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Can you have a commonsense discussion with a gun grabber who smears his feces on the wall and calls it “commonsense gun legislation?”

Can you have a commonsense discussion with legislators who abuse the powers of their offices to shut down legitimate businesses merely because they sell a (perfectly legal) product that they do not like?

Can you have a commonsense discussion with people who claim that because you value your rights and want to preserve them against infringements by uninformed, ignorant petty tyrants, you have a small penis?

Can you have a commonsense discussion about guns with people who accuse you of white supremacist leanings while twisting events to suit their need to denigrate you for standing up for your rights?

You cannot. There’s no commonsense discussion with these fuckweasels. They either know the facts and ignore them, or they’re too stupid to understand the facts and you’d be wasting your time teaching a pig to sing, which wastes your time and annoys the pig.

– Marta Hernandez in Commonsense Discussion on Guns

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  1. Probably true but still hoping the discussion phase is still possible with courts recognizing basic rights.

    • SCOTUS is not interested in saving the frog in the pot. Their objective is turning down the temperature just enough to prevent the frog from hopping out; made difficult by accelerationists on the hard left who have given up all pretense of Constitutionality. This places SCOTUS in a bind because the Constitution is supposedly where they derive their authority. SCOTUS has been content to give away our rights a piece at a time for the last century in the name of whatever cause du’jour is in the public eye, but outright contradiction of the Constitution is being asked of them. The question is whether the Democratic Social Communist party of America is willing to go back to playing the long game and wait another 40 years for gun rights to die, or if they will simply pack the supreme court to get their way the next time they have control. I am betting on the latter.

      • “I am betting on the latter.”

        The only hope I see is if the progs drastically over-reach and shock Americans awake. On the other hand, all too often it’s too late at that point.

        • If you think it’s bad now, wait until the Dummycraps take over the Senate. The House Dummycraps didn’t issue any subpoenas because they want the dumb Republicans in the Senate to issue them. Their plan is to tangle the Senate up in a legal battle with President Trump over Executive Privilege and lose Senate seats in the 2020 election. The problem isn’t that there are so many Dummycraps, it’s that there are so many dumb Republicans.

    • Certainly not true at the state level, as far as I’ve seen as of late. At least in the states controlled by the anti-freedom crowd, the state courts are a rubber stamp for the leftists. VA and WA (off the top of my head) both have had state court decisions that were blatantly wrong in regards to the 2A.

      If placing hope in the courts, it sure looks to me like SCOTUS is the only place to do so, and it’s clear by those there now, that even they are not content to use the Constitution and its intent as their guide. At least not all of them, which is a problem in and of itself.

      If a court decision came down that I opposed had obviously been arrived at using Constitutionality as the test (even at the state level), I would know that the system worked. That is definitely not the case anymore.

  2. I’m tired of dealing with the willfully ignorant. They should be branded with an iron so that no others waste their time on them.

    • They aren’t innocently ignorant, they aren’t simply stupid; they are liars. They learn exactly as much as needed to make what they believe is a sufficiently convincing lie, nothing more. Knowing this truth about their lying makes their actions far more explainable and predictable. If ya’ll want to converse with liars, bravo, but as for me, I think it is more productive to work toward having them silenced or ignored by others…by showing how these anti-gun activists are nothing but a pack of liars.

      • It really depends on what you mean by “anti”. Bloombert et al? Sure.

        Voters? Not so much. Most of them are pumped full of incorrect “common knowledge”. Just go browse around on Quora or chat with some middle age ladies at a bar.

        A shocking number of them really, truly believe that AR stands for ‘Assault Rifle”. A massive percentage of them think that “arming teachers” means forced conscription of public school teachers who don’t want to touch a gun. Many of them believe that MSRs are full auto, that there are hundreds of public mass shootings a year and on and on and on.

        I can’t count the number of people who’ve seen me in a pro-gun tshirt and told me flat out “Yeah, you’re going to tell me to go buy an AR-15 because you’re a gun nut” only to be flabbergasted when my reply was “Um, no. Why would you think I would say that?”. Keep asking these people “Why?” as if you’re a kid and you rapidly find they can’t explain anything because they don’t actually know anything.

        The real danger is Susie Soccermom and Dadbod Dave. They’re not bad people. They’re victims of manipulation and they’re scared. They are, however, reachable in most cases if your approach isn’t bumper sticker sloganeering. They’re exactly the people who switch positions on a dime if you get them on the range. Pretty quick they own a gun.

        That’s not a panacea but it’s a start down the road and now they have skin in the game.

        • If you truly believe your post it’s all the more reason for people like us to become more engaged in the discussion and quit making it appear we’re arguing. We are not, we are stating facts and with a little bit of effort and patience, can make a good case for the @nd Amendment as originally intended. Too many of us either give up way too soon or refuse to go the “the belly of the beast” to make our case. This will never be over, not in my lifetime, not in our grandchildren’s. Well worth the fight.

        • I do truly believe that. I’ve spent the last number of years refining my system for it by studying people, particularly the way propagandists work. I’ve applied that with great success in real life and have created a ton of gun owners starting from the time I was in college. I’ve just gotten better at it in the intervening years.

          And when I’ve talked about it here I’ve been routinely attacked as a FUDD or worse because the hard truth is that POTG contains a lot of idiots who really are what the antis claim: lazy, poorly educated idiots who just want their toys and/or to virtue signal to other POTG.

          Simply stating facts isn’t going to work with the people I mentioned in my reply to barnbwt. You have to take a different tack with them. There are essentially two ways to do that, one of which I put in that reply.

    • How about a scarlet “A” for azzhole?!? Seriously a lot of leftard’s are simply assualting us. We need to extract our pound of flesh…

    • Are we really to believe that there is a vast majority in the middle of the debate with no leaning one way or the other? That will the literally months of coverage on the subject, that people don’t have their minds made up?

      • ” Are we really to believe that there is a vast majority in the middle of the debate with no leaning one way or the other? ”

        That could very well be the case. When people are polled about what issues concern them the most, gun control doesn’t make it in to the top five, and a lot of times not even in the top ten. This would suggest that a lot of voters — probably the majority — don’t have very strong opinions, or even no opinion at all about this issue. It’s easy to miss this being in something of an echo chamber like this web site, but outside of here, guns are not as hot a topic as it might seem.

        So, yes, there is lots of room to shift public opinion. My preferred strategy is to let the other guy lead the conversation with nonsensical sound bites and I just hold back and step in with corrections when I can. However it goes, I don’t let myself get mad and start raving or making personal attacks. Works most of the time. Not always.

  3. Marta sounds like good people to me.
    The Progressitard Fuckweasels she so eloquently described should take heed: at some point more people are having their Road To Damascus Moment: that moment of clarity when you realize that those who’s default response to being proven wrong is the accusations of ” White Supremacism”,” racism” or whatever;are classic examples of Freudian Projection.. likewise their stated concern over the” potential for violence/extremism” of those who prove them wrong consistently.
    Not only are more of the fence sitters becoming on to their games, they’re tired of it. And that grip they (the Progressitard Left) think they have on things may be slipping steadily.

    • One of the reasons people are waking up to the Left’s idiocy, is that we entertain those “common sense” discussions. When people see what the left considers common sense they’re usually repulsed. Truth is the best disinfectant and not having those “discussions” with the left allows them to peddle their lies without contest. It’s a very dirty job and I can see why Martha is fed up with it.

  4. Dan, spot on. I’ve never had a conversation with a gun-hater or even a person who “trembles” when she realized there is a gun store near a school who is at all “common sense” about anything having to do with guns.

    It is born, usually, of profound ignorance about guns, but I have had some success simply taking such folks to the gun range and giving them a basic intro to fireams.

    But as for the truly rabid anti-gun folks, there is no “common sense” that would ever satify them short of perhaps letting the Fudds have their bird guns.

  5. Wilson mags for 1911 really don’t hold as many rounds as they say, at least they won’t fit in the gun after you cram that many in there, nevermind, I hit it on the table and it went in, but now it won’t come out

    • Mine work. 9mm and .45. Maybe you should direct your comments to Wilson instead of behind their back. They have good springs. Try exercising your thumbs.

  6. To have or seek discussions implies there is something to negotiate.
    Gun grabbers want to be the group with all the power to control, abuse, rape, rob, steal from and murder those who are beneath them.
    I invite them to get to it and be prepared to get what they’ve got coming to them.

    • +1

      I have stated many times on this website: awful people do everything in their power to use, abuse, exploit, and consume the masses.

      Their worldview: why negotiate with someone if you can just take something from that someone?

  7. We must face facts: there are a metric crap-ton of awful people in our world.

    And I will define “awful” as being selfish, conceited, narcissistic, dishonorable, rude, insolent, hysterical, impulsive, violent, unjust, disrespectful, impolite, inconsiderate, and/or argumentative.

    Such people have no interest in what is right, have no interest in you, and have no interest in a constructive conversation. Such people will not engage in conversation and debate in search of truth, reason, and what is good and just for society. Sadly, such people only respond to brute force.

    Our nation’s Founders knew the above facts. And they defined our everlasting covenant between “the people” and government (United States Constitution) to protect us as much as possible from the above reality.

  8. To any moron, every thought they have is “common sense”. That’s the problem with stupid people – they don’t know how stupid they are.

  9. You cannot have a “commonsense discussion about guns” with the people Ms. Hernandez refers to because those persons’ definition of said “commonsense discussion about guns” is that YOU listen to their ignorant blather and propaganda and agree with them wholeheartedly without question or objection. Like everything else in their Newspeak lexicon, the phrase “commonsense discussion about guns” is a ruse and another false flag. Referring to them as “Fuckweasels” denigrates and insults Fuckweasels.

    • The are purely & simply liars, who will lie about anything & everything to get their wish (guns banned, and political power for having guns banned). There is no convincing them, there is no debating with them, except to show others just how brazen of liars they are.

  10. I hate to argue with you Marta, but I think it would be easier to teach a pig to sing. Remember Arnold on Green Acres? There are a lot of days it is just easier to walk away and it is much better than letting them raise you blood pressure.

    • Yeah, I like her attitude… 😉

      Alas, she’s hitched… 🙁

  11. Here in Texas, I’ve met a few people who seem to be greatly irritated that I’ve got a gun… and a knife (like somebody on this planet doesn’t need a knife every day). Interestingly, a significant percentage of those people have been in prison. More interestingly, a significant percentage of those seem to be the type who will be going to prison again.

  12. No and it will likely lead to a unpleasantness that won’t be north and south rather Leftists versus Americans.

  13. Case in point: our resident leftist. You try to engage him, and all he does is either change the subject, insult you, or covers his ears and yells.

  14. I agree with Shire-man on this one…
    I would have brought it up sooner, but didn’t want some SJW to try changing the subject too being too much like Hitlerism. But now that the cat’s out of the bag,,, yes a brand right on their forehead would work just fine.

  15. Common sense discussions. Probably have better luck with talking to that pig in a dust bowl.

  16. The original article also has a great embedded video of Virginia Delegate Nick Freitas, explaining why its so difficult to talk to these fuckweasels.

  17. In some ways we have won many battles yet the outcome of the overall conflict remains in doubt. We have CCW coast to coast in some form with varying degrees of difficulty yet what can be bought or possessed is being restricted. Procedurally the government is making inroads into disarmament with red flag laws which are

  18. The point of a public debate is not to convince the person you’re arguing against. It’s to convince the audience.

    I’m really rather unsure why this concept is so hard for modern Americans to grasp.

  19. It’s amazing that their “common sense” never involves doing anything with actual existant criminals rather than making new ones. Must they be reminded of the reasons for the Boston Tea Party and events of 1775 the primary of which was overreaching by a government?

  20. You can’t have a common sense, reasonable discussion about something (guns in this case, but it could be anything) that the other side has nothing but rabid hatred of. To them, reasonable is doing things their way. If you argue with them about it, you’re being unreasonable. You’re being reactionary, and radical. Then they’ll turn around and say that because you’re unreasonable and radical, how can they have a reasonable discussion? Its a red herring argument, a false flag job. This isn’t just about gun control either. The left has just been subjecting the entire country to the same tactics in the Senate impeachment trial. This is about control, nothing more and nothing less. Not about reason, not about fairness, not about logic, but just about gaining and retaining power. If they can hound Trump out of office by hook or by crook, and if they can rewrite the Constitution and neuter the 2nd Amendment, they win. They simply don’t give a damn that what they are doing is corrupt, and illegal. If they win, even if by cheating, that justifies whatever they have to do to win. If we hope to prevent that, we have to beat them at their own game.

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