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Virginia’s House of Delegates approved a ban on private firearm sales, a red flag law and gun rationing among others on Thursday.  This despite the massive rally on January 20th that drew tens of thousands of angry gun owners to Richmond.

The disgraced governor there, Ralph Northam, has followed through on his pledge to impose racist, sexist and classist gun control upon his residents.

From the Daily Caller:

The Virginia House of Delegates approved a series of gun control laws Thursday, just over a week after Second Amendment activists staged massive protests at the state capital of Richmond.

The legislation included universal background checks, red flag laws and a law limiting citizens of the Commonwealth to one firearm purchase a month, according to ABC News. Democratic Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam has made gun control a top priority since Democrats took control of the state legislature last November.

And then he went on Twitter to claim those racist gun control bills will save lives.

It should surprise no one that a guy who appeared in a racist yearbook photo while in college would want to impose gun control upon the little people. After all, gun control disproportionately impacts law-abiding minorities and women, not criminals.


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  1. So there is no difference between a republican and a democrat? So it wasn’t a good idea to vote for a black christian pastor instead of the “coonman”???
    I wonder what their NRA ratings where if they have them at all?

    • At this point, if someone tells you there is no difference, there are only a few explanations. A) They’re still butt hurt about their bump stock and just want to cry on someone’s shoulder. B) They put zero effort into staying informed. C) They are a Bloomberg plant.

      • No you’re right, our democracy isn’t being undermined by an asshat that doesn’t give a fuck about your 2A rights, nosiree, he liked a wall so we’re all good, amirite?

        When he folds (further, because bump stocks and ERPO) more of your rights into the ‘better well-being’ I’ll wait to lol at your salty, salty tears.

  2. Somebody explain to me why the original 13 States are such abominations when it comes to 2nd amendment rights.

    • That’s not true, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, New Hampshire, and Vermont are all great for gun rights.

        • Dan that is the case in much of New York as well, doesn’t mean things get better. Vermont needs to get their infringements slapped down as much as any other state.

        • @DIMMOCRATSIMSOCLEVER You must not be aware of the history of Jim Crow Laws. The most important part of their history is the Democrats alone designed and implemented them and fought to maintain them, with Republicans always in opposition to their existence to this day.

    • Fortunately Pennsylvania is an island of freedom in a sea of tyranny in the northeast. We’ll see how long we can keep it that way.

      • Not really. We have A.G. Shapiro saying that anything that can be made into a gun is a firearm. (Targeted at 80% receivers, but so broad that hardware stores need to be FFLs.) We have the mayor and council of Pittsburgh actively, knowingly, and willfully breaking the preemption law, while Harrisburg let’s them. The previous (corrupt Dem) A.G. was actively destroying concealed carry agreements with other states. The State Police keep a “not an illegal registry” database of all pistol sales.

        And that’s just stuff I can point out off the top of my head. So far they haven’t managed to pull a Virginia and gerrymander themselves into total power. Don’t be fooled. PA may be relatively free for now, but we’re teetering on the brink. And unlike any other state, Sheriffs are not the top law enforcement officers (that’s actually the State Police), so they cannot shut down enforcement of unconstitutional laws.

        When PA falls it will be “sudden”, fast, and hard.

  3. Seems like the Virginian government is giving the folks that rallied the middle finger after drawing a line in the sand with their shoe.

    • That’s EXACTLY what they’re doing.
      I’m not necessarily advocating violence but at this point some kind of large scale civil disobedience is the only remaining option.

        • Couple of thoughts here.
          I wonder if someone could beat whatever charges they would receive with a historical use case for taring and feathering.
          What could/would an overachieving prosecutor charge someone with for taring and feathering a tyrant?

        • Rather than tar & feather, I think it is legitimate to explore charging (especially the governor) with treason (state level)–I think it is a perfectly reasonable argument that the person who said he would send armed government agents to forcibly confiscate private property protected by the 2nd Amendment (and 4th and 14th) is committing treason against the citizens of VA. The penalty is at least 20 years in prison–that would certainly send a message to these politicians.

      • How many of these laws can be easily ignored? They should be. How many of them can be ignored as long as the concept of “2A sanctuaries” has real (as opposed to paper) teeth? Those laws should be ignored too. There’s no reason for violence when peaceful, contemptuous disobedience will work better.

        As they say, “don’t give an order that you know won’t be followed.” All it does is undermine your authority. That’s exactly what will bring these pompous garbage people to heel.

  4. “Move” to West Virginia.
    Make them crawl on broken glass and eat live mice and bats to get you back.

  5. Tom Gresham says on his radio show that this is what happens when gun owners fail to show up and vote. (His show is Gun Talk) Cam Edwards says the same thing on his YouTube show.
    I wonder if it’s true? Are we just being outnumbered? Is it possible that all the new citizens that are flooding our country don’t seem to value the second amendment as we do? How do we communicate the message in 14 different languages? And yes I know Mini Mike can outspend us with pocket change!
    I am not feeling super optimistic.

    • Voting has always been rigged, especially in the cities and anywhere there is real power and money at stake. All that matters is who pays the people who count the votes and control the voting apparatus. There’s many ways to rig an election including just leaving a candidate’s page off a certain number of ballots at a couple polling places. There’s gerrymandering, gerry-rigging. Electronic voting with no papertrail!

      All that’s at stake with “voting” the money interests already know the voting habits of every district’s population. The control of billions of dollars, the military, the economy and society itself through laws- you think that’s really left up to the “useless eaters”? People have been taught since birth to be incredibly naive sheep.

      The whole point of voting is to get you to assent to the crimes being done against you. The networks of international liars and thieves break the law at will in the shadows, because they created and control the mass media, and then not just hold you to these fraudulent laws but shame you into accepting being robbed and enslaved, then tell you to just wait until the next rigged election.

      • Not that election tampering (usually by democrats) never happens, but if it was a truly full on rigged affair, Trump never would have won. Love him it hate him, there’s no way in hell any illuminati like force would ever allow that to happen.

        • Perhaps President Trump would have had a much larger percentage of the popular vote and more electoral votes if voter fraud and rigging wasn’t present in 2016. You can suppress only so many votes.

          Criminal voter fraud cases were reported in 2016 in Florida, California and Illinois, just to name a few.

        • I totally agree. The left certainly practices voter fraud in every single election. But the above poster seemed to be going a much farther direction in painting voting as pointless. That’s certainly not true, yet.

        • They didn’t think he could winybso they didn’t bother going full Democrat on the vote…. That’s why they are sooo shocked and angry they only have themselves to blame…..

        • “election tampering (usually by democrats)”

          Do you have actual facts or citations to back up your claim?

        • Tim Pool just did a video on how Illinois had over 500 non-citizens on the voter rolls and the Governor refuses to fix the problem.

        • Miner –


          And the same has happened in Texas, Kansas, Wisconsin, and other states as well as Georgia
          Dems calling photo ids racist
          Dem controlled states issuing drivers license to illegals
          Dems desire to have election day voter registration
          Dems open border and immigration policy

          If you have any intellectual honesty, all the above are designed for the sole goal of bloating progressive votes illegally by Dems.

        • Corn dodger, your link just shows citizens petitioning the court for a redress of grievances and a judge initially ruling against their suit.
          Are you suggesting that if the citizens are Democrats, they shouldn’t be allowed to petition the government for a redress of grievances regarding elections?

          The article doesn’t list any criminal behavior by Democrats regarding elections.

          I do seem to recall election fraud perpetrated by Republicans in the Carolinas, I’ll do a bit of research and provide some info, all with sources and citations of course.

        • And here we are, felony charges for Republicans regarding election fraud, including names, dates and location.

          “Prosecutors in North Carolina filed new felony charges against a Republican political operative accused of ballot tampering in a congressional election in 2018.

          Leslie McCrae Dowless was charged Tuesday with two counts of felony obstruction of justice, perjury, solicitation to commit perjury, conspiracy to obstruct justice and illegal possession of absentee ballots, according to a statement by Wake County District Attorney Lorrin Freeman.”

        • “The left certainly practices voter fraud in every single election.”

          Do you have any sources or citations to back up this outlandish claim? Or is this just empty speech, from an empty head?

          I am really interested in seeing evidence that the Democrats practice voter fraud in every single election, whadda ya got?

      • Anyone who thinks voting isn’t rigged in Florida is nuttz. Seems there are always another 80 thousand uncounted votes floating around the day after an election here. Or a half million dollars here and there in some ones pocket. Just look at the last 18 years with both state and National elections.

      • The 60 million Mexicans we have in this country voting for Democrats is the ultimate vote rigging. Immigration is the biggest threat we face as a nation.

      • Correct. Voting just legitimizes the crimes politicians foist upon us.

        Every few years they let the serfs choose who will be screwing them over for the next election cycle. The policies don’t change, just the people “in charge”.

        If voting could really change things, they wouldn’t let us vote,

    • We’re absolutely not outnumbered with 140 million arms owners. But just being an owner doesn’t mean one is conservative and immune to the slick flimflam gushing from the democrats every day. Many owners look at things like universal background checks and red flag laws but see little that can go wrong. It’s a responsibility of informed owners to make them aware of the pitfalls.

      For example, many arms owners are busy with their jobs and haven’t thought about the downstream harm to widows of universal background checks. Many haven’t heard of Canada’s long gun registry and the thousands of long guns confiscated by Royal Canadian Mounted Police who followed obituaries. Thousands of widows were devastated to see their husband’s cherished old rifles simply taken because some bureaucratic simpleton is frightened by them.

      And speaking of universal background checks, very few understand what’s required to implement such a nazified notion. Few ask how the government will know whether private parties “transfer” their arms without background checks. Clear thinkers know the only way for the government to know is to create a comprehensive register of who owns what arms, by model and serial number. And many clear thinkers aren’t aware that such a registry violates federal law. I could go on.

  6. Good luck to the officers that will attempt to enforce this. They should refuse and refer to the constitution, citing the 2nd and 4th amendment. What could happen to them. No one will fire them. Nothing will happen.

    • Cops constantly get fired for not following orders. That’s why good people refuse to be a cop. The longer the person is a cop the more likely he/she becomes a bad person. A good person would quit within 3 years.

  7. Not mentioned is that one of the passed bills guts the state’s preemption law.

    According to VCDL:

    This bill guts Virginia’s firearms preemption laws. It not only allows localities to create a confusing patchwork of areas where possession of a firearm, ammunition, and components of the same are prohibited, it also removes the restrictions on localities controlling the carrying, storage, and transporting of those items. This bill takes us back to the days before 2004 when local gun laws were so confusing that no one knew what all of them were, even the police. Current law allows only the General Assembly, with its 140 members vs 2 to 9 members for local government, to make a case-by-case decision on anything affecting firearms, making for a set of uniform gun laws across the Commonwealth. And most importantly, civil rights should be uniform across the state to provide equal protection under the law. Finally, there have been no issues with the current firearms preemption law. Let’s not fix something that isn’t broken. An unjustified restriction on law-abiding gun owners.

    • So, does that mean the same counties and municipalities that declared sanctuary status can now pass less restrictive legislation than the state? Constitutional carry, for instance?

  8. Cornwallis surrendered in Yorktown, where will Northram? I moved from Virginia due to the ever increasing socialist agenda to the great state of Alabama, they cant follow my vocabulary in a conversation but hey anywhere Red is the place to be to bad people were suckers and believed the Moore hoax

    • Too (with two o’s) bad your grand vocabulary doesn’t make up for your run on sentences, poor grammar, and lack of punctuation.

      • Why don’t people proof read before they send? It’s common courtesy to the reader. We shouldn’t have to read it 3 times to understand it. Your kidding? No, not mine. My kidding ran away with the spoon, over the moon.

  9. Of course they’re not going to back down. From their point of view there is no logical reason to do so.

    When Obama said “Elections have consequences” he wasn’t kidding. The Left understands the concept of a grinding running game in politics because that’s where the European Left came from in the 1800s.

    We on the other hand expect that a single Hail Mary will give us a TD or at least reset the field position. It rarely does and then we complain.

    The truth is a bitter pill to swallow here and the excuses, valid or not, are worthless. The truth is that politically speaking, freedom minded individuals of all stripes tend to be politically lazy. Which is not to say they are generally lazy, but sitting on the couch watching TV has the same political outcome as going to work or properly raising your kids. It doesn’t advance the ball. Which is why the NRA was a necessity, it was political engagement by proxy. Unfortunately mercenaries are more loyal to money and perceived power than they are to the people who hired them.

    The price of freedom is unwavering and eternal vigilance. Ours isn’t unwavering and that’s a fairly large liability against a opponent who prefers a grinding game of attrition.

    • That’s certainly true, but age factors in heavily to this issue.

      The left wrangles in a majority of the young. The young have little to lose in life, and this mentally predisposes then to be more left wing or socialist. Also being young in mind makes them yearn for a more nanny like government to replace their parents nest they are leaving.

      The young have little in terms of responsibility. They generally don’t work full time, have kids or spouses, have much in the way of bills, and have flexible schedules. They can easily take part in a protest on the other side of the state, especially when a group or person will fund the ride for them.

      As the young get older and older, they get more conservative. This happens to every generation, ever. Because the more you have to lose in life, the less you want others in charge of it, and the more value you place in it. Of course, you are left with little time to attend rallies, protests, or campaigns.

      There’s not really a way to change any of that. The left will always be able to protest more, and garner more media attention, and use more young voters. The right will however likely continue a solid hold on the silent majority of older and more reliable voters. For as politically active as the young can be, at the same time they also fail to vote reliably.

      The only thing we can try to change is perception. This was done in 2016 quite well by the right, actually. The MSM and DNC thought it had such a dominant control of the message, and the appearance of a cake walk election, and totally missed the fact that America outside the coasts flat out ignored them.

      • Thanks to decades of importing third world socialists the young in this country are majority non-white. This is the future if they are not repatriated. It’s not age it’s demographics.

        • Dan W.,

          Thanks to decades of importing third world socialists the young in this country are majority non-white.

          Thanks to decades of greedy white people deciding that their life will be more fulfilling without children (or with only one child), the young in this country are majority non-white.

          By the way the amount of melanin in someone’s skin is irrelevant. What is relevant is their values. We should be screening immigrants based on their values.

        • “Thanks to decades of greedy white people deciding that their life will be more fulfilling” by importing thousands of enslaved people to pick their crops, build their roads and the US Capitol, America wouldn’t have poisoned our society with the cultural toxins of prejudice and slavery.

  10. Do any other states limit the number of firearm purchases within a given time period? If so, which ones?

  11. Since they’re okay with limiting purchases of certain items, in the name of public safety, then I suppose any day now, they’ll be limiting alcoholic drinks to no more than 2-3 per day. Why would anyone need more than that? Right?

    • Of course you can’t stop there. You would need a special alcohol purchasing license. In order to obtain said license, you will have to submit to a background check. Your family, friends, and neighbors will be interviewed, and your social media scanned. They will need to make sure that you’ve never done anything irresponsible while under the influence.

    • Well, ya know, gun violence is a public health crisis. Pretty soon, in addition to a limit on guns, we’ll have limits on how many ounces of red meat per day, how many eggs per week, maybe the number of miles you can drive will be linked to how many miles you walked… you know, they’re going to help us even if it kills us. I suppose up next is a limit of 10 rounds per month… don’t need more than that to defend yourself.

      Here’s a thought… how about we limit how much soda you can buy? I wonder if that’s ever been tried…

      • We have had a worse ammo restriction proposal put forward several times. So far it hasn’t taken but the Governor has time.

  12. Well, we knew it was going to happen. The lesson here is that midterm elections are as important as any other. Know how many elections I’ve missed since I was eighteen? None! Not one! You shouldn’t either.

    • Oh, it will be interesting to see how far violent crime doesn’t fall. Why is the left so fucking stupid?

      • Except they aren’t… stupid, that is. Sure, your average Leftists are borderline retarded, but the leadership? They know (and are accomplishing) exactly what they want…

      • Crime? Who cares about lowering the crime rates? Definitely not leftists, otherwise they wouldn’t try to empty the prisons.
        Gun control is never about crime, no matter what gun grabbers proclaim. The real goal is to disarm the political opposition and to concentrate power in hands of progressive left.

    • Yet your vote didn’t make a single difference in any of them, unless it’s contagious and it forced thousands of people to go vote.

  13. Don’t comply Virginians. Like in your “war of northern aggression”. You got the guns…

  14. They wont comply no one anywhere has yet. I know I haven’t and wont under any circumstances if and when it happens here.
    I wont go alone.

  15. This is all about the Democrats’ belief that their opinions and ideas are the ONLY valid opinions and ideas that should rule these United States of America. It is about their total rejection of any other point of view that does not agree with their ideas and agenda. So, it is not surprising that Governor Coonman and his Democrat sycophants in the Legislature proceeded to pass these laws despite the protest mounted by pro Second Amendment Virginians. Their ideas and beliefs are dismissively ignored because they are completely and totally wrong to the Democrat mindset. This is not just arrogance, but a deliberate, calculated strategy to disenfranchise the American people, nullify the Constitution and transform the American Constitutional Republic into a Socialist*, Globalist “Democratic Republic”.

    The Democrats intend to accomplish this destructive transformation through stealth facilitated by a counterfeit cloak of legitimacy. Steadily and surely they have taken over key States and will continue to do so until their goal is achieved. The massive rally of January 20 was laudable for its peaceable, orderly conduct, but in the end did not accomplish its intended goal because those ruling in Virginia had no intention of heeding their “constituents'” petition for redress of grievances from the outset.

    Now, the supporters of Bernie Sanders (who is currently slightly in the lead for the Democratic Caucus in Iowa) are calling for violence against, and Gulags for, “Trump Supporters” [aka anyone who does not march/believe in lockstep with them]. There are two Americas moving deeper into deadly opposition to one another and it should not be too difficult to decide which America you belong to. The more difficult thing might be to decide what you are going to do about it.

    *SOCIALIST: A person too stupid to know they are a Communist.{from Turning Point USA}

  16. I guess everyone should know now that this is what happens when you vote for Democrats.

    Doesn’t matter what you thought you elected them to do or how they behaved in the past– this is who they are and what you’ll get.

    • People know this is what happens when you vote for Democrats. That’s why they vote for them. The imported third world population that is the Democrats voter base is perfectly happy to see the whites disarmed.

  17. I know we talk about noncompliance, and I’m sure that will happen on the individual level. There isn’t a business out there that will risk selling more than one firearm per month per person. That’s their livelihood. The sanctuary city and county resolutions wouldn’t save them from the state.

    • They can certainly make that per month limit happen with pistols. How do they intend to manage rifles shotguns and “firearms” with West Virginia right next door?

    • They will create a registry to ensure the one gun a month club is not violated. Can’t do it otherwise.

      They are following the Nazi playbook in Virginia.

    • The ATF allows you to purchase a longgun from another state only if all the laws from your home state are followed.

      Simply make it illegal to gun any gun in another state.

  18. Just stage a big rally against what the Democrats are doing. That will stop them in their tracks.

    And if that doesnt work, trust the NRA to take action.

    And if that doesnt work, you can always complain about it online.

    And if that doesnt work, pack a UHaul and go to another state, where this could certainly never happen there……

    • At the big picture level a brutally honest point. I only hope that this year’s increased push is based on the fear of what the Supreme Court may do and that their final action takes this nonsense fully into account.

  19. Can someone here or TTAG have one of their writers complete an article to explain how the universal background check is going to be enforced? I have searched, read and questioned with no success. How will it be possible to discover, investigate and punish a private firearm purchase? Someone help me out.

    • Simple, you sell a gun to a buddy who sells it to a buddy who has it stolen from his truck and gets used in a 711 murder.

      They trace the gun back to you and you end up doing more time than the 711 killer.

      Criminal Justice Reform in a nutshell.

      • Serves ya right. When you sell a car you report that you sold it otherwise you could face legal issues, if involved in any accident, crime or whatever. Should be the same for guns.

  20. It wasn’t despite gun owners marching into Virginia it was because gun owners marched into Virginia, you guys Mumford ACT the shit out of that. Nice work.

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