Chinese elementary school knife attack
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BELLEVUE, WA – A terrifying attack at a Chinese elementary school Monday that left at least eight children dead is more proof that madmen determined to cause mayhem don’t need guns when their victims are helpless, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms said today.

“The attack at Chaoyangpo Elementary School in Hubei province was a horrific event,” CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb observed, “and it was reportedly carried out with a meat cleaver by a man who, according to one account, had served time in prison and was recently released. Nobody is calling for regulation of cutting tools, and we think this terrible crime should remind people that it is not the tool, but what is in the hearts of people who commit these heinous acts, that is really to blame.

“This unspeakable crime can also serve as a reminder to those who are always willing to blame the American firearms community for attacks at schools and other places that the United States is hardly the only nation where mass killings occur,” he added. “What happened Monday in central China was an inexplicable act of brutality against innocent youngsters, which can be said about any attack in any school, anywhere around the world.

“And let’s not forget,” Gottlieb noted, “that this was not an isolated incident. In January, an attack at a Beijing elementary school injured 20 children. In April 2018, nine people were killed in an attack outside of a middle school in Shaanxi province, and back in June of last year, a man fatally stabbed to children outside of an elementary school in Shanghai.

“We can overlook the political and cultural differences between our two nations and express shock and sorrow to the Chinese people, and especially the families of those children who were lost,” Gottlieb continued.

“However,” he said, “at the same time we must remember that one depraved individual appears to be responsible. It would be irresponsible on our part to blame Chinese society or even a segment of that country’s population for what happened. One person did this, and we are confident that he will be dealt with individually, rather than penalizing millions of Chinese citizens for a crime they did not commit.

“There might be a lesson in that for people in this country who rush to blame guns and punish all gun owners when some individual commits a terrible crime,” Gottlieb concluded.


With more than 650,000 members and supporters nationwide, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms ( is one of the nation’s premier gun rights organizations. As a non-profit organization, the Citizens Committee is dedicated to preserving firearms freedoms through active lobbying of elected officials and facilitating grass-roots organization of gun rights activists in local communities throughout the United States.

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  1. True enough, evil people will find a way to cause death and destruction. But what this shows is that an armed teacher may not have prevented the attack, but should have been able to shorten the duration and lessen the damage. While many of our politicians think the same thig about firearms – all they do is let evil men destroy, we need to push the narrative they can also balance the playing field. No school that has armed teachers has even had a shooting in the United States.

    • Randy Jones,

      But what this shows is that an armed teacher may not have prevented the attack, but should have been able to shorten the duration and lessen the damage.

      Absolutely. We cannot totally eliminate the casualty count of a spree killer because he/she has the element of surprise and choosing the most advantageous venue. What we can do is MINIMIZE the casualty count. And THAT is a RIGHTEOUS and HONORABLE goal.

      • You may be correct on the concert as far as stabbing 500 people but some well placed gasoline or pipe bombs or pressure cookers or mixture of diesel fuel and fertilizer would work as well or better.
        Your comment adds no foundation to your intent to persuade others to your position.

        • Except the rifle is by far the easiest to get. Walk into a supply store and check out with all the components for a pipe bomb and see how that goes. Walk into a gun store and buy a rifle and a case of ammo, and they’ll thank you for your business.

        • I could have killed and injured more people at the LV rampage than Steven Paddock with my pickup truck which I already owned .

  2. Just exactly how does PRC Gun Ownership and US Gun Ownership apply to the same kind of crime?/! Chinese ownership of a Firearm is mandated by the State (i.e. the Communist Party). Meaning that the average Chinese Citizen isn’t allowed to own a firearm of any kind, unless you can prove that you actually have need for one. Which is seldom, unless you’re an actual member of the Communist Party…

    • This story illustrates that even in a country like China (which has nearly complete gun control, as you note), evil people still manage to commit heinous acts, using whatever tool they have at their disposal. A lesson that the “common-senser’s” need pounded into their brains at every opportunity.

      • Since statistical data has long shown that more people are killed by blunt instruments, including fists and feet, this should have, by now, been an accepted conclusion. Unfortunately, the anti-gun squad only pays attention to official data when they are able to twist the figures to support their ideology.

        • More people are killed by blunt objects than black rifles. Firearms as a whole kill way more in the states.

      • But then again, how often does it happen in China! I suspect if it happened in China at the Same Frequency that it does in the United States, even this News would be Moot. News in China is only made public to the rest of the world, by the behest of the Chinese Government. If Mass Homicides occurred at the same rate as they do within the United States, the Chinese Government would bury the news in a skinny New York Second (i.e. faster than a common house fly can react to being swatted)…

  3. I wonder if they prefer knife control or criminal control?

    Masked gunman just killed in New York. Per Fox: “One officer fired about nine rounds during the first encounter on Howard Avenue, while six others fired about 55 rounds in the backyard”

    This was one bad guy and SEVEN highly trained police officers. We know they’re highly trained because the police hating politicians always tell us that. But remember, if you can’t get it done in 10 rounds….

    • What the idiots fail to take into account is the adrenalin coursing through the veins of anyone involved in a gunfight. It’s one thing to go to the range and take your time, and quite another to be hyped up by the chase and the facedown… when bullets are coming your way. That’s why you see a news report of a dozen cops jumping a perp, all of them fighting for physical control and trying to get the cuffs on, when the perp may repeatedly keep saying ‘I’m not resisting.’

      Adrenalin is constant for police officers. Even when their is nothing going on, their mental and physical situation has them on alert and primed to react. That is their base line. Then something happens, and even more adrenalin is pumped into their system. As soon as they turn on the lights and siren, more is added, and even more while speeding through traffic. By the time they make contact with the suspect, they are really pumped up. It’s a form of high that affects every normal human being. First Responders and military are high on the list, followed by ER personnel.

      OK, 12 cops jumped out of their cars and all jumped on the lone suspect, using flashlights, nightsticks/PR-21s, MACE, etc. Much of the adrenaline is released during that struggle, but there is still a lot coursing through the system, which is expressed by nervous laughter, back slapping, high fives, etc.

      That’s not the end of it though. There is still adrenalin left and the time to dissipate it is past. So, it remains. Following all the “excitement” the adrenalin level never returns to the original base line. In actuality, the base line is moved up to the new amount of adrenaline in the system.

      This is one of the prime reasons police officers’ lives are shortened. It is said that if a LEO gets past the first 5 years of retirement they are good to go. The truth is it takes a total change of lifestyle.

      Remember. The conditions described are part of the normal fight or flight reaction and, while it applies to certain professions much more than others, it applies to everyone. You hear about it most often when somebody lifts a car or something to save a child. That super human strength comes from adrenalin. Afterward, it is not uncommon to witness serious aging… look at all the presidents and how they age between taking office and leaving office. Stress! Stress causes increased adrenalin. Increased adrenaline burns down the systems of the body.

  4. Meh, the grabbers just deflect by saying “it would be ten times deadlier with guns”. They don’t care. Every stabbing death is a victory to them, because they think otherwise it would be ten shooting deaths.

  5. It was one of those “assault” knives. You know, it has distinct features that make it easy to recognize. Like a handle to hold it, and a sharpened cutting edge on the blade.

  6. Everything that happens is out fault.
    Stabbing rampage in China?
    We need tougher laws here.
    Somehow an escalator explodes and kills 6 kids?
    We need better regs here.
    Africans slaughter herds of elephants to sell tusks to rich Chinese people with broken dicks?
    Our privilege and imperialism are at fault for that one.
    A nation of 1.4 billion people dumps more plastic into the ocean than the rest of the world combined?
    Clearly America needs to go full agrarian to combat climate change.

    In a room of tards and psychotics it’s always the most normal fellow who gets blamed for everything they do.

    • You got that right….I deal with this same scenario at work…. Just on a smaller scale..
      I work with lazy morons that lay EVERYTHING at my feet when the shit gets tough…
      Then if I try to say something about it, then I’m trying to “rock the boat”….

      But yes, your point of view is RIGHT ON THE MONEY!

  7. As soon as I heard it I told somebody he probably used a meat cleaver and I was told that was a racist stereotype. Might need to change the reporting of the facts so that everyone will think he used something other than a meat cleaver.

  8. The Author conveniently ignores the fact that in the U.S. because its easier to use an assault rifle that the mass attacks are more frequent and way more deadly than any recorded knife attack. The Orlando, Florida mad man and the Los Vegas shooting in combination murdered 118 people and they were adults not helpless children. There is no chance a knife attacker would have lasted that long in an attack on adults as he would have gotten his brains beat out or stabbed or shot by the population.

    Again the ridiculous analogy only appeals to the Far Right Fanatics that cannot see reality or the truth as most of the above victims would still be alive today.

    I might add because we have no Federal safe storage laws an Alabama teenager killed his entire family today with a 9mm handgun that was not locked up.

    • “…an Alabama teenager killed his entire family today with a 9mm handgun that was not locked up…”

      Dude, always provide links if you want anyone to care about what you claim. So…link to the story?

      • For God sake Genius move your lazy indolent fingers across the goddamn key board and type “Alabama teenager kills family”.

        • safe storage laws???? so you are for less freedoms and more infringements upon the Bill of Rights and Constitution? Maybe we should rescind the 14th as well, maybe 4th, 5th, and 6th and 8th as well. you are an over educated idiot. Senseless garble is spewing from your suck hole. Critical thinking 101 cant save you here. And its LAS VEGAS…not LOS VEGAS Mr. criticism.

    • Vlad, the teenager (if this story is true and as you report it) didn’t kill his family BECAUSE we don’t have federal safe storage laws… unless, defying all reason and logic, you’re mean that the lack of safe storage laws was his actual motive? Even then, the lack of safe storage laws can’t actually MAKE someone do anything. There’s no causal relationship here. Step up your troll game, buddy.

      • Look let me explain it on the 6th grade level so even you can understand it providing your as intelligent as a 6th grader. After reading your post I have my serious doubts.

        Example Genius. Depressed or Mentally ill teenager gets mad. Teenager walks over to unattended 9mm handgun. Teenager picks up handgun and shoots entire family. Teenager could not have had access to handgun if it had been locked up in a safe and only his father or mother knew the combination.

        Now Einstein what part of this do you not understand. If still in the dark please have your live in girl friend explain it to you.

        I am glad I raised children some years ago otherwise I would be at a loss to even try and communicate with some of you birds.

        And by the way Genius if the penalties for not locking up your handgun entail losing your right to own a firearm or at the very least paying a heavy fine (if no one was killed) and mandatory jail time if someone was killed would indeed guarantee the majority of gun owners would damn sure lock up their guns or end up losing all of them damn quick and forever. Its worked in all other industrialized countries so history is not on your side of your fantasy argument.

        • 6th grade was pretty hard, but I’ll give this a shot….
          If something is made illegal, and comes with stiff penalties, then no one will do it, says you…and countless innocent lives can easily be saved by simple legislation.
          I live in Alabama….pretty sure it is still illegal to murder people here. I hear the neighbors frown on it and the court system will slap you pretty hard.
          People still seem to get murdered here from time to time, sadly.
          So….making it more illegaler is the answer, genius ?

        • Nobody gives a fk about your point of view, you dickless wetback…..
          Get back across the border you swarthy mud-man…

        • Congratulations, “George Washington.” You’ve made Vlad Tepes look temperate and almost sane by comparison. That’s very hard to do.

        • I said, “step up your troll game,” Vlad, not, “resort to petty, desperate insults.”

          Anyway, what still eludes me about your post is that in no possible way can an unlocked, unattended handgun MAKE someone do something. It’s just not a thing.


          Okay, I’m afraid to ask, but… your possessions don’t talk to you at night, do they Vlad? If so, don’t do what they tell you to do. It’s a trap, buddy!

      • Steve, that’s an excellent link, thanks! Here’s an exceprt:
        “A recent Johns Hopkins study claims more than 250,000 people in the U.S. die every year from medical errors. Other reports claim the numbers to be as high as 440,000. Medical errors are the third-leading cause of death after heart disease and cancer.”
        -From the link Steve posted above,

        Others put the deaths from medical mistakes at 500,000 per year, so let’s split the difference and say it’s 365,000. This means doctors kill over 1,000 people every day by medical mistakes.

        I say again, we need “common-sense doctor control”, and we need it now! Do you know why doctors speak out against “gun violence”? Because they don’t like the competition! Medical errors by doctors are the largest preventable cause of death, by far. Doctors kill about 1,000 people every day by medical mistakes. That’s 10 times as many people as are killed by people with guns (including suicides), 20 times as many people as commit suicide by gun, and 30 times as many people as are murdered by gun!

        (Gun murders are about 10,000 people per year. You’ve probably heard numbers of over 30,000 for “gun violence”, but that’s counting suicides by gun, which are over 20,000 people per per year, plus police shootings, self-defense shootings, and accidents brings you over 30,000 per year, but calling suicides, police shootings of criminals, and justified self-defense shootings “gun violence” is highly misleading and absurd. If you commit suicide by car, it’s not “car violence”, or if you jump off a roof, it’s not “roof violence.” And calling accidents “violence” is absurd, because if you fall off a ladder, it’s not “ladder violence”, if you slip in the shower, it’s not “shower violence.”)

    • Vlad my man. Is your company hiring? They seem to have a pretty liberal policy of allowing work time to play on the internet. Also, they seem to allow infinite retardary. Let me know. Thanks.

    • Let Alabama figure out its laws on safe storage.

      No point in having states if things like safe storage can’t be decided at that level.

    • 4,000 Americans are killed by illegals every year while ALL Rifles kill about 500. Why are you so focused on black rifles when illegals kill 8 times as many as all rifles combined?
      Seems like misplaced priorities

      • Thanks for the info. I shall henceforth keep my rifles securely locked up in a safe lest they get inspired one night and decide jump up to kill me. I never heard of a rifle killing anyone. Some anímate being did the act.

    • This again is why left wing radicals like the knife analogies , so they can claim that a knife couldn’t kill hundred’s like an assault rifle attack .
      OK already , Gun owners know this , that’s why we have guns as well as knives , silly .
      Truth is tougher to squeeze into your narrative however when you include some other legal and readily available items , like automobiles , gasoline , pipes and gun powder , pressure cookers , fertilizer and diesel fuel or rat poison at a drinking party .
      How many people do you think a madman could kill at a concert , like the one in Vegas , if he would have just drove a van through the crowds of panicked people trying to exit through a brightly lit turnstile that was jammed by panic ?
      What about driving through a crowd spraying gasoline on the panicked people while spraying 30 rounds of 22 magnum from a PMR30 with knives attached to the truck and then igniting the scene with a match ?
      There is always a way to inflict more damage and because our culture has regressed to a state where half of us have no fear of eternal damnation , no moral compass and no empathy for our fellow man , we all need to arm ourselves and be prepared to stop these lunatics before their outrageous plans of mayhem can be successful . It’s when we , the good guys , are successful at thwarting these missions from hell ,that we begin to see that those who dream of this notoriety choose other paths for fame.

  9. Trucks and cars can cause mass casualties as we have seen many times before. The arguments put forth by gun grabbers are weak and easily disproven.

  10. Yeah, and IF the people in Hong Kong had something like a 2nd Amendment the Chicom Police wouldn’t be killing them in the street.

    • They would not stand up to Chinese Tanks that right now are sitting outside the city. And no the Hong Kong Police as far as I know still have killed no one. If it had been the U.S. untrained cops the streets would now be littered with dead bodies. And by the way if they did the same thing in the U.S. you would have no chance against U.S. tanks either. Think about that one before popping off about Hong Kong people being less free than U.S. people. Reality proves neither people are free. We only have the illusion of freedom proving that our government is a much “slicker liar” because the Far Right believes they are free.

      • Tanks versus guns?There are about 8850 tanks in the US military (Wolfram Alpha) and about 300 million firearms among our 330 million folks. That allows a lot of folks per tank driver who has to go home when he (or she) isn’t in the tank. Or have you forgotten how victorious the US and USSR have been against primitive rebels in Afghanistan?

        • to Jim who only blows sour notes with his Horn.

          Pay attention to what I said. In the Afghan war they were being supplied with money, arms and ammo from outside sources. At first it was the U.S. to defeat the Russians and now its Russia and Middle East Countries like Iran aiding the Afghan insurgents to get revenge on us. What goes around comes around. We were defeated in Afghanistan the same exact way we were defeated in Vietnam by a war of attrition and financing of our invaded country by outside Super powers and outside smaller countries.

          In Vietnam it was the Russians and the Chinese and the Soviet East Block countries all poring in either arms, or ammo or money and in some cases even troops. China had 1 million troops in Vietnam and the Russians provided jet pilots to shoot down our air force (in the beginning of the war). China’s troop occupation of Vietnam freed up 3 million North Vietnamese regulars to invade South Vietnam coupled with 1 million Viet Cong freedom fighters while the U.S. never had more than 1/2 million men in Vietnam. If it had not been for U.S. air power we would have been over run in a matter of weeks. As a matter of fact towards the end of the war military historians have said that if Vietnam had wanted to waste the manpower they could have overwhelmed the U.S. even with its air power as it had so many guns and troops in the vicinity of Saigon that nothing could have saved it from annihilation except all out Nuclear War which is why the U.S. never invaded the North thereby dooming its war from the first shot fired.

        • Plus I am an expert on the Vietnam and Afgan wars because I play World of Warcraft when I do not need to make some money copying and pasting stuff on this website.

        • Its rather humorous to realize you have not yet caught on that you are responding to two different Vlad’s , the fake without the Avatar and the original with one.

        • What is truly humorous is Fake Pretty Picture Vlad Tepes does not realize that anyone can look at my older posts and plainly see that I am the real true Vlad Tepes because I have never used an avatar.

  11. To the socialist mind, it’s all about fairness. 8 people killed with a knife is more fair than 5 killed with a semi-auto, because killing with a knife is hard work, killing with semi-auto is cheating. The means of production are supposed to be under government control, whether one produces widgets or death. Only government is allowed to use automation.

    • wow are you full blown retard or just a slight head trauma? Your logic and reasoning would make Spock slap himself. You have said nothing that makes any sense whatsoever, your lack of compassion is obvious and your narcissism is almost over-powering. Each post you put worst than the first one. I find it hard to believe, you have children, are you living in their basement? And we are all free, as much as we can be right now. You are very twisted and slightly disturbing in your rhetoric and your obvious agenda to troll isn’t working well.

      • Wake up Dew on the brain

        Go back and look at my Avatar, your mixing up my posts with the fake Vlad. I am the one with the Avatar and the original Vlad Tepes. Even if I had no avatar if you read the fake Vlad’s posts the child like responses make it quite obvious who you are dealing with.

        • I laugh at the pathetic Fake Vlad Tepes with his pretty picture who claims to be me the Real True Original Vlad Tepes and I can prove it. I have never used an avatar and if you look at my old posts you will see that is true this Pretty Picture Boy Fake Vlad Tepes just showed up a few months ago.

        • quote——————–Fake Vlad Tepes just showed up a few months ago.———–quote

          I never needed to use an Avatar until you showed up and in the latest post about trolls by T Tag you admit you are a fake. I think that is the end of your story as being the original. You admitted to being a fake today.

        • Stop lying! You are the one who admitted you are a fake because that is what racists do. Everybody knows you just started posting with your pretty picture a few months ago like a typical White Supremacist. You are just trying to take credit for my posts so you can fatten up your paycheck, that is how greedy capitalists like you operate. Plus, you are still mad because you got written up for blaming the killer instead of the NRA and Donald Trump yesterday.

    • At first I read this as a semi truck/ automobile accident. As more folks are killed in auto accidents than by firearms, it only seemed normal.
      PS: Any car that tangles with a semi is definitely going to end up the worst for wear.

  12. I never shopped at Walmart for there cheap China crap. But I would by ammo there. Will go elsewhere now they lost me totally as a customer. They must have been talking to Dick’s. Screw both companies.

  13. Kyoto Animation in July, you don’t need an actual weapon. Gasoline and a match. A six-year-old could buy some. No permits necessary even in Japan.

  14. What would happen if everyone posted as Vlad. Would Vlad self implode trying to respond to all of the alternative Vlads? Hmm?

    • I’m not sure what would happen but, I’m curious and willing to play along.

      How’s it working, Vlad Terdpis?

    • Unwashed backwoods hill jack redneck river rat woodsie dumb ignorant stupid crow hoppers

  15. Gunms do make it easir. , I do not understand why humans behave as they do? Perhaps it’s because humans have it to easy or perhaps they’ve become over populated, a little bit of both. Or just maybe, just maybe, their all nutz.


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