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The leftward drift of Virginia has been years, maybe decades in the making. But the Voxen put a lot of the blame for the loss of the state’s House and Senate — races that were heavily influenced by gun control — on the NRA and and its perceived political and financial weakness.

The NRA argued that, in this race, it emphasized donor contact and get-out-the-vote efforts rather than big donations. In comments to the Washington Post in September, NRA spokesperson Catherine Mortensen said in part, “The Bloomberg and Everytown/Moms Demand lobbyists may outspend the NRA, but they will never outwork us.”

But that wasn’t the case just two years ago, when the gun rights group spent more than $2 million in the state, including a $750,000 advertising buy aimed at lifting Republican gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie. That was a race with statewide offices at stake, not legislative ones, but it’s still a good indication of how much the NRA cared about defending gun rights in the state: $2 million was bigger than the NRA’s in-state spending in any of the three previous cycles, according to the Virginia Public Access Project.

As I’ve been reporting, the NRA — still powered by its 5 million members and a close relationship with the White House — has been struggling both politically and financially. The group was largely unable to get much of its legislative agenda through Congress while Republicans held total control in 2017 and 2018, and revenue drops resulted in less available cash to spend in the 2018 midterms. …

That revenue drop came as the result of massive spending in the 2016 election to get Donald Trump in the White House. And the challenges facing the organization go far beyond revenue. Coupled with a federal investigation into the group’s ties with Russian entities, the NRA has faced the loss of one of the group’s top lobbyists, Chris Cox; a lawsuit filed against New York State over an insurance program aimed at helping NRA members who are involved in self-defense shootings; and another series of lawsuits filed against the NRA’s former advertising and public relations firm, Ackerman McQueen.

– Jane Coaston in The NRA’s big loss in Virginia, explained

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  1. Once upon a time…

    Oh, how the NRA failed, they say. But did they run similar articles when Big Union money supporting Democrat candidates failed to bring in victories, and instead left the Democratic party the weakest it had been in 80-plus years back in 2016 after 8 years of Obama?

    • Indeed. The loss of Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Iowa, and nearly even Minnesota is a bigger problem for democrats then they realize. Those states were solidly blue for decades as much as southern states are red. Losing that electoral basin will continue to haunt them. Their march leftward will only continue to put those states farther in the red column.

        • I hear the NRA is diversifying it’s member offerings. In the competitive space of sleep products, the NRA in partnership with My Pillow, will be selling a combination holster/pillow for when you need a gun in bed with you…which according to Dana is always.

          The NRA will also be promoting a new line of brown mattresses to commentate how it craps the bed rather than protecting gun rights. NRA’s “Brown Mattress” or BM, will begin shipping just after the 2020 election.

        • Poor moron.
          Uses the name of a great thinker, but can’t come up with an original thought or idea..
          Good job Plato.

        • Awwwwww! How cute! Widdle ‘plato’ is triggered!

          Suck on it, ‘plato’, you’re gonna get the rude shock of your little life when the “NY Pistol” decision comes down from the Supreme Court…

        • Iowa had a democrat senator for decades (harkin) and has had a D legislature before, governor’s, etc. Iowa was not solid red pre 2000.

          States change over time, West Virginia, arkansas, louisana, etc. were very democrat for over 100 years, now they’re very red and dem’s get crushed there. Look at the 1976 to 1992 elecitons, much of the south were very democrat and most senators and governors there were D, now almost all are R.

          There are some states trending D AZ, VA, CO, NV and there are others that are trending R, MI, WI, PA, MN

        • Well Gov “solid” is a stretch. Disfunctional Red perhaps. You might recall our homegrown asswipes, Harkin, Culver (and mini), a parade of lefttard Congressmen, carpetbagger gov.

          Iowa voted Dukakis, Clinton, Clinton, Gore, Bozo, Bozo in Presidentials

  2. I’m sure they’ll blame the NRA for the turd candidates they’re putting up for 2020. The NRA is responsible for global warming, Donald Trump, Mexican drug cartels, and my bad marriage after all. /sarc/

  3. I can’t speak for Virginia, but the NRA – more specifically, its current leadership – certainly lost me.

    • Yup. Before I saw your comment, I was going to write “5 million members…minus one”. I left earlier this year.

      My mailbox (finally!) hasn’t seen any of those durned “win this big truck full of all those guns you can’t legally own in California!” fundraiser mailers in a while. Thank God.

        • Don’t like the emails or snail mail from NRA? Reply or return a letter with the words “DO NOT SOLICIT”, sign your name and provide your NRA membership number. And don’t jump in here unless you’re actually a real member and you’ve tried it.

          And for the record, you all do understand that none of the NRA dues money (which is about all the vast majority of members ever pay out) is used for political action of any type, so you must solicit funding for what you’d like to accomplish. Considering the other great no-compromise groups have never had any results at the national and pretty much state and local level, I’d not bitch too much about NRA’s soliciting. For those of you who think it costs them too much- you don’t know how direct mailing of this type works, either.

          As far as email blasts, soliciting and “THE SKY IS FALLING!!!!!!” messaging, no one, and I mean NO ONE sends more of that BS than Aaron Dorr (Iowa Gun Owners) and the rest of his family in the other states in which they operate under different names.

      • I’m sure he would find my support for SAF, GOA, and local organizations compensatingly discordant.

        Look, at this time I simply don’t trust that NRA will be a good custodian of funds I donate to them. If that changes, so will my donation stance.

        • Good folks all but do you think Blimpberg, Soros, etc even know their names? Like leaving the US Army to join a troop of Junior Sea Scouts. Because you didn’t get the MRE you wanted at every meal.

        • neiowa: No, more like the hard tack is underbaked and riddled with weevils, because the CO spent the rations budget on his mistress rather than usable supplies, to use your analogy.

          In recent years I am simply not seeing what seems to me like a good ROI from my NRA contributions, at either a state or federal level, while I am from my SAF donations.

          Choose your champion and support as you will. Best of luck to both of us.

  4. The NRA is in a mess but they were not the reason Virginia is lost to gun owners, pro-life folks and conservatives. I have lived my entire 72 years throughout Virginia and I could see disaster coming for years. Virginia is lost because of carpetbaggers from anti gun states and immigrants who have never known gun rights. The great majority of native Virginians’s support gun rights if you can find one. Northern Virginia and Eastern Virginia is where you find the majority of the liberal outsiders. If you look at a map, you will see that the state is solid red except for the few blue spots where the liberals are bunched together and control the state because of their numbers. In the western end of the state where I live, a Democrat seeking office other than local offices struggle to get over 25% of the vote.

    The NRA was wise to not waste their money on the election as it was clear that is was a lost cause. In the coming year, we will see a bunch of gun control laws, abortion available until birth (as the governor has outlined), the passage of the ERA, a minimum wage increase and an increase in evnviornmental laws along with tax increases. It sucks to live in Virginia now.

    • Aven,

      In the coming year, we will see a bunch of gun control laws, abortion available until birth …

      You do realize that Virginia’s governor outlined abortion AFTER birth!!!

      Any political bloc that is okay with abortion AFTER birth is okay with disarming the populace and condemning them to robbery, beatings, rape, murder, and even democide/genocide. Do not EVER forget that.

      • “You do realize that Virginia’s governor outlined abortion AFTER birth!!!”

        There are some people I know who would exercise that option on their teenagers… 🙂

      • At minimum, if either parent is a US citizen, abortion after birth violates the newborn’s 14th Amendment rights and is murder.

        Or course, the idiotic Democrats could always hoist themselves on their own petard and repeal the 14th Amendment.

    • Carpetbaggers… The Commonwealth gave us Washington, Jefferson, and Henry. She’s the state of “Give me liberty or give me death.” We have a dead tyrant on our flag. My family has been here since the 17th century and I’ll be damned if I let a bunch of carpetbaggers run me off. I’m lucky, though, I can just stick my guns on the property in Tennessee and more safely make myself a target. Stay strong, brother, and remember that we have backup in the mountains.

      This is how we start.

      • Yep. The Fed forced us to redistrict to how California wanted us to vote. They effectively guaranteed that we will never be red again. Apparently having too many black folks in one voting district is “racist.”

        • Damn well at least NY will have less say in the country after 2020 as we are looking to lose at least 2 congressional votes. Of course part of that is the flood of NY migrants moving south and starting the same troubles they are fleeing.

        • And WHO’s encouraging the Flood?/! I the last two years, on this forum are telling New York Gun Owners to Leave (i.e. FLEE) New York because of their Anti-Gun Restrictions. Demographics aside, Not all Gun Owners are Republican Thinkers, including those FLEEING New York…

        • Leslie sort of a push pull effect really. Our state has many counties where maxing out the SALT tax cap is trivially easy if the household income is above 100k and (sometimes or) your house is assessed over 200k. These counties tend to be in the areas with higher paying jobs/infrastructure. Many southern states have liberal cities (more critically suburbs) where retirees can get more house for less money and still pay less in taxes and be around those like them. Want them to stop coming tax retirement income and raise property tax.

    • “Virginia is lost because of carpetbaggers from anti gun states and immigrants who have never known gun rights. The great majority of native Virginians’s support gun rights if you can find one.”

      Similar things are happening in Texas. Three decades ago the Democrats started promoting demographic changes that would ultimately insure their dominance of the American body politic. Their plan was unopposed by conservatives and so now we’re seeing the consequences. California no longer even resembles an American state, a significant portion of its newly arrived immigrant population is openly hostile to traditional American values, and native Californians feel like strangers in their own land. Think Virginia or Texas will avoid becoming like “Califa”? Think again.

  5. Aven, I think you are absolutely right about this. It’s a shame, but there was not much point in the NRA trying to counter Bloomberg’s money when the Republican Party didn’t even field a candidate in 25% of the Assembly races.

    I was born and raised in Western NY, moved to northern VA in 1980 and raised my family there, and have now moved back home to the beautiful Niagara region. I love being here, but I hate what has been done to my home state while I was away. Now I see it happening with my adopted home. Before long, you’ll be just like us: all a Democrat has to do to win statewide office is appeal to the cities, and the hell with us country folks. Cuomo got re-elected by carrying 8 counties out of 65; guess where they’re located.

  6. The NRA is spending its (OUR) money on suits, private planes, paying nearly million dollar salaries to themselves. But no money for protecting their own backyard???
    We need a strong NRA. But it’s leadership is not about supporting or spreading the word about protecting civil rights.

    The bottom line is I don’t think they care.

  7. No mention of how much money Bloomberg spent I see especially compared to the candidates themselves and the NRA. Gotta keep the myth of the anti gun lobby just being a bunch of moms in the basement alive I guess.

  8. lol funny! They’re saying the same about Bevin’s loss being a canary in the coalmine for McConnell’s chance come next year and completely ignoring the fact that every other Republican on the ticket won handily by double digits. I think they are setting themselves up for a 2016 like shock loss across the board.

  9. The group was largely unable to get much of its legislative agenda through Congress while Republicans held total control in 2017 and 2018 …

    How many times do we have to correct this LIE???

    Republicans most certainly did NOT control the United States Senate in 2017 and 2018. While Republicans had a tiny majority in the U.S. Senate, they did not have the significant majority (60 seats) required to vote whether legislation would go to the Senate floor for a vote for that legislation to pass or fail.

    In case that last paragraph confuses you:
    Yes, the United States Senate requires TWO votes before they pass legislation. The first vote is whether or not they will bring legislation to the floor to vote whether or not to pass the legislation. After 60+ U.S. Senators vote for legislation to go up for pass/fail vote, then — and only then — they need 51 U.S. Senators to pass the legislation.

    Since there were never more than 55 Republican U.S. Senators and all 45 to 48 Democrat Senators ALWAYS vote together, the United States Senate rarely (if ever) passed anything in 2017 and 2018. In other words it was virtually total and complete gridlock.

    • Buy 51 votes in House “isn’t” a Super Majority, and the New Governor is a Democrat and can simply veto the Bill away with a simple pen stroke…

  10. This was a referendum on Wayne La Pierre. Step down or take the country down with you. NRA Members are sick and tired of being held hostage by the current leadership team and board members who are in WLP’s pocket. Support other 2nd amendment gun rights groups like Gun Owners of America and its local state affiliates.

    • I have wanted to replace Wayne L for many years. However, I believe the VCDL analysis that NRA, gun control, and Bloomberg were not responsible for the loss of Republican officeholders this year. Each one was in a district that was changed to include more Dem voters, which was the deciding factor. I looked at some of the district maps, and they tend to be a pie shape that includes a piece of a city and a distant area. Districting to me should be more along the lines of a city, or significant part of a city, should be a district, and a rural area of similar population should be a district, with boundary lines generally following political districts like cities and counties whenever this makes sense and results in similarly populated districts.

    • The Va election was a referendum on Wayne Lapierre? You’re an idiot.

      The Va election was a statement on the size of progtard Fed Gov’t ala Obumer.

  11. Whether they are right or wrong about how Virginia, and possibly the Kentucky Gov race, was turned Blue I’ll not get into.

    The NRA in the person of Wayne LaPierre has absolutely lost my support. Until that corrupt person and all his sycophant followers and fellow travelers are removed, there is no more money from me.

    Instead, I am supporting the GOA and the SAF.

  12. I’m more interested in how wearing blackface and killing born babies won Virginia.
    The lesson is you can do whatever the hell you want as long as you laud the right people and promise gibs to morons.

    • The lesson in any lost election is always that the winning side won the argument. All the noise coming from the losing side is always sour grapes and ego-saving bullshit.

  13. There are a lot of steps that have to be taken before doomsday happens, but it will be a test bed to see how banning NFA items (silencers) after people legally registered and paid a federal tax on them holds up in court. It may expose the dangers of registries, show the inefficiency and slow walking of the NFA process and potentially get another review of the NFA in the courts.

    We must fight for our brothers and sisters in Virginia.

    • Thank you, we’re going to need it. Money is tight for my family, so I’m going to literally scrape some change together to make another donation to the Virginia Citizens Defense League. If anyone out of state wants to kick in, I’d recommend the VCDL.

      I’ll say this…I will not comply.

    • {Virginia}

      “… it will be a test bed to see how banning NFA items (silencers) after people legally registered and paid a federal tax on them holds up in court.”

      That is gonna take some serious *time* to make its way through the courts. In some ways, I hope Virginia does outright ban them, that will get the ball rolling sooner rather than later to get them declared constitutional by SCOTUS.

      Sorry, Virginia, but “taking one for the team” now benefits the country as a whole later…

      • That would require SCOTUS to grow a pair and uphold the Heller and McDonald decisions. I don’t have confidence that the court will do so.

  14. DC is a pure leftist haven just like all of MD. This was going to happen regardless and will only change if parts of the government are moved around the nation.

  15. The NRA didn’t. “lose” anything. The lazy&indifferent pro-gun & pro-baby idiot’s didn’t bother to vote. FIFY

  16. The NRA has done nothing but compromise its entire life.

    I left the NRA and stick with other pro Second Amendment groups.

    That said, I have no use for Republicans or Democrats. All they care about is their party and screw the state and country. And how many times have Republicans sold us out and are they punished by the party? No, indeed they are not. Join the Constitution Party for principled candidates.

  17. Truth. NRA low on cash equals you lose your gun rights. I cannot make it any more simple than that but then again I am trying to preach to people who would save a penny today and not join or contribute and lose all their guns tomorrow. In their way of thinking the important outcome was they saved a penny today and now can cry they lost everything after the election.

    Virginia was proof enough but taught the penny pincher’s nothing. Remember the Dems are dancing now in the streets and banking on the NRA being bankrupt for the 2020 elections. I am afraid “its in the bag” for the Dems because they know they can always rely on the pure stupidity and stinginess of the Conservatives. In other words 2020 is now a slam dunk for the Dem’s.

    I will be selling off my guns now and buying a new membership in a Trump Golf Club, its the only hobby I will have left after the 2020 elections. I am not being sarcastic, doom is coming at us like a runaway freight train.

    Would you skimp on buying ammo if the Russians just stormed ashore on our beaches. The Conservatives would.

    • You have not been paying attention. We didn’t close our wallets to the NRA out of stinginess. We are sick and tired of
      1) their constant compromising and selling out our human and civil rights,
      2) WLP embezzling our hard earned donations through the law and PR partner firms (The suits, model intern’s housing and other small potato but very visible issues are just salt in the wound.) and
      3) the impotent Board of (76) Directors that keeps claiming that there is nothing to see here and all the problems in the Association are just figments of our imagination and gun grabber’s lies.

    • “NRA low on cash equals you lose your gun rights.”

      That has bandied about and it really makes no sense. But I would like to know, how much money did the NRA think they were going to make by assuming their position on bumpstocks. From what I saw, they had nothing to gain by being first out of the gate to remove them from peoples’ hands. The NRA started that crap and I want to know why!

      • How much money would the NRA need to spend to carry a district that didn’t even have a Republican nominee? The NRA had nothing to do with the loss.

        • I’ll let the author of the article ponder on Virginia.

          My money is better spent on other areas in life than the NRA. I have seen absolutely nothing that In any way translates to a need to feed NRA leadership. I suspect there are reasons why most gun owners are not members. It’s a shame but it is the way it is.

  18. Okay, a whole lot of people reading this are not going to like what I’m about to say but I need to say it. The Democrats are eventually going to win and take over the USA and here’s why. They are playing chess while the Republicans are playing checkers. They have set up some long term chess moves while the Republicans just respond to their actions for the most part. Three examples, first giving 16 year old’s the right to vote. A 16 year old has not raised a family, is still in high school and therefore is heavily influenced by their teachers and if they even have a job is a low paying job and is not full time. They’re going to be voting democrat. Criminals having the right to vote. 95%+ of them will vote democrat. Illegal aliens the same thing. Popular vote vs. Electoral college. That means major states like California, New York, and Florida will control who gets elected. The big cities are democrat strongholds. As far as solutions I have only two. The United States needs broken up along state line and new governments need to be formed. My mother recently passed away and right now I’m packing up and leaving America, more than likely for good, and moving to Paraguay. I’ll go on line from time to time and give updates here. Bye everyone.

    • Rocketman, I agree with what you say. I have been saying the same thing for some time.

      Demographics will give the communist party USA (democrats) full control of America by 2028 or 30 if not before. When they get that control it will be Katie bar the door. The Constitution will not be a factor in what they will do.

      There is another issue at play. I wrote this this morning:

      Democrat voter turnouts Nov 2019

      Kentucky turnout was up 50% from the last governor’s race.

      Turnout was higher for both parties but democrat turnout was much higher than republican.

      Virginia turnout was more than twice as high as the last state election. Again, democrat turnout was much higher than republican.

      The difference in both elections was turnout in the larger cities where most liberals live but the story is how the higher turnout was achieved.

      The left is using social media, with the assistance of those companies, to incite their supporters before and during the election. They tested their procedures in 2016 presidential election and improved democrat support in California. They expanded their program in the 2018 mid-term elections and took over the house of representatives. They plan to go all out in the 2020 elections. They plan to take over the senate and as many state offices as they can. Yes, they are hoping to unseat Donald Trump but if they control the Senate they can deal with trump later.

      Their methodology consists of computer algorithms that analyze posts in Facebook, Tritter, SnapChat, and other social media to identify “left leaning” users. They then feed those users information reinforcing their beliefs and immediately before and during the election send messages with direct “orders” Go Vote !

      They have proven this works and will continue to improve algorithms and procedures to increase their turnout.

      They use the same systems to identify conservatives and block/filter information they receive to inhibit their response. Conservatives do get negative information, real or fake.

      Republicans/conservatives have no equivalent capability. Most people who use social media use the big names, all of whom are owned, controlled and manned by leftists. This is a serious shortcoming of conservative campaigns and nation wide organizations.

      Democrats are funded by a number of billionaires who are generous with their money for left wing causes.

      Yes, the Koch brothers ( one of them died recently) have been generous but they are more libertarian than conservative. The Green family (owners of Hobby Lobby) are generous with Christian causes, not necessarily with “republicans”. This is a shortfall for run of the mill republicans.

      A Trump win in 2020 is not a given. The left will be turning out the vote. If conservatives don’t get motivated we could lose America soon.

      • Don’t confuse TN with VA. TN had a lousy governor, and down ticket Republican got 10% more votes than he did – 770k for Rep AG, 700k for Rep Gov. AL had a bad Senate candidate, and he lost because 50k Republicans didn’t vote in that race or did a write-in.

        VA has a demographic change with growing liberal DC suburbs, where the Republican party didn’t even run candidates.

    • Rocketman…I’m also a rocket guy: Pratt Hobbies. Have I met you at launches? I’m usually supporting hybrids or something else weird.

      Your analysis is not far off. Progressivism got taken over after TR, and people with contempt for the Constitution started jiggering the system with Woodrow Wilson. I am a little more hopeful, but we’re going to have to work to get Trump a second term, then either Pence or Nikki Haley or Ted Cruz. Trump is making some good moves; if he does nothing more than continue to revolutionize the judiciary, we can keep things straight. We have to stop the education/indoctrination of our children to win the long game.

    • US Republican democracy is largely a self-righting thing. USUALLY peacefully.

      Yes the dems hate this country and love them some eurowussie communisum. But they have not, despite their best efforts, succeeded. Yet.

  19. Vox like all Democrat supporting media will continue to support the Marxist viewpoint of the party. The anti freedom federal control enthusiasts will do everything they can to increase the power of any central authority in order to deny civil rights to anyone who attempts to stand in their way. They will denounce you in the public square, they will red flag you, they will attempt to have you fired, they will harass your wife and children, this is what happens when the left tries to take control.

  20. The Democrats in Virginia took over both State House chambers and the Governor’s mansion by razor thin margins in most cases. This happened for one overriding reason. Thousands of Republican voters in that state sat home on their fat, complacent asses rather than getting out and voting. You’ve now gotten the government you deserve. Remember that when the orgy of restrictive anti-gun legislation begins. Because that’s what the Virginia Democrats have promised, and believe me, they are chomping at the bit to deliver on that promise, and then some!

  21. Gun control wasn’t a factor. Spending by Steyer and Soros to push global warming and social justice were the key to flipping the legislature.

      • Carrying Northern Virginia cannot give control of the legislature. The Democrats won in areas outside of Northern Virginia that traditionally vote Republican.

  22. .stand And fIght, are stupid you? Not how to , go bbrrrrrpppp brrrrrrpppp hide run run, stand and fight Hah Ho gee men u funny

  23. We need to place the blame where it actually belongs: on the Republican party strategists. These are the geniuses who couldn’t even find someone to run against the Democrats in ten (10) of the 40 Senate races (25%) and in another 23 out of 100 House races (23%).

    Does anyone think it is realistic to achieve a 51% majority when you walk away from 23-25% of the races?

    The GOP strategists don’t seem to understand the fundamental Democrat philosophy. Dems want to fight in one place at a time, concentrate all their money and influence, win that place, then use that power to make sure Republicans will never win it again. In Virginia, the Dems will now get to control redistricting which, if Maryland is any guide, will become a contortionist’s nightmare guaranteeing permanent Democrat super-majorities. This is how they roll and everyone has known it for a long time.

    So why didn’t the GOP do anything about it? Why did they abandon Virginia at a crucial election? Are they really throwing in the towel?

  24. Eventually, imho, the they’s will get most of the guns out of the US. two rays of sunshine in that. One, all us Boomers will be dead and away from the mess that will be. Two, all these young smart-asses will have to live a lifetime in the tyranny their brilliant ideas and lack of experience and understanding human nature will bring upon themselves.
    If you are younger than 76 you may have a better Scholastic resume than me, you may also be a lot smarter, however, I have the experience and you will never catch up to me in my life time. So here’s a future “I told you so! ” lmao.

  25. What happened in Virginia this year is the same thing that happened in Washington State last year, the NRA made a showing so that they can keep asking for more money.

    Just ask yourself one question; How much money did the NRA spend in 2019 in protecting Wayne & his cronies on the NRA board and how much did the NRA spend in fighting tyranny in Virginia in that same period, then you will know what the priorities are for the the NRA!

    The proof is in the pudding folks.

  26. What a crock of shit. The NRA didn’t lose Virginia. Virginians lost Virginia. In 1970, 1 in 100 Virginians was foreign born. In 2012, 1 in 9 Virginians were foreign born. The gun grabbers aren’t winning on some superior poetical ideas or maneuvering. It’s called “demographic replacement.” Argue politics all you want, you cant argument demographics–it’s math and the foreign born vote democrat 80% of the time.

    NC is to follow. Same as GA, FL, TX. You have one, maybe two presidential election cycles before you see a permanent DNC federal electoral majority. Then it is CA/MD/NY?CT style gun control coast to coast. Act and buy accordingly. Spicy times cometh’. TINVOWOOT.

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