertainment, clothes. It was a one stop shop. People who are no longer shopping there are not shopping there for everything, not just guns stuff, but it is because of the gun stuff.

  9. ammo prices in Walmart are always more expensive in my area(Florida). They are still pandering to the 3 day waiting period due to their “computers” not caught up to recognize the CCW. Had a talk with the regional manager, said they were working on it. Yeah I am sure they are.

  10. Only ammo I buy at Walmart is target shotgun shells. Both Winchester and Federal there are about .25 per round of 12 ga and 20 ga. I guess I will have to find other supplier. And if WM announced this move sooner, I would have given my $1800 TV business to Crutchfield.

  11. Yeah, I’ll bet the mom and pop gun stores are rejoicing. Now, they’re free to jack their ammo prices to the limit without Wallyworld’s competition. As usual, it’s always we gun owners who lose out time and time again.

    • What?
      Ever heard of, shows the best prices nationwide INCLUDING shipping, and delivers right to your door. I order 7.65mmPARA, 9mmPARA, 45acp, 50AE, 7.65×51……all by the case (200 to 1000rds).

    • Hmmm….LOTS of gun shops here in the Lehigh Valley. Wondering if they will see this as an opportunity to raise prices. They still have to compete with the Army-Navy store, Cabellas, and mail order.

  12. where I am at I did not even check out walmart bullets wonder how they are going to handle ammo that fits both long guns and handguns like 357,38s 45 long colt etc. but anyhow if I need to buy any buy the box we have a little sports shop that usually not that much different in price but I mostly get my ammo offline by the case or reload have dies for almost everything I own also have some molds for some

  13. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) boycotts rarely work. It worked with Dick’s because guns & ammunition were a big part of their sales offerings, and pro-gun folks had plenty of other options for those and for other sporting supplies. In the case of WalMart, two points come to mind:

    1) I’m pretty sure that guns and ammunition sales were not as significant to their bottom line as they were to Dicks. Plus Dick’s primary market is sporting goods whereas Walmart is diversified.

    2) Since most people go to WalMart because of their prices, it’s likely that only a very small percentage of people will really stop going to Walmart.

    In most cases, the emotional drive of a boycott lasts a short time and people quietly resume shopping; particularly if it’s a store or product they like.

    I’m the perfect example! I was infuriated when companies bailed on Laura Ingraham because of her comments about the little twerp (the Hog) from Parkland! I made a list of the companies I would no longer use: They included Bayer, ACE Hardware, Nestle, Hulu, Wayfair, etc. I sent email to each of them, called their corporate offices and told them they’d lost a customer because of caving to the little hog-shit!

    Well, several months later and I just bought some Bayer Aspirin, Nestles Chocolate and I’m considering resuming my Hulu subscription. (Also, with these huge companies, it’s hard to know who their subsidiaries are, so you still wind up supporting them unknowingly).

    Oh, and my wife has been pressuring me to have her buy something from Wayfair!!

    • The followingis a simple observation, based on the gentleman’s own comments. You seem to lack the courage of your convictions. So be it. Not everyone is so inclined. Best of luck to you sir.

      • agreed. when i decide to stop buying a companies products for ethical reasons i dont go back on it even to the point where i will bin a gift including one i would otherwise have loved very much.
        Since Nestle and cadbury went halal and nestle CEO said water should not be freely available but owned by corporations like his i have not bought a single item of either companies products. my partner a couple times asked me to buy a particular item, i told her no will find something from another company buy i will not support them

        • Nestle was the company that was boycotted in the 70’s because they were giving free baby formula to poor African woman. THEN, after they were ‘hooked’ on it they were charged for it. The woman had no money, and no breast milk. Since then, I’ve only bought Hershey chocolate.

    • When there are so many choices available, why did you go back to Bayer and Nestle’?

      BTW, Green and Black brand: the most amazing chocolate.

    • Very interesting, you boycotted Bayer aspirin because they supported the Parkland boy’s right to speak freely.

      I boycott Bayer aspirin because of their involvement in producing poison gas for the Nazi death camps.


      I guess we all have our priorities.

      • No, Miner49, Jeff didn’t say he “boycotted Bayer aspirin because they supported the Parkland boy’s right to speak freely,” he boycotted Bayer because they punished Laura Ingraham for speaking freely about the camera-hog from Parkland!
        There is a huge difference.
        Bayer opposed free speech, they opposed Laura Ingraham’s right to free speech, and that’s why he boycotted Bayer.

        • “Bayer opposed free speech, they opposed Laura Ingraham’s right to free speech”

          You are ignoring the foundation facts in order to promote your agenda.

          Fake Dr. Laura was using her public pulpit to attack the Parkland boy for speaking out his opinion. As is anyone’s right, many corporations decided not to give their money to fake Dr. Laura because she used her public Persona to castigate the Parkland survivor.

          Fake Dr. Laura was the one who began by publicly vilifying the Parkland boy for having an opinion that differs from hers, she has many followers who support her anti-social diatribes.

        • Miner 49 – she is not Dr. Laura. You are thinking of the Laura Schlessinger that has long since been off TV and radio – since the nude pictures popped up.

          Laura Ingraham was using her voice to point out the galactic hypocrisy little Hogg boy was trying to inflict on every living creature – and still is. What you choose to call speech suppression is merely speech in response to the Hoog wash.

          Liberals tend to confuse these matters as they hate any response in disagreement. Speech suppression is a vital part of the liberal dogma.

  14. I haven’t been in a Walmart for quite a while, possibly years. I just have no need to.
    I grocery shop at a chain store that has decent prices. Carharrt jeans are bought from Tractor Supply. Shirts from wherever. Tools from a mom and pop hardware store and if I really need something they don’t have its Lowe’s or Home Depot.
    I have no use for Walmart.

  15. Remember when all everybody did was belly ache about how big box stores were killing off mom n pop retailers. Now they give standalone gun stores some breathing room and it’s another reason to belly ache. I’d image the sales guys at the ammo wholesalers will be working the phones. I get great offers in my email all the time for bulk ammo and it’s an easy impulse buy, especially when the subject line says Free Shipping

  16. I didn’t realize you were from central Illinois. I’ve lived in Normal since I went to school college there, then lived there another 4 years after. It’s changed so much since 2004. Passed through this summer.

  17. I like on line shopping for ammo. I also like cabelas because they have everything you can imagine and in get 5 percent off for veterans, something walfuckingmart never does.
    I buy oil at wally mart because its one of their loss leaders. Nothing else.

  18. Did they ever describe what “short barrel ammo” is? 300 BLK, 223, 308/7.62? Almost anything can be SBR ammo. Hell, what are they going to do about .22 LR? Can be used on nearly any platform.

  19. I guess Wally World has decided to lose a large number of customers because they have been intimidated by the lunar/Left communist cult members aka known as Dick, Levis and threats from the liars who claim the “majority” of gun haters anonymous want them to stop making a profit on selling a legal product. You would think this giant money whore would rather take the money. After all they are the ones who make billions from buying Chinese products and lying to the public that they were only buying American!!

    • They stopped “buying America” after Sam Walton died, they stopped supporting America and veterrans when their Resident Silver Star recipient died. now all they do is SUCK money out of people like Vampires, nasty little bloodsuckers that they are. Had a daughter that worked there for a short while….. and hated it. Sick bunch of over-controlling clowns. They will not do well in the chaos that’s coming. Ask Antifa. Really!

  20. Fortunately, we have Rural King that’s relatively close by(about a 30 minute trip) and they just came out with a letter fully supporting the 2nd Amendment and the “rural” lifestyle of those who protect and defend their families and property. We rarely ever even step foot into any of the Massive Wal-Marts around the area. We have Publix and plenty of other places to buy all the other things that Wally’s sells at the same prices.

    • Rural King and Gander Outdoors both have statements fully supporting the 2nd. Gander even refuses to sell Yeti and other brands that turned anti 2nd. The RK is easy to get to, but not the Gander. Gander actually had good prices and I bought ammo there.

    • John never heard of this chain but there is one close enough on the way to visiting family. Thanks for mentioning them I will check them out next time I go through PA.

  21. and when the left comes after your profits and forces a union on you and makes other demands, as the saying goes, ” Who ya’ gonna call”? To paraphrase, When you surrender freedom for a little safety you neither get or deserve either.

  22. I’ve never seen a crowd around Wal-Mart’s ammo case except during the dim drought in 2013. Never bought any…oh my son graduated from Bloomington-Normal State U. We did the 3rd Sunday Market years ago. It WAS nice…is Sam Walton turning over in his grave?😫

    • As I understand it, Sam Walton was just a regular guy who knew his employees by name and he drove up in a pickup truck. I’m sure he is spinning in his grave.

  23. Many if not most gun owners depend on Walmart to buy ammo cuz its the only store out in the boonies!

    I see a opportunity! Lets vote to take over the NRA and make them open up #GUNMart&Stuff all over the Country with all profits going to fight gun control. I bet they could make bank & kill Walmart & Kroger commies.

  24. Walmart’s reputation of incompetence in their Sporting Goods Departments has hurt them considerably in the last few years. Going to stop selling 5.56, .223 and .308 because they’re used in “Shudder” Assault weapons. Real smooth move as those 3 alone probably add up to half their hunting season sales and are common in bolt action guns too. Disgusted with corporate America period.

  25. I have one of those internet ammo suppliers less then one mile from me, but they won’t sell to me over the counter. 🙁 I have to order online and pay for shipping. Walmart is the closest grocery store to me so it’s always been convenient. Plus, I don’t have to worry about those silly discount cards. Oh well, time to switch it up.

  26. Hope no one tells Walmart that AR’s are chambered in more than just .223/5.56 – should go to the news with a story that Walmart sold me assault ammo for my short barreled pistol rifle and I’m now feeling triggered.

  27. Everyone can say what they like.

    During the great ammo drought, Walmart was the only place to get ball ammo for practice at non-gouge prices.

    Since I travel, I was able to keep a decent stock of ammo.

    And SGAmmo was one of the very few places with non-gouge prices on hollowpoint defense ammo.

    So another ammo drought and Walmart stocks will be sorely missed.

    They should be ashamed. I told them so on their website. It would be nice if everyone went to and let them know what you think.

    • True about no price gouging back in 2013. But i recall, at my local Wal-Mart there was a small group waiting before 0600 every Tuesday to buy their 3 box ration of 22LR. If you were late you didn’t get your ration.

      • Yeah. Several situations like that.

        Our local Walmart had a situation where the person running the gun counter was texting people when ammo came in and was about to go on the shelf. .

        One store in AL told me they didnt sell ammo between 9pm and 5am. I asked to see the manager and they said they couldnt find her……so intent on the website and filed a complaint about that store.. Two minutes after i sent the complaint the store manager showed up and told me there had been a mistake. Right!

        Many stores started holding ammo and putting it out at a particular time.

        Oh and our local manager found out the guy texting people about ammo was charging for the “service”……..fired.

        • There was a guy who worked at a small LGS who was at our WallyWorld at 0600 every morning to receive his ration of .22 LR…the boxes / bricks appeared in his shop by 0900 with the price jacked 200 – 300% (or more). The Sporting Goods Mgr. started putting product out randomly during the day (Mgr was a shooter and didn’t like how the LGS was shafting customers)…BTW, that particular LGS is out of business…no great loss.

  28. I have bought ammo from Wally World one time and that was some .45 Colt ammo for my 4109DE
    I couldn’t give a flying bat sh– what Walmart does. I can go to Sharp Shooting Indoor Range, White Elephant, Sportsman Warehouse or buzz over to Post Falls to Cabelas. All the choices are more attractive than going to Walmart where the only reasons to even go there has been price or convenience but I don’t need to penny pinch as to *HAVE* to go there. The only reason I bought that .45 Colt ammo from them was that they had it and were open late when I happened to want it and it was kind of a hassle so that was the first and clearly the last time for me.

      • Actually I have been there for ammo. I went there to get some .40 FMJ range ammo to shoot at Center Target Sports for a DHG2 class with Ed.
        You can see why I’m shedding big crocodile tears over Walmart! 😉

        • Yea, they had lots of loaded ammo as well as powder, primers and bullets during the lean Obama years. Nothing special on their firearm prices though.

      • As far as prices, they told me they try to stay competitive and beat Cabelas prices.
        I’m from Montana, born in Missoula. I just spent two weeks up the Clark Fork on 135 in my 35′ RV. Went into Paradise and Plains a couple of times.

  29. I’m surprised by Walmart. Wally world’s largest markets are the suburbs and rural areas of America, where 2A support is strong. If they do this, I’m sure theres room for another mart to come in. Of course, most of us just will buy online and ship the ammo to our doors or to our LGS for pickup.

    • Yeah. Sam Walton would be firing everyone in upper management and altering his will to remove his kids right now if he were still alive.

  30. If THEY can’t immediately and outright BAN the 2nd Amendment…Then THEY’LL just drive it from the public consciousness…And it will be like The People’s Republic of M Assachusetts…Where NOT only is it an Authoritarian-local police (licensing authority/STASI Jr.) state controlled privilege…But, it is nearly next to impossible to even find a place that does sell any firearms or ammo…Or even pepper spray, if YOUR lucky! (Re: since it was deregulated in 2014/2015.)

    • Yea, I don’t even look.

      Wow, only 4 spots to buy ammo luckily. Bummer my stockpile was lost in that boating accident.

      I did buy at Wally world. Quite a bit. I supported their support of 2A. Virtue signaling:
      Makes a third happy
      A third will not care
      A third will be mad

      How long?

  31. Walmart — the home of cheap Chinese crapola — is only going out of the ammo business because the Chicoms don’t make it.

    • The Chinese do make ammo. Wasn’t the import of the ammo banned by one of the former presidents?

  32. What with Walmart, to some extent, removed as a competitor, one wonders as to the following. To what extent might that friendly local merchant boost prices absent competition. I expect we shall see, possibly quite soon too. By the way, for myself, I was never a patron of either Dick’s or Walmart.

    I am happy that I am NOT a stockholder!
    They have just made a Negative move, it surely will have a Negative affect of the company’s worth!

  34. No loss to Californians. Wally World stopped selling ammo in most if not all California locations as of July 1. My stores haven’t sold guns in a decade after having some “paper work” issues with the ATF. The really sad thing is that there is only one Big Box store that sells ammo in town, while the LGS prices are full retail, and on line purchases have to go through an FFL. (I’ve only done one internet deal since 7/1, and the dealer, a table top ffl, charged me nothing for the service as it was his first time through the system, and he took advantage of the same great deal (Lake City .308 at .40 per round, plus shipping). I have no idea what the other guns stores will charge, because the whole thing is a royal pain in the ass, taking up about 20 minutes per transaction,

    • My coworker didn’t heed my advice to stock up over the past year, and shuffled into our local Walmart a couple of weeks ago to buy a box (yes, only a single box, ‘cuz he’s a classic Fudd). He told me the next day that it took an excruciating 25 minutes to perform the sale. The electronic check itself took only a couple of minutes, but the three(!) separate forms the clerk needed to fill out took over twenty.

    • I’m old enough to remember when Kmart sold guns and ammo in Australia. And this was in suburban Sydney, not in a rural location.

      • Hi Southern,
        I can’t remember Kmart selling firearm stuff as the nearest was hours away.
        I do remember Amart sports selling guns etc. My loading scales came from there. As did a lot of .223 Chinese Norinco ammunition. Not sure if it’s still sold here as I just reload now.
        One of the Amart shops at Gold Coast still had gun signs up until they remodeled a couple of years ago.

  35. As for me I’m done with Wal-Mart I won’t even buy clothes or groceries from them anymore. As a matter of fact I needed a co Rainer of half n half today, I paid over a dollar more at Winn Dixie to boycott Wal-Mart.

  36. On the one hand, screw Walmart & Dick’s/

    First, I got a Cabela’s credit card. Since then they and Bass Pro joined forces, so now it’s good for both.

    Second, I put every expense I possibly can thru that card and pay it all off every payday. Not just monthly, I mean every payday. Small or large, it goes on the card.

    So, I’ve got a lot of points earned. Any ammo I need, or other stuff those two stores sell, I use those points. But even then I only buy items on sale. Those sale prices are usually below Walmart’s regular price. So it’s a good deal. Plus Cabela’s/Bass Pro honor sale prices on back orders. I had a large .22LR ammo order at $16/brick, took 13 months to fill it back during the late unpleasantness. But they honored the sale price, paid $80 on 5000 rounds of Federal Automatch when it was on Gunbroker for $100++ a brick.

    So who the hell needs Walmart or Dick’s?

    Well, the answer to that is we do. We need to not be seeing our rights be nibbled at. Little bites, small losses, they add up over time.

    So even if I do not need them for ammo, even if I flip them the bird for what they’ve done, it still harms me that they did something anti-gun.

    Oh, and now Kroger Foods has asked customers not to open carry in their food stores. Largest supermarket chain there is. Bad news that.

    • Kroger may be large, but the one near me sucks. I quit them over a decade ago because they didn’t watch their dates.

    • That’s the problem! Every time a city, county or state takes a little piece of our rights. It only makes it easier to take them all in the long run! I only fear what America will be like in a few generations! Hopefully I’ll be dead with no possible chance of reincarnation if America goes to the libturds!!

  37. Well thank God for Academy and Bass Pro Shops… and just announced from The Sportsman’s Guide all members of the Buying Club that buy over $49 worth of merchandise gets free shipping and that includes ammunition..

  38. I got the last two boxes of 9MM from my local Wallyworld last night. The clerk said they sold over $11,000.00 in ammo yesterday. Walmart used to be a reliable stop on the way to the range. Now I have no reason to ever go there again.

    I’m sure the stockholders will not be pleased by management’s virtue-signalling decision to alienate a large block of shoppers.

  39. My local Walmart was already out of everything except .40 and .380 as of yesterday (aside from larger caliber rifle and shotgun shells of course). There were 4 other people there who left empty-handed. This is in anti-gun South Florida suburbs. I typically order bulk online, but it was always nice to buy 100-200 rounds of 9mm and 5.56 on the way home from a spontaneous range day. It sucks not to have a viable local option because the LGS around here jack up their prices nasty because of range rentals. My local Walmart actually has all 2A guys who work the ammo counter and I could tell they were unhappy. They said within the first day they sold out of .223/5.56, and almost all 9. Online is always better, but I feel for folks in states that restrict online sales.

  40. And the funny thing about this whole mess is that the liberal elites applauding moves like this, would not be caught dead in a Walmart.

  41. Walmart’s and Dick’s marketing decisions don’t bother me. Marketers make stupid and futile decisions every day; they get paid to do dumb things. Ammo is plentiful despite their foolishness.

    I’ll continue to roll my own ammo from range brass discards, powder and primers from gun shows, and mail-order projos. It’s cheaper, it’s fun to make, and my handloads are always more consistent on the chronograph than factory ammo is.

  42. Since obama’s ammo drought I took up reloading. Have not bought ammo at Walmart and only occasionally at Bass Pro (.22LR) or a LGS.
    Wally World just lost a entire base of customers. After raising the firearm and ammo age to 21 many quit buying from them, now there is no reason to buy there at all.
    As for me, that’s a 50 mile round trip I don’t have to make for whatever else I used to buy there. Online or local now.

  43. Walmart, Kroger, and now add CVS and Walgreens. It looks like they are taking a play out of Eric Holder’s playbook; treat gun owner like smokers and marginalize them. Those who say it doesn’t matter (“concealed means concealed!”)… Don’t worry, you’re next. Out of sight is out of mind. They will convince the American public that anyone who carries a gun in public is deranged. Tick-tock! The long game favors tyranny.

  44. The only reason for me to ever step into a Walmart was ammo.
    Now there is no reason for me to ever go to a Walmart.

    Not that I’m going to buy my ammo from my LGS – they offensively gouge on prices.

    I will just be buying more online and reloading more.

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