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Those were the good ol' days. (Photo by John Boch)
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Walmart is preparing its stores around the country for the possibility of mostly peaceful protests that could break out next week depending on the results of Tuesday’s election.

From the Wall Street Journal:

“We have seen some isolated civil unrest and as we have done on several occasions over the last few years, we have moved our firearms and ammunition off the sales floor as a precaution for the safety of our associates and customers,” a Walmart spokesman said. The company hasn’t decided how long the items will stay out of view, he said.

Walmart says they’re still selling firearms and ammo — assuming stores have any in stock — but the inventory won’t be on display. It’s not clear how long the no-guns-on-the-floor arrangement will last.

In a letter to store managers Tuesday, Walmart asked staff to pull guns from shelves “due to the current unrest in isolated areas of the country and out of an abundance of caution.”

Walmart also removed firearms and ammunition from stores this summer in the wake of George Floyd’s killing by police when several of Walmart’s stores were damaged.

Are you stocked up yet?

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    • Yea, lets just cater to the assholes. They already stopped selling majority of guns and ammo as is, now they think just pulling everything will work? Stupid leftists way of thinking.

    • JOLJ,

      Is it a good idea? Let’s see:

      “… we have moved our firearms and ammunition off the sales floor as a precaution for the safety of our associates and customers,” a Walmart spokesman said.

      If safety really is Walmart’s concern, then why are they NOT going to do the following:
      1) Employ armed security staff at all their stores.
      2) Remove ALL “dangerous” items such as knives, machetes, baseball bats (and other explicit and improvised bludgeons), lighter fluid and matches, etc.

    • They don’t need a reason to riot anymore. I can almost empathize when the cops kill an innocent black. But when the killing of an armed suspect who attacks police, and incidentally has six pages of rap sheet sparks riots, there is something seriously wrong. All they need is an excuse to riot, however flimsy. Trump wins, riot. Biden wins, riot. Nobody wins, riot. If the sun rises, riot, if the sun doesn’t rise, riot.

    • Trump’s losing in Georgia, Ohio, Texas, Arizona, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, Illinois, Minnesota, Washington, Oregon, California, Florida, Hawaii, New Mexico, Colorado, and Nevada.

      Plus D.C.

      • Maybe according to the Socialist pollsters. Let’s see what happens Tuesday night. I will admit that I don’t know what will happen.

      • Golly, that’s amazing, a full five days before Election Day! Looks like you have it all wrapped up and tied with a bow already. 😉


      • I heard that same story 4 years ago.

        There is only one poll that you can count on, it is happening on November 3rd.

      • Well, college students appear to be voting in record numbers, and they are the most utterly stupid people on the face of planet Earth, at least among people who are not currently institutionalized.

        • I’m not so sure that bodes well for “Lockdown Biden”. Every undergrad I’ve dealt with who’s said anything about the lockdowns/Covid is against Biden’s stated policy and, uh, vigorously so.

          On top of that for the 18-25 demo you usually have between seven and 11 percent that admit to having considered suicide in the past year.

          Thanks to the lockdowns that number is now 25% in the past month. Why would such a group, even drunk and high, vote for the dude who’s talking mandatory national lockdown until 2022?

          Further, Gen Z is the most conservative generation in decades before all this nonsense started.

        • Well, there is the part where most of them are criminally misinformed and not super bright… I haven’t seen any evidence yet that they’re able to rise above their programming. I guess we’ll find out soon.

          I won’t say I know what’s going to happen, but even though I have no faith in college-age humans as a whole, I do have the feeling that Trump is going to win in much the same way he did last time. We’ll find out soon enough…

      • hummm just like the last election predictions. Around my town there are a lot more Trump signs and less Biden. Appears only the hardest core socialist are campaigning for blue this go around

        • I live in the San Francisco bay area. Right in the pulsing heart of the blue pool. In 2016 I told all that would listen that I saw no love for hillary here and she lost. Now I see no love for biden here. I have seen active support for Trump.

      • Not predicting anything here, just seeing what the polls say and hoping they are correct. Get that traitor Trump removed, that’s orders of magnitude more critical to the security of the Republic than any other concern.

        I don’t blame Walmart for hiding the guns and ammo. Crazy idiots on both sides could react in very stupid ways. Either going after the stuff with a plan or just wild bad craziness looting. Not that I see it being a major nation wide thing, a here and there thing in some hot spots of extra special idiocracy, sure, that’s a real possibility.

        Anyway, I got mine and plans to lay low and avoid any rude folks acting out.

        • 1) Conservatives don’t riot doesn’t solve anything
          2) We have to get up and go to work not depending on YOUR socialist leaders to support us
          3) If Conservatives do riot you won’t have to worry about fires and looting you’ll need to find some armor and somewhere safe to hide kinda like joe in a basement
          4) I think you should move to Venezuela and tell us how you like socialism first

      • Trump is ahead in half of those states. Keep making stuff up… Texas???? Are you high???

        Trump isn’t just going to win he’s going to win BIG, and over half of the country will lose their minds.

        The Big Lie is going to fall apart on Tuesday and the people who undermined Trump will have to answer for it.

        And our side already has all the ammo so I’m not worried one bit.

        Seeing the crybaby sensitive cuck betas have a breakdown later this week is going to be amazing. My money is on the libtard soyboy suicide rate skyrocketing. It’ll be delicious, I’m like a kid waiting for Christmas.

        • Dropped off my ballot today. Can’t even sleep. It’s going to be so great, better than any Christmas except the very first one.

        • Man, I hope you are right! But then, I’ve come to never underestimate the establishment Repub’s ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. I cannot conceive of anyone with even a shred of conservative or (gasp!) libertarian values NOT voting for Trump… and yet there’ll be millions of ’em who just can’t be bothered…

      • LOL! Put down the Hunter pipe! Same asshats said 4 years ago that Hillary had a 93% chance to win. How did that turn out Putz?

  1. That is responsible, other than putting all the guns and ammo in a special locked area, this keeps them from being looted in the event of a BLM sponsored riot.
    Wallyworld never was setup to be a proper FFL and doesn’t have armed clerks, like brick and mortar gun stores.

      • All ours here in CA stopped carrying guns like fifteen years ago, then pulled out of the ammo biz as well because of all the additional certification/training/license hoops Sacramento keeps piling on. When I was buying up my last shopping cart load shortly before our BGC law went into effect last year, there was only one remaining employee in the store who was authorized to ring up sales for ammo, and she was on lunch. Another supervisor tried to help shorten the line of waiting customers (of which I was in front and standing at the counter), but just as I was about to hand over my money, the authorized supe came in and was practically sweating as she halted the transaction, saying “stop! I’m the only one who can legally do this now!”

        She had to cancel the sale, tell the fill-in supe to leave the counter, put all the ammo back in the cabinet, lock the cabinet (for the benefit of their security cameras), pull it all out again, and ring up the sale afresh.

        Was a real hassle. As of last week, that same Sporting Goods Dept has cleared out all BB guns and accessories as well as the ammo. The only gun accessories left on their dwindling shelves are ammo cans, gun cleaning kits, and paper targets.

    • I sell guns in a Big Box store. When the riots first started, we locked up all the guns in the strong room and barricaded the door with chairs. Yup, chairs. Which would have slowed down any bad guys for as much as, oh, ten or eleven whole seconds.

      The guns were put back on the sales floor when some genius at HQ was astonished to realize that gun sales were an essential business (by court order in Massachusetts) and selling them allowed the whole store to remain open.

      This stuff just can’t be made up.

      Americans have become so stupid that I’m amazed that they can dress themselves. Then again, seeing the way they dress, maybe I shouldn’t be so surprised.

      • Hey Sir, didn’t realize MA still had Big Box firearm stores. Times must be tough for an attorney/FFL up East! Be well, wish you were writing more articles. Seems like it’s been too long…

  2. A few of those Boston Dynamic dogs with war hammers on the crane neck/arms you can get with them would be a more appropriate precaution. Two or three of those could probably hold off quite a mob,

    • 75 thousand each, but it would be fun to outfit one with an IR camera and an MP-5…

    • I’m not a big fan of the recent TV series Black Mirror and have watched only one episode, but it was a doozy titled Metalhead. A post-apocalyptic scenario in the near future, in which those Boston Dynamic-like robot dogs went all Terminator and killed most of the human population. The episode follows a small group of survivors who encounter a dormant BD Dawg that is activated by their presence and proceeds to hunt them down one by one. Simple, yet effectively unnerving.

  3. Wally world ceased to be a realistic option for guns and ammo for me years ago. Also i really doubt that many of those mostly peaceful protesters are smart enough to do much with the pitiful remains that the walmarts has on display. Maybe a fudd would have no problem but i envision those brainiacs trying to drive square pegs in a round hole.

    • It ceased being an option for firearms for me (not that it ever was) years ago–when they stopped selling guns in Northern California after a big SNAFU with record keeping, and for ammo after the new California background check and record keeping requirements came on line. Then again, there isn’t a whole lot of ammo on the shelves anywhere in town. I don’t have as much as some posters here, but I have enough to get by should the need arise.

  4. I didn’t know they had any left. ……. At least any 223 or handgun ammo.

    Thought they quit selling it.

    Sad state it is that companies expect unlawful behavior to go unchallenged in the current clime.

    This shit had got to stop. Need the shepherd dogs and shotgun lines back.

    • I bought the last 700 rounds of .233 my local Walmart had when they were closing out last year. About to go there to get a slingshot to hang my new HF antenna. Might need long distance comms if stuff goes south.

      • Got the 6.5 for the larger critter types and the varmints get the .223. Yeah, goofed .223 thanks to mis-fixing stupid Android autocorrect.

      • Rusty Chains,

        If you are unable to acquire a wrist-rocket (sling shot) at your local store, you can likely accomplish the same result with a bow and arrow. The beauty of a bow and arrow: you can easily make your own in a jiffy since all it has to do is launch a stick (hauling a string behind it) up into the canopy of tree. And if all else fails, have a local teenager throw a small weight of some sort up into the tree for you.

        Another tip: if you are unable to launch a relatively heavy rope up into the tree, start by launching a fairly light string up into the tree and use that to pull up a heavier string/rope.

        Last but not least, you can always go old-school and simply climb the tree. I did just that about four weeks ago with the assistance of 24 foot extension ladder to get far enough up into the tree where there were climbable branches. I climbed up to about 35 feet (about as high as I could go in my tree that was conveniently located in my yard), lowered a string with a weight down to the ground, and pulled a #16 AWG stranded wire up into the tree. Next, I hurled the weight and string horizontally out through the canopy. Then I hauled a weight and string up another tree to 35 feet, hurled that weight and string horizontally through the canopy toward the first weight/string. Finally, I climbed down, tied the strings together, and pulled that #16 AWG stranded wire to the top of the next tree.

        Now I have a long-wire (random length) “inverted L” antenna with a 35 foot vertical section and roughly 100 foot horizontal section. I laid out a dozen ground radials (roughly 40 foot length) where my “inverted L” comes to the ground and, as expected, it ROCKS on A.M. broadcast band radio reception as well as the 160 meter amateur band.

        Note: my improvised “inverted L” antenna is actually too long for optimum reception on most of the higher frequencies. Anticipating that fact, when I pulled up the 140+ feet of #16 AWG stranded wire for my “inverted L” antenna, I also pulled up a second wire which is about 35 feet long for operation on higher frequencies. Those two wires now enable pretty good reception on pretty much all of the short-wave and amateur bands — when atmospheric conditions cooperate of course.

        • arrows launch quite well from slingshots. don’t forget your casting rod. your illegal potato cannon should suffice. and if you know what “powerlining” is…, but that may be overkill.

  5. was at Wally world yesterday, their selection is shit, but they have some ammo. mostly 12 gauge. Its a shithole anyways. I go for the fishing and hunting gear. It is reasonably priced. But since it is their policy to make people in Florida wait three days even though that is against FS 790, i do not frequent there much.

  6. You read it here first.
    Wally World will not bring anything back.
    THAT is my prognostication. They have slowly been weaning themselves out of the firearms (&related) business for the last 10 yrs. I can offer no proof other than their history of divestment of guns & ammo this last decade, but I believe this has been a business plan logistics move on their part.

    And I believe it has to do with the influence of a small Napoleonic politician that has more money than he has moral fortitude.

  7. The looters prioritize trashy clothing and shitty electronic gizmos. Anyone with the wherewithal to go for the guns and ammo would probably be armed as they do so with a couple of buddies on perimeter.
    Warlords and plebes.

    • When I see the video of the looters hauling out stacks of 60-inch HDTVs, my sympathy drops to 0.00…

    • I knew a guy who was in New Orleans after Katrina. He took pictures inside a couple of Wal Marts. Shoes and electronics were gone, but all of the canned food and bottled water was still there.

  8. When WM stopped selling handgun ammo, I cleaned out the tiny local WM near me, buying ammo in calibers I didn’t even own. but for about 20 cents a round including tax, I bought several thousand rounds, 50/50 FMJ and self defense rounds. If Biden wins, don’t expect WM to put these items back on the shelf in view ever, and they maybe stop selling them completely. Just want you to be aware of an opportunity that may arrive.

    • I just took all the .45 FMJ they had left (9mm gone) after learning of the divestment here, and that was day 2 at noon…about 4 or 5 boxes.

    • The only cartridge our two local Walmarts put on sale was .300 BLK, which I gobbled up at a 40% discount. Took everything off the shelves. Only perhaps twenty boxes, but it was a nice surprise for me nonetheless.

      Interestingly, our Walmarts never carried 10mm throughout the years. Never.

  9. That is the dumbest mindset I’ve ever heard, whats the point? Players gonna play & killers gonna kill. They actually think that people with the mindset to cause harm to others is actually going to be stopped by this? Really the answer is no but its just another ploy to be all warm and fuzzy and more than likely a way to transition to no guns & ammo at all

  10. Don’t worry everyone! I’m heading out to vote with my family! (Re: TRUMP/PENCE 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸)

        • Voted yesterday with my family…what a load of Dim chit. “Your ballot is not complete because you left blank spaces”. Yeah only Dim candidates in Cook CO. And today I heard Govner Jay “Jabba” Prickster showed up to my polling place😳😕😕 I wish I’d bought more 556at WallyWorld last year…only had the $ I had on me😢

        • Bicycle. Thanks for asking. I can go farther in a day on a bike than a horse and I don’t have to shovel shit.

        • @FWW,

          You’re required to vote for all offices on the ballot? We’re not required here in CA, and in fact I had to leave a few local elections blank because I had no idea who the candidates were or what they stood for. The only one I intentionally left blank out of “soft protest” was our District Attorney. Both candidates stumped as being “tough on crime”. Yeah, I’ve had to deal with D.A.s while assisting family members who were arrested, and they were pure politicians who cared nothing for actual justice as they tried every trick in the book to get either a conviction or a plea deal to pad their resumes. Some charges were dropped outright as being proven false, and then replaced with other charges! Even when I was on the offensive and a D.A. was on my “side”, the experience still left me feeling icky, as if I had walked down the corridor with the Devil himself.

          I don’t trust any District Attorney.

  11. We really need to move the election so it isn’t right before firearm deer season. Seriously, there’s some electoral reform I could really get behind.

  12. anybody remember samarra iraq circa 2006-2007
    thats whats coming to a neighborhood near you
    only this time it wont be religion based
    itll be more like cowboys n leftists
    yippie ki yay motherfuckers…
    dont bring molotov cocktails to the rifle fight
    its going to be your worst. day. ever.

    • I left in ’04’

      Things seemed to turn worse and worse according to news reports (ones you can believe) Glad I came home when I did. Salute to all those that deployed to Afganland and the Sandbox!

  13. Go ahead and put away what you have left Walmart.
    When WM stopped selling handgun ammo, I “put away” all the defensive 9mm and 45acp at the two nearby WM locations. Even all the Syntech stuff.
    Got some sideways looks being “escorted” out of the stores with a cart load of ammo.
    Purchased it for less then what they paid (per the Manager who cleared the ammo storage area). 😆
    Trump/Pence 2020

      • The 20rd boxes of 45acp SynTech Defense 205gr SJHP were only $7 each. NASTY stuff, breaks into 3 “pedals” and the rear “core” segment. Four wound channels lets the bad out of perps much faster.
        I told the Manager I wanted it, he asked how much I wanted, I replied “all of it”. 😆
        They blew the stuff out here in Texas.
        Trump/Pence 2020

      • @Specialist,

        Same here in SoCal. Only cartridge I ever saw on discount was .300 BLK. Everything else was sold at normal price and simply not replaced. I was told that anything that didn’t sell was shipped to other WMs outside the state.

  14. This is only about limiting liability in case something happens. They want to be able to point to some concrete steps they took for when the lawsuits roll on.

  15. Didn’t they announce that due to the virus and wanting to avoid violence the Republicans were gonna vote Tuesday and the Democrats on Wednesday?

  16. “Walmart Removes All Guns and Ammo In Case of Post-Election Looting”

    Probably a good idea…we’ve all seen how a “black friday” event at Walmart goes, so…

  17. If Wally World really wanted to give themselves a boost & the gun community a WOODY, they should do the Korean rooftop thingy,
    Smoke a few peaceful LOOTERS & that would really turn the tide for the REAL patriots that are left in America.
    “””FREE KYLE”””

  18. Seems to me they should be hiring armed private security and let them shoot looters. Object lessons work best on some people.

    • After the pandemic hit, my local Walmarts had a constant police presence. A couple of months ago, I noticed the police are gone, but now they have private security constantly patrolling the parking lot. I imagine they’re in the store as well.

      • Our nearest WM has had a rent-a-cop out front, but only enforcing masks. There is absolutely no way he would be able to even de-escalate an irate customer, let alone act as “security”.

  19. My local Wally-World hasn’t carried guns for a couple of years, at least. They still carry some ammo. Shotgun ammo is on the shelf and you can pick up, while the few rifle caliber ammos they still carry are in a locked case. Never quite figured that one out, but I don’t buy ammo from them anyway.

  20. I have about had it with Walmart. Anything gun related isn’t going to come from there anyway. This companies attitude about most things is horrible.

  21. I just got 4 boxes of winchester 180 grain 30-06 for $84 last week. I live in a pretty rural area in SW Pa 60 miles east of Pittsburgh so this time of year stuff is scarce anyway but their was only .270 and 30-06 left but they had atleast 2 dozen boxes of .350 legend which made me mad they can sell that but not .300blk wtf? Of course they had a good bit of shotgun ammo but it was mostly stuff for Clay’s and birds I didnt see any slugs or buckshot.

  22. Walmart hasn’t had guns or ammo in their stores since last year, which was the last time I set foot in any of their stores.

  23. avatar -Rooftop Koreans .....................................................................................-Rooftop Koreans

    Walmart #1 in the Country & World with sales & Revenue!

    Can’t stop a few trailer trash hood rat free stuff punks from breaking in………………………..

    I wonder how looters we would have with Belt Feds & Flame throwers guarding the stores………….yeah……

    When u bust into my house or business u obviously thought my stuff was more valuable than ur LIFE…… -Rooftop Koreans

  24. I already boycott Walmart and refuse to to any business with them so this won’t effect me in the least. Of course…..what they are doing is damnable, vile, and abominable; Walmart upper management has long been treasonous anyway!


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