Elizabeth Warren
Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., speaks during a town hall meeting at Grinnell College, Monday, Nov. 4, 2019, in Grinnell, Iowa. (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall)
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Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass) wants to leave our children unprotected in their schools. She opposes allowing school staff to tool up. And now, in a new editorial, she proposes eliminating armed school resource officers, leaving our nation’s children utterly undefended from madmen and losers.

The Dems’ wild-eyed front-runner in the race for president does her best to pander to “black and brown” Americans in an op-ed in Essence magazine.

Recently, footage of a school resource officer violently apprehending an 11-year-old black girl hit our social media feeds. That video highlighted the unfortunate reality — that young black and brown students across the country live with this threat every day, and reopened conversation around a central question: why was a police officer there to begin with?

Police using force to take someone who’s violently resisting arrest into custody is now a “threat” in Elizabeth Warren’s mind? Hate to break it to her, but like all Americans, I live with that threat every day. We all do.

How do we mitigate this threat? We obey lawful commands from peace officers. Using “sir” and compliance goes a long way to showing respect. Not cursing, punching, biting, kicking and clawing while refusing to follow reasonable, lawful commands.

Election 2020 Warren
Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass. (AP Photo/Ringo H.W. Chiu)

The 1/1024th American Indian continues…

In the 1990s, hundreds of police officers were deployed to public schools across the country as a component of the war on drugs and later in response to school shootings. Today, at least fourteen million students attend schools staffed with a police officer — but without a single counselor, social worker, psychologist, or nurse.

Because counselors, social workers, psychologists and nurses do such a great job deterring violent attacks in schools and mounting meaningful resistance should the worst happen?

Not so much.

With what does Warren’s propose to replace school resource officers? “Restorative justice.”

Last month, I released a criminal justice reform plan anchored in the idea that we need to transition from a punitive to a rehabilitative system — including by adopting discipline policies for our schools that draw students in rather than pushing them out. This means restorative justice programs…  [emphasis original]

That’s exactly the kind of policy that was in practice at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School that gave us the Parkland school killer. From the Epoch Times:

It has been more than one year since Andrew Pollack lost his daughter, Meadow, in the Parkland school shooting on February 14, 2018. In that time, he has searched for the reasons behind the tragedy, which he says was facilitated by the moral failure of the public school system…

“They had to frisk him before he entered the school,” Pollack said to the audience at the Family Research Council in Washington, D.C. on September 16.

“He threatened students’ lives. He wasn’t arrested,” he said…

In January 2014, Then-President Barack Obama’s Education Secretary Arne Duncan issued “Guiding Principles: A Resource Guide for Improving School Climate and Discipline,” in order to fix what’s being called the “school-to-prison pipeline,” where black students and students with disabilities are disproportionately subjected to suspensions and expulsions.

The policy also discouraged referring students to law enforcement. The suggested alternative is “restorative justice,” where the offender and the victim sit down together with a counselor to discuss and repair the harm.

And now California, under Gov. Gavin Newsom, wants in on “restorative justice” too.   From later in the Epoch Times piece

Earlier this month, California Governor Gavin Newsom signed into law that all public and charter schools could no longer suspend students in elementary and middle schools for disruptive behavior or “willful defiance.” Schools are encouraged to turn to restorative justice as an alternative.

“It can’t make sense to you to put your kid in a school where they could say whatever they want to the teacher,” Pollack said, “They can act any way they want, no consequence. Those are the same policies led to my daughter get murdered. And they are still in Broward.”

This is the restorative justice Elizabeth Warren wants to bring to schools nationwide.  Schools without anyone present to thwart a lunatic bent on murder.

(AP Photo/Nick Wass)

If she has her way, Warren would make our children undefended targets for sick and evil individuals. All in the name of “social justice.”

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  1. “Wild-eyed” indeed. I rarely discuss politics here, but Warren gives me the willies. Every time I see her speak, I think about a line from the movie The Outlaw Josey Wales

    “Well, that one in the center, he had a flap holster and he was in no itchin’ hurry. And the one second from the left, he had scared eyes; he wasn’t gonna do nothin’. But that one on the *far left*, he had crazy eyes. Figured him to make the first move.”

    • What the heck is this “restorative justice” mentioned by Governor Newsom? When a 10-yr-old brat refuses to turn his cell phone off and continually mouths off to the teacher in front of the entire class, and the teacher/school is now prohibited by state law from firm discipline to curb such behavior, what is this “restorative justice” touted as the alternative?

      • our district was similarly hamstrung- the same one that my dad reached out and gave permission for corporal punishment to be used on me if necessary- and wound up requiring the parents to pick the kids up immediately . most p’s get tired of having to leave work or oprah pretty quick.
        still, it’s a far cry from hanging from the boiler room pipes and getting belted.
        one jr. high youngster denied shaking down a teacher for pocket change, the principle and asistant shook him upside down and it fell out.

      • The majority of the teachers and school staff in CA support Newsom. My wife is a kinder teacher. This “expanded ban on ‘willful defiance’ suspensions” will change and/or create a greater shortage of teachers and staff. A greater shortage will lead to lowering teacher qual standards and/or growing class sizes per teacher. The children lose in the end. If CA can’t be a good example for education, it can at least be a good warning to other states.

        • It will serve perfectly though for it’s intended purposes of indoctrination, obedience, and learned helplessness.

      • The “restorative justice” is based on the assumption the perpetrator has a conscience, empathy, and compassion, which they typically do not. The 1970s approach, also used in schools, was to treat them with kindness so they see the error of their ways, and also based on the same wrong assumptions. And it will have the same results of brats avoiding punishment for their actions which to them is a reward.

        • The “restorative justice” is based on the assumption the perpetrator has a conscience, empathy, and compassion, which they typically do not. The 1970s approach, also used in schools, was to treat them with kindness so they see the error of their ways, and also based on the same wrong assumptions. And it will have the same results of brats avoiding punishment for their actions which to them is a reward.

          No one has ever gotten far assuming that people have a conscience, empathy, or compassion.

        • It takes a lot of left wing “education” to forget the simplicity of “If you reward an action, you will get more of it. If you punish an action, you will get less of it.”

      • This isn’t going to stop the “school to prison” pipeline, it will only make it worse. To paraphrase R. Heinlein, if you never discipline a puppy for defecating in the house, then suddenly take it out and shoot it for soiling the house when it’s grown, that’s the owner’s fault, not the dog’s fault.

        But of course the leftist have their solution already: Take away guns from law-abiding people so budding young criminal don’t have to worry about getting shot when they graduate from smacking around teachers and classmates to home invasion.

        • Witness the former pizza employee that decided to rob his former store. He came armed and met an employee that was also armed. As a result he ended up at room temperature.
          His parents are highly upset. How dare someone be armed at work?

    • Well they add the word “racist” to everything in order to appeal to the wannabe victim nonwhites and the wannabe virtuous whites. Those people seem to like it, so I guess it’s working for them.

    • Let’s hope so. I think it will be close, though, as it has been for many cycles. Socialism’s true meaning has been lied about and carefully branded over the past several decades, and it’s become attractive to an awful lot of people who should know better.

      • The thing with socialism is there a vast chasm between the theory (Marx) and actual implementation (Soviet Union, East Germany, Romania, Venezuela, Cuba, China, and North Korea).

        How does Fakahontas think she is going to implement it any differently.

        • I do not assume the left is stupid because they support (are) communist. I think they know exactly what they are doing. Their goal is unlimited power just like Stalin, Mao, Castro and all the other communist dictators.

          Achieving that goal requires destroying America and they are succeeding with their control of education from top to bottom. They turn out millions of dedicated socialists pawns every year and, yes, they will vote for an avowed socialist or communist.

          By 2028 or 30 (or before) they will be in control of America and the destruction will come soon after.

    • That would be great but the reality is that any democrat candidate will be guaranteed at least 160 electoral votes with the extreme blue states. That would happen even if anonymous or Satan were on their ballot.

      • Democrats are nothing if not disciplined. They usually toe the party line and will vote for Lucifer himself if he has the (D) at his name.

    • Remember when dems thought Trump was Hillary’s best chance of an easy victory? You never know. The best we can hope for is the truth comes out in all of this impeachment and Russia farce BS. When the real villains are acknowledged maybe people will wake up.

  2. Eliminate school resource officers, move that money to universal health care, let schools get attacked without any defenders in place, fewer people to take care of on universal health care and an excuse to seize scary guns. Looks like she wins all around with this plan

    • She believes the answer to school shootings isn’t armed guards but to disarm all American citizens. So in the short term at least, the more dead children the better it is for her agenda. For the children, of course.

      • The more dead kids, the easier it will be to pass even more knee-jerk draconian gun laws.

        Leftists are implicitly rooting for even more school shooters…

        • Yeah same as as they want violence at Trump rallys and shootings at movie debuts they don’t like. Sick group right there.

  3. Ha. Not surprised. She’s an assclown. So is Newsom, allowing disruptive behavior or “willful defiance”. Maybe more disruptive behavior or “willful defiance” outside his office or residence, and no CHP to guard his ass will be a better option. What a nugget.

    • Wouldn’t even be a surprise, when is the deadline for her to get in for the Democrat nomination?

      • Not sure, but I’ll bet she can swoop in anytime and rig it up like she did last go around. There is always gonna be another Donna Brazile waiting to make the odds extra even for her.

      • Well, since the Hildebeest is still butthurt over being rejected in 2016, and losing her “it’s my turn” slot in 2008, I don’t think she’s much into leaving her political fate up to the deplorable voters. I think the plan is for a continued nutjob primary contest, and a couple of weakened-but-still-marginally-viable Dim candidates left, and then Hillary will swoop in and take a ‘brokered’ (read ‘rigged’) convention. Trump would still kick her ass, but she’d get her chance to become a three-time loser.

    • OMIGOSH!! 10 minutes of that cackling will cause any normal person to turn psychotic!! Maybe that explains why the Dems all seem to have lost their collective minds? Just sayin….

    • It’s still racist because privileged power systemic racism microaggessions identified as a cis white male oppressor…….. Why do I get the feeling someone used some of this seriously.

      • Sadly that was more well reasoned and logical an argument than I am used to hearing on this sort of thing…… mildly more polite as well.

  4. Elizabeth Warren has something in common with gun owners who have no children and who arent married.
    They both dont support 2A education for children. And they don’t support High School shooting teams.
    Yes that’s right I said it.

    And since she called herself an “Indian” she also does not support Archery education in schools either.

    • Chris, you say, “Elizabeth Warren has something in common with gun owners who have no children and who arent married.
      They both dont support 2A education for children. And they don’t support High School shooting teams.”

      That is an absolute lie. Where did you get such a ridiculous idea? I and my girlfriend, along with everyone else we know who fits your description thinks the complete opposite of what you asserted.

      Most of us teach our nieces and nephews about the 2nd and how to shoot. Also, we would LOVE it if things were as they were when we were kids. Shooting was an activity encouraged by the schools and half of the students had a rifle or shotgun in their car/truck. (And nobody ever shot anyone.)

      Bottom line, you are so far off on this that it is laughable.

      • The proof is in the number of negative responses I get when post my statement. Yours is the VERY FIRST, positive, since I have been on TTAG, since 2010. A gun owner married with children posted this Link in response to my post just last month. I invite everyone to find your state and donate to Kids 2A education near you. Even if that means the other side of your state.

        Clay target shooting Teams for kids

        I have actually gotten responses stating that to concentrate on kids 2A
        education is leaving out “others” in the gun community.

        Perhaps you can tell me who are these “others”??? And why are they not concerned about the future of gun civil rights?

        I already know they want guns for themselves as ADULTS.

        The NRA use to have 7 people dedicated to coordinating and depensing out money, guns, ammunition, targets, and education materials to the boy scouts, 4H, and other kids centered 2A education programs all over the country.

        Now they have ONLY ONE one person doing it.

        So yes, I don’t believe the education of children in their 2A civil rights and responsibilities, is a priority in the “gun Community”.

        • OK, Chris. I understand your reasoning behind your statement. But I still think you are dead wrong. Even though you have been getting strange responses from people here all of these years, I know dozens of people who will vehemently contradict your statement. They just don’t post on here. Hell, that was the first post I’ve ever made here. And I was the first to post a “positive” response? That is indeed strange to me.

          I guess it doesn’t matter, we are both using anecdotal data to support our positions. I’d love to see a REAL poll of gun owners on this, as in n=50,000,000+ people. Until then, we will each believe what our eyes and ears are telling us and stick to that.

          I’m outta here; I won’t be following this conversation any more. Keep your powder dry and kill lots of Communists when the time comes. Good luck.

    • If you won the interwebs yesterday, you lost it today. What a load of crap. I am a single gun owner with no spouse and no dependants. I am a single issue voter. I don’t care about housing issues because I will never afford a home. I don’t care about healthcare, because I will be paying for it no matter where it is coming from. Immigration is not a big deal to me either. Come to the USA, be productive and be welcome, however you get here. Be a criminal or a burden and get deported. I don’t care about the local PTA because I have no children. I don’t care about the tax rates, because I will always pay the most being single, 0 dependents.

      What I do care about are my 2A rights, and that is how I vote. To be honest, I think there are a couple of ideas the Dems have that could be made to work pretty good with some intelligent modifications, as do the R’s.

      All of that being said, I will never vote D because the one thing every one of the Dem politicians want, progressive to moderate, is the whole package that is their “gun safety” agenda with no compromise.

      I really don’t understand the desire of the left to eviscerate the 2A, when they are all about empowering the underdog. After all, cheering for them is what America is all about, and the 2A is all about personal empowerment, personal realization, and personal freedom. I wish both sides would treat the 2A like they say they do the other amendments, protect it, and spend their energies working on real issues.

  5. “Restorative Justice” = can’t give reparations so we’ll just let them run buck wild without consequence.
    Must be why white males are going tranny. Only way they can escape the fate that awaits them is to become one of the downtrodden.

    • What ‘restorative justice’ is there for a rape or murder victim?

      What ‘restorative justice’ is there for representative Steve Scalise, who uses a cane to this day after his attacker shot him and then took the chicken way out with suicide?

  6. I love how the lefts answer to crime is to decriminalize.
    Shoplifting, Fare beating, disrupting class, threatening other students?
    Just make that all legal!
    Armed defenders?
    Make that illegal!

    • When did “disrupting class” become a “crime” and not a discipline issue? Funny how you big government “conservatives” think giving the government more power and authority is always the answer to any problem you think we have.

      • And here we have a prime example of a faux Libertarian supporting the left’s agenda. To tell you the truth, this clown is probably a false flagger.

      • Lefty still says what? The real answer was “the government shouldn’t be taking our money to teach our kids poorly”

  7. There’s a lot going on in this post. First of all, I agree there’s s problem with police in schools, but it has to do with the fact they’re police, not that they’re armed. Having police around encourages weak disciplinarian teachers to call them in to enforce classroom disciplinary issues. Sometimes cops take it upon themselves to do this on their own. As soon as a cop becomes involved, conduct that in generations past would have ended as pure matters of student discipline become law enforcement matters, with all the attendant use of force that entails. Getting lippy with the Spanish teacher isn’t a crime, but do it with a cop and you’re now “noncompliant”, become subject to arrest, using whatever force may be required. “Comply with officer commands” is not an adequate answer to why the officer is there to start with, and why he’s giving commands.

    That being said, eliminating SROs while at the same time further tying educators hands on discipline and preventing them from being armed is a sure recipe for disaster on several fronts. It means that, due to undesirable side effects of having SROs provide discipline and security, we will henceforth have nobody providing either.

    • I think you’re being silly, here. You seem to be discounting the overwhelming influence of the unicorns, combined with rainbows, upon the natural love of all beings coming together to sing kumbaya. Just trust in love, and it will all work out.

  8. I have stated the concept on this site before: the civilian disarmament industrial complex is quite comfortable condemning an unlimited number of victims to violent attackers.

    Eliminating armed police in our schools — and armed citizens in general — accomplishes two important goals for Progressives:
    (1) It secures votes from Peaceniks for advancing unarmed/peaceful utopia.
    (2) It increases violent attacks and victims, causing more people to demand that government fix it, causing government to demand more of our money and freedoms to implement the “final solution”, and ultimately resulting in citizens giving up more money and freedoms.

  9. Maybe we should have Different laws & principal’s for every Color or religion, after all when the different races think their special & can get away with acting like a- holes & get support from SJW’s , why not jump on board with the I’m special theme ? Of course it’s Whitey’s fault,,, you know , White Privilege & all, always the same people causing the problems & instead of punishing them the SJW’s try to make it easier for them to act up or be disruptive. Like I said, their SPECIAL…🖕🏿

  10. I read nothing that said she wanted to do away with armed security guards. Only the stilted article implied that. What she did say was that excessive force was used in the violent attack on the student by a crazed cop. The video clearly shows what happened.

    ” Today, at least fourteen million students attend schools staffed with a police officer — but without a single counselor, social worker, psychologist, or nurse.”

    She makes a very good point .

    “In January 2014, Then-President Barack Obama’s Education Secretary Arne Duncan issued “Guiding Principles: A Resource Guide for Improving School Climate and Discipline,” in order to fix what’s being called the “school-to-prison pipeline,” where black students and students with disabilities are disproportionately subjected to suspensions and expulsions.

    The policy also discouraged referring students to law enforcement. The suggested alternative is “restorative justice,” where the offender and the victim sit down together with a counselor to discuss and repair the harm.”

    She is making another good point. The Conservative way actually promotes further trouble to society by imprisoning students and not giving them the psychological counseling they need. Then strangely enough the Conservatives claim if only we had more mental health care mass murders would happen less often but they refuse to fund or even support the idea of such programs and claim prison is the better route to take. If there ever was a more whacked out position to take its the Conservative one.

    Only a comprehensive plan will help with armed security guards and of course mental health programs and to get the money the solution is a National Health Care Program that would guarantee the money would be there to implement such programs. I point to Europe and Canadian programs that were and are very successful. Canadian immigrant children completely assimilate in less than two years ( I am not implying the immigrant children are problem children only showing what good National Health Care plans do.)

    • Said the person who’s never had to deal with an entitled, arrogant, miscreant who’s been told all their miserable lives that they’re special and nobody can tell them they’re not! Making people accountable for their actions is not cruel and unusual punishment, contrary to current liberal opinion.

    • Has she ever advocated for armed security that wasn’t law enforcement? I don’t believe she has ever been on the side of armed teachers, staff, volunteers, etc. I may be wrong but I don’t recall her supporting any of that. So sans the police, who would she have?

      • “So sans the police, who would she have?”

        Private security if it’s her grandchildren or other relatives. For the rest of us, nobody.

    • Quoth Dean Wurmer: “Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, boy!” You should carefully consider that. Oh, and your screen name? I don’t want to hear Thomas Paine’s name in your mouth, you Leftist, lying POS.

  11. She seems to be entering a stage of dementia, with this craziness and that fiscally impossible medicare idiocy she concocted. Maybe the people should stand up and tell her she won’t have the Secret Service. We need the money for MFA.

    • I’ve always thought Warren was decently smart. Unlike an Ocasio-Cortez, I doubt that Warren believes her own bullshit. I could be wrong about that, of course. Sometimes it’s hard to know who is evil and who is stupid (not that those are mutually exclusive).

      • ” I doubt that Warren believes her own bullshit ”

        I think you are totally correct on that one. Warren is the ultimate opportunist. She is so hungry for the White House, she will say anything to get there. She basically jumps on the latest political fad (only from the left, of course) and rides it until something more lucrative pops up in the political winds. I don’t think for one minute she actually believes anything she is proposing is politically achievable, but it sounds good, gets votes from the dumb ones.

        The scary part is, we don’t know what she actually does believe, if anything.

        • You described it pretty succinctly, what I would add is, this is true because I believe she’s being prepped and propped up and told what to say by someone even more corrupt but a lot smarter. The name, Soros comes to mind!

  12. I want to see Pocahontas and other left leaning try the 3 pillars of restorative justice on the Mexican cartel, North Koreans, ms13, and convict at an ultra max prison. Then report back to the American people if they can on how successful it was

  13. When kids are allowed to misbehave and there are little or no consequences until all of a sudden there are, complete with handcuffs, this is frequently going to be the result. Parents don’t discipline their kids and consistently enable bad behavior once they have off loaded their brats on the school. The end result of not setting real boundaries inevitably results in more kids going bad, people like Arne Duncan seem to be working to ensure the failure of schools, and for the endangerment of other students.

  14. All School resources officers Nationwide should walk off the job..every time a violent student attempts to assault (or a assaults an officer), the politicians blame the officer… especially if the officer has to use Force… it’s not worth losing a police career over to go in a no-win situation…we are raising a lawless and entitled mass of kids these days..but it is mostly the parents fault..

    • “These days”? Try since the 1970s where the response to bullying was to treat the bully with kindness so they will see the error of their ways, and to punish the victim for provoking the attack. Real result is the bully knows they can and will get away with it because their actions are tacitly approved, and victim knows any action from them will result in punishment from teachers and the bully.

      • Then oparents must take action, like in the story below.


        I was constantly bullied. I tried it Mom’s way…tell a teacher, avoid the bully, run away if I could, but I still got busted lips, torn clothes, and bruises.

        Finally Dad couldn’t take anymore. He pulled me to the side and said, “Boy, this is just a secret between you and me. Next time you are bullied….fight back. Go nuts on them. I don’t care if they are bigger. Just go crazy and try to make them hurt. Don’t worry about Mom. I’ll deal with her. Don’t worry about the school either….tell them you won’t accept any punishment without them talking to me…and only me….first.”

        Armed with this permission, when the bully cornered me in the changing area before gym, I went off. I got a busted lip out of the deal, but the bully ended up with two black eyes, a concussion, three cracked ribs, and a loose tooth. I just went berserk, and even when he gave up I continued the beating. The funny thing is, the coach saw the whole thing, knew what I had endured, and let me cut loose.

        This told the others I was not to be bullied. Word got around quickly. It was no longer fun to pick on me, and with the damage I had inflicted, it gave other bullies pause.

        However, the bully’s parents were not so pleased. They complained to the principal, who called me into the office and said I had to be suspended for a week. As planned, I told him I wouldn’t accept the suspension until he talked to Dad. I gave him Dad’s work number. He called, and Dad came right over.

        My Dad at the time worked in a lumberyard. He had to lift 150 lb. stumps into the back of a deuce and a half (a large truck) all day. Dad was HUGE. He came into the office, nodded to me, and listened to the principal rage about how I was the one who caused trouble fighting, and how I almost killed the other guy. My Dad didn’t say a word and got up from his seat.

        He walked around and picked up the principal by his throat and pinned him to the wall. He then quietly said, “Every day my kid came home, torn clothes, beat up, crying, miserable. You folks did nothing. He tells you he’s getting bullied. Still nothing. He tried to avoid fighting, and they chase him down. You still do nothing. Now he’s beaten up a bully. NOW’S THE TIME TO DO NOTHING.”

        “He’s not getting suspended, doing sentences, standing in a corner, nothing. If I hear he gets any punishment for this, or gets bullied in the future, and you guys do nothing, I’m coming back here….and giving YOU what the bully did to my son. Understand?” The principal croaked out a yes.

        There were a few more incidents with others after that. One involved me getting tripped and my nose got broken. That ended with me destroying half the classroom, and two boys having their desks flung down the stairs. But because of it being a case of me being bullied, not a word was said, and no punishment was put upon me. But the word was out…I was a victim no longer, and to mess with me meant swift justice, a thing no bully wanted. It was a lesson I had to teach a couple of times in high school as well.

        Unfortunately, history has repeated itself. My son is disabled, and was being picked on. I however, witnessed it myself, and put the fear of God into them.

        We should all teach our kids that fighting is a last resort when all other efforts have failed. But we also need to teach our kids that when they stand up for themselves, we have their back.

        • My Dad actually did something like this once for my brother, back in the ’70s. He was a union construction laborer, working weekends at a service station to bring in a bit of extra cash. My brother went with him one day to hang out with Dad and found a dime in the pay phone coin return, and some, uhm, disreputable character tried to swipe it. Big Mistake. Brother brought his dime home, plus a little extra if I recall correctly. Dad passed a few years ago, and we miss his quiet strength every day. I am passing it on to my daughter, who both understands and appreciates, and needs her own quiet strength now that the boys are circling.

  15. My son went to a school last year with a restorative justice mentality. Students knew there were no consequenses for their behavior and the end result was a school that was completely out of control. We have the financial means to have pulled him out and send him to an excellent private school. The kids who’s parents don’t have the means to do so are unfortunately stuck in a hellhole.

  16. “Using ‘sir’ …. goes a long way to showing respect”

    Belly crawl and bootlick much? Why did the cop resign? Why did the video show he lied?

    • Well, there was a time when children used “sir” to address ALL of their elders, cops or not. Perhaps not coincidentally, we also didn’t even need school resource officers during that same period of time!

  17. Supremely stupid, idiotic and counter productive idea.

    This is the problem with all Party Members. To he’ll with problem solving, all issues get churned thru a Party Purity Test and come back out as narrative laden trash.

    Warren was right placing the blame on the 2008 Financial Crisis on the backs of the big commercial banks. Beyond that, she is pour idiot.

    This is the problem with all Party Citizens. Like those of the old USSR or current PRC, Cuba and Venezuela, critical thought and good sense are corrupted.

    • “Warren was right placing the blame on the 2008 Financial Crisis on the backs of the big commercial banks. ”

      There is some seriously scary news in that department :

      “”It’s Obviously Disturbing” – Mortgage Market Reopens To Subprime Borrowers”

      “After more than a decade since the subprime mortgage market triggered the 2008 financial meltdown, the strict lending standards placed on new homeowners post-crisis have disintegrated in the last three years.

      Homebuyers with low credit scores, gig-economy jobs, and high-debt loads (sounds like millennials), can now obtain mortgages and participate in the American dream of owning a home.”


      Now, what could *possibly* go wrong with that? 🙁


  18. Home school your children and grandchildren. They’ll get an actual education and they won’t be brainwashed by leftist drivel. And they’ll be way safer. All the “staff”, i.e., parents, can be armed and maybe even some of the students. Where is it written that the government is better at education? Or that they should be involved in it at all? If we stop participating in the system it will collapse.

  19. She’s raising the closed fist commie salute in front of something called “The American Constitution Center.” Let that sink in. Regardless,

    “The policy also discouraged referring students to law enforcement. ”

    Can’t have poor kids arrested for violent behavior. No, referral to law enforcement will be reserved for tween girls who point “finger guns” at classmates:


    Welcome to upside down world.

  20. She’s taking the Broward County approach nationwide. Don’t let the law interfere with the rotten apple and leave the rest of the kids without protection. Worked fine for Broward and hogg boy.

  21. Warren does not care if your children die, to help advance her communist ideology, This women is dangerous…

  22. Lol, of course she does! She’s from Massachusetts which has a fine history of upstanding political leaders.

  23. In my book you protect what you value, obviously Fauxahantas doesn’t value the children of the poor and middle class.

  24. “leave our children unprotected in their schools” Proof that a stopped clock is correct twice a day.

    This is editorial is total Bull Shit. Cops don’t belong in schools AT ALL indoctrinating young’uns with gov’t/police state nonsense. See also DARE. “Resource officers” my ass. 90% are the incompetent with schools are the dead end for ROAD, useless, and chikcops rather than firing them. No competent cop is going be hanging out/making a career by leaning on the wall in some High School.

    School management with a pair can run a school. Overpriced yet somewhat competent cops need be out on the streets (or in cars) eating donuts, napping, and shooting POS.

  25. Seems to me that besides getting rid of morons like Elizabeth Warren and replacing them with smarter people, we may need to take a look at law enforcement and possibly train a new type of policeman to take on certain positions.

    It’s not fair to ask police officers to also function as social workers or foster parents unless that is expected along with the provision of special training. And I think that while easy going, patient school resource officers is exactly what we need, we also need them to be able to protect the children and the teachers with force. We can’t say to those men and women, “Just wear your uniform and leave everything else in your car or locker. After all you’re just working in a school with kids”.
    You can’t expect them to go unarmed and by leaving everyone unarmed opens the school for criminals and psychos. Might as well post a sign that says “snowflake liberals, unarmed conservatives and innocent unprotected children inside, have at them”.
    We are being oppressed and our behavior dictated by stupid anti-constitutional laws which serve to give the government more power over us and increases our risk of being victimized. Liberal live in some sort of fantasy land…. but then Hillary Clinton and Obama let people die in the embassy in Benghazi…. and she said it didn’t really matter as to who was to blame. These people are all insane and irresponsible.

  26. It’s always refreshing to see people who have access to hired armed security try to remove the rights of others to protect themselves.

  27. “We obey lawful commands from peace officers. Using “sir” and compliance goes a long way to showing respect.”

    That is the advice you give slaves or hostages, not a free people.

    Cops do not belong in schools, Warren is right on this. (must be the first thing) They turn what should be a trip to the office into a trip to the jail.
    Arm the staff, but get cops back to the alley behind the donut shop where they belong.

  28. AKA gun control bills have the best chance after a school shooting. We really need more dead kids.

    Not to mention that Dems have spent all this time convincing people that the GUN is the one that is doing wrong. What happens to their chances since more and more kids are clearly seeing that a GUN is protecting them.

  29. I think going back to the old way of handling these bullies worked. You meet them in the parking lot after school, beat there ass and they don’t pick on you or anyone else because they know what it feels like now.

  30. Leftists need the children shot, to get the general population on board with their plan of general population disarmament. The more deaths, the stronger will be the outrage, so she wants to make sure there are as many deranged murderers kept in schools as possible and to get anyone who could defend the kids unarmed.
    In short, these sick fucks willingly sacrifice our children in order to to push their harebrained leftist policies.

    • And the little potential martyrs are preached at every day about how we and our evil instruments of destruction are the REAL danger! Sick!

  31. I mean, you could just make it standard operating procedure for SROs to use no force whatsoever unless it’s deadly force in response to a school shooting.

    That said, if there is a “President Warren” she can whine all she wants but if a state wants to put cops in schools she can’t stop them. This is just political bloviation.

  32. I agree with Warren. Visibly armed RO’s are just targets for the first shot, or the shooter simply avoids them as at Marsha Stoneman. Besides, I think voters should get the policies they vote for good and hard.

  33. Now here is something I can actually speak on with knowledge…
    My brother started as a high school teacher, and wrestling and judo coach. He moved from there to a juvie detention center as a teacher.. from there he was hired by the federal bop as a GED teacher.. during the mandatory self defense training they had to do, he ended up an assistant instructor, and was on the cell extraction team.. eventually he was a hand to hand instructor in virginia..
    We talked about prison and schools often.. there are basically two lines, reform and punishment. The prisons lean one way. Then the other, cycling back and forth.. this restorative justice thing is just the old reform method.. it comes and it goes.. and really, neither is better than the other…

  34. Only a woman or somebody who thinks like one would consider this to be safe nor can she explain how that would reduce shootings in schools. It’s kind of like it would have been in the Old West if she were around, “Indians are coming, quick, round up the settler’s guns! We don’t want to make the Indians mad”. Or, ” Trail hands are coming to shoot up the town. Round up everybody’s guns”.

  35. Warren clearly wants to further victimize America’s children and put them in jeopardy. Wonder how Warren would feel if, God forbid, it was a child in her own family that gets slaughtered by lunatics who walk into schools knowing that there’s no one who is armed and will defend them. How many more innocent American children need to be slaughtered before Warren is satisfied

  36. Speaking as a retired teacher I would recommend that all competent, stable school employees be armed if they wish to be. Each should then receive firearm training, receiving a certificate of competency and completion of the training, with annual renewal. A psychological evaluation should be included in the process. The world has changed, children must be protected.

  37. Remember: Only some kids will get restorative justice.

    If your kid wears a pro-gun shirt or, heaven forbid, posts a picture of themselves on social media holding a gun at a gun range, they will get the tastiest part of the state boot.

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