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On Thursday, Walmart announced that they were removing all firearms and ammunition from their stores out of concern over civil unrest and possible post-election violence. Yesterday, they did an about face, and began returning the ballistic inventory to their retail floors.

Walmart Inc said on Friday it has begun returning firearms and ammunitions to the floors of its U.S. stores a day after the world’s largest retailer said it had removed these products to protect customers and employees as tensions across the country rise.

“After civil unrest earlier this week resulted in damage to several of our stores … we asked stores to move firearms and ammunition from the sales floor …. As the current incidents have remained geographically isolated, we have made the decision to begin returning these products to the sales floor today,” the company said.

– Melissa Fares in Walmart returns firearms, ammunition to U.S. store floors ahead of election

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  1. I’ll bet Walmart’s employees really appreciate un-stocking & re-stocking shelves for literally no reason.

    • Our closest store wasn’t restocked. After the ammo was removed, store management apparently decided to use that locking cabinet for the knives and bladed products. The ammo’s not coming back.

      On a different note…last night I was at that same Walmart to pick up a top-up card for my PAYGO phone. Mind you, I’ve had this same phone for years, and have used the same brand for more than a dozen years, always getting my top-up cards from that same Walmart. The entire section of shelving for that brand of phone (arguably the most popular one) is completely gone. Not the entire PAYGO phone section…only that brand. I called the Electronics Dept manager over to inquire, and he said he also didn’t realize the change until I showed him just then.

      Long story short, he explained that Walmart’s general policy is to contract many sections of their stores to other companies to manage. Those outside companies make all the decisions and all the product changes, and nothing is ever reported to the WM managers so they can know what’s going on. So when we all joke that Walmart employees have no clue…it appears that they really don’t because the WM Corporate model doesn’t inform them of anything.

      • It is common in retail trade for vendors to rent the shelf space from the retailer.

        The cigarette companies pay thousands every year for the privilege of setting their product on the shelf in your store.

        • True, but you missed my point entirely. If a supervisor ambles over to you and asks (as this one did to me) “Can I help you find something?” and then the ensuing conversation reveals that he not only doesn’t know what’s going on in his own department he’s paid to oversee, but he’s not even provided with notice or training when something is changed. You know, so he can do his job and provide assistance to customers. Some other person or company might be making the decisions for product on a particular shelf, but if the store isn’t kept informed, then doesn’t that present an issue?

          Over the years, I’ve asked Walmart supervisors how I can contact the Store Manager (the one who’s smiling face and name is posted at the entrance, with the words “Please contact me at any time”), or at least the highest ranking manager they know of. Not only has nobody ever been able to provide an answer, but every one I’ve asked has said they’ve never met the Store Manager or knows how to contact him/her. I’ve written multiple times to Corporate in Arkansas, the Store Manager’s alleged address here in CA, the District Manager, et al. Nobody answers, and none of the in-store employees have any clue. And 99% of them are gone the following year.

          Walmart management is like a Dollar Store Illuminati. You know it exists somewhere because logic says someone is pulling the strings, but nobody seems to know how to find them.

      • Downunder we call it the “Harvey Norman” model where each department is a subcontracted separate entity. Customer service is a joke because the staff refuse to help outside their department.

        Jerry Harvey is also infamous for the imported goods tax crying poor on lost sales to internet buying. But no one is buying online the products he sells because of shipping costs. Shipping furniture internationally would be prohibitively expensive.

    • “I’ll bet Walmart’s employees really appreciate un-stocking & re-stocking shelves for literally no reason.”

      It’ll be easy work.

      The ammo isle down here has no ammo on it, except for birdshot…

    • Paid by the hour to put things on shelves.

      Literally their fucking job.

      Walk to counter, fill out app, work.

      A monkey can do it.
      “essential” my ass. Pull the truck up and open the doors. We will take care of the rest. Cut out that middle man real quick.

  2. The pay is the same, and they’re doing the same thing they do every day. What difference does it make? Actually, probably just enough to make it a needed change of pace. As long as it in not totally out of the norm (like walking skyscraper girders instead of stocking shelves), money is money and 8 hrs is 8 hrs.
    I’m an electrician. Sometimes moving supplies is a nice change of pace.

    • From what I’ve seen walmart gives very few of its employees 8 hours. From what I’ve heard walmart sucks for the workers.

      • It’s a free-ish country. Low skilled uneducated laborers are free to apply to any other low skilled no education job they think might be better.

        If you stay in a job that sucks that’s on you, not the employer.

        There is amazing opportunity for education and training in this country; college loans, trade schools, apprenticeship programs, company run truck driving schools. Anyone can achieve whatever they are capable of. But they have to put down the joint, turn off the video games, and go do it.

      • Yeah, my point was that work is work. Not so much about Walmart. If you get paid for it, why complain about it. Stocking, or “un”-stocking. Not really different.
        But I happen to know a few people, and know of and have talked to, many others (like 15 to 18 at one particular gathering…a Christmas party several years ago) that work for Walmart. And as I was curious about the Walmart bashing, I asked those same 15-18 employees what they thought of all the bashing. They all said that they liked working there. Some couples both worked there. Some were there for over 12 years and never considered leaving. They all liked the benefits and their jobs in general. I have never worked there. But I also never bash the store or it’s employees. They like it, or they don’t. Like was said, they can move on if wanted.

      • Are you really that stupid? Or ill informed?
        Of course that$hithole sucks…. Walmart is chinas warehouse, you moron

        • Let’s play: How to spot a retail employee…

          You could always apply yourself a little more in life. Just sayin…

  3. The nearest walmart to me is an hour’s drive away … if I’m going to go that far I’ll go to a nicer store. Especially for firearms related purchases.

  4. “geographically isolated” as in large Democrat-controlled, 93% mostly peaceful, cities…

    • It’s not really a bad decision from corporate standpoint. I figure they looked at what happened at Targets in Minneapolis this summer and decided to minimize their liability. They knew they’d get called racist if they just pulled it from stores in places riots and looting occurs.

      Poor implementation. They could have done this the election night at certain stores and if things are calm in the morning then put everything back at store opening depending on situation. Probably no one would have noticed. I would have left the call up to individual store managers were it my decision to make.

      Also, how many rioters are really after 22-250 and .243 considering Walmart doesn’t have much these days?

      • I would not wait that close to the election if I was going to move product and expect to have enough employees on hand to do the job. My son works in San Francisco and he’s already scheduled 3 days off over the election. He figures that people are likely to get stupid when Trump gets a second term and he ain’t going to be in the center of stupid when it happens.

        • I’m basing the same night strategy on what I see available in my local Walmart. I’m pretty sure I could load up what they have in stock neatly on a cart or a pallet in no more than an hour or two.

          I don’t have any retail experience, but I bet I have a similar round count and definitely more firearms than the local Walmart in my personal inventory and I am confident I could get that out of the basement and loaded onto a vehicle within an hour. I’m not trying to keep it all organized to sale though.

      • I had a conversation about 3 months ago with the sporting goods dept. manger at my local Wallyworld about the ammo they still had in stock. I asked why they no longer sold certain rifle calibers 223/556. He told me the company was no longer selling ammo used in AR-15 because of they were used in Mass shootings. When I mentioned that ammo in other calibers they were selling (308. 270, 3006, 22-250 etc.) could be used in the AR platform. He seemed put aback as the company line was to not sell ammo for the AR-15. Obviously the whole thing is nothing more than ignorance mixed with virtue signaling by corporate leadership. Since I only go there if I can’t find something I need right away somewhere else. It makes little difference to me how they do business. We have a farm store that has large firearms inventory with reasonable prices as well as ammo when when it can be had. They are a smaller locally owned franchise and I prefer to spend my money with them.

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  9. Talk of riots and Walmart cowering down if the POTUS is reelected is to put fear in people so they don’t vote or vote for Jim Crow Gun Control joe biden. The fist time sht heads played that game what did I do? I voted.

    TRUMP/PENCE 2020.

  10. I actually agreed with Walmart’s decision to remove firearms from their store shelves. I’d even urge then to remove firearms from their stores in Democrat controlled jurisdictions. We know that these rioters will engage in looting, burning, assault and murder. We know that the police are no longer allowed to control the rioters. Why not take steps to limit the weapons available to them? From Walmart’s perspective, they are also shielding themselves from liability if firearms are stolen from their stores then used to commit crime. The only people who might be hurt by this decision are imbeciles who have been to stupid to not have already aquired guns and ammunition with which to defend themselves. From my perspective, limiting the firearms and ammunition available to the Democrat rioters will just make it easier for people such as myself to exterminate them.

    • Wal Marts in Philly and the Allentown area have never had guns as far as I know. In Philly the city made no guns no ammo a requirement of getting the permits a store needs to build and operate. I always figured the same situation prevailed in Allentown.

      I have seen guns in more rural Wal Marts, but we stopped shopping there years ago. Anyway, I would guess that Wal Marts in riot prone areas are long since devoid of guns and ammo or never had them to begin with.

    • Somewhat agree, but the only market for WM Guns + Ammo is hunters who often don’t have anywhere else to get it. Very specific market and this is unfortunate for these folks for what little they need or want to go away.

  11. Think Wally World heard from their customer base which isn’t primarily made up of Marxsist Leftards that comprise the majority of BlackLootersMurder and Antifa,could be…

  12. Last time I went to an Indiana WallyWorld the guns n ammo selection was pitiful. Cheap optics in Merrillville and that was about it. Hammond was worse. Happy about the cheap 556 last year…the WW in my town was unscathed during the BLM bs earlier in the year. Not so the nearby aptly named Target😕

    • At my local rural WM there’s been more guns and ammo walking the aisles than on the shelves for some time now.

  13. HOT DOG!!!…only cheap box store grade rifles/shotguns, underpowered hunting rounds and shotshells for everyone!! pistol or military grade ammo though…thanks wally world!!

    • The one near me has pistol and rifle ammo. Finding someone to unlock the case it’s in is a whole ‘nother story

      • Beginning early 2019, more CA regs kicked in to require additional licensing and training for anyone handling or selling ammo. So quite literally (per a conversation I had with the WM employee who had the training), many stores such as our own local one paid to have only a single employee trained, and that person was the only one who could transport the ammo from the loading dock in the back to the shelf in the store. Also the only one with the key to unlock, so if he/she happened to be at lunch or off shift when you wanted to buy, you were out of luck.

        Ask me how I know…

        • Yet you cared enough to take the time to type a response, so this one’s for you.

          It happened to me upon my final ammo purchase at our local Wally World.

          There you go. Here’s a free hug, too.

    • The WMs in the D/FW area still carry SOME quality rifle ammo. Fed Gold Metal Match in 308 Win for example.
      After buying out the quality 9mm and 45acp defense ammo (at crazy low prices) I kept a close eye on all the 308 Win GMM in 168 grain and heavier. Actually transferred funds to my debit card account and drove the X5 (for the air leveling suspension when loaded) every day for the next few weeks.
      Was ready to drop $ks on ammo and load up the SUV, but they never blew it out, and still carry it.
      Trump/Pence 2020

  14. Hey Walmart — I’m glad you brought back the guns. Now get rid of the poorly-made Chinese sh!t that you sell by the ton and I’ll begin to think of you as an American company and not a Chicom front.

    • Walmart will never stop selling Chinese communist goods.

      Mitch McConnell’s father-in-law has a major contract to ship slave labor goods from China to Walmarts in the United States of America.

      Elaine Chao’s family has given Mitch millions of dollars over the years to protect their interests in the United States Senate, China won’t abandon their investment in the foreseeable future.

      While conservatives may shout “Buy American!” that’s just lip service.

    • Now that Tucker Carlson has distanced himself from the total BS Russian disinformation campaign regarding the ‘laptop‘, perhaps some on this list would like to read some details of actual back room deals between the Trump administration and the Chinese communist party.

      I found real conspiracies so much more interesting than the Q anon(sense).

      “ At the same time Chao’s Kentucky favoritism was coming to light, questions were also arising about her role in her family’s prominent shipping company, Foremost Group. In June 2019, the New York Times reported on how Chao’s position in the Trump administration had “boosted the profile” of Foremost. In one instance from 2017, an official at the American embassy in Beijing sent an email to the Department of State seeking ethics advice about questionable arrangements for a Transportation Department trip to China. Among the official’s concerns were requests from Chao’s office for accommodations for Chao family members associated with Foremost Group. Chao subsequently canceled the trip.

      Following the Times report, American Oversight obtained and published official calendars revealing that her actions on behalf of her family’s company included a private photo session with her father, James Chao, and Foremost Group employees at the Department of Transportation as well as a past speaking engagement. That same summer, following a Wall Street Journal report, Chao sold her shares of construction company Vulcan Materials, more than a year past the deadline she had initially pledged for divestment. In September, the House Committee on Oversight and Reform announced an investigation into Chao’s business ties, citing her Vulcan Materials investments, the canceled China trip, and her public appearances alongside her father.”

      Just the tip of the iceberg…

      • This just in: all politicians are corrupt self-serving pieces of garbage regardless of party affiliation

      • Shut up you h0m0….. Americans will be taking this country back from the likes of you….. and it won’t be pretty you pathetic pos

      • Tucker Carlson has not “backed off” the hunter biden laptop story, and he clearly said it’s not russian disinformation.

        you made that up.

        • “But then Carlson suddenly took a step back, noting that they were still “assessing” the documents in question, which he maintained had been verified “to be real” and did not come from Bobulinski. He went on to claim that he has received an “awful lot of documents” about Hunter Biden recently but has “not aired” many of them, insisting he has tried to stick to material involving his business dealings that could relate to his father.

          “There are a lot of documents about Hunter Biden’s personal life that we haven’t brought to you and we are not going to and we will tell you why,” he said, noting the obvious reason that Hunter is not running for president.

          “But Hunter Biden is a fallen man at this point,” Carlson stated, adding that he once knew the younger Biden well.

          “I never thought Hunter Biden was a bad person,” he concluded. “I thought he had demons but in the time I knew him he kept them mostly under control. At some point, he lost control of those demons and the world knows that now. He’s now humiliated and alone. Probably too strong to say we feel sorry for Hunter Biden, but the point is pounding on a man, jumping on, and piling on when he’s already down is something we don’t want to be involved in.”

          Interestingly enough, just a couple of hours before Carlson’s broadcast, NBC News reported that a 64-page dossier alleging a complex conspiracy involving Hunter Biden and China was actually authored by a fake persona. The fake intelligence document, which had been floating around the far-right web for a month before the New York Post published a controversial article echoing those conspiracy theories, was eventually disseminated by close associates of the president.“

      • Something gives you the idea that anything you presented was “real”? You need to lay off the hard stuff.

  15. Walmart has no real understanding of what they are doing. They just want to look good doing it. All this does is show how much they will mess with everyone’s head and emotions. There is no honor there.

    • Exactly. That abject ignorance/stupidity is how they came from nothing to be worth hundreds of billions/probably trillions. I can only imagine how well you have done.

  16. If I were running a large, national retail chain, I would be examining the issues in pulling out of the large urban areas, or finding an insurance carrier to start insuring real estate and inventory.

    It is clear by now that the DNC wants to run a war on the private sector. The private sector should not oblige them.

    • Those in the inner-cities have it the worst. Their groceries are sky-high in costs, because the major chains have abandoned selling there, leaving it to the mom-and-pop ‘bodega’ corner stores, where rents are the highest on a square-foot basis. Then you factor in the shoplifters stealing from them blind, and it’s no wonder the prices there are as high as they are. And the people who live there have to pay it.

      I don’t blame Target and Wal-Mart or Walgreens one bit if they do the smart thing and abandon the poor areas entirely…

      • Geoff says inner cities have the worse, and “Their groceries are sky-high in costs, because the major chains have abandoned selling there, leaving it to the mom-and-pop ‘bodega’ corner stores, where rents are the highest on a square-foot basis. Then you factor in the shoplifters stealing from them blind”

        the shoplifters are WHY the major chains have abandoned selling in many inner cities. the major chains aren’t stupid, or racist, they are responsible for financial results.

        • Like, duh. Did you bother to read what I wrote?

          No, you didn’t… 🙂

  17. Save your firearm related purchased for your LGS. I prefer to deal with people who I have known for years and know what they are talking about.

    • “Save your firearm related purchased for your LGS.”

      It would be nice if there was one local that wasn’t run by attitude Nazis…

      • …because Geoff the Goof prefers buying things from, and voting for, actual Nazis.

        Seriously, folks, this dude is a complete choad!

        • Get the gun and do it, widdle troll. Splatter what little brains you have on the wall behind you.

          All the pain will go away, just do it… 🙂

        • Geoff the Goof’s go to ‘comeback’ is to encourage ‘trolls’ who get under his skid to commit suicide. Likely because he thinks about doing it every day. Don’t do it, Goof, life’s good. One day you’ll find the right guy and life will seem worth living.

          Also, enjoy church today, ‘Christian’.

          What a PUD.

  18. saw the headline.

    went to post this: “Women Making Decisions”

    clicked on the article, actually read it, aaaand…

    “– Melissa Fares in Walmart returns firearms, ammunition to U.S. store floors ahead of election”

  19. yeah, but are they back in the business of selling handgun ammo?

    Used to be able to get good prices on 200 round boxes of aluminum-case .45 at Walmart.

    • “yeah, but are they back in the business of selling handgun ammo?”

      If you bothered following the news, moron, you would know the answer… 🙂

  20. Honestly one of the few places I would support burning and looting…

    If they took the Walter “Heisenberg” White approach and did them all nationwide in a 3 minute window, that would be great. So long as nobody got hurt unless it was the low lifes hurting themselves while burning and looting.

    “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”. And also a much easier method of keeping patriots hands clean while removing corrupt filth from our system.

    Back to China with you, walmart, and your elitist owners can hand from street lamps with the democrats. You assholes turned capitalism into a monopoly. Greedy fucks. Should have been curtailed decades ago.

    Burn em down, rebuild local shops and employ Americans making American goods that stay in America. Real fucken simple.

  21. I am making a good salary from home 1200-2500/ DOLLARS a week , which is amazing, under a year back I was jobless in a horrible economy. I thank God every day I was blessed with these instructions and now it’s my duty to pay it forward and share it with Everyone………

  22. Walmart around here are a hot mess. Some do and some dont carry guns and ammo. An FFL I know bought out all the long guns at several Wally Worlds for like $50 for a $300 Savage Edge. I got word they had 100ct Fed 12ga target loads for $20. Just happened to be in the vicinity of a REALLY BIG SUPER ULTRA MEGA WALLY WORLD and stopped in and picked up 10 boxes. I asked the “sales associate” stocking the shelves in the hunting clothing section if they had any over stock. She just walked off. Truely great customer service! One of my buds was at a Wally last week and they would not make change for cash purchases, rounding up to the nearest dollar bill instead.

    • That act of rounding up, times millions of transactions, covers the Walton’s contributions to the DNC and doesn’t come out of their pockets / profits….kind of like a political surcharge for shopping there.

      Will have to check at my local Wal-Mart to see if they are overcharging customers in this manner.

  23. I am making a good salary from home 1200-2500/ DOLLARS a week , which is amazing, under a year back I was jobless in a horrible economy. I thank God every day I was blessed with these instructions and now it’s my duty to pay it forward and share it with Everyone………

  24. So what. . .I have worked non-government jobs where we had to constantly remove. . .store. . .un-store. . .and replace inventory. . .Although locking up knives and other bladed items seems like a good idea. . .!!!

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